Thursday, January 08, 2009

China Syndrome (UPDATED)

Well, those of you worried about the economy, have no fear- the White House still has half a million dollars to spend on place settings. From the news story, "To Serve Twin Needs, White House Unveils a China Accord," we read:

The official George W. Bush State China Service (total price tag: $492,798) consists of 320 14-piece place settings ...the eagle motif is taken from an inlay on a Massachusetts sideboard in the White House collection said to have been owned by Daniel Webster.

Mrs. Bush said the green color of the china was selected in part to differentiate it from what is already in the collection - Washington Post
Oh, sure, Laura. Given the 13 stars, 13 laurel leaves (sacred to Apollo) and golden eagle, I'm sure the green has nothing to do with a green sun or any other such nonsense.

Here's a 4th Century BC coin showing Apollo (Horus) with his laurel leaves and eagle to ponder while admiring the new china pattern.


Speaking of Daniel Webster, if you're ever in the Marshfield, Massachusetts area (known to locals as "The Irish Riviera") be sure to visit the Daniel Webster Masonic Lodge. And speaking of marshes, need I mention that Horus was born in the Marsh of Buto?

The other pattern in this twin story shows a Magnolia. Mulan is Chinese for Magnolia, which reminds us of the Disney film of the Chinese girl who dressed as a man to take her father's place on the battlefield. So bonus androgyny points for Mrs. B!

"Tentacle UFO spotted night before carnage at Conisholme wind farm." What does that have to do with anything? Conisholme, England is located on a marsh.

UPDATE II: This English UFO story is turning out to be a very big deal.


  1. I'm all out of "obligatories".The word is making much and much less sense. Maybe they're planning a dinner with all the starving people in the world...? Nah.

  2. Very interesting as always Christopher-the plot thickens! I also enjoyed the image of the older coin showing Apollo/Horus-Best to you as always!

  3. Hi Chris, pals - I'm still reading everything but finding it difficult to actually put words down onto the screen - sigh...

    However, on topic (for once) I wonder what our "royals" will do now that one of their favourite crockery suppliers has 'gone under':

    Waterford Wedgwood: 250 years of history


    "After 250 years of history, glassware and china maker Waterford Wedgwood is calling in the administrators.

    Wedgwood traces its origins to England in 1759 while Waterford started in Ireland in 1783. The two companies, which are among the world's leading brands of fine crystal and china, merged in 1986. In 1998 the business acquired a controlling stake in German china maker Rosenthal.

    Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Waterford Wedgwood is represented in more than 80 countries and employs around 9,000 people around the world."

    snip - rest at:

    I guess Liz and her royal pals will have to use Ikea stuff like the rest of the world - well, they could get their subjects to draw nice little eagles and phoenix's on them in a kind of competition eh??

    What would the prize be I wonder - oh yes, the winner would receive a kids ID tag as being touted by the nwo British propaganda arm the BBC today....I saw it this morning but am unable to find any trace of it - kind of ironic that eh lol!!

    God bless

  4. Guys, check out todays post on the Sirius Star and the weird links to Apollo there, via the splashdown meme.

    The world is going nuts, isn't it? I remember when Da Vinci Code was a hit and thinking this stuff doesn't belong in the mainstream. Now I'm thinking all of this semiotic craziness with Sirius and all the rest of it doesn't belong in the mainstream either.

    Then again, I thought the same thing about Punk Rock when Green Day hit it big.

  5. Calling BS on that overpriced tupperware; it's selected to send the same fake signals that everything else that's part of the same usual conspiracy is so 'chosen' (see SOL / Silence of the Lambs memre-virus surfacing yet again (yawn).)

  6. On Jan 7, the White House Sunbeam Rug was in the news via a photo of all 5 living US Presidents assembled in the Oval Office.

    On Jan 8, same day you posted this article about WH China, Bagnewsnotes analyzes the photo from a political standpoint and tells us how GW Bush constantly talks about the rug's design.

    You can see it better here at (the Internet really does have something for everyone).

    I wonder what you think about this.


  7. If Apollo was Horus then Apollo may also be Azazel, one of the 20 chiefs of fallen angels (Nephillim) who descended to Earth on Mt. Hermon before the flood of Noah. I've read several interpretations of the book of Revelations where Apollyon is the name of the angel from the bottomless pit. Food for thought...