Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sirius Star: Pirate Fighters or Welcome Wagon? (UPDATED)

Well, you knew this was coming. We're now going to have an international phalanx of warships in the Gulf of Aden and presumably, the Red Sea and Indian Ocean.
US Navy Rear Admiral Terence McKnight has been named the commander of the new force, called Combined Task Force 151 (CTF-151), the US Fifth Fleet said in a statement from its headquarters in Bahrain.
Ships from other navies, including Canada, Iran, India and China, have also been patrolling one of the world's busiest sea lanes - the waters of the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean leading to and from the Suez Canal.
A spokeswoman for the force, Commander Jane Campbell, said the area the pirates operate in is larger than the Mediterranean Sea and the shipping lane the force will patrol is 480 miles (780km) long.
Despite only two successful hijackings in December, Somali pirates still hold about 15 ships carrying more than 200 crew members. One of these is the Saudi oil tanker the Sirius Star, captured in November. - BBC
So, if there were only two successful hijackings and we already have warships from a host of countries, why this new force?

Let's go crazy with the semiotics.

Terence McKnight is the Commander of this new fleet. Now, if you put that in a comic book, Warren Ellis would blog you to death for being gobsmackingly obvious. Why?

Terence is a name of uncertain origin, though there is an unpronouncable Gaelic name, Toirdhealbhach (meaning "instigator") that was Anglicized into Terence (much like Ó Tnúthghail was Anglicized to "Knowles").

But I like the more obvious, homophonic link- Terrans.

If "McKnight" doesn't scream "Templar" at you, you probably wandered onto this site by accident. The irony here is that researchers like David Hatcher Childress claim that the pirates of the pirate glory days were actually the descendants of the Knight Templar, waging war on their rivals in Rome by stealing all of the gold the Spanish were stealing from Mesoamericans.

Commander Jane Campbell also fascinates me, not only because Baigent and Leigh claimed in The Temple and The Lodge that the Knights Templar fought under the standard of Clan Campbell at Banockburn.

The Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean- where these pirates are operating- is in a very interesting neighborhood. Because just a few hundred miles east you have the Gulf of Oman which stands on the threshold of where? Dubai, the new Eternal City.

Why might you want a massive fleet of warships in that area, if dealing with these ragtag pirates really could be handled by small fleet of well-armed speedboats?

Well, you know me- I'm nuts. The first thing I start thinking is "Welcome Wagon." But a welcome for who?

Let's go back to the semiotics of Commander Jane Campbell. Jane comes from Jehanne, an Old French feminine form of Iohannes. Which brings us back to the neighborhood in question.
Greek savants also quoted the tale by the Babyloniam priest Berossus of the divine Fish-man 'Oannes' who had waded ashore from the Persian Gulf and gave Mankind civilization. These details dovetail with Sumerian texts according to which EA (later also known as ENKI) was the leader of the first group of astronauts from Nibiru who splashed down in the Persian Gulf and waded ashore, dressed as Fishmen. - Sitchin.Com

Fish Priestess (addressing unseen audience in space)
declares "Atlantis is Risen!"
Berossus describes Oannes as having the body of a fish but underneath the figure of a man. He is described as dwelling in the Persian Gulf, and rising out of the waters in the daytime and furnishing mankind instruction in writing, the arts and the various sciences.
Once thought to be based on the ancient Babylonian god Ea, it is now known that Oannes is in fact based on Uan - the first of the seven antediluvian sages or Abgallu (in Sumerian Ab=water, Gal=Great, Lu=man), who were sent by Ea to deliver the arts of civilization to mankind in ancient Sumerian mythology, at Eridu, the oldest city of Sumer.- NationMaster
Fascinating turn of events, and entirely predictable. Let's keep an eye on the news over there, shall we?

UPDATE: This may be totally unrelated, but we also heard today that the mummy of Queen Seshestet was unearthed at that newly discovered pyramid at Saqqara. Remember that Saqqara plays into the whole Stairway to Sirius archetype, and that all queens were considered to be incarnations of Isis in Egypt.

UPDATE II: Well, here's an interesting synchronicity, in line with the "splash down" meme:

A Saudi supertanker that was captured by Somali pirates in November carrying two million barrels of oil has been released, reports quoting pirates say.

A regional maritime group also said pirates had left the Sirius Star, Reuters news agency reported. A negotiator for the pirates told the BBC a $3m (£1.95m) ransom was paid.

A small plane was seen apparently dropping the ransom by parachute onto the tanker. The ship's owner has refused to comment.- BBC

UPDATE III: Axie pointed this out in the comments: "Five of the pirates reportedly drowned while making off with their share of the ransom money after their skiff was hit by high seas," the BBC notes. Yeah, "high seas," that was it.


  1. "Berossus describes Oannes as having the body of a fish but underneath the figure of a man" is usually depicted as a fish with legs, but perhaps a better symbol would be a "frog man" or diving suit. Hey aqualung! No wonder the man-fish from the Beijing Olympics was made so famous.

    These grand towers being built all over the globe, stairways to heaven, red carpet welcomes?

    Cheers, Michael

  2. It'd seem that Enki (lord of the seas) is the one responsible for rescuing the failed slave experiment - so he could make them worship him!

    His brother Enlil (lord of the skies) was against that (preserving the humans they made - from existing humans, that part is very important - just so they could worship him as a god), so it'd seem that is the reason that there often seems to be a dualistic god, like in the Bible for instance.

    One is telling the people to worship it, and that it made the world for them to just use etc; and the other one is either trying to stop those kinds of lies and mind control, or just not joining in, or maybe just smiting them.

    If it be that way, I'm surely on Enlil's side - Enki is a douche like some bully that tells people bs, so they'll be in his gang. Nothing to do with shipping or aviation though, I like the sea just fine.

  3. This is almost completely unrelated to the topic at hand but when I saw this symbol :

    associated with a story about how almost everything that is sold or used by children must be tested for lead and pthalates as of 2/10; sounds highly socialist... anyway.

    what do you make of that symbol?

  4. Yeah, I saw that. Not sure what it means, tho. Some variation on Ahura Mazda, man in winged sun disk, it looks.

  5. Curiouser and curiouser....I'm always suspicious of "Sorcha Faal" aka David Booth (allegedly) - that's Booth with links to Cherie Blair (nee Booth....), Bliar's barrister/wife...

    However there've been a couple of articles re the Gulf of Aden (Eden??) from there in the last three weeks. Here's a snippet from one such article:

    December 21, 2008

    World Shipping Comes To Halt As Global Navies Prepare For ‘Unprecedented’ Confrontation


    "But what has caught our attention today, to put it mildly, is a combined Russian Interior Ministry-FSB report circulating in the Kremlin today that states that our World’s Navies are about engage in ‘unprecedented’ hostilities with the ‘giant founders’ of the ancient Biblical Garden of Eden to prevent our Planet from being re-colonized by an alien race most popularly known as the Annunaki (or "Nephilim") who ancient Babylonian texts state are the ‘Watchers’ over our Earth.

    What makes this report even more disturbing is that as these very words are being written, Naval Forces from all around the Globe are now converging upon The Gulf of Aden, the area historically described as is “the freshwater river that left Eden and split into four heads of branches, based upon archaic notions of a great river encircling the world” and which is the exact location given by these ancient Babylonian texts for the location of the ‘main undersea base’ of these Watchers".


    rest at:

    Who knows anything anymore....???

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  7. Has anyone looked into whether Enlil is synonymous with El, as in El Shaddai (an older name for Yahweh)? Or was Anu, the great 'father god' of Sumerian mythology more in line with the historical Yahweh? Just wondering...especially if some of these 'divine minions' are planning on making a comeback.

  8. My esteemed Chris-
    Over the last year I've come to know that you're not only an informed writer and blogger, but you're a top notch JOURNALIST as well. Thanks for all your great work.
    On another note, I think, that you believe...that aliens ( not-from here beings / others ) may have actually arrived. Do you think that's actually happened?


  9. This might seem to be a strange connection at first, but... There was a video game (a LOT of video games way back to the beginning have storylines identical to the alien invasion theme you've been covering here, Chris, non-coincidentally) called Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, being the second one in the Turok the Dinosaur Hunter series, based on a comic book. Think Rambo vs. Aliens. The very first level's name is "Port of Adia", which is kind of close to Aden (and I could have sworn it was called Aden when I was playing it long ago). The second level is "River of Souls" (or the River Styx), the third is "The Death Marshes" (relating to the birthplace of Horus), and level four is the "Lair of the Blind Ones" (I guess life after the NWO). It all seems pretty occult, and then you realize that the enemies in the game are Reptilian aliens (called Raptoids, pretty close to reptoids) which were sent here by an alien hive mind which your purpose in the game is to find and destroy. Definitely not the only video game to contain this sort of material which goes right over the heads of the susceptible, myself included.

  10. Good to see you, Thracie! Thanks for the kind words. As to your question, I have no way of answering it. It certainly seems like someone is expecting something or someone, but this could all be some weird ritual we're not in on. I just report the facts as they come in. It's just blowing my mind how much is happening at this point in time. We are certainly seeing a major paradigm shift in the symbolism being used, that's for sure.

  11. Hey sukyspook -

    I will confess that I read Sorcha Faal often, ( salt-lick at my side ) and I did read her most recent works on the " Watchers " in the gulf of Aden. I do find it odd, cool, interesting, weird, that she and Secret Sun come to the same conclusion about why the great navies of the world are there ,( to greet aliens ) albeit for different motivations. I don't know who Sorcha really is, and I'm not always sure it matters. Sometimes she seems completely outrageous, but other times manages to hit the nail right on the head. What if she's right this time? Curiouser and curiouser indeed!

  12. I guess the difference between Sorcha and myself is that in my view the elites seem to be throwing themselves a lot of huge parties lately, so it doesn't seem that they're too worried about what the future holds.

  13. The Faal info called the watchers/alien base under attack by the US. Other countries are not sure the watchers are hostile. If our government has known of the watcher's underwater base for some time, why have our syncromystic elite not picked this up? What would be a good welcome for an alien comming out party? So many questions. Dennis from Oregon.

  14. Hi Chris, I do enjoy reading your blog but I have no idea what the hell you are on about most of the time. LOL. It is fascinating though.

    I watched this YouTube video last night and the maker says that they are in the process of turning Saturn into a Second Star.

    This may seem outlandish but think of the end of Space Oddessy 2010 or even in Star Wars there are 2 Suns. And you always mention Sirius with its two stars.

    I do not know if there is any connection but I was wondering what your thoughts on this theory are?

  15. I think there are certainly people who would like to ignite one of the gas giants, which would certainly warm Mars up.

    That was an extremely strange video, by the way.

  16. That Navy news is hardly surprising - anyone that has seen some of the patches (official patches! / badges) that the armed forces wear, will see that there's some that depict a sea monster being battled with......what are they on? Answer - a planet they shouldn't be.

  17. And - there is indeed some kind of (insane) idea that Jupiter could be turned into a Sun. It's never been clear exactly what that would achieve, other than a scorched Earth that can no longer sustain any life (or minerals, other than magma perhaps).

    Cause you know how there's this great shortage of starbirth in the universe......

    the idea is so mad it's hard to believe anyone would entertain it; but then they do genetic modifications without comprehending how that works either.
    Clearly they have no clue about how say for example a suddenly-vast object where Jupiter was could disrupt all the orbits, including Jupiter and the Sun. Do they intend to do this from so far away that - well, what are they interested in altering this solar system for if they're already able to get far enough away from it that they'd be unaffected by what will happen if the planet was ignited.

    Suddenly people that don't know what they are talking about get enough of an audience with scientists and engineers to even entertain that notion; funny how being really clever in small areas tends to make you an idiot in every other, more relevant, area.
    It's like saying, 'hey d'you think you could make my boiler blow up and burn down my house?'
    >> 'uh....yes, yes we could do that.'
    'how about the whole block?'

    Other things they intend to discover: 'Can you chop your legs off and then eat them?'
    'Is it possible to walk off the edge of a cliff?'

  18. Chris, could it be that the elite are throwing all these parties now while they still can? Kind of like 'Smoke 'em if you got em!' Maybe they're doing this because they know what's coming and want some good memories to tide them over for the world of shite that's on the way...

  19. Chris...

    In these economically troubled times, with the housing sector in dire straits, it seems that a large percentage of the industrialized nation’s population is concerned about the real threat of being in default on their mortgages and hence evicted from their homes. This collective stressor percolates within our collective consciousness. It follows that as a global society, we would become concerned with getting an extra-terrestrial eviction notice!

    - Sensei

    ps - hello to Dennis in Oregon

  20. Magnie, the symbols seem to say that they're quite happy and are expecting something grand. Or perhaps that these events are meant to earn someone's favor. I don't know. I just find it interesting that there's so much of it about, when as Sensei-ie says the whole financial infrastructure seems to be crumbling. It's all very strange. But incredibly interesting too.

  21. if it was a welcoming party, you'd have a good many sea going people seeing this thing and writing home about it. between all those ships you're talking thousands of personal....or they would be talking when they hit land. so no, no welcoming party.....

  22. Well, obviously nothing has happened yet. And the situation you're describing is exactly why they would want lots of hardware there in the first place.

  23. doesn't it make for good theater though boss?

  24. Even more curious headline thanks to Foxnews: MOGADISHU, Somalia — Five of the Somali pirates who released a hijacked oil-laden Saudi supertanker drowned with their share of a reported $3 million ransom after their small boat capsized...five people died and three people reached shore after swimming for several hours,2933,479045,00.html

  25. Chris - apologies for posting in this thread as I couldn't decide which darned thread was most appropriate...this link is relevant for all threads imho...just had to alert you if you haven't already seen it/them:
    (for all who exclaim 'anti-semitic site' - they are only trying to get at The Truth of all things.)

    ...especially relevant, the 2nd vid down "Point Break" promo....particularly considering Patrick Swayze's recent bad health news...

    But what of Keanu (swoon....) sorry, ahem, what was I thinking...I'm old enough to be his Mom!!! Will he 'turn up' in the next few days and weeks???

    Love y'all


  26. Oops, sorry, should have included this in my last comment - 2 x dog stories, a 'bog' story and scorpion girl....move along now, nothing to see here:

    2 x dog stories this week 18 dalmation pups and town crier dog + bog story....

    Dog finds Royal Palace Plans

  27. Hey Chris - as you might be online in 'real time' - do you ever listen to Gary 'The Spaceman' Bell??

    I pick up his show about 36hours later as it broadcasts in the middle of the night on Sunday mornings here in the UK. I occasionally stay up to listen but even though I don't sleep many hours per night, I do usually sleep during 'Space's' broadcast.

    I highly recommend his prog as Gary delves into some areas that no mainstream channel does.

    Here are the links to the channel if you're interested. I have the last several months mp3 links if you'd like them:

    On air schedule: 1100 pm Toronto time:

    Why do I recommend this show?? Last week Gary was talking about the Biblical Watchers and how they survived after the flood.

    Gary spoke of Naamah (various spellings), daughter of Lamech and Zillah in said Bible.

    Part of my research involves Luciferian Witchcraft/satanism/goetic demonology.

    Synchronistically, this week I was reading about Naamah, the Luciferian daughter of Lamech and Zillah, sister of Tubal Cain (007)and daughter of Lilith, wife of Samael and mother of Cain - the luciferian trinity....gulp. The book I'm reading (amongst many others0 is 'Liber hvhi' by Michael W Ford.

    So there's one tie-in between The Bible and Luciferian Witchcraft and Satanism...

    As the masons say "onwards and upwards" and whilst I would never support them in any way, that slogan sure is apt if one wishes to know everything it's possible to know to make sense of the occult "reality" we're given to exist within.

  28. Suky, I got a Gary Bell show on my Itunes that I still have to listen to. Someone told me he was using some of my Sirius stuff on one of his shows, but I haven't listene. I'll get back to you when I hear it.

  29. Chris…

    I posted a bit on Timothy Leary with a little synch to the dog star…

    All the best,

    - Sensei

  30. Sukyspook, I've read that Lillith was the orginal wife of Adam, but she seduced the Watcher known as Samyaza (sometimes Shemyaza) into revealing to her the full name of G-d. She used this name to escape from Adam when he tried to mate with her because he insisted on being on top. Samael was another one of the leaders of watchers, but he wasn't the ringleader; that was Samyaza. At least according to most of the sources I've read on teh subject.

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