Thursday, January 29, 2009

Davos Gets Sirius

Some puns never get old: This little news item came and went on the BBC front page within the space of a couple of hours early this morning:
The party is over. Well, at least it has been toned down. Once criticised as a glitzy event and schmoozefest for the very rich and powerful, the World Economic Forum is getting all serious.
Are they ever. The Beeb headline link had said "Davos Gets Serious." This image also came and went on the front page of the Davos website, just around the same time.

Double-click on the image to get a better look at the binary, large/small star motif imposed on the Davos banner. Click here for information on the significance of that icon. Click here to see the double star being used recently in similar settings.

Binary stars. Interesting...


  1. Gulp...

    I watched the BBC Davos bravado this morning before 0600 uk time, downplayed this year which for the controlled Beeb is quite something...

    I have to say that 'serious/sirius' within the Davos symbology completely flew by me...

    I was too busy feeling contempt for those who would 'rule the world' - a bad, very bad thing to be doing and NOT the way to truth and true justice.

    I pride myself on being wide awake and fully aware...

    I'm obviously not lol!!

    Thank you Chris for the nudge - I need to work harder, really LOOK and truly live wide awake at ALL times.

    Love and peace to all

  2. It's all very strange- maybe these rulers of the world are just place-holders for someone else entirely. Parties unknown to us as yet. One might be tempted to draw that conclusion as Davos crowd mopes around. Or is it all just a big show?

    Perhaps we'll see someday soon.

  3. With each passing day, reality bleeds more like a dream.

    Have you seen this new cover?
    Just where is that road headed?

    You'll notice that the design is by Avenging Angels. Take a look at there logo here (upper left corner):

    I just can't assimilate all this. Maybe it's nothing, I can't tell. So I thought I'd give it to an expert.

  4. Would you Christmas Eve it - yet another 'major' dog story in the UK - and not even a British dog lol!:

    Couple devastated at death of their beloved dog pay £100,000 to have it cloned:

    "An American couple were so distraught at the prospect of losing their pet Labrador that they decided to pay £100,000 to clone him.

    Edgar and Nina Otto decided to have DNA samples of their pooch Sir Lancelot frozen six years ago, after he was diagnosed with cancer."

    Sir Lancelot II is a beautiful little pup but his owners must be stinking rich to fork out that kind of dosh for a replacement dog?

    After owning several dogs and having been very sad when each of them passed away, I would never want to try to replace any of them as they were all unique. . . and that's probably what this story is being used for, telling us that uniqueness doesn't matter??

    'NLP' at its finest - or more simply what we used to call BRAINWASHING!

    So many job losses - so much money to clone a beloved dog - what a crazy mixed up world we're forced to live in!
    A Sirius issue given a not-so-Sirius spin!

  5. Sir Lancelot? That sounds way too weird, what with the Knights of the Round Table and all.

    Speaking of Lances, how about Mr. Henriksen? I've been waiting to talk about him, and this seems like an appropriate opening.

    Chris wrote a couple of things about him and Millennium a while ago. I watched Millennium during its first season, but lost interest. Now, having read about it in Secret Sun, I try catching bits of reruns on the Chiller network. Fascinating stuff! As an opera fan, I got chills hearing the prelude from Wagner's Parsifal in a couple of episodes. (I know this says that it was in one episode, but I could swear it was in at least two.)

    Then I got to thinking about the weird "Lance" connections... the Holy Lance that is central to the story, "Lancelot" as another Knight of the Round Table (with Parsifal/Percival).


    There are other odd Lance Henriksen connections I can think of with some of the things he's starred in, but it would be too much for one comment. Chris and other have already commented on some, but I have a few of my own. I just need time to gather my thoughts to make them somewhat coherent.


  6. Hi Davidly,
    If you can see on the nation picture you see on your link,
    They used this 1990's graphic design method to send a massage within another one. The white words read :


    and the big Golden Sun rising fully. And the Golden stripes on the floor. To me it's a BIG MESSAGE being sent to others in the known.


  7. BBC = 223/322. Skull and Bones. There's also a really obvious swastika on their left sidebar...

    I wonder what the significance of the World Economic Forum logo is, with the 3 O's (rings) all aligned to one big C which looks kind of like an eclipse. 666/sun symbolism, most likely.

  8. Gene-Isis 3:22 And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever...

  9. You're awesome man! You have such a wonderful blog, thanks man.:)

  10. This dog stuff is getting silly!

    Whaddayaknow, Dave the Maths Dog!


    He's really cute and obviously, somehow, very, very clever.

    A GOLDEN (sun) retriever (brings back/returns . . .) I wonder if his ancestors came from Sirius and I wonder even more if they're coming back soon???

    Or is Dave just a cute, clever dog which means there ARE such things as coincidences lol!

    Ta ta for now (as we rarely say these days in not-so jolly old England lol!).