Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Picture Show: The Great Goddess and the Golden Globes

Tonight we have the poor man's Oscars, the 66th Annual Golden Globes. Fascinating art in light of recent events- an uber-phallic illuminated obelisk flanked by a gauntlet of Phoenix palm trees.

I wonder if the Great Mother Angelina "Cybele" Voight-Pitt will be on the Red Carpet tonight? Gossip-monger Perez Hilton has even picked up on this meme, though I think the conjunction with the image of Isis in that ad there was unintentional.

Reader William pointed us to a new ad in the UK for McDonald's which hits us with an "End of the World" meme. However, as the world "ends," we see a rocket blast off into the great unknown, ostensibly carrying the world's moneyed elite to the secret colonies on the moon.

Speaking of the elites, Reader Lynnertic pointed us to the unmistakably Solar design of the new rug W picked out for the Oval Orifice. The gold drapes are a nice touch. This of course accompanies Mrs. B's (Laura-Laurel) new china patterns, which are a gold mine of Solar and Masonic symbols. Of course, the Bushes won't be enjoying any of this, it's all being set up for President Alien.


  1. Wow, that's some rug! Check out my quick post on city of ember. I would be interested to see you take on the movie.

  2. Another interesting thing about that McDonald's commercial is the moose head (possibly a Horus resonator, the stag is one of the symbols Druids used... Here's why, from this site: The male stag and female hind were the only animals capable of eating of the yew tree [which the Tree of Life is based on] without being poisoned. The yew was one of the most sacred trees to the Druids. The word Jew originally meant "Man of the Yew," connoting a Druidic Elder.) and the Earth being shown as puppets.

    Notice the black and white duality of the obelisk in the Golden Globe ad, and the string of 1's in the date it's being shown (the numerology of 2009 is 11, so it would be 1/11/11... there will be quite a few 11/11s this year), also the 66. Syncs overflowing.

  3. tommy,
    in the very first world scene on the McDonald's commercial we see that Canada is highlighted with a light blue color. Canada could be considered the world home of the moose (M). We also see that the propeller beenie is above canada on the North Pole region of the globe. In the end, when the moose finally tumbles down on the world the beenie is on the moose head.

    DONALD - gives the following for the name DONALD
    From the Gaelic name Domhnall which means "ruler of the world", composed of the old Celtic elements dumno "world" and val "rule".

    "Mc" means "a son of"

    It is also an interesting note that in the opening shot of the world the propeller is pointing towards the center of Canada. The center province of Canada is Manitoba which has a hockey team called the Manitoba Moose.

    Then there is this video on featuring historical architecture scholar Frank Albo who has been on Red Ice Radio and been mentioned by Jake Kotze on the BLOB.

  4. tommy,
    thought I'd also add the obvious from that commercial...

    "Witches...Witches...Witches HERE!"

  5. Wow, great observations guys. Lots of symbolism in the McD's logo including 2 arches, signifying the two tablets of Moses (which Michael Tsarion has ruminated may actually be Akhenaton, the monotheist pharaoh most often associated with Horus). If you look carefully a lot of mascots these days are just anthropomorphic tablets displaying the colors of its pimps, be it blue+orange, red+white, what have you. The tablets of destinies are a strong theme when it comes to Pyramids/Pillars.

    McDonald's is replete with Sun King symbols. Yellow and Red of the Luciferians (or, if you've been reading The Blob, the dualistic Red Road/Yellow Road) are featured on the World's striped beanie crown. At one point in my period of re-all-ization I had observed the occult significance of the propeller beanie, but it currently escapes me.

    This will seem off-topic but there are some other Mc-somethings. McCain - son of Cain (from the bible, killed his brother), McG (a hollywood director, G referring to the Great Architect of the Universe, making him Horus)

  6. tommy said:
    "thought I'd also add the obvious from that commercial...

    "Witches...Witches...Witches HERE!" "

    I'm just off to watch the McD ad in question but before I do - remember the chant from Obama's campaign/victory speech:

    "yes we can....yes wiccan...."

    Now I'll go see "wozzup wiv macidees innit" - that's a foretaste of the next version of the 'English language' which has been intentionally introduced in the UK (imho) by the 'pc brigade' and the intentional mixing and thus dilution of races to remove 'Englishness' and the values thereof and I guess the same has been done in the US? (That's not meant to be racist in any way - just an observation that has ultimately affected everyone on this planet).

    I remember the constant mantra from the 70's onwards of the dream of a 'global village' and the ideals thereof. Unfortunately all we've been steered into creating is a global ghetto and all by design too....sigh.

  7. Just seen the add....totally unnecessary imho but obviously putting out 'their' message.

    The set is a CUBE.

    And the occult icing on the cake as usual, the 'I'm Lovin' it' slogan below the 'M' (13th letter) makes the usual '13' which comprises a witches coven...

    Reading about the stag yesterday - links to Cernunnos/Herne and Celtic "mythology" if I remember correctly and a symbol of 'the Christian Satan'/Pan/The Horned One
    /peace sign/victory sign/horned hand etc.
    Also, in the UK the horseshoe was and is sometimes still displayed above doors, supposedly to retain 'good luck' which is pagan in itself, however, imho the horseshoe represents the same horned 'god', the energy/entity known as Satan...could be wrong of course.

    As always, too much constant incoming info but wouldn't have it any other way!

    Chris, pals, have a great day.

    "Witches...Witches...Witches HERE!"

    Very good spot. I've had my suspicions for some time that the elite are practicing ritual majick on a world stage because of the way world events seem to be orchestrated to occur at specific dates / times of the year with the repeated re-inforcement of particular symbols / themes.

    Goro Adachi's work is very good for observing these patterns on the world stage although I think he see's this as a higher intelligence operationg rather than just the elite themselves.

    Also did you notice that the voice in the last 10 seconds of the advert sounded quite nasty - rather incongrous for a childrens advert.


  9. Ha! I knew you guys would like that. Cheers to the original commenter who brought it to our attention.

    As to the spot, I'm not sure the moose has any significance himself. I think the over-arching symbolism is enough in and of itself. One bit of advice- Always be super rigorous in your symbol work. There are a lot of red herrings that get tossed around. And too many skeptics ready to eat you alive if you get sloppy.

    That being said, the Gold M is interesting though, given that M is the 13th letter of the alphabet. And it forms a 3 in the arches.

    William, Goro and I are on the same page. If you want to know my opinion, I think there are a lot of rich and powerful folks who like to believe that they're in cahoots with some otherworldly force, but my take on the symbolism is that it's all wishful thinking. The stuff we've been looking at is very solicitous, like a butler to his lord.

    Or better yet, a job applicant.

  10. "William, Goro and I are on the same page. If you want to know my opinion, I think there are a lot of rich and powerful folks who like to believe that they're in cahoots with some otherworldly force, but my take on the symbolism is that it's all wishful thinking. The stuff we've been looking at is very solicitous, like a butler to his lord.

    Or better yet, a job applicant."

    Chris, thats a very interesting observation. That would explain their obsession with ritual.

    A question which springs to mind is: Do the elite fear that which they are soliciting?


  11. William, when one corporation takes over another, the first thing they do is get rid of all of the executives and managers. Same thing when one country takes over another. Sometimes they keep a couple figureheads on as window dressing, but usually heads roll. Often literally, as in war.

    Think about that for a spell. No pun intended.

  12. On a post-holiday visit from my wife's birthmother and her husband, we decided to watch a movie as "something to do." Ultimately, we went with my suggestion to watch the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. My wife and I handn't planned "seriously" on seeing it ourselves (we don't go to the theater much), but it sounded intriguing in any case.

    Having read Secret Sun for a while, I wasn't surprised by the film's synchromystic links, as well as its crypto-Buddhist outlook and not-so-crytpo-Christian symbolism. The mention of McDonald's here also made me think of the key scene where Klaatu discusses final plans with another of the "visitors" at a Golden Arches. Strange connection, indeed. Well, that, and its New Jersey setting, I suppose.