Friday, January 16, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Nephilim

From Kevin Smith's instant classic, Clerks II

I don't know much about The Transformers, but it seems the new film is going to head into familiar territory. I don't mean New Jersey, where parts of the film were shot. I don't mean Giza, Egypt (where the producers say the final secret of the film will be revealed) or the White Sands Testing Grounds, another location for the film, either.

I mean straight into The X-Files' ancient astronaut mythology of "Biogenesis" and "The Sixth Extinction," which Revenge of the Fallen seems to borrow liberally from. One XF fan is up in arms.
Before going any further, I probably should explain what "Revenge Of The Fallen" may be about first. From what I have gathered from all the rumored and leaked information, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen involves the discovery of an ancient, powerful, and very evil Transformer underneath one of the great Egyptian pyramids.

This Transformer, calling himself "The Fallen", and looking like something spawned from hell, came to Earth thousands of years ago after being outcasted by his rulers (whoever they were). Though he sought to enslave and possibly destroy the people of Earth,
he found himself eventually and mysteriously entombed underneath one of the pyramids. When he is awakened in this film, he will be seeking some sort of revenge. There is speculation that he may have been the inspiration behind the Egyptian God, Anubis.*
It has been rumored that the main human lead of the Transformers movie, Sam Witwicky, comes into contact with some object that an alleged "Revenge Of The Fallen" leaked call sheet labeled the "splinter". According to these rumors, this object causes Sam to go crazy, read a huge college astronomy text book in seconds, and write strange (possibly Cybertronian) symbols all over his astronomy classroom's white boards.

Scientologist Mimi Rogers also starred with Duchovny in The Rapture

In the two X-Files episodes I have mentioned, Fox Mulder, after coming into contact with a broken-off metal piece of a mysterious spaceship, goes crazy and acquires the ability to see the future somewhat. His brain activity increases exponentially and he is able to accurately predict the results of remote viewing tests and read minds.

Whatever this "splinter" is that Sam comes in contact with ... it appears, according to the alleged call sheet, to have healing properties. Sam apparently uses it to reactivate a Decepticon named Jetfire. In "Biogenesis" and "The Sixth Extinction", the piece of the spaceship had healing properties as well. It was able to heal wounds and bring humans and animals back to life.

Megan Fox Mulder?
Here's the scoop from UGO:
On the first day of class, Sam goes crazy just before getting to class for some reason. It seems there is some object that he was exposed to that affected him, our guess is the splinter from the cube. Anyways, Rainn Wilson asks the class to turn to the first page of the text book (which, apparently, Rainn Wilson’s character is the professor of the class AND the writer of the Astronomy text book that they are using in class). Wilson’s character’s name is Professor Colon (pronounced: koh - lawn). Everyone except Sam turns to the first page. Sam, instead, read the entire book in 5 seconds by just flipping through it, then starts telling Wilson’s character about what parts of his book are wrong. He also starts talking about how Einstein was wrong. Sam gets up from his seat and goes up to the chalk board and starts writing a lot of weird symbols on the chalk board (probably Cryptonian).
There are syncs galore here- Shia LaBoeuf did the whole ancient astronauts bit in Indiana Jones and also- surprise, surprise- appeared on The X-Files, in the episode produced just before "The Sixth Extinction." How about that?

Remote Viewing is associated with the Apocalypse in the Ten Thirteen Universe: Cold Case's John Finn plays a CIA veteran, Mulder quotes Ray Parker's "Ghostbusters" theme, a cryptic reference to Michael Ensign, who plays Dr. Barnes in the Sixth Extinction storyline. Double-click to enlarge.

I'm fascinated by the Egyptian subtext, in light of the similarity between The X-Files story and Transformers 2. I made my bones sussing out the Egyptian mythology elements in that storyline, none of which are part of the outward narrative. And here they are becoming explicit in the Transformers version of the story.

Does Michael Bay read The Secret Sun?

* Why is Anubis always a villain? Hollywood needs to do its homework a little better. Signed, a big fan of dogs.


  1. It all comes down to the the "first Causation" of our universe CANNOT be refuted, the only real question is what exactly is this "First Cause"? Since no man can prove abiogenesis in the lab it is obvious that information never develops apart from intelligence, yet cells contain huge amounts of information. I believe this is the most important single evidence that life came from the mind of an intelligent Creator rather than from 'dumb' chemicals.
    Essentially the Prince of the power of the air(waves) intention is to lead folks away from the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and has salted Satanic synchro-psyops to distract and to signal to the other Satanists. Yeah you are a Satanist because you do things your way and not YHVH's.
    While you burn in hell what are you going to do - think about synchs?
    God hold you accountable to know of his existence Him strictly on the grounds of the creation you see all around you.
    He has provided the ultimate synch via prophecies found in the bible; and the ultimate salvation plan in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Moving on... Don't mind the troll.

    Shia LaBeouf (his last name stands for The Beef, an un-kosher meal) played Horus/Jesus in Indy4, if you watch the movie you'll see what I mean (if you consider Indy to be Osiris, which he is). We should all invest in '50s style refrigerators for the Elite's big day. We'll be fine.

    Michael Bay probably doesn't read your blog (even I'm starting to wonder though) but he's obviously picked up an occult text or two. I guess the whole "ancient astronaut" concept, direct or super-subtle, will never become a proverbial dead horse to the moviemakers.

  3. Ha, ha ha hoooo he he he ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....sorry - have only read the first paragraph so far but just had to share my reaction...

    Sorry, ahem, - am composed again now and will resume reading.

    How very, very interesting this Transformers 'plot' is eh Chris!

    As the tired old phrase goes - "you couldn't make it up"!

  4. The gaelic meaning of his name (from Shea/Seaghdha) is "Hawk-like".

    2009, Chinese year of the Earth OX (cow/BEEF/LaBeouf)

    Egypt had the god Apis, depicted as the OX.

    For Ox, Osiris - check out the pyramid texts "Utterance 580"

    and of course a fOX is a Canidae!

    "Transformers! More than meets the Eye"

  5. Found on script link at

    Shia LeBeouf as Ritchie Lupone

    Lupone/Lupus/Wolf Canine
    Constellation of Lupus
    and star Sirius

    Scully: "So, basically, what if we were looking for Wile E Coyote?"

    Wile E Coyote, Canidae

    Butts and Ass (and LaBeouf/Beef/ox/Taurus) moving to the right (like the overhead celestial movement when facing South in Chicago)

    Richie Lupone: "You're turning it the wrong way."

    Maggie Lupone: "'Buts' are for sitting and I want yours back in bed.", "He's right. Clockwise."

    Mulder: "Yeah, it's all right. My ass broke the fall.

    Hunter, Orion and Chicago has the Bulls -

    Scully: "Yes, I'm in Chicago. I'm on the north-east corner of 7th and Hunter just like you asked."

    Scully: "Last night, Cutrona had you thrown off the roof of 1107 Hunter Avenue — is that correct?"

    Henry Weems: "You didn't hear it from me. I'm not letting you people move me to Muncie, Indiana, to milk cows."

    Mulder: "More to the point, you survived a, uh... 300-foot fall essentially un... harmed." [He winces as Henry Weems replaces his prosthetic eye,

    And for the 1st miguided Anonymous -
    we've got the Ox and Ass.
    The characters of the Ox and Ass also make many appearances together in the Bible.

  6. Here's a thought Chris-
    Interesting scoop on the next TxFormers flick. At least one of the parallells mimmicked by the story is that of Enoch's Account of the Wathers found in the book of Enoch. In that account, Enoch witnesses the punishment of the Fallen angels, and several Chief Fallen Angels are named. ( Azazel, Azriel, etc. ) One particular punishement for a (the?) Chief Fallen Angel ( satan?) is burial beneath sharp rocks. Are these pyrmaids? The following is a rough paraphrase from Enoch's apocryphal writing : "And Azaz'el was bound and thrown into darkness, and Duda'el was buried under sharp rocks, unmovable-and I learned in those far off days came many judgments unto the Watchers."
    The point? The Txformers 2 plot is a rough Biblical paralell, as was the first film, actually. In fact the whole AA theory is roughly Biblical, if viewed in context of fallen angels, thier wars, visits to earth, etc. What I think is amazing is that hollywood continues to feed us this story over and over again. Even the new BattleStar Galactica series is in this vein, with Cylons cast as jealous Fallen Angels, and the humans as Humanity, etc.
    I just wonder why the powers-that-be are trying so hard to get this story into our heads..
    What think ye?

  7. Hey Chris,

    We'll be in hell together!!! Sweeeeet. I'll buy you a beer.

    Check out the Human Heart in Paw Paw post at conspiracy grimoire. Specifically the end. I talk about Transformers in the context of a kind of extinction event (yet more of a thoth judgement moment for humanity - maybe we're living that moment right now).

    I'd been picking up ALOT of Sara Lee and 'icky' synchs which had Gosporn turn me on to your Sam Witwicky.

    I'm down with Transformers as one of the most synch laden films of our times. Both terminator and transformers feature an alien robotic hand from the future or another world. THE HAND is going to play into whatever future they are outlining.

    Keep up the good work. I love to lurk in the background of your site. I'm glad you're still rolling. I guess we both needed a little time off . . .;)

    Keep fighting the good fight,


  8. Hi Chris!

    It's been a while since I've commented but I'm right with you and your work is terrific as always!

    Anonymous' comment above is disconcerting because I and other of your readers have been completely immersed in religion at one point or other in our lives by parents, church etc. I personally appreciate my spirituality but I have not cordoned it off from the rest of my life experiences and the reality of them to me ( alone or synchromistically)

    In other words, I enjoy expanding my spiritual knowledge and I think you do that here in a sensible and quite sane way that does nothing but compliment any spirituality. (so does Jake Kotze)

    Any knowledge that makes us think and feel better about our place in this infinite world is welcome.

    As an aside and as a tremendous nod to synch-ing with your post today; I was just reading minutes ago about Proust's work "Remembrance of Things Past." I was studying his writings on the effects of involuntary memory and "the moment when a chance impression obliterates the present and propels one into the past."

    Well, anonymous' comment did that for me today! I was instantly propelled back into memory of my childhood and when the transformer dolls ( or toys, sorry but I am a girl)were first introduced. I was sitting in a Sunday service at church listening dejectedly as a minister railed against the new transformer toys- because he said they transformed just like the demons who fell to earth "transformed" and created human bodies so that they could copulate with women. I was horrified at two things: learning the word copulate and the fact that my mother told us we couldn't buy those "demonic" toys!

    Love your work, Chris! Keep it coming!

    And yes, Michael Bay, or an associate he assigns to comb the alternative news and thinking arena online, does read your work.
    He must. It's great stuff!

  9. Tick...tick...tick...goes my mind..

    Sadly the series 'The Antichrist Dajjal will be a Reptilian Shapeshifter' is gradually being silenced and/or removed from the 'net'.

    Before it disappears completely, please steal yourself to watch this particular episode - it's about dogs; birds/eagles/ravens; Odin; Hitler; Horus; Lam and Crowley, alleged father of Barbara Boosh and hence, grandfather of 'W'...

  10. I'm curious why the christian poster is looking at this blog when he feels synchromystiscism is satanic?

    Doesn't Jesus talk about discerning the signs of the times?

  11. Tommy- I'll be getting to Crystal Skull again soon. That one's a doozy.

    Suky- keep an eye on the duality meme- very important in the months to come.

    Anonie- Yes, Fox is in the Canis family- good point.

    Anonie 2- Welcome to my world! Shia plays a jaundiced boy in that.

    Thracie - My present opinion is that it's all alien, if in fact any of the world's mythologies have any basis in fact. Remember what Clarke said "any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic." Now imagine stone age people or protohumans encountering astronautical technology.

    Thuthie - Again, Transformers are hybrids, which we may well turn out to be ourselves. Watch for duality memes to be big in the coming months.

    Soapie - Check out Clerks II for a hilarious parody of that sermon. Anything that children enjoy is evil to those people, since child abuse is so intrinsic to that Calvinist mindset.

    Suky II - I watched a bit of that series. Wasn't quite sure what they were getting at but some interesting bits of info.

    Anonie III: See above.

  12. Oh, I know it is. When I was watching it with two people who have no idea what's actually happening (the people I tell act like I've spoiled a movie for them so I avoid that situation), all I wanted to do was yell out "that's so obvious!" many times throughout the film, yet I was dumbstruck towards the end when it really went out of its way and took time to jam AA theory into our skulls. The very first thing I noticed before the movie even came out was that a Crystal Skull is in some circles called a "Memento Mori" (MM) so I had a general idea of what to expect. It's almost like a big screen version of your blog so there's really no reason to write up more on it...

    For those of you talking about asses, there's a great scene in Clerks 2 involving one. My last name comes from the german word for Fox, which is interesting for it to be brought up, and because my friend and I would play X-Files outside during recess but he always got to be Mulder, and you can guess who I had to be: the skeptic. We got our other friend to be Flukeman. That was fun.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous work, Professor Knowles! I always thought that, even as the Anglican-raised Rapturist that I used to be, that synchroniceties were still "God-winks", as my Catholic cousin, Cameron, is fond of calling them, not "of the devil& his works". Yeesh. Oh, well. So much for a difference of opinion. Anonymous indeed.

    Strangely enough, Christopher, I'd just cited the Andrew Collins title, "From The Ashes Of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race" only yesterday DAY to Celtic Rebel at his Word Press blog. It's the same dealio as herein enscribed; we descended from a higher form, godlike, rather than transmogriphying over millennia from the primal ooze.

    I also like in Steve Willner's video that you recently posted the thing where you said that the pop culture icon, the Super Hero, is a portent of things to come.

    I think he/she/they are a memory of things that were & CAN be again. I'm gonna HAVTA get your book. Great to see that you're continuing to be in tip top form, Chris.

    No longer a sheeple,
    Anadæ ( :-)}

    P.S. Just last night I saw some celestial/upper atmospheric weirdness akin to the columns of light recently witnessed elsewhere in the world, but right here in Ol' Virginnie. I in no wise think that it had extraterrestrial origins, but that it was just a spectacular unexplained natural phenomenon.

    Then again, I'm of the resolute opinion that the Ancients knew of & could detect naturally occuring Star Gates here on Earth, often constructing vast temple complexes around them in order to protect them from the profane, saboteurs, or commercialization. Kaching!

  14. The stars last night were in focus. The winter sky here in bug-tussel(Oregon)is mostly cloudy. Last night clear as a bell! Synchs of a satanic nature? Clever myopic xtians. What do scientologists think of the stars at night? Seeing the archer last night tripped me out. Dennis in Oregon.

  15. liberally pilfering from the xfiles or something like a trans world identity or even a, "strange loop?" even by incorporating these similarly merging plot lines and what not, he(Bay) is adding to the whole energy of the egyptian movement.

  16. duality -

    I'm seeing it, but in the unification of it through Obama-Lincoln.

    Bush = Division

    Obama = Rebuilding


  17. At the moment I am watching the trailer of the new film of The transformer 5, and it came to mind that is an analogy to the Nephilim, tranformers are giants, come from the stars and come to destroy the earth or rule it, ( coincidence)

  18. I saw the trailer of the transformers 5 what's that the relation of transformers in the earth? Lets watch the movie

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