Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Manly Man

Sometimes when you study more esoteric topics, you come across thinkers who are as enigmatic as the topics they write about. One of those is Manly Palmer Hall. I've read some of his work and I've read biographical information on the man, but there is something completely elusive about him. I think of characters like Apollonius of Tyana or Sir Francis Bacon, who seem to have been too prolific to be real. These individuals seem to nearly disincarnate, like entities that drift into our reality and never leave the impression of reality in their wake.

See if you agree with me. Here is an online version of Hall's magnum opus The Secret Teachings of All Ages, which is sort of a reality based Isis Unveiled. Here is biographical sketch by Mitch Horowitz. I've read several like it and I'm still no closer to getting a sense of actuality about the man.

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