Monday, June 16, 2008

The Council of Nine and the Star Trek Pantheon

I've looked into the story of the Nine before, when doing research for my sci-fi symbolism book. It's well known that Gene Roddenberry had extensive contacts with the Nine as did Jon Povill, who worked on the show
Sliders as well as Synchromystic cult fave Total Recall. But it's less well-known that there were nine major characters in the original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, all of whom had direct counterparts in the Egyptian pantheon. So for your edutainment, here's a excerpt from my upcoming book dealing with Star Trek's connection to this very mysterious and powerful group...

In between the Star Trek TV series and the first Star Trek motion picture, Gene Roddenberry would find himself confronted with a real-world galactic Brotherhood. The ensuing drama would serve to be one of the strangest episodes recorded in the life of major Hollywood figure.

In early 1975, a broke and depressed Roddenberry was approached by a British former race car driver named Sir John Whitmore, who was associated with a strange organization called ‘Lab-9.’ Though unknown to the public, Lab-9 were ostensibly a sort of an independent version of the X-Files, dedicated to the research of paranormal phenomena. However, Lab-9 had another, more complex agenda- they later claimed to be in contact with a group of extraterrestrials called the ‘Council of Nine’ or simply ‘The Nine’, who had been communicating through ‘channelers’ or psychic mediums.

The Nine claimed to be the creators of mankind, and had informed the channelers that they would be returning to Earth soon. Lab-9 had wanted to hire Roddenberry to write a screenplay based on the Council of Nine’s imminent return. To help Roddenberry in his research, Lab-9 flew him out to their headquarters, located on a large estate in Ossining, NY. There, Roddenberry met and interviewed several psychics, and prepared the groundwork for his script.

Roddenberry wrote a script called the Nine, in which he fictionalized his experiences at Lab-9 and the message for humanity that the Council of Nine wished to convey. But Roddenberry’s story focused more on his fictionalized alter -ego and his marital and financial worries than on the Nine themselves, and Lab-9 requested a rewrite. He handed the task of revising the script to an assistant, Jon Povill. In his revision, Povill posited that the hit sci-fi TV show that Roddenberry’s alter ego had produced in the 60’s was not actually his work, but had been channeled through him by the Council of Nine. UFO cultists in the 70’s and 80’s would make similar claims about Star Trek itself.

And this was no ragtag bunch of hippie phreaks that Roddenberry was dealing with. The man who set the whole thing up was Andrija Puharich, who was involved in the early career of famed Israeli psychic Uri Geller. Roddenberry biographer Joel Engel noted that Whitmore introduced Roddenberry to several key figures in the British Broadcasting Corp. as well. It’s interesting to note that at the same time Roddenberry was meeting with all these British TV executives about the Council of Nine, a Star Trek knockoff called Space:1999 premiered on British television.

It was later revealed in the 1977 book Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth that the Nine claimed to be the figures whom the ancient Egyptians had based their Ennead, or pantheon of major gods, on. Another book of channeled messages from the Nine was published in 1992 and was titled The Only Planet of Choice: Essential Briefings from Deep Space. However, little has been heard from the Nine since that book’s publication. But it is worth noting that a year after it was published, a new Star Trek TV series appeared called Deep Space Nine.

Following the disappointing first film, Paramount had carefully built Star Trek into a major motion picture franchise. So in 1986, Gene Roddenberry was given the opportunity to relaunch the series on TV, this time in syndication. The story went out that the Star Trek creator had been frustrated by the first series, and felt he had to make too many compromises to convention. This time Star Trek would be done his way. And again, despite Roddenberry’s oft-professed atheism, the series would have even stronger mystical undertones.

But in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Roddenberry and his team would take the opportunity their own Ennead with the new characters, this one based more in the later Greco-Egyptian pantheon than the primeval gods of the Ogdoad and Ennead. Working with a rotating team of writers (at least two of them would challenge Roddenberry’s claim to exclusive authorship in court) , Roddenberry’s choices seem to reflect a great deal of deliberation as to assignation of identity and signifiers to indicate each particular deity.

• The new captain was intentionally designed as Roddenberry’s fantasy version of himself. The Star Trek creator wrote that Jean Luc Picard “is an older man, thoughtful, compassionate, hard but fair - and very irresistible to women.” Picard would be played by Patrick Stewart, no stranger to ritual drama himself, having already played in two separate Sun King films, Dune and Excalibur. Jean-Luc Picard would be the father-god Osiris, Zeus, Odin, Yahweh, or what have you.

Perhaps in honor of Solar martyr Julian the Apostate, Roddenberry had originally named his captain ‘Julien Picard.’ But a consultant later recommended ‘Jean Luc’ from a list of possible replacements. It was interesting choice. ‘Jean Luc’ translates into ‘John the Light’, perhaps a reference to the fact that the many Templar-derived organizations hold John the Baptist in particularly high esteem.

• Picard’s Isis would be Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden), a flame-haired Magdalene-type and the unrequited object of Picard’s affections. Like Isis, Beverly is also a widow and has a young son.

• Joining Picard would be hotheaded first mate Commander William Ryker (Jonathan Frakes), playing the part of Ra-Horus. Ryker would take over the fight-and-fornicate Captain Kirk role.

• Ryker’s Hathor would be Deanna Troi (Mirina Sirtis), the clairvoyant ships counselor. Deanna Troi’s name identifies her with the Moon goddess. Diana, goddess of the hunt, was identified with the Moon, and Troy was the city of Apollo, brother of Selene, the Moon goddess. In his original treatment, Roddenberry wrote that Troi’s alien race, the Betazoids, were said to “engage in almost constant sexual activity.”

• Acting as their Harpocrates would be young Wesley Crusher (Will Wheaton), who would often be the Enterprise’s savior, much to the consternation of many a Trekker. He even physically resembled a younger version of the “Horus the Elder” figure of Ryker.

• The guardian role of the dog-headed god Anubis would be played by the Klingon strongman Lt. Worf (Michael Dorn). Roddenberry was even kind enough to name him after a dog’s bark.

• Acting as the Thoth/Hermes messenger-cum-scribe of the Enterprise is the aptly-named android Data (Brent Spiner).

• And acting as the ship’s protective Sekhmet, or Athena, would be the security chief Natasha Yar (Denise Crosby).

• Rounding out ST:TNG’s starring cast was Geordie La Forge, the Enterprise’s Ptah. Or Hephaestus, in the Greek. Or Vulcan in the Roman, if you like. He is the craftsman, the engineer, the maker, the builder.

That’s nine major characters introduced in the first episode of ST:TNG, a “Council of Nine” if you will. And exactly like the fabled Council of Nine, the cast of ST:TNG all have corresponding deities in the Egyptian pantheon .

Now ask yourself- how deeply did Gene Roddenberry’s involvement with Lab-9 go? We have the cast of his new Star Trek series seemingly modeled on an Egyptian Ennead exactly as the Nine claimed to be, and another series that seems to make direct reference to the "Nine from Deep Space." Awfully strange coincidence there, wouldn’t you say?


  1. Great post. Deanna's (Diana) lover was William, AKA "No. 1") a nice royal family synch. Love the Troy sync - in ST Voyager we find Lieutenant Tom Paris.

    I've often wondered who exactly the Q character is supposed to be - a God of some sort, obviously. He wanted to have a baby with Janeway, I recall.

    I've often considered that the Star Trek universe is a "script" for the unveiling of the new world religion.

  2. Well, Michael, we'll be looking at just what the Q character represents sometime in the future. I think you know already.

    I'm a big fan of OS and TNG, but there's something people don't generally realize about the ST universe- the Federation of Planets is essentially a socialist military dictatorship, and the Enterprise is essentially a vehicle for imperial expansion. People are often misdirected by the PC stuff in the later series.

    1. Which begs the question about whether Roddenberry knew that governments on Earth had already been on contact with alien species and that something like the Federation was a logical step for humanity because of that. I am not making an argument for global government, let alone, global socialism, but again, did Roddenberry know something that the vast majority of the public did not know???

  3. First off, your analysis of the Federation is Dead-on. All you have to do is watch the show CAREFULLY. the PC stuff does cloud things a bit. Loved your other points on the NIne. I found out about them and Roddenberry a couple of years ago, and this is huge for Trek Fans. I've been a life long Trekkie, but I'm not sure so many fans really want to know this much about their favorite mythology, although I think it's absolutely essential to understanding the stories. I hope you'll have more about the Roddenberry/Council of Nine forthcoming, and I'd be very pleased to read any good books on this subject you might recommend, although I realize they might be hard to come by. Thanks for another great post. That's why I keep coming back!


  4. Awesome, Thrace! It's always nice to have to back. I forgot about 7 of 9, but I couldn't watch Voyager. But note it had Ka-Hathor-Ein John's Way.

    As to books read The Stargate Conspiracy and Joel Engel's Roddenberry bio.

  5. So then, Commander Ch'kar is Anubis' equivalent.

    re: Jean Luc Picard, it sounds a lot like Jean Luc Godard doesn't it? I mean, has anyone here seen the likes of Alphaville - if not then you really really should, and note the year it was released (in relation to films that were to come later, dealing with similar themes for example).
    And what about this odd co-incidence?,

    "1950 - Godard founded a "Gazette du cinéma" with Rivette and Rohmer, which published five issues between May and November. He wrote a number of articles for the journal, often using the pseudonym 'Hans Lucas'."

    Hans Lucas?! I wonder did George Lucas get the name Han Solo from there?

    & re: something else I'd commented on before - Chris, remember recently you mentioned a news story that the Vatican had endorsed the idea that ETs are real, and I commented that they did that about 10-15 years ago and it was written up in all the UFO magazines.

    Did you really not hear that story the first time around? - is that because you are just recently into these kinds of topics, or did it somehow slip by your notice?

  6. Zuppie, I linked to it because it was front page news here.

  7. Chris, the Bronfman family (Canada's infamous version of the Rothschilds/Rockerfellers) have officially owned the Church of Scientology since 1981, and they are supposedly the ones responsible for all of the alien nonsense now a part of their innermost dogma, so its no surprise to see these wannabe Illuminati take part in the remodeling of the already very Freemasonic Star Trek Universe.

  8. chris,...your blog stays active and amazing.
    thanks man

  9. This is most fascinating! Now I have yet more avenues to explore.

    I always liked Deanna Troi. What is it about mind readers that makes them soooo hot? :)

    How does the Enneagram and its 9 personality traits coincide with the Ennead?

  10. Oh man, I had the biggest crush on Deanna. Which evaporated as soon as Scully came around.

    I am a big dork.

    As to the Enneagram- well, it's all tied in the Esoteric so it's anyone's guess.

  11. Tremendous post - so bloody obvious once it's pointed out. Thanks

  12. Thanks always for the comments- I love my readers which is why I work way, way too hard on this blog to keep you guys informed! Every day is reader appreciation day here on the Sun!

  13. Killer post, Chris. The connections between the Next Gen characters and the ennead is a dead on hit, especially given all the background material surrounding Roddenbery. I was familiar with much of this material and had suspicions about Deep Space Nine being possibly connected to The Nine. That was before discovering this book you mention with Deep Space in the title- a book channeled by the Nine! That pretty much erases any doubt in my mind anyway. Nice work.

    Also, Worf not only sounds like a dog's bark it's only one letter away from wolf- the ancestor to the domesticated dog.

    And who didn't have a crush on Lt. Troi? I'm just glad she couldn't read MY mind.

  14. chris m ferguson3:09 AM, June 17, 2008

    I've been hanging around the site for over a year now and you never fail to amaze me, CK.

    The amount of dots that you connect and make it seem effortless is what really gets me.

    Thanks. It'd be great if you could a column somewhere.

  15. But do you know it is Icke-style, Tales From The Timeloop recycled? is what I wondered.
    (& I don't mean recycled in a green way)

    How can there not have been anyone working at those newspapers that printed the story, online or otherwise, who hadn't heard about it before (and didn't check it either!) - I'm only 31, so is nobody that works in news older than me?! Or - their memories have been wiped, or something else worse.

    They're doing a number on you, making like that is new.

  16. You're missing the point- it's not whether about it being new or not- it's about it being reinjected into the Memestream now- at this point in time. Same way that every time they find an earth-like planet it becomes above the fold new.
    Why? We already heard about all the others.

    This is about a sequence of revelations- there's a greater story at work here. To me this about a conditioning process. Whether that's true or not, we'll find out soon.

  17. It has been purported by an astrologer and close friend of mine that the original Star Trek characters (i.e. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty) represent, respectively, the four astrological elements:

    Fire = Kirk
    Air = Spock
    Water = McCoy
    Earth = Scotty

    If we contemplate each character's nature, they fit perfectly. Kirk is clearly "fiery", the penultimate Aries. He is decisive, he leads, his ego is nearly overwhelming. He's the fighter/lover.

    In contrast, Spock is true air, cerebral, logical, low on emotion (at least outwardly); he is close friends with Kirk, but works best with Scotty (traditionally Air and Earth have very productive and fruitful relationships). Emotions can overwhelm Spock, and in certain episodes, they do. Although he possesses almost superhuman strength, his logical mind keeps it in check.

    McCoy is the embodiment of the watery element. He is all emotions and feelings. McCoy goes "crazy" or is overshadowed by outside forces beyond his control more than any other ST character. He is the antithesis to Spock's airy logic. Yet when a problem arises that no one else in of the "big four" can solve, McCoy disappears into his laboratory and eventually reemerges with some sort of mysterious "cure", usually a liquid of some sort loaded into a hypo!

    Scotty is true earth. He stays hidden, deep within the ship's bowels. He works constantly; in fact, he seems to live for work. It's what characterizes him. Scot is unflappable, it's impossible to intimidate him, another earthy characteristic. Yet he loves good food and good drink...a true hedonist, in the finest sense of the word. He is also the most attached to the physical, the ship's welfare is all-important to him, another earthy trait.

    This symbolism came to my friend in a dream, interestingly enough. But I do think he is on to something.

    1. Making whom the fifth element? Uhura?

  18. Chris, dont worry about that zuppo "character". He wrote a lot of shite on my blog comments too, and managed to contradict himself entirely in a matter of 2 hours.

    I can forward the comments if desired, but, to be honest, hardly worth the effort.


  19. Newsie, Zuppie is a regular and welcome guest at the Sun. Thanks for checking in, though- your blog looks very interesting.

  20. Sorry Chris, I was not trying to be offensive, red rag bull springs to mind - and I had a couple of ciders before I commented.

    The forthcoming Star Trek 11 interests me, going back to start/roots etc, - there was talk of the European premier being held in Linlithgow (Scotty's birthplace and an Royal stronghold), only thing is, they dont have a cinema.

    We shall see.

    cheers, brian

  21. You're not dead on with anything. For all we know, Roddenberry really did contact aliens and the Vatican is competing in order to invalidate anything at all said in Star Trek.

  22. First Comment: Great. 1701=9


  23. Awesome. I read Levenda about the Council of Nine, but will definitely move forward to check out the other two.

    A fascinating his-story.


  24. Has anyone seen the new STOGAM internet release ??? Walter Koenig & Tim Russ ???
    I didnt have time to go trhu all the comments so I dont know if anyone has commented on STOGAM.
    I for one am impressed at what they did. The story is great ... paralleles with todays mess and how we got here. Chekov's best line is ... "people who trade freedom for security ... deserves neither".
    Terrorists ??? we are freedom fighters !!!
    Here's a link that might get you to the 3 part movie. If it doesn't you have to register as a subcriber ... only email alerts are sent, not too much spam ... and being a subscriber gets you alerts for the new movie releases. This link should werk tho but I recommend signing up if you are a fan.


    PS> Stogam is or seems more along the lines of Genes vision. A peaceful Galaxy, an alliance of many worlds, living side by side as friends & neighbors. Not enemies ...

  25. Furthermore. The number 9 in of itself is quite interesting... Has anyone ever heard of Marko Rodin and his Torroidal math?

    He also has videos up on YouTube explaining a lot of it too. Its quite facinating.

    Essentially, nothing is bigger than 9. Definately worth checking out.

  26. Chris- The Council readings are incredibly interesting. Way to go with your research into such! Its cool seeing people dig into esoteric what-not that hasn't really been delved into (entirely). Crucial.

    This bit:

    "Perhaps in honor of Solar martyr Julian the Apostate, Roddenberry had originally named his captain ‘Julien Picard.’ But a consultant later recommended ‘Jean Luc’ from a list of possible replacements. It was interesting choice. ‘Jean Luc’ translates into ‘John the Light’, perhaps a reference to the fact that the many Templar-derived organizations hold John the Baptist in particularly high esteem..."

    is pretty wild...

    You know of the whole Masonic John-the-Baptist head thing, right? Where they drink out of a skull, at a particular degree initiation, which is supposed to represent drinking of the knowledge of John (as some would say, in detest of the "heart" of Christ)? And how (for real) the Vatican discovered a human skull buried under some ancient 'stuff' in their secret archives? The Pope promised that it would be looked into... I've not heard anything yet. You?

    But hey - there's also this: Jean Picard was an interesting character from the 16th century, France...

    "Jean Picard an astronomy professor from Paris, was the first to develop a system for measuring the diameter of the sun. In the mid 1600s, he created a micrometer, which allowed him to measure the diameter of not only the sun but the moon and planets as well. With the aid of the telescope and Snell's triangulation method (which helped to determine the Earth's radius), Picard was able to make measuring the diameter of the sun highly effective. Picard's method of measurement affected the world and were later used by Isaac Newton in his gravitational theory."


    Amongst other things, he was a pretty interesting "fellow."

    "French astronomer, topographer, and surveyor. Worked with Cassini I (1625-1712) and Ole Römer (1644-1710). Took part in the measurement of a meridian arc and, with the astronomer and mathematician Philippe de la Hire (1640-1718), in operations to determine the coordinates of many French towns. Improved astronomical instruments and surveying instruments, fitting the latter with telescopes and a micrometer of his invention. One of the first members of the Académie Royale des Sciences of Paris. Launched Connaissances du temps, a periodical still published today. Picard may be regarded as one of the founders of modern astronomy in France."


    The Royal Academy? Hm!

    Anyhow - he was a 'heliometer' as well as a 'geometer'... which is sort of amazing (though nothing particularly new - the Pyramid of the Sun is a good representation in feet of some astronomical measurements, in small scale).

    Jean Luc (of the Light) of the Sun?

    Light and Truth,
    Brendan Bombaci

  27. Wow, very interesting information, Brendan. Thanks for digging that up.

  28. great post! original series:

    scotty: base chakra (red shirt, right? ;-)
    chekhov: root chakra (he was supposed to be the sexy davy jones wannabe)
    sulu: third chakra (navigation, self-determination)
    bones: heart chakra (healing)
    uhuru: throat chakra (communication)
    spock: third eye (always has his eyes up to the tri-corder screen)
    kirk: crown chakra (runs the ship, in a perfect world :-D

    nice work!

  29. Very nice analysis! It makes me wonder just how deep the so-called Illuminati and Shadow government have penetrated the media industry. If this is all part of a gradual acclimation campaign to introduce people to ET reality, then the details you highlight go above and beyond what is required of a psychological operations strategy to desensitize people to the topic.

  30. >.< You make it sound like my dad actually believed that Star Trek was an idea beamed into Gene's head, he didn't, but it made for a brilliant idea for a script.

    And it's not some big conspiracy that the Nine was never produced, blame Gene's wife, the script wasn't all that flattering to Gene ^^; However, there's a chance the script can be revived now that she just died. Just... try not to take it too seriously. I've already seen an episode speaking about overpopulation get turned into "secret anti-abortion message!", people read far too much into scripts.

  31. Excellent post!
    Another point to consider is that JJ Abrams directed Star Trek 2009 (nine over) and the sixth season of "Lost" gets inside the Egyptian mythology, for example, Jacob is the god Sobek and John Locke the god Anubis.

    I have a blog similar to yours
    I hope to write an article on Star Trek and esotericism and your post I found very interesting.


    Excelente post!
    Otro dato a tener en cuenta es que JJ Abrams dirigio Star Trek 2009 (el nueve otra vez) y en la sexta temporada de "LOST" se adentra a la mitología egipcia, por ejemplo Jacob es el dios Sobek y John Locke el dios Anubis.

    Tengo un blog similar al tuyo
    Espero escribir un artículo sobre Star Trek y el esoterismo y tu post me pareció muy interesante.

  32. Interesting comment about the chakras relating to different characters. One thing, the base and root chakra are the same chakra.. Hehe, if anything all the hot chicks in the original series represented the 2nd chakra.

    An eerie link that JJ Abrams seems to be aware of - he named one of the main 'shady behind-the-scenes' characters in Lost with the last name 'Whitmore' or 'Whidmore'.

    Gene supposedly met with the well-to-do former race driver in real life with a similar if not exact same name. Hmmm..

  33. Interesting comment relating the various chakras to the characters in the original series, but one thing you missed. The root and base chakra are the same thing. If anything the 2nd chakra in that show was all the hot chicks trembling for Kirk. Hehe.

    An eerie correlation I noticed concerning JJ Abrams. He named one of the most 'shady, behind-the-scenes' characters in Lost, a wealthy British guy 'Whitmore', or 'Whidmore'. Supposedly, as CK said Gene had this meeting with a British former race driver, probably well-to-do Sir Whitmore. Hmmm...

  34. In Laveyan Satanism, they say 9 is the number of Satan.. as it is the number of ego. You multiply 9 by any digit and add the results and you get 9.

  35. For Gnosis (Samael Aun Weor) 9 is an evolutionary result is a good sign if it appears to us, represents man evolving, increasing in spirituality. It is related to the letter number 9 in the Egyptian Tarot, the hermit. And it has to do with the chakras and world levels.

    Para la Gnosis (Samael Aun Weor) el 9 es un número evolutivo, es un buen signo si se nos aparece, representa al hombre que evoluciona, que aumenta en espiritualidad. Se lo relaciona con la carta número 9 del tarot egipcio, el eremita. Y tiene que ver con los chakras y los niveles del mundo.

  36. Roddenberry was an asthmatic who first "contacted" (his word) Spock as an entity during a near death experience in his parents' garage at age thirteen. His campus speeches which used to be available on audio tape were filled with his reminiscences about this space alien with pointed ears and great wisdom who came from a nearby star system etc.etc. and who was part of a ruling council... of nine... as well as having a special connection to Earth- because he was an alien-human hybrid.

    And so on.

    People with this atheist-but-religious fervour are very disturbing. Because in fact they aren't actually atheists at all, they're Ennead worshippers. Same old same old...

  37. So who's Levar Burton's character represent

  38. Having just seen an episode of "Ancient Aliens" in which G. Roddenberry is represented as a "prophet" who imparts wisdom based on the Council of Nine in his series, my question is: what is the importance of the Council of Nine in the entire series, and how much of this is actually true? I get the idea of the Prime Directive as a new and broadly interpretive concept unknown before 1957, and that it has filtered directly into STAR TREK as a new meme. I don't think I have ever heard it mentioned before the series premiered. What is everyone's take on this?

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