Saturday, December 01, 2007

All is Right in This World...

My Christmas present comes a week from tomorrow when Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson begin filming the new X-Files movie in Vancouver.

There is no greater example of the Modern Myth than The X-Files. There are so many layers upon layers of symbolism, hidden meaning, allegory and in-jokes that an academic could spend his life studying it all. I'll be reposting my X-Egesis on the Mulder-as- Osiris storyline soon, but will also be writing a new one, detailing how the Eleusinian Mysteries are central to the Samantha abduction storyline. Hecate herself even shows up for a cameo!

"The necessity of the story, the myth or the legend in a culture is almost universal. We think of myths as things that entertain or instruct, but their deeper purpose is often to explain, or make fanciful, wishes, desires or behavior that society would otherwise deem unacceptable. Myths often disguise thoughts that are simply too terrible to think about, but because they are conveyed in a wrapping of untruth - the story - these thoughts become harmless fiction."
-- Chris Carter

Absolute god-damned genius.

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