Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mindbomb: Captain Victory, the Secret Sequel

Speaking of androgynous dying/rising savior heroes, Image Comics are reportedly working on a new omnibus for Captain Victory and His Galactic Rangers, Jack Kirby's completely whacked-out series from the early 80's. 

They've run into trouble, since they can't find all of the film to the original books. They've put out a call to art collectors to volunteer their pages for scanning. I've got a better idea. 

Why doesn't Image hire Mike Royer to re-ink and re-letter the entire series? They're already recoloring it, why not go the extra mile? 

No one sees that material as Kirby's finest, but the ideas and concepts in that series are so completely off the wall and ahead of their time, it deserves to be better serviced than it was by Kirby's original production team. 

What's more, there are so many riffs and references taken from the Fourth World, it could be marketed as the secret sequel to it (as Kirby originally intended). To be honest, Captain Victory is my favorite post-Kamandi Kirby work, and is chock full of absolutely insane shit. 

That book is truly "Kirby Unleashed" and I'd love to see the material given its due by having a professional hand finish the art.