Saturday, December 22, 2007

AstroGnostic: We Need a Little Mithras

Knowles' Xth Law: When in doubt about a particular esoteric symbol, consult The X-Files. As I wrote about in my X-Files X-Egesis, Chris Carter posited that aliens were the creators not only of humankind, but of our religions as well. 

When this idea was first explored in "The Sixth Extinction" storyline, Mulder and Scully were keenly aware that the ancient astronauts left behind spacecraft that had miraculous power (Scully's fertility was restored by her exposure to the ship, for instance). In the two part episode "Provenance/Providence" Carter and Spotnitz return to these themes, but have their new, inexperienced agents Doggett and Reyes mistake the power of the ship (which they both are affected by through rubbings of the ships' surface and a piece of the craft itself) for the power of Divine intervention.

So what does this all have to do with our Yuletide ponderings of Rockefeller Center's esoteric symbols? Well, if you believe as I do that our golden friend there is actually Mithras, and that Mithras himself is nothing but a politically expedient reinterpretation of Horus, it's interesting to note that the same exact symbol of the Sun god, the pyramidal object, the rotating ring and the heavenly shaft of light repeat themselves in these X-Files episodes.

In the story, Scully's baby William is kidnapped by a gang of heretical Christian UFO worshippers, who believe the ship to be something like the Ark of the Covenant. Throughout the stories William is seen to control the piece of the ship a rogue FBI agent brings back to Washington. I won't spoil the rest of the story, but suffice it to say that same conjunction of symbols repeats itself in the climax. It's also interesting to note that there are 17 cultists standing around the revolving stargate wheel, 17 seeming to be the esoteric number of Horus (more on that topic in the days to come as well).

Let me just note here that Scully's first child, the ill-fated Emily, made her first appearance in the episode "Christmas Carol." Those episodes drew heavily on the symbolism of the Persephone stories, which we will also look at in the near future. Her last appearance was in an episode dealing with apocryphal legends of the Nephilim...

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