Saturday, July 19, 2008

Who's Minding the Store?

The Pope- who wrote the Vatican's policy of coverup and denial of child sexual abuse - apologized again for the scandal Friday in a special mass in Sydney. That's an issue for another day- and maybe for another blog. What interests me here is that this very meticulous Pope, this man who is highly cognizant of symbolism and ceremony, is wearing the Knights Templar cross on his yoke. Not just the Maltese cross, mind you. He's wearing the red-on-white cross- the brand logo - of the recently-absolved ancient order during a very high-profile mass.

This is not insignificant by any stretch of the imagination.


  1. You NEED to go over to my sight, I posted the new WATCHMEN movie trailer at the top of my page. It is... UN-F***ING-BELIEVEABLE.

  2. I see the child-abuse as being another form of Earth abuse in general. It's about some flaw here (to do with aetheric energy, & being able to steal lifeforce from another - because they either aren't aware of what techniques or rituals are being used to steal their lifeforce, or the other flaw where their parents have been allowed to own them to the extent they can 'sell' them off to those occult abusers on those levels of the soul they all conspire to pretend they know nothing about) which seems to exist because the physics were altered to enable it.

    This kind of thing is also mentioned in that book with the bio-UFOs info, The Cosmic Pulse of Life - it's explained how there are these backwards-time-moving 'ahrimanic' beings that brought the noisy dirty polluting technology here, and they get people to use it because it abuses nature and the aethers, which enables them to keep existing here more easily.

    The child abuse would seem in most cases to be directly related to that - it's like a systematic method of preventing anyone being born into here that might be able to shut all that evil down, by corrupting them early on. Or in other words, it means they have loads more things to deal with and process through, before they can even begin to get to looking at what is wrong here and remember what they are here for.

  3. There were a couple dope headlines at Drudge recently that involved the Pope meeting a reptile (snake) and the pope being involved in an aboriginal ritual.

    He's been on an occult magick tear lately. Interesting that it all took place in OZ. This mass was not the ritual, but the end of a longer ritual.


  4. The "Templars" are quite deliberately coming out of the closet these days, showing who's on their team. Apparently, almost everyone.

  5. Templar crosses 2 months after saying aliens ar ok?

    I wasn't going to say anything because I'm not sure, but after reading the Watchmen reference in the first comment, I think that maybe, just maybe, some kind of alien anouncement is coming. maybe even a fake alien threat, which was in the plot of the Watchmen comic from the eighties.
    Am I crazy, or can anyone else see E.T. flipping the bird in this news photo?

  6. RE: michaels post


    was stunned when a huge banner was unfurled at the encore section of Dylan's [first] performance at the original "woodstock" site (i.e. Bethel NY) last year.

    It was sick. And not in a good way.

    He lied. Making up some story about how when "he'd been here the first time" they made him "wait all night and he had to perform while it rained"

    He'd never performed there before.

    Also, the song "Hwy. 61" "God said to Abraham, kill me a son..." etc. was obviously about killings at the "crossroads." Wild song, as performed that day.

    In a recent interview he made a joke - they asked him if he was amazed by his own talent and he responded that he made some deal at the "crossroads" as did, supposedly, robert Johnson.

    to clinch it all. as he sung "All Along the Watchtower" (I think he was deliberately competing with the memory of Jimi Hendrix, since Hendrix did a famous rendition of that song at the original Woodstock - and you know, Dylan's version is likely never going to be as good, and definitely not as memorable.)

    So, as he was playing this ending song..."the wind began to howl.." what do you know but BIG BLACK storm clouds rolled in, started to drizzle - well a nasty storm came in, quickly, and it *did* begin to POUR RAIN just as he ended.

    In the movie he made himself, "Masked and Anonymous" Dylan makes allusions to the criminal control of the world by syndicates. He's either proud to be a member or has no choice.

    Remember, he disappeared in '67 for 2 years. People thought he was dead. He never sounded the same, EVER. Forgot his own songs. Referred to his former self in the 3rd person. Aged about 20 years......hmmm.

    411totalinfo has a great radio show comparing the before and after with audio.

  7. For a group that was given the levers of power and the mandate to guide the human ascension, they sure are doing some serious back peddling and faux regret and apologies these days.
    As one who suffered at the hands of these kinds of abuser parasite pedophiles, one has to really wonder what is about to occur that they are all of sudden repenting themselves and trying soooo hard to do damage
    Is it a total collapse of the faith if the balance of the world realizes what they have really been up to everywhere and just how corrupt their conduct has been? The pedophiles priest alone is astonishingly outrageous. In Canada the numbers are huge as well as the stories we hear emerging out of the States to. Talk about vampires in our midst.
    Now they are apologizing for the Inquisition and yada yada yada...oh yes now 'other beings' in the cosmos are possible under Catholic god....and oh yes did they not mention they own their own large observatory too?...thanks for your churchly donations! ;)
    Now its cool again to be a Templar and oh gosh now we hear Judas was actually Jesus best disciple.

    Everybody confused now? I think I see a leopard trying to change its spots...real really fast. lol

    Sorrrry, I don't subscribe to 11th hour repentance and 'damage control. Karma, a real thing, is about patterns. Patterns over time. Cause and Effect. Good luck there Pope and Co.

  8. Note the use of that red cross in this AP news story
    still posted here

  9. In case you haven't seen The Order (the short name for The Order of Skull and Bones) starring Jean Claude Van Damme (his fathers name is Ozzie). I had never heard of it but it was on TV the other night. One of Chuck Heston's last roles. His final role was as the Angel of Death himself- Dr. Joseph Megele.

    From imdb:
    In the year 1099, during the Crusades in the 11th Century, Christian soldiers arrive in Jerusalem and slaughter the local population. Christian soldier Charles Le Vaillant becomes demoralized by the horrors of war and decides to create a new religious order. This new order brings together, in a peaceful manner, members from the three religions of the region: Christians, Jews, and Muslims.


  10. Peggy!..... I am guessing that you have also heard about the descrepancies regarding faul mccartney as well then??

    But perhaps just millie and vanillie were an exception to the music industrys loyalty to US

  11. Cool, more people know about the original artists being replaced by fakes. All replaced by the same fake no less.
    You'd think by now the imbecile would realise that we do notice when it fails to remember things it had done or makes shit up that never happened.

    That's what happens when you 'sell your soul' - you become just another empty shell body with the same idiot inhabiting it & pulling your strings. Most 'regular' people seem very much to be owned by the same parasite also.

    And yeah - as if you can make shit up about 11th hour repentance, and then try to use the bs you made up to redeem yourself with. Talk about the self-deluded. 'Mmmm let's see, when will we begin to talk about forgiveness - oh I know, AFTER we've done loads of abusive evil things that we want forgiven for.'

    Know what anything trying to change it's spots looks like: a thing trying to change it's spots. The peado mindset is incapable of comprehending what it has actually done, it's a personality type that exists just to corrupt and harm innocence and perfection, in the vain hope of having as many share its misery loving company.

    They feed on emotions produced by abuse and the like, and they aren't going to change. Forgiving them and anything of the kind, is just rewarding them for what wrongs they have done - they eat those emotions too, the attention and involvement of others to their acts. It's not about changing or helping the abusers out, if anyone wants to help then they ought to be directing their assistance to listening to what should be, that keeps getting trodden upon and ignored. They can't fix what's been broken so they pretend they're doing any good by this concentrating on sending love or forgiveness or whatever to the abusers. What a total scam.

    'Don't use birth control so then we have more people to abuse as well as it giving us an excuse to ruin the Earth all the more to support the overpopulation.'

    Maybe they should teach people to jack off into the soil then, & improve some of the fertility their kinds presence here has destroyed. How about that for scattering your seeds on barren ground. Remember - each dead sperm in the eyes of the 'Church' is a potential child they could be abusing.

  12. So what we have here is an old opposer of Masonry... (since the 'newly'-Solomonic Templar Knights out of Jerusalem were trying to spread Gnosis, alchemy, and sacred geometry in art, architecture, and music, against Vatican wishes for dominion and control)... now really 'shining' his ties with them, as the Templars are achieving what their primary goal was once excommunicated. The Masons (all 33 degrees of them), have needed to become as powerful as their enemy in order to disssolve them. Unfortunately for the rest of humanity, the political and hegemonic undertakings of such activity require them to 'become the evil' they wish to match and overcome. Things over the last few hundred years, especially, have been hot in that area between these di-polar orders, as they have been vying for Kingship of the New World Order -- and the Masons are, after all of the secrecy and silence, winning.

    But will they be corrupted by the power (like they aren't already) they overtake, or will they absolve those sins and help to do what they CLAIM to do in the lower orders (ie, protect knowledge of peace and civilization for brotherhood and for all of humanity through esoteric knowledge and the 'cement' of coordinated power).

    I just don't know about that. Hierarchical systems in general remove any inklings of egality. It's just too bad that either side takes such an incredible tool for human evolution and not only obfuscates it, but demonizes it in the eyes and minds and hearts of those who would otherwise benefit from more balanced, peace-keeping Masters.

    I'm honestly glad the Vatican is getting so much "exposure." All due respects to those harmed; but, they've done worse, and deserve all the credit they can get.

  13. Good job!

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