Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sit on It and Rotate

A lot of bloggers are looking askance at a new think tank for young people called the Zenith Global Citizenship Conference, which has been created to promote "(t)he concept of a ‘cosmopolitan citizenship’ (often interchangeable with global citizenship) suggests an allegiance to a new form of global civil society and a new global consciousness that conceptualizes a ‘cosmopolitan order transcending state boundaries and focusing on the rights of individuals.’" Now, no one seemed to pick up on it, but once I looked at their site I started to wonder what this might really be about.

I couldn't help but wonder if this group is merely a new model DeMolay for Rotary International; Rotary being yet another Masonic offshoot- and the primary sponsor of Zenith. I guess the Rotarians (which kind of sounds like an alien race on Star Trek) are taking the "International" bit a little more seriously these days. Nice little synch-up with the recent Pythias-Heroes symbolic overlap, if nothing else. The process of revelation continues to unfold in fascinating and unexpected ways.

Semiotically speaking, that blazing sun at the "zenith" certainly offers ample fodder for speculation, no? Good thing there's not some covert agenda to condition us for some new Solar religion or anything. Right?

Or maybe that's just supposed to be a UFO.


  1. Your title reminds of this latest "airscrew" in Dubai.

    But yea, yet another globalist manifesto, based on the sacred individual.

  2. Yes- "Join our group so you can express your individuality!"

    Maybe they're focusing on "the rights of individuals" so they can better rescind them ;-)

  3. I'm always suspicious when young people are targeted.

  4. Nice find on the Zenith group there Chris. Looking at the webite it definitely has the look of fraternal "grooming" of aspirational, ambitious youngsters. "Get 'em while they're young!" eh?
    I keep mulling this quote over from conference co-chair Eiston Lo: "Eiston enjoys traveling, swimming, music, and organizational entrepreneurship in behaviour, theory, and strategy. He aspires to be a social network and organizational theory professor and wishes to travel the world. Eiston was in Kenya in the summer of 2006 to help underprivileged youths pursue their business ideas and write up their business plans. Afterwards he travelled around East Africa and Europe. Eiston tried to re-enact scenes from Lion King while in a crater full of animals. Ask Eiston for details"
    I don't if its just me, but there seems to be all sorts of worrying elements to his statement. Especially the Lion King re-enactment. And I would not want to ask him for any details.

  5. A football synch [soccer] - in May ZENIT ST. PETERSBURG beat RANGERS to win the Uefa Cup final.

  6. Sh-yeah right. We'll know they're evolved and into individual rights when they let cannabis be legally sold and grown. If a society has a problem with that one, it means they're not worth bothering about.