Monday, July 14, 2008

Heroes: The Nine (Wonders of the World)

(note: You can read previous articles on Heroes here and here)

Hayden Panettierre did a little impromptu striptease on the set of Heroes (you can see the whole thing here). As eye-catching as that is, there was something else I found a bit more interesting- where she was doing it.

Hayden's little routine was performed in front of the old Belvedere Lodge of the Knights of Pythias. Never heard of them? Don't worry, you're not alone. But you'd best do a little reading on them. You can start with a list of well-known Knights:

Hugo Black, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
William Jennings Bryan - U.S. Senator from Nebraska
Warren G. Harding - U.S. President
Hubert Horatio Humphrey - U.S. Vice President
William McKinley - U.S. President
Nelson A. Rockefeller - U.S. Vice President
Franklin D. Roosevelt - U.S. President
Sun Ra - jazz musician, composer & band leader
Lew Wallace - general, author (Ben Hur), diplomat
Charles Schumer- U.S. Senator
Robert Byrd- U.S. Senator
Anthony Weiner- U.S. Congressman
Peter T. King- U.S. Congressman


That's quite a list of heavy-hitters for a fraternity most people have never heard of. The last four names are some of the most powerful men on Capitol Hill as of this writing. The Pythians are yet another link in the worldwide Masonic chain; and given the fact that they were the first fraternal order chartered by the United States Congress, they're obviously a highly-influential one as well.

There are literally hundreds of powerful and little-known fraternal orders, many of which are higher in the worldwide Masonic pecking order than the Freemasons themselves. Many of these organizations were created by Freemasons during the Anti-Masonic Party era (who held their first convention on September 11, 1830). It was very much a hydra-like situation- the Anti-Masons may have driven the Brotherhood underground only to end up facing an uncountable host of quasi- and crypto-Masonic orders by the end of the 19th Century. Where the Knights are headquartered is another topic altogether, which we'll be looking at in the days to come.

The operating thesis of The Secret Sun is that all of these secret societies and fraternities are, in one way or another, offshoots of the original Brotherhood- the Shemsu Hor of Heliopolis. The Shemsu Hor were the keepers of advanced knowledge in sciences such as mathematics, astronomy, agriculture and guess what else? Why, stonemasonry, of course!

The purpose of this blog is to show how secret societies and esoterically-inclined groups and individuals have an incalculable influence on our popular culture, either directly or through cultural osmosis, or by means we've yet to understand. It's why I wrote Our Gods Wear Spandex, and it's at the core of my works-in-progress as well.

It's those other means that interest me with Hayden's little impromptu dance. I'm absolutely confident the young actress doesn't trouble herself with the tangled lineage of Masonic fraternities or how 19th Century Freemasonry lit the fuse that resulted in the modern superhero genre itself. But by unveiling in front of that semiotically-loaded engraving ("Theodore Belvedere" was the name of Jack Parsons' doomed alter-ego in an unpublished story the occultist wrote) she is synchronistically (if unconsciously) referring to my argument in Spandex. Namely, underneath it all the superhero genre is inherently esoteric. And often, downright Masonic (as with the original Captain Marvel and the Silver Age Green Lantern, for instance).

If my theory is correct, and the Masonic system itself is the descendant of the Shemsu Hor (meaning "Followers of Horus"), then there is some interesting symbolism to look at with Heroes. The word "hero" itself is derived from Heru, the Egyptian rendering of Horus. It's logo includes a solar eclipse, seen by the ancients as the wounded right eye of Horus. Maybe we should rename this series Horuses. And let's not forget Heroes is on NBC, which is headquarted at the giant, open-air Mithraeum known as Rockefeller Center. Which ties into my theory that Mithras was just a repackaging of Horus for a Roman audience, who found animal-headed gods to be distasteful.

The Shemsu Hor worshipped the Ennead, the nine primal gods of Creation. And just like Star Trek, nine seems to be a significant number in the Heroes universe.

We see nine characters in the promotional poster for the show.

And nine characters in this photo for an Entertainment Weekly feature.

There's a comic within the show called 9th Wonders, created by psychic/junkie hero Issac Mendez.
9th Wonders is also used for promotional artwork for the show.

The more I peel back the layers of the pop culture onion, the more connections I see. And yet, the simpler it all becomes in my mind. You just need to be willing to take a big leap that most people are unwilling to.


  1. ...that the gods actually exist.

  2. Alright. This is just weird. Did some looking into Shemsu-Hor in the famous "JSTOR" library system online just now... found that a person named "Ak-Shemsu-d-din" had something to do with the "Sweating Pillar" brought from the Temple of Artemis to Constantinople waayyyyyyy back when. This pillar is made of water-absorbing marble (taking from a cistern below and "sweating day and night"), and stands *11* cubits high... which is a height in inches of 226 (Royal Cubit). Whomever built it was not of the same cult which understood significance within the inch measure - which typically defines much of Masonry today, and of Grecian and Egyptian mystery schools before. Was this Shemsu "lacking" in the artistic 'degrees'? That 11-foot statue at the gravestone, relative to Christian Science, that you mentioned prior... calculates out to an octave of 33 and 528 both, which is much more relevant to the higher 'command' of their esoteric knowledge. Hence those particular numbers 'resonating' throughout the Rosslyn Chapel construction, with its cubes and cymatic schematics and so forth.

    Interesting stuff, Chris. If I'm not spinning off the planet in my own directions, I can always get more clues through what you're doing. I like to call it "capacitor" work. Take it in, demodulate it, translate it, transmit it.

  3. Brendan, "Shemsu" means "follower." I don't know what Ak-Shemsu-d-din is associated with, but it doesn't sound related to the Shemsu Hor (Followers of Horus). That "Shemsu" might be an Arab name that is not related to the original Egyptian language. It sounds related to Ala-d'din.

  4. i tend to think the greatest secrets of the followers of horus were the sacred "3 D's"
    2-divide and conquer
    a wicked craft indeed

  5. This is probably way too deep for me to attempt to articulate this morning, but whenever i look at synchromysticism, i see it as evidence of the fractal nature of reality. Patterns come into being, manifest, and then return to the source.

  6. Chris-
    Another very lovely blog, especially because it answered an important question for me. I lived in Nashville, Tn till just a few years go. One day, while working in a small town in the Nashville area, my friend and I came upon a very, very old building in that little town which was complete with a sign above it which read ' Lodge of the Knights of Pythias". At the time I'd been studying Masonic phenomena. So at once it felt Masonic, but it didn't match any of the articles I'd seen or read, anywhere. It had been a real mystery for me. But today you just shed a LOT of light on it. For that I thank you! Finally, I've just been listening on Youtube to lectures by George Green. He talks about his relationship with a group of ET's called the Pleiadians. He's quite detailed in his descriptions. But the things he claims they've told him about the origin of life on Earth, coming cataclysms, etc. sound and awful lot like the Council of Nine. Do you think these groups are the same (assuming they actually exist ) They seem to tell some very similar tales.
    Thanks again for a terrific read.


  7. Always glad to be of service, Thracie! And I'll check out those vids.

  8. Human Giant sketch that mentions 'Superpower People' = very funny.

    How do you reckon there is a 'you & them' situation going on though? Do you think it's like aliens breed people preferentially in the same way that people do with animals - ie, why are some people in these societies and others aren't? Is it just if you happen to be born into a family with money.......I'm getting at the whole 'outer' to all this: who thinks that some people, before they get born / get a fetus reserved for them, actually do have some kind of pact going from something like astral worlds outside of here, that they are allowed to choose what bodies they are born into? How else can it possibly work; it must be to do with bloodlines, or the pre-incarnation thing, or both those. Otherwise everyone would be invited to join some type of these organisations, and there'd be no such thing as anyone wondering what all their occultic stuff was all about.

    Also don't you think that it isn't so much there's a worldview with influence on the pop-culture, it's that pop-culture itself is like one of the Five Ps: it's one of their systems. For example, some channeled type of books I read that discussed Atlantis (ie - a global civilisation here, that pre-existed Sumer and the deluge of 12,000 years ago approx.) did so from the point of view of natives here and the way they were treated by the non-natural 'synthetic' culture, with it's cities and pavements and planting in rows and all that - ritualists...and things like telephones, and this internet, and so forth are all things that the other culture had and had to use because they somehow didn't have natural telepathy.
    The systems we have - they don't seem to have naturally developed at all, they seem grafted on. They're too complicated when it isn't necessary to be complex: it smacks of being carried on unthinkingly & ritualistically, as if the masked ball actually leads anywhere.

    The more I look at how things are here, the more obvious this is a Fallen reality full of Fallen people it is. It's like all of their systems are about avoiding completion and fulfillment and happiness.
    Yes, we know *why* they have things like the 'continuous war' philosophy in terms of how it serves them / their systems - but *why* is their system extant, how do you go from completed to forgetting everything that matters; then choose to promote the repetitive cyclic ritualistic forgetful part.

    What makes a man (or woman) choose to be an "evil henchman" and give up infinity & everlasting happiness in exchange for a possible short-life(s) of material wealth only? How can so many be so stupid?

  9. I quite like a lot of the Pleiadian stuff I read, because it sounds like about as close to metaphysical truth as you'll get using a language like this one.

    Have you read any of Barbara Marciniak's books? At one point in one of them, I forget which book but one of the first two cause I don't think I read any others, the Pleiadians 'say' that they are the gods that created humans (I mean the same beings that Sitchin means - they made hybrids out of natural Earth folks that had evolved here and their own material, ie - the Adams and Eves, to be miners and gardeners and so forth) and they realised that they passed on all their neurosis to people (see Greek Gods and their soap opera lifestyles if you don't understand what neurosis'); ie - they were channelling what they knew because of how wrong it all went, and that was the only way they could still communicate with the now-many-descendants-later people.
    There was also some time factor involved though, and they'd frequently point out that the appearance of the channeled texts indicated all kinds of things about the timeline and where human culture was headed, and sources such as the channeled books would be published so as to pre-empt the futures being headed towards - people are going to become exactly what the Pleiadians were when they made the human types they did; so it's kind of circular. People make genetically modified allsorts and machines that are AI for trivial tasks, wipe out ever more of their actual roots and culture and what they really need to survive: and wind up only being able to communicate with their created beings in the same way that the gods can only channel to people they made.
    What people are unthinkingly creating now, will kill them as the people killed the gods; it'll repeat itself (or it is the same event, circular).

    So you have to step off the wheel......of samsara, whether god or man or manbeast or machine or whatever, or you can't see What Is.

  10. Nice one Chris, odd synchs indeed. I appreciate the hard work my friend.

  11. Hi Chris, Interesting entry on the connections between Heroes, Horus, and the "Nine" that seems to surface so often. I've been waiting to see some synchromystic analysis of Heroes, especially as I've been wondering about the rather blatant, yet seemingly unexplained inclusion of the solar eclipse/black sun motif. Now you've connected it to the maiming of Horus, it fits together well.
    Did you listen to Picknett & Prince's interview on Red Ice at all?

  12. Oooh, not yet- thanks for reminding me!

    Red Ice Rules!

  13. Very good interview, covering their new book, I think its called "The Masks of Christ," and the second one is on "The Stagate Conspiracy." Excellent stuff. Its the first time I've heard them being interviewed, and they work so well together! A true team.
    They had some very interesting stuff to say on John the Baptist I wasn't aware of, and his origins in Egypt. Intriguing info!

  14. Nice once again Chris.

    I just watched a south park episode named Imaginationland-2, were the council of nine was mentioned. In the episode the producers of the show chose nine heroes to uhhh represent. They were Zeus, Morpheus, Jesus, Luke Skywalker, Gandolf, the lion from Princes Narnia, the "good" witch in wizard of OZ and last but not least strangely enough Wonderwoman.

    The nine agenda grows....

    Harun FonniC

  15. i think may be relavent to mention here that the "Maya" revered the "Nine Lords of the Underworld" as major deities- nine"wonders of the world/lords of the underworld" indeed

  16. Through the brotherhood that meets at night at Abu Haggag the 'companions' may be contacted.

  17. Imagine a City...

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    I have imagined this city since childhood, as have most of my colleagues. Instead we've swum through muck, hoping such change would miraculously happen without distracting us from our labors. Or moved to the closest metropolis which appeared poised to take the plunge.

    Cleveland, like most cities, while not a blank canvas; is one, where the image it sports has faded beyond restoration. The time to paint over it has come. Shiny new unaesthetic buildings, are simply masking the rot.

    Marc Breed, Fine Artist

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