Saturday, July 05, 2008

Must See TV: Everything You Know is Wrong

I'm sure a lot of you may be familiar with Lloyd Pye's work, but may not have seen it encapsulated the way this talk very nicely does. This talk was given before his work on the Starchild skull, but still raises a lot of very interesting questions.

I checked out his site and watched a National Geographic program on the Ancient Astronaut question and began to wonder if America's scientists and skeptics are getting profoundly more stupid or simply can't be bothered to coherently defend some of their absurd claims on the pyramids or the Nazca lines.

I'm also beginning to wonder if our educational system has intentionally weeded out any truly curious minds and funneled only the most socially retarded individuals into the sciences. It seems like NatGeo- and all the other networks, besides- want to mock and shoot down AAT, but seem to call on the most obnoxious and untelegenic people on the face of the planet to do so.


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  2. Lloyd Pye is a very intelligent person asking very important questions. Having been interested in the missing link since I was 8 years old, Lloyd' work has giving some excellent points to ponder on the nature of primates vs human "relatives".....

  3. Thanks. I gotta say, I've read VonDaniken's Chariots of the Gods, and I believe the AAT theory has merit.

  4. of course the education system intentionally supresses truth !

  5. You're bang on the money there Chris; I've just been at The Onion - which I can now view after enduring years of incompatible-browser-based hell - & that is why that kind of humor is so damn funny, because it is rooted in total fact. Things in general really are that dumb.

    Yesterday I overhear these radio DJs gabbing on some station, and first they mention some murder that happened, and how they can't comprehend how something so awful could take place; then that's all forgotten and the topic changes to how one of them wants to kill these bees that have taken up residence in his garden.
    There's just no coherence with these people; you'd never be able to get them to realise that the reason there are horrible murders etc is directly linked to how they are people that think bees are pests that have to be removed from nature, and so forth.
    They just haven't got any intelligence to see how anything is connected.

    It's the same stupidity that lies behind outrageous claims and statements made by certain 'scientists'; when they say something that is meant to be explain how whatever was constructed and for what purpose, for example, they don't think that anyone listening to them say that is going to have a memory of any of the other facts that surround the topic under discussion. They seem to think that what they say blocks out all other knowledges and thoughts on the topic, and overwrites them with whatever instructions they have just mentioned.

    And anyway, to be skeptical is one thing; but there's many who tag themselves as 'skeptics' - when really they are just some organised propaganda wing that selects very specific types of subject matter and invokes methods of claiming they are all made up, without ever applying a shred of actual scientific questioning or investigation.
    I've had all kinds of run-in's with these morons, online and offline; they're a psycho-cult of fascist schizos. When you counter their insane methods of reaching conclusions, they send out their thugs to try to beat you up, and they try to take over anyone in any sort of position who has decision-making powers that can affect your life - and they then try to use them to f**k you up there too.

    They work through any organisations; online for example, I've seen their same shills placed at the Green Party message boards as are placed at forums about 9-11 films and UFO topics.
    On the green places their job is to shout down and post abuse about anyone that discusses topics in the areas of leylines, and geomancy, and other what can be termed subtle-energies and Gaian type of ideas. At 9-11 forums they tow the official news media line, and shout down and post abuse about anyone saying otherwise. At UFO topic boards they act like they've investigated the whole entire universe and found nothing but empty space and dust, and are aware of all possible forms of life on Earth also, and have complete functioning Unified Field Equations to cover every aspect of existence - and there's just no room for any kind of speaking-writing-etc beings other than humans as they are commonly known here to ever possibly exist, and of course - they shout down and post abuse about anyone discussing ideas in the area that hint otherwise.

    The clicher however is when you realise: there's only one person doing all that. They're all controlled by the same mind.

    There is another layer though, going on, that is itself yet more subtle. Being as there are so many that are stuck here in that kind of unacceptable world, with no idea as to how to get out of it, you may find that you are able to use the same methods They use, but of course not to convey the same things that They do. And that is where comedy comes in.
    It's a bit like as it is with how Bugs Bunny deals with opposition - there's no righteousness in countering it, it's just that there's a way things work, and then there's other things that f**k it all up - and They do those other things that f**k it all up.
    It's not about being a hero or a saviour in getting rid of those chumps, it's just that they ruin things and they make life shit, and if you don't get rid of them then you end up living in a dumb world under their dumb rules.

    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how big the biggest space badass or whatever is, nor how many minds etc it has under it's control; there's the same ego behind it that any other ego is based upon too.
    It's just "a big wean" as they say here, and it's no more mature in its personality than any other badly behaved child going through some terrible-two's phase is.

    Treat it like the big wean it is, cause that's what all of its 'arguements'-against all kinds of known phenomena add up to: the equivalent of excuses for why they never done their homework.
    It's not just that they think what they say washes with anyone that has a brain, it's that they also believe they are being irresistably cute in choosing to be a pain in the ass; they key to bursting their bubble is in getting them to realise that nobody who counts is impressed by them, nor are they required to run a functioning pleasant world.

  6. Wow, thanks for that very thought provoking response, Zuppie. Great stuff.

    I'm going to do an expose at some point on all of the tactics these programs use to divert people from the evidence. The mocking tone- which is that dorky, unfunny mocking you remember hearing from the A/V club- is part of the strategy. There's actually a whole host of techniques I see being used over and over that fool only the gullible, but need to be challenged nonetheless. It's worth noting that the odious Randi and his little friends Penn and Teller are not only three of the media's biggest skepti-shills, but also are also stage magicians, which means they are all trained in the art of DECEPTION.

    There's also a lot of indications that the efforts to steer people away from any deviation from consensus reality might have a much, much darker motivation, particularly when you look closely at people like Randi or Arthur C Clarke. I've been collecting a lot of very troubling reports on both of them.

  7. hey chris, are you aware that a chris carter started the skateboard company "alien workshop"? this lloyd pye video brought back to mind a sticker that i had. it took thinking about it in relation to your blog, though, to realize the chris carter sync.

  8. Fascinating syncs there, especially on his site. I'll put those up for tomorrow. Thank you very much Kevin.

  9. Great post,Chris.

    You are so right about the
    "dumbing down" of our scientists. Look at the research fields. I worked in biomedical and pharmaceutical labs both private and at universities and funding is now near negligible for the best research work being done. It's as if foundations are giving up or want to see a human decline. Funding gets canceled, the money dries up for the best minds in the field. Then universities like my Alma Maters have a low rate of incoming students wanting to pursue scientific research as a career.

    And what is with NatGeo anyway. Check the name change to NatGeo from the National Geographic channel. And since when is it a scientific story to have a series on maximum prisons? And what's with the music videos they show late at night? You can't get any more deliberately "dumbed down" than that.


  10. Chris!

    Great piece bro. Your thoughts on the educational system intentionally weeding out any truly curious minds seems to be just that. The way the synchs have been seeking me, I would not doubt that many of those "socially retarded individuals" are sculpted/brain washed to be absolutely dedicated to their work to "speed up" the research agenda...sounds odd, but its beginning to synch up.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  11. Hi Chris,

    great stuff!
    you wrote: "There's also a lot of indications that the efforts to steer people away from any deviation from consensus reality might have a much, much darker motivation, particularly when you look closely at people like Randi or Arthur C Clarke. I've been collecting a lot of very troubling reports on both of them."

    Wow, can you provide links to that info? Interesting!

    Keep up the good work.


  12. The problem is that most scientists won't engage the Ancient Astronaut Theory because they're afraid it will ruin their credibility and reputation. It's lumped in roughly the same category as the flat earth theory, after all.

  13. The difference being is that AAT is based on evidence. Even if people interpret that evidence in different ways.

  14. What's the evidence? I've read "Chariots of the Gods" and seen a lot of the TV specials and the like, but the only argument seems to be "ancient people did stuff that's pretty technologically impressive, therefore aliens came to Earth to have sex with our women".

  15. Well, there's a lot more to it than that.

  16. Got cite? I'm actually genuinely looking for more information on this kind of stuff. Your blog is one of the more interesting sources of information on this kind of stuff.

  17. Thank you very much, Robert. You can start with the Lloyd Pye video these comments are attached to. I think you will find it very interesting- lots to chew on.

    Then if you're interested, take some time to check out the archives on the blog, preferably in chronological order. These field of inquiry is very complex and often confusing. What I try to do is parse out the symbolic language in art and culture that may be giving us important clues.