Thursday, July 24, 2008

Secret Sun B-Side: Star Trek and the Solar Eschaton

OK, last month we were looking at Star Trek in the context of high initiate symbolism and its role in the transformation of our culture. We also puzzled over the phenomenon of a group of strange, disincarnate entities who have supposedly meddled with our dimensional reality. In between all of that, we were looking at the possibility that the sun the Egyptian god Ra represents is not our own.

Curiously enough, there was an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that deals with disincarnate entities specifically using symbol to alter the very nature of our physical reality. And surprise of surprises, the new reality that is create revolves around a ritual drama centering on the worship of an alien sun.

Read this synopsis of the episode "Masks" taken from an unofficial ST site.

While an alien archive transforms the U.S.S. Enterprise into its ancient society, Data is taken over by several different personalities from the extinct civilization.

Soon after a sensor scan of an 87 million-year-old comet commences, alien artifacts begin appearing around the Enterprise, as well as a mysterious compass-design symbol, and sets of alien-looking icons that are grouped together in the same compass formation. The crew investigates, but the ship's computer is unable to identify the icons. Riker and Geordi realize that some kind of alien information has been downloaded into the ship's main computers from within the comet during the sensor scan. They decide to melt the outer shell of the comet to find out what its core contains. Before they do, however, Data realizes that he somehow has the ability to interpret the unusual symbols.
A compass design symbol. OK, gotcha.

Here's a few snippets from a Memory Alpha synopsis:
When Data attends the next sculpture class, Troi notices that he made a mask and asks how he made it. Data tells her he used his imagination and for some reason the image of the mask appeared in his mind....their conversation is interrupted by Eric, who asks them if they can do something about his terminal because it is not working properly, strange symbols are moving around on the screen.

In engineering, Data, Commander Riker and Geordi La Forge begin to investigate the strange symbols which are not listed in the Federation linguistics database. La Forge has found that the strange symbols were downloaded into the Enterprise computer core and are reconfiguring their systems. Further investigation reveals that the sensor array and replicator systems were used to download the symbols.

In his ready room, Picard is investigating several artifacts when Riker tells him that they have confined the system corruption but the alien symbols are still in their computer systems. Riker believes that the artifacts are primitive and serve no purpose. Picard thinks that they are for ceremonial purposes and are deceptively primitive because only an advanced technological society could have build the object they've encountered. - Memory Alpha
Finally, Picard somehow over-rides the process with this strange invocation: "a line, as the unending horizon; a curve, as the rolling hillside; a point, as a distant bird; a ray, as the rising sun." I'm not up on my Pike; which chapter of Morals and Dogma is that taken from?

It's a very strange episode and probably has to be seen in a ritual context- a ritual within a ritual- to be understood. But it's also an interesting episode because in many ways what the episode depicts in a fictional setting is happening to our own society. Archaic symbols are being inserted into our own technological matrix and transforming our reality. The more technologically advanced we become, the more these atavistic echoes reverberate.

And, of course, "Masks" was the 17th episode in the final season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Though my gut tells me this was all some sort of Masonic joke we're not in on, it reflects an ongoing process of revelation that many people are trying to manipulate and harness, but no one yet seems to understand. These aren't just symbols we've been looking at, these are neural triggers that often seem to take on a life of their own once they are set loose in the Memestream.


  1. Great finds! I share this stuff with everybody...

    One thing I was thinking of tonight was the Sirius Black & Professor Lupine/Sirius connections in Harry Potter (as well as the quote "expecto patronum" like "rise father" or something to the effect)... Romulus and Remus 'founded' Rome under the "auspice" of Sirius' teachings in the sky (the "being suckled to full-grown life by a wolf" part)... even putting a temple *52* feet underground (like the 52-year Calendar Round of the Maya, 52 cards in a deck or tarot, or 52 weeks in the year).

    I don't even know what to think of that - there's the part in HP4 (i believe) where they're breaking free of the rulings of the 'ministry' (which looks an awful lot like the Papacy)... but then there's the Remus/Rome connection with Sirius. What? Are the names just there to provide speculation for us as to some sort of esoteric understory, or, were they just thrown in there by a well-read, competitive author of a housewife?

  2. I think you're dead-on right about this episode in particular. I watched it at least twice in years past, and left scratching my head both times thinking .."what the...?"
    Now if these rituals within rituals present us with neural triggers, and I agree that they do, what do these triggers do to us? Perhaps they 'initiate' us into the mysteries, without our complete knowledge. Perhaps, as you've seemed to suggest, we, our culture, are being prepared for the introduction of some new solar religion, or other event. I do wonder what 's being triggered. We're clearly being transformed, but into what?

  3. Hey Chris!

    Terrific stuff yet again. I remember this episode, really high on the weirdness scale. Neutral trigger--interesting. Tsarion, whether he is correct or not, mentions in his works that symbols and sigils take on new meaning with the "intent" behind them. So, if this Masonic joke, had "malevolent" intent behind it, whatever symbols are carried with it, carry that vibratory effect. Be it positive or negative--but I suppose, they could have been left neutral too. Evidently, some of these neutral triggers can be thought altering, causing your thought process to change. Wish we had more scientific info on this.

    Nice post by the way. Secret Sun always has something new on the horizon! Keep it up bro.

  4. The 'ability' (or deficit to be more precise) to assign concepts etc to symbols is something that is part of the type of human that wiped out the neanderthals. It'd seem that the genetic tampering with the lifeforms here altered them to include the symbol recognition - since it allows them to be programed easily and to follow behaviors and instructions that are alien to them and do not serve the reality they exist in.

    See how we're 'meant' to view Akhenatens reign (since the solar worship was mentioned in the article, and symbols is making me think about heiroglyphs) as being more sane than the pantheistic Egypt that preceded it, then took over again.......maybe it's the other way around. All wrongs or more wrongs have come from all the monotheistic beliefs, and from groups of people following a guru-figure to their doom and degeneration. What if that short time of that happening in Egypt has become mapped onto future times, in such a way that it's caused all the wrongs in these more recent times (like the conquistadors, witch-hunts, and their equivalents today that pollute the Earth and are driven by short-term pointless profits) - and that's why they defaced the temples etc.
    As in it was a few years then - but that translates to hundreds of years now.

    I keep getting the impression that it's the same person over and over again that is being worshipped and followed in an Earthly basis, whilst claiming they themselves are all about following some specific single force or deity. It's just always about a person (or alien hybrid / whatever - they still have to eat breathe and use the bathroom, so they're people) being made some sort of leader or guru to others though - and that's the least evolved anything can possibly be.
    Or another angle - obviously, 'official' Egyptology is at best a tool of the usual demi-urge bollox; the demi-urge bollox is of course entirely about worshipping some individual as creator/source-of-all; and Akhenatens reign was about hating everything about what Egypt really stood for -

    all the things it stood for being: exactly what our Egyptologists today are always covering up.

    Even the way they all interpret what other, or at least some other, Pharoahs were all about: how can anyone trust their interpretations when we know they are lying purposely about hundreds of other stuff. They want us to view the Pharoahs the way that the Stargate film says they were like; maybe that's the complete opposite of what many of them were like.
    I mean: tyrants that made Jew slaves build the pyramids, when they aren't even being honest about who built the major pyramids and what the pyramids do. That kind of thing.

  5. Thanks everyone for the awesome comments. This ep seems so loaded and so portentious in a way. I think the fact that you four saw four different pieces of the puzzle proves that these symbols are triggers of some sort. Triggers to a very powerful gun.

  6. Nothing unbelievable about symbols acting as neural triggers or suggestions. Certainly, the opposite is true, some neural energies (thoughts) are represented by symbols (language) or "symbolized" (dreams, images). We know that in hallucinatory episodes induced by drugs that shapes are a key experience of the brain (at least in the initial phases). I'm not keen on accepting that "alien,foreign,extra-, or super-" anything has any interest in using these symbols "against" us, which is merely human arrogance, the idea that "someone, they" cares what happens to this particular and particularly, weak species. Nevertheless, symbol prevalence is a worthy topic to pursue, because we most certainly wield influences among ourselves, as well as, are influenced by the past, as well as, influence the future by our use of (and subjection to) symbols.


    That is a great little piece on how coercion and persuasion aren't too far apart when it comes to tactical multimedia...

    It's all very "Sophist," however, these tools can be used by the good for the good as WELL as by the bad for the bad... and it can even get mixed up when the correct dialectic (meditation) isn't used before proceeding into presentation. When Pathos gets heavy, you know someone is really working to get into your emotional database of sensational thought, but, when it's not really being used, and just symbols of facts are being displayed, it becomes a positive learning tool that you can use to discern whether or not you can find your own good or bad within it, and "shine on" those effects.

    The Trivium & Quadrivium used to be concretized, esoteric arts/sciences that lead into a possible future (for the student) of Theology... without them, that access was denied. Probably for a good reason, in as such.

    Give an ignorant, sinful little kid (basically all children until they are cultured into goodness) a chainsaw or a blowtorch and see what he does with it. Give a creative, productive spiritualist either tool and do your own contrasting. In this way, symbolic interpretation and transliteration are definitely an evolution of human thought and intent... but those abilities must have steps to them in order for one to perform ethically and respectfully (of and to all life).


    Brendan Bombaci

  8. Morning Angel said: merely human arrogance, the idea that "someone, they" cares what happens to this particular and particularly, weak species.

    Morning Angel,

    We are all one, interdependent. Visit me at
    to see why I feel "alien,foreign,extra-or super" influence is very much alive.

  9. Your posts always make me think. lol. YOu say Ra's sun is not our own, I find it interesting that the name of the sun Krypton orbited around was named Rao, only it was red and not green.