Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Timm for Tuesday: Vampirella


  1. Weird. I was just looking up Elvira last night.

  2. Reminds me a little of Rose McGowan and Dita von Tesse, both of whom were shacked up with 'satanist' Marilyn Manson for a stretch.

  3. Chris and friends-
    Here's something a little off-topic, but quite noteworthy for its symbolism, I think.
    See the Reuters story on Obama
    ( ben siskobama?) at the temple of Hercules. Yes.During his trip to Jordan on Tues. July 22nd, Obama speaks from Jordan's Temple of Hercules.
    Here's the link. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=080722221541.itdi1dcz&show_article=1
    My gosh, these things are just so overt now. No subtlety at all.
    Wonder if there's any more Hercules/Mithras /Osiris sybolism built into his itenerary. Nothing will surprise me!

  4. Beautiful ... gorgeous, even ... I just mean that a lot of your visiting cats & kittens here at your blog, Prof. Knowles, don't even realize that our belovéd Vampirella's revealing attire first debuted in 1969. Feminist "herstorian" & comix artist, Trina Robbins, had designed it herself. Ms. Robbins was born in 1934. She had participated in a lot of the original underground publications of the sixties & seventies that served to overthrow the status quo of their day, including the NAT'L LAMPOON strip, "Trotts & Bonnie", about the misadventurers of a talking spaniel & his pet human.

    Vampirella was then painted for the first issue of VAMPIRELLA by longstanding fantasy illustrator Frank Frazetta. As many of your readers here DO know, other covers he has painted in the now defunct Warren magazines horror-themed canon included CREEPY, EERIE, TALES OF BLAZING COMBAT, and FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. There'd also been a 1996 film featuring the lovely Latina actress, Talisa Soto, in the extraterrestrial vampiress' lead role. Sometimes film actor & lead singer for the British rock group The Who, Roger Daltry, played Vampi's arch-nemesis. Thanks so much for posting this. You touched off quite a lot of fond memories.

  5. Not really connected this, but a figure with a resemblance (nowhere near as benign as the drawing there however) to Vampirella there made a highly inappropriate and revealing appearance on a BBC advert last night: for.......Holby City.

    Now, I've never seen Holby City in my life, but I gather it's one of those hospital dramas and a run of the mill one at that (think: clone-ish of Casualty, due to success of Casualty). Imagine my surprise to see an advert looking like the nightclub of the damned, with said unbenign figure - with a really blatant forked tongue CGI-ing from her mouth, and a bunch of other such stuff, then turns out to be for Holby City..

    the voice over said something about the dark side or dark half, and cut into the horror movie type of scenes were actual scenes from boring-old-Holby edited and voice-overed so you interpreted the advert as saying: 'This is what is really going on, but you don't get to see those bits.'

    And it was lit in that red-and-green 3D glasses 'gremlin' way.

    It also reminded me of a Monty Python sketch, worded differently: 'Now I know some 'ospitals where you get the patients fornicating in satanic nightclubs.......well that's not the way we do things 'ere.'

    I suppose it's meant to make you watch their shows and imagine you're really partaking in some decadent revelry: or was it another MK-ULTRA special that just stole what a viewer was daydreaming about and put it onscreen???