Monday, July 28, 2008

Brave New World, Indeed

Here on the Secret Sun- and in the wider Synchrosphere as well- we like to look at examples of pop culture prophecy. It's interesting to note that these examples tend to arise in instances of symbolic significance; it seems that when an artist really plugs himself into the Memestream, extraordinary perception is often the reward.

Very few visionary artists have immersed themselves in the deep waters of the unconscious mind than Aldous Huxley. In many ways, Huxley was rebelling against the militant reductionist materialism of his grandfather Thomas, who was known as "Darwin's Bulldog." Huxley was also deeply involved in the human potential movement, to the point that the performance hall at Esalen is named in his honor.

Huxley's cautionary fable, Brave New World, probably seemed like utter fantasy when it was released in 1932, but we're seeing it take shape before our eyes every day. More accurately, we're seeing society moving in sort of state of pre-conditioning for such a environment. We're seeing pop culture being used to not only separate various classes and groups, but we're seeing culture being used to aggressively dumb down the working and lower-middle classes.

In Britain, Hip Hop culture has given birth to the "Chavs," a hedonistic, white, working-class subculture whose adherents have sent Britain's violent crime statistics and other negative social indicators through the roof. The working class in England has always looked at askance at class mobility- the Chavs are ensuring its absolute destruction. Like other aftershocks of Hip Hop, the Chav vision of paradise is the Big Payday, where the heavens open up and bestow a windfall (usually through gambling) that allows the Chav to live a life of indolence and pleasure. But is their culture and their mindset setting themselves up for an entirely different future?

Brave New World postulates a class system that enshrines what we are seeing develop before our eyes. There are Alpha's- the decision makers, Beta- the knowledge workers, Gammas, the clerical class and skilled workers, Deltas- the semi-skilled workers, and the pitiable Epsilons- mindless drones bred for unskilled and usually hazardous labor.

In 1980, there was a TV mini-series adaptation of Brave New World (posted above), starring Keir Dullea and Bud Cort. It's not the greatest thing I've ever seen, but there were a couple of details that made me sit up and take notice.

Here is a Delta, doing some sort of busywork. Note modified baseball cap.

Here's a Chav, wearing his own kind of modified baseball cap.

Here are the lowly Epsilons, skulking around in their hoodies.

Here are the lowly Chavs, skulking around in their hoodies. This is all going nowhere good.

Don't think for a minute that's not the idea.


  1. OMG! We posted this at almost exactly the same time!

  2. This is all rather mind blowing. I just this week deuced that "Men Without Hats" is a meme worth pursuing.

    Why should men not wear hats? I'd ask St. Paul, but he's rather cryptic. I've personally stopped wearing hats. Let the sun shine in.

  3. Hey Chris, u just posted a big reason why I left the UK. On the streets you get the 'hoolies' or 'chavs' as it is now , while in Parliament and business the same behaviour goes on, which is we'll do what we want, and if you've got a better idea we will kick fuck out of you for being an elitist.
    The 'tentacles' of the old football hooligan gangs are now far more powerful and influential than many realise - watch any GUY RITCHIE film and then look at how he has chosen to live - as Landed Gentry.
    Wills and Harry represent the new ASBO [ anti-social behaviour order] Monarchists.
    If u have ever watched a typhoon, whirlwind etc u can see that the lower and upper parts swirl separately then join together. Britain never had any class, or rather it has class the same way the US = the richest country in the world [ as in debt of 9 trillion].

  4. Chavery is a kind of mixture of youth gangs, emulating hip-hop like you said, yob culture (nazi skinheads), and the footbal hooligan or casual.

    There's always been a history of knife gangs up this way as far as I'm aware, but now there's this epidemic level of the same-dressed same-behavior & mannerism groups of young folk being seen regardless of what part of the UK you go to.

    The version of it today - I remember first seeing it begin a few years in high school below the year I was in: suddenly, lots of the bad kids all had on the same Kappa tracksuits. Other later opted for Le Coq Sportif tracksuits. The dress of the football casual (a la 'Pete Meaden' clothes obsession) was another of their favourites.

    Then it got worse, and the exact precursors for the state it's in now came from these kids all wearing white tracksuits and baseball caps to copy Eminem. And it's all gone even more downhill since.

    Don't get me wrong: fashion fads are nothing new, and large numbers of people wearing similar getups also is nothing new. But this is different because it's this whole attitude of wrecking things and making the world even worse than it already is. And the way they have no intelligence but they look at other people as though it's them that don't have a clue, doesn't help either. They're all demi-urge puppets and the same MK-ULTRA types of mind-control programs puppet them.

    See the character Vicky Pollard out of Little Britain? When I was at school there were honestly loads of people actually like that for real, and they all project that attitude that they are the most correct of all humans to behave that way.
    Folks I went to school withs idea of a good night out was if you didn't remember what you were doing, and drank so much you vomited. No joke - that's how a huge amount of them measured the success of their nights out - and it's gotten worse since then all over the whole country. That was in the early to mid 90s I was at high school - so a lot of the problems now are the children of the generation I was at school with. I'm so glad I don't have any kids.

  5. Chris, I submitted a (scathing) write-up of the town I live in for this website some months ago:

  6. War of the Worlds was on last night; the voice-over at the end made me sick - because, in actual reality, when it's not money&greed worshipping a-hole corporate droogs messing up the planet, then it's neds / chavscum doing the same thing. And that f__king film is trying to paint things like it's a good thing the Walkers / Martians / whatever didn't succeed in wiping out all the scumbags and their scumbag societies.

  7. Those Epsilon guys remind me of this picture of my favorite band of the 00's, The Knife.

  8. Huxley's Brave New world wasn't a cautionary tale, it was predictive programming - essentially a marketing campaign trial balloon to see if enough of the 'decision making class' agrees with the idea. Huxley was himself an alpha male, like H.G. Wells who also did predictive programming disguised as fiction. He may have been warning of the intentions of his own social group, but just whom he was warning isn't clear to me.

    Oh, and to the poster who mentioned that people changing clothes seasonally is nothing new, you might want to look at the history of Zyryab, who originated the idea of seasonal clothing collectons. Before him, apparently the idea had not been broken to the court denizens in Europe. Interesting also that Zyryab was a Jew who lived in Mesopotamia who visited Spain during the Muslim reign. During the Christian reign the Jews did far worse in Spain.

  9. Interesting claim, Magnie. I look forward to seeing your evidence backing it up.

  10. Living in ' Chav Central ' I feel qualified to comment.They can be a right pain in the arse and yet I feel strangely jealous of them . They are not hung up with my middle class guilt of what is right and wrong .They seem to do whatever they feel like . Like gypsies, who they are closer to than the old white working class in Britain , they have a different perspective on life . If this facist , totalitarian plan is to take place it may be the chavs who are our saviours .
    Just don't try and have an intelligent conversation with them.

  11. I have to agree with the predictive programming comment. The scenarios featured in BNW were written of by many of Huxleys' peers and precursors as actual agendas/
    I also think that hats and hoods are far too ubiquitous to be considered a kind of synchronistic red flag. Young black guys in the US have been wearing hats and hoods for 20 years now and the UK kids are following suit.
    I don't want to diminish how serious the whole ASBO/surveillance society thing is in the UK for a second, but I don't think we need metaphysics to approach it.

  12. I think metaphysics might just be right on time. The young black guys in the U.S. fall right smack into this paradigm, unfortunately.


  13. How exactly can any chavs save you?! If you can't save yourself and expect something outside you to do it for you anyway then you are f**ed.

    There's that really dangerous attitide in the UK and it's what conjures up bad situations in the first place: rather than take responsibility and at least think out-of-the-box, there's people that want things to get as bad as possible, so some bs fairytale storyline can takeover and - oh! the people we all hated turn out to be the ones that turn against the oppressive machine.......give me a f**king break, that's so evil I'm just going to stop commenting on it here.

    btw - pikey's are NOT proper gypsys. Real gypsy's are Romany: they are gentle nice people that live simply off the land, kind of like the Amish in a way. Pikey's are scumbags that throw litter and mess up nature and live in trailer parks leaving feces, dirty nappies, used condoms and tampons around the place, and making noise.

    I'm not sure how Huxley intended his works to be interpreted, but I read Brave New World during high school and I always thought it was from the Natives point of view: that the society he was in was wrong; it was more right than say - a chav infested nightmare, but it was still wrong in the sense that the only way they could make a bearable world was to placate the citizens with num-num pills so none of them noticed how shit and futile and un-natural their world was.
    In reality, humans - real humans, not scumbags, are perfectly capable of living as they should without some state feeding them anti-depressants and making their life an automated workfarm.

    Huxley himself is a very interesting fellow - he died the same day as JFK and CS Lewis, although he chose to depart this realm having taken LSD, to the end he put his 'money where his mouth was' and went out to the words of the Harvard (Leary, Metzner, Alpert) Bardo Thodol.

    I'd recommend Moksha, and The Doors of Perception & Heaven and Hell.

  14. btw, something else about this: it is really obvious but tends to be overlooked.
    Even the site I linked does the same thing: they go the stereotype way and link chavs with burberry. True a lot of them wore that, but there was a time when that exact pattern was way more well-to-do and had f-all to do with any subhumans.
    I have still seen normal people wear it that way, who thankfully seem unaware of its connotations in the deranged media that encourages and cultivates the chav wankers in the first place.

    Similarly, caps and hoods do not belong to the chav either. The age group I was part of had a mini-fashion-season of hooded tops being 'the in thing' - also when I used to skateboard, hooded tops were much worn too. 'chav' and 'ned' didn't exist then; closest we had was something like 'treg' which designated people that never washed and all wore the same cheapo clothes as each other, had shoes with no laces cause they couldn't do things as complex as tie shoelaces, and that kind of thing.

    Further to that - all of those 'underclass' clothes rely on really poor people and immigrants having to work in sweatshops, earning no money at all - so chavscum here can buy their cheapo threads.
    Fair-Trade goods shouldn't be an option, it should be enforced globally.
    That's part of the main problem: our underclass are actually predatory on actually-poor people.

    Some folks need to learn to tell the difference between 'country' that live off the land and 'chav' that can't even cook.
    The former are real people whose natural lifestyles suffer because of evil corporate greed; the latter are the tools the evil corporate greed uses to buy its wares and keep its stores open.

  15. Ok - I live in the UK, and I found your post way too led by tabloid/TV bullshit. Maybe its time to watch reality instead of symbols for information.

    1. There has ALWAYS been violent gangs in the UK (have you heard of 'The Beggar's Opera'?)- the hogwash about 'epidemic' violence is the usual moral panic when lazy journos have nothing to write about during parliamentary recess. Last year it was Madeline McCann, the year before immigrants, the year before that paediphiles. Just because the media highlights it doesn't mean it's just been invented!

    2.I take the point about the rich trying oh-so-hard to look 'street tuff' etc. but most people's raison d'etre has always been the 'big payday' whether its working class teens or Margaret 'cunt' Thatcher. Bourgeouis hypocrisy may make it look otherwise, but the UK class system continues to maintain venality behind a veil of 'order'.

    3. Telecoms and media saturation give the appearance of certain social phenomena looking 'new', but they hardly ever were - apart maybe from media hype and technology closing off the communal sphere. Pop culture has always been used to seperate classes (try reading a 1920s newspaper).

    4. Although certain fashions/pop trends may inspire terror at supposed 'feral' youth, this is again bullshit. More teenagers than ever in the UK are in college, work or volunteer. They're usually so compliant it's painful. UK crime statistics (give or take slight bumps during recessions) have fallen year by year since WW2

    5. The UK government and media manipulate moral panics to force through increasingly repressive laws regarding youth crime, drugs, welfare etc. - while also selling public services at a cut rate to cut throat hedge fund managers (the real 'gangstas'). See also 'the war on terror' for similar manipulations.

    6. There is open contempt for the poor here on a scale not seen since the 30s. 'Chav' is the 'correct' way of saying 'scum'. Baseball caps have replaced flat caps, but it's still rich white elites fucking over the less affluent majority.

    7. Along with Huxley, check out Orwell, who was well aware that the administrators of this repression (and the most fearful of the 'proles' or 'chavs' were largely middle class - teachers, doctors, intellectuals etc.

    8. The biggest mistake the political class have made are twofold a. being led by press fads and media panics when formulating policy b. imposing US style neoliberalism as a solution to UK social problems. Looking at the dismal state of your public sphere, dumb-ass media and nightmarish inner-cities, this is an obvious disaster. Hiphop didn't 'give birth' to it - economics did.

    If you want to see ignorant rage, conformity and uniforms, look at a British suburb.

    You and a lot of your commentators (with their racism, class contempt and eugenics fantasies) should avoid sociology and stick to superheroes, pyramids and the X-Files.

  16. Regarding Huxley's literature as predictive programming, here is an excerpt from a well researched tome on his contributions to society:

    "Much of Huxley's work centered on the scientific methodology for keeping all populations outside the elite minority in a permanently autistic-like condition and actually in love with their servitude. In Brave New World, the primary tools for this are brain-chemical altering vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs made mandatory by the state for the population to take. Though not prophetic, Huxley's revelations of the methods are manifesting today with activity in the World Health Organization (branch of the UN) and in the US with the recent passage of the semantically-Orwellian-sounding legislation, New Freedom Initiative, which calls for the entire population to undergo regular psychological screenings to increase psychotropic drug prescriptions for all citizens, as outlined by the New Freedom Commission."

    Regarding Zyryab, here is some information about his contributions to fashion:

    "Ziryab is said to have had a lasting influence on fashion, bringing styles from the Middle East to Al-Andaluz, including sophisticated styles of clothing based on seasonal and daily timings. In winter, for example, costumes were made essentially from warm cotton or wool items usually in dark colours and summer garments were made of cool and light costumes involving materials such as cotton, silk and flax in light and bright colours."

    Hope that gives you some interesting reading at least, Chris.

  17. It should also be mentioned that Huxley, like HG Wells, Lovecraft and Crowley, was something of a fan of eugenics.

    They weren't necessarily warning us about it - they probably saw it as a way to Utopia (until Hitler put that idea out of fashion). They envisaged a world where the rabble lived in servitude to enlightened gentlemen like themselves. I'm sure it wasn't looks or their lovable personalities that would make them primo breeding material anyway...

    Funny how all the latest hype about 'singularities', 'post-humanism','eco-wars' (eugenics in disguise) etc. are favourite topics with 4-F creeps who rarely get within sniffing distance of the bare naked ladies.

  18. Interesting, Magnie, but I'm looking for a smoking gun, not theory. I want to see some real proof that BNW is PP and not cautionary, not just commentary. Are there any first or second hand sources on this?

  19. What did Huxley stand to benefit from warning people this was coming? Other than the adulation of people who would read his fiction long after he was dead, how can you prove he was trying to warn people instead of trying to get them used to the idea themselves? Did he ever authoritatively declare that book was a warning?

    Taken collectively, the Report From Iron Mountain, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Albert Pike's letters to Mazzini on the three World Wars, 1984 and Brave New World all point to a coming global superstate run by an untouchable elite. While I cannot possibly devote enough resources to research the genesis of each and every piece above, I can summarize their apparent intent, while noting the elitist origins of their authors.

    Circumstancial evidence, to be sure. But it definitely does paint an interesting backdrop against which to view similar works - fictional or otherwise.

  20. Magnie, I think if you read the book on its own, it's very much a cautionary tale. You don't run off and spend your time tripping on mushrooms if you want to be a part of the NWO. But as always, I am open to real, documented evidence of any hidden agendas. Always.

    Sadly, so much of what is floating around out there in Conspiracyland originally comes from ultra right wingers who hate anything reeking of the counterculture. And since they can't understand anything outside of their own programming, they ascribe it to some other agency. This is the reason I don't pay much attention to conspiracy theory anymore. Sadly, too much of it springs from people with their own fascist mind control agenda. Think about that when reading some of that material. Discernment is key.

  21. The funny thing about the so-called 'right wingers' is that on a fundamental level they are merely the other side of the 'counterculture' coin. Even Abbie Hoffman stated that his organization was built with Esso (Exxon/Rockefeller) money, and that 'The establishment bought themselves a revolution.'

    In other words, you can find Wall Street opportunists slinking in the background behind every significant social movement, especially if it gets a disproportionate amount of media coverage. Remember who owns the media - and it's never the consumers of any fashion.

    While I share a good deal of your cynicism regarding conspiracy lore, especially given the amount of disinformation spiking the intellectual punch bowl, what I try to do is sift through the noise for recurring patterns - like your analysis but more with verbal concepts as opposed to the symbolism that you excel at.

  22. Sad but true- all you can do is follow your own instincts. I've pretty much resigned myself to being a lone wolf- I can break bread with all kinds of folks but just can't buy into any agenda that is not my own. I'm just too far gone, I guess.

  23. Anon - you're full of shit there just like droidy (ooh wonder why eh) and his bs post about CCTV not reducing chavscum crime in the UK (ask the people that live on the estates if it reduces or gets rid of crime where the cameras are aimed at: the answer is it does).

    I actually LIVE HERE and have done so all my life, in various places in Scotland and England. I went to a really dodgy school as my posts here make clear. Of course the media is bs too, but it's a fact that there is an epidemic of scumbags that's gotten way worse over recent years, and it's because evil people keep having children when they're still young themselves & have no prospects and no life, therefore their kids are obviously going to turn out even worse than they were, or if they are nice natured they won't be able to handle such a sick set of circumstances and will likely OD in their teens (yes, on drugs that shouldn't be illegal anyway, as that itself is yet another faked setup to ensure maximum amount of scumbag infestation).

    There is an increase in binge-drinking thug vandals who only exist to ruin other people's lives; maybe if you really are British then you've never been out of your house before, or you live in one of the few upperclass areas as yet untouched by the nedscum problem. Cause otherwise, you'd have managed to notice it like everyone else has. It's one of the few things in the UK 'we can all agree upon' in unison.

    Stating facts is never, ever an -ism of any kind.

  24. I have to say, Zuppie, that all the real chav horror stories I've heard aren't from the media, but from regular people. I first heard the term on a private mailing list that has a lot of UK folks on it.

  25. ps.

    Jung's post-war reputation glosses over the fact that he stole the job of a Jewish doctor who was forcibly removed (by Goering), and also tried to rationlise Nazi crimes with new age bullshit.

  26. Maybe you should read this:

    And by the way, if you want to have a flame war with other readers, do so elsewhere.

  27. Well obviously I can't speak for anyone else precisely, but my views are entirely based on my own personal hellish experiences.
    And many of them happened to me, AFTER I heard all about and lived by the idea that 'you create your own reality and nothing bad ever happens to you unless you invite it in' - that worked for me for a looooong time, so I know for a fact on many levels that the chavscum problem is a direct invasion over personal choices - I in no way whatsoever ever expected it to happen to me, and did nothing at all to create any energies that invited such people into my space. I was of course aware other folks had problems with them, & as said I had various problems with such types when I was much much younger - also how I know of their connection to all things evil-conspiracy, because they are exactly the same minds as the ones that were the same ages when I was younger. They're clones, or there's one main puppeter of them.

    They even sound exactly the same, 20 years apart, two generations's not real! Look in their eyes and you see exactly the same bullies as when you were at school - they're the same people, still the same ages they always were.
    They all have an evil black slimy thing around their auras too - if you look at their energy bodies there's something really wrong about them. I can see them from like 20 blocks away, it's that obvious. It looks a bit like a glitch, like there's a 'thing' constantly hovering near them in a displaced way. And they make the inside of your left eye feel really f**ked up when your eyes make contact with their shapes.
    They're probably all 'oritronics' as well.

  28. Wasn't trying for a 'flame war', just addressing the above insult and clarifying some all-too-common prejudices.

    Anyway, I now realise I was arguing with Roy Thinnes...

    I buy your book and this is the thanks I get? Loving the blog, anyway.