Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pope Calls for "New Age"

Pope Calls for a ‘New Age’ in Final Australia Mass

SYDNEY, Australia — In his final address to hundreds of thousands of young Catholics gathered in Australia on Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI attacked the violence and materialism of the modern age, and called on his audience to build a “new age.”

"In so many of our societies, side by side with material prosperity, a spiritual desert is spreading: an interior emptiness, an unnamed fear, a quiet sense of despair," the pontiff said.

The 81-year-old pope said it was up to a new generation of Christians to build a world in "which God's gift of life is welcomed, respected and cherished — not rejected, feared as a threat and destroyed."

The aim was "a new age in which hope liberates us from the shallowness, apathy and self-absorption which deadens our souls and poisons our relationships," he said. - IHT
Absolutely fascinating. Again, remember who this man is. When he uses that term he knows exactly what connotations it has.


  1. man assumes much, and is now a self created creation. Apart from God, it is why you fail.

  2. Chris-
    Glad you didn't take to much vacation time from writing. Just saw Hancock last not. A NOT thinly veiled allusion to the coming return of the fallen angels ( call them whatever else you want ) Will Smith is charming as always, but the message is pretty bald-faced.
    Hey, I didn't see the Dark Knight, but I can't WAIT to read your take on this film, once you've seen it. The symbolism is just about waist-deep out of Hollywood right now.

  3. New Age...yuppers, we know what connotations he has...but to those moved by the brain wash, it will be the push towards bending more rules, moving towards "Oneness" uniting religion maybe? Perhaps. Thanks for the heads up Chris!

  4. Chris, thought you might be interested in this, it mentions a lot of the topics on The Secret Sun:

    "The daunting problem with the description of Primal Humanity is not that it is anthropomorphic, but that it is masculinized. And this problem is not unique to the Gnostic materials we have inherited. It pervades the Kabala and other occult systems that preserve (or claim to preserve) Mystery teachings, including the heretical notion of the pre-existence of humanity. The illustration above shows a typical version of Primal Humanity represented as a male figure embellished with cosmic iconography and occult symbols. In The Hero, I pointed out that "in cosmologies based on somatic values, woman's body was typically equated to nature, the earth itself, while man's body was equated to the cosmos entire." (p.12) There is a long-standing tradition involved here, of course—not to mention deep "archetypal" formative tendencies in the human psyche. Nevertheless, the moment for a huge psychic shift may be at hand..."

    "When we realize who the Archons are, we can finally understand who we are. The secret of human potential, our Sophianic endowment, becomes self-evident when we realize what threatens it, and how. This is truly strange, and yet it makes perfect sense. We discover our humanity at the very moment when we are most at risk of losing it, and that moment is upon us. As long as we do not reach this realization, the revelation of our own identity as a pre-existent species, we will never see through the illusion of our isolation on this lonely planet, Earth. This is the great imaginative leap for humanity today.

    In reality, we are not isolated, for we are continually in touch, interactively, with a myriad of other-dimensional beings, "Star People" and spiritual allies, including other strains of humanity derived from the luminous Stain in Orion. Why, then, do we suffer the illusion of cosmic quarantine?

    Until we can see how we are related to that one alien species, our immediate cosmic kin, we shall not see how we relate to any others. Paradoxically, the Archons are the key to unlock our illusion of separation, yet they would imprison us in that illusion, because it serves their dementia."

    " From the belief in human divinity proceed all the great evils humankind is heir to. Like Christ, they all begin with c: conversion, conquest, colonialization, consumption.

    And most lately, cyberspace.

    Where the Archons have migrated. Finally, they have a secure niche on the planet. As I write these words I stand before their Altar, as you may be doing when you read them. But I do not worship there.

    Historically, the arch-con has emerged in three stages: first, in germinal form in Jewish apocalyptism, formulated in the hate-driven ideology of the Zaddikim; second, in salvationist Christianity, a fascist program in the sugar-pill coating of the Gospel fairy tales; and third, in the horrific viral mutation of Islam, the pest of submission. We are now closing a fourth phase that began when science took over the work of religion, around 1650. The fifth phase will be short but not , perhaps, sweet. We are facing terminal conditions, including climatic collapse and cybernetic disembodiment of the species. "

    "Observing Gaia, we see a myriad of wonderful creatures who completely fulfill their potential in being what they are, doing what they do. Sunflowers and flatworms, whales and weevils, you name it. They are so perfectly realized that there is nothing left over for them to attain. They have no promise to fulfill because they are so fully realized, just the way they are. We know this intuitively, and feel it deeply in a language older than words. (Thanks, Derrick.) So it is that when the salmon swim off course, when whales get beached, when geese migrating south end up in Swansea, we lurch, we are deeply panged to see our animal kin so disoriented, so dislodged from their beauteous fate fulfilled.

  5. Interesting stuff indeed, Zuppie. Thanks for posting that.

  6. Thanks for having an eye out on this stuff, the templar cross one day, new age the next, and just before the "One World" themed Olympics for this year. Keep up the great work. Be well- kev

  7. They're all like mass-hypnosis rituals. The only people stupid enough to buy into any of that garbage are the very same ones that continue to live their daily lives in the same ways that make Earth a hell instead of a heaven.
    There's no differences made to actual reality despite all those money-wasting resource-wasting events and empty words - all you see are a few 'green' products on sale in shops, some bs news stories about alternative energy always slanted in favor of Big Oil anyway; and that's it. No changes, not even slight differences; "meet the new age, same as the old age".
    They're nothing but fools being fooled over and over and over again.

    All they are is veneer and advertising - there's nothing real behind their front.

  8. "Pope calls for new age, and less candles on his cake next birthday too".

    & Thought you might enjoy this Onion brief, if you hadn't already: