Friday, July 04, 2008

The Real Fourth of July

If here is any confusion as to the Templar/Masonic origin of the United States of America, the dating of Independence Day may help put the issue to rest.
John Adams predicted in a letter to his wife Abigail that Americans would celebrate their Independence Day on July 2. Off by two days - not too bad for government work.

On July 2, 1776, Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, signed only by Charles Thompson (the secretary of Congress) and John Hancock (the presiding officer). Two days later Congress approved the revised version and ordered it to be printed and distributed to the states and military officers. The other signatures would have to wait. - Yahoo News (of course)

Of course, there's this nonsense that's disseminated about the Fourth of July by historians and then there's the real reason for the holiday...
The Fourth of July, a time for Americans to celebrate their War of Independence from the English in 1776, had an entirely different meaning to medieval Europe. For the Fourth of July, 1187 was to be one of the bloodiest battles of the crusades, the Battle of the Horns of Hattin....
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  1. I dunno if this is to far fetched, but lately i see "Hancock" everywhere. What about the movie Hancock having premiere at the same day, this John Hancock signing the Declaration of Independence.
    And btw Will Smith is called "John Hancock" in the movie...

    See any connection there?

    greets Frederik

  2. The Eagle also being a major symbol in the movie, resonates with the American Eagle being the sign for freedom.

  3. You got me, Freddie. It's interesting to be sure. Some L-Ron thing?

    JH and I are Braintree homeboys, though.

  4. As I read this your latest entry Chris, and then the fascinating story to which you linked it, I flash back to Han Solo and one of his best lines in "The Empire Strikes Back". "Never tell me the odds.." he quips. And that has to by my answer too, as I consider; what are the odds that the movie Hancock would be released on July 2nd, the very same day that John Hancock would sign the declaration of Independence? As a previous poster noted, the character Hancock, in the movie, is even called John Hancock, because he doesn't know his given name. We know that the Masonic founders of our country, and the Masonics in charge of public life today, hardly do anything like designate a holiday, name a parade or title a movie without lots of thought, and most often with esoteric considerations in mind. Plus Chris, it's a spandex/superhero movie! You've GOT to be wondering about what other messages await us in this film. I'm sure many of your loyal readers do. Perhaps we can all get some research done over the weekend, and we'll have some answers later. Fascinating post as always. A final note, there are even more esoteric correspondences in the date July 4th, having to do with astrology and numerology. Cheers!


  5. It brings me back to your mention as to some hidden reasons for our occupations in the middle East for so many years... Sumer, Babylon, relics, war-grounds, etc...involving the holy lands and all. Back at it, as a Masonic Templar government, now that we're established as the "most powerful country in the world?"

    I wrote a little article called "The Inequitable Representation of Liberty," that sort of tags right along these lines in terms of how we've not been able to stamp out the raging fires of our forefathers and their wars for money, oil, race, religion, and property.

    It's here:

    Feel free to comment, Chris, if you like it - your word would be a good one on my own works, as you've done some valuable research on these areas. Thanks for your passions and your dedication to the public!!

    Light and Truth,
    Brendan Bombaci

  6. Thanks for the link, Brendan I apologize to everyone for not being able to interact much lately-I've been super busy on the work front and completely fixated on the research front. But your post looks very interesting - I checked it out and recommend it highly to everyone.

  7. yeah Will 2k, Independance day Aliens, July 4th John Hancock, Hancock superhuman. Funny

  8. George Bushe's famous "crusade" gaff after 911 wasn't such a gaff after all. Sounds like the US attack is Templar payback. Now that' thinking long term...


  9. The fascist current president of COLOMBIA is Alvaro Uribe. Uribe was born on JULY 4.

    All synchromysticism aside, having been trained in literary criticism & analysis, I see in Uribe an agent of reversal of the Declaration of Independence, whatever that document's real meaning. There's a thematic closure encoded in U.S. alliance with Uribe, and his birthdate only confirms it for me.

    Uribe has been utilized by the Bush/Cheney Neocons for staging a false flag operation against Hugo Chavez (the March 1, 2008 "found FARC laptop Ecuadorian cross-border" incident). More recently (July 2), John McCain used Uribe as a photo-op during the staged "hostage rescue".

    Expect Obama's first crisis to be a hostage/mass-murder-of-Americans-abroad situation in Venezuela. This will be designed to (a) divide Obama from Chavez, who have mutual interests, and (b) further frame-up Chavez, who has zero Death Squads or mass-graves (while Uribe has hundreds of both).