Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ten Thirteen: CGB 'n' Me

I had the great pleasure of meeting William B. Davis on Sunday. The man who portrayed CGB Spender (aka Cancer Man, aka Cigarette Smoking Man) so brilliantly for 9 years was a charming, soft-spoken gentleman who looked much more youthful and vigorous in person than on the show (obviously). He also reminded me a lot of my dad (and resembles him), who was once a heavy smoker too. Mr. Davis told me that the actors did come to be aware that they were acting out a mythological drama that drew on much earlier antecedents. He's a former drama professor, so I'm sure he picked it up pretty quickly.


  1. I don't think it's possible to do anything in this reality that doesn't refer to what this reality actually is all about, whatever you do for a living or not.

    I think also that when someone goes mad (other than out of guilt or something like that) it is because they become aware of the actual meaning of all this, and have nothing to compare it to and no way to exist that takes what is going on into account. That most of 'society' also denies such things can be true, maybe just by never ever refering to them directly, doesn't help either - cause if you're sitting there feeling like everything is part of the same conspiracy, it's no use to you in resolving that at all to not have a way of grounding what you find, into something concrete and provable and useful.

    'The joy of completion'....I disagree; the completion part is a joy, but that is like 0.5% of the time spent in various forms of agony....all just to feel like something great happened when you become whole again?! (refering to Liber AL and what I see in it as a description of what this universe is: a processing of the division of infinite-one into two unequal parts (the golden section or primordial scission) and then one of those parts on into, maybe fifteen - as that matches the Set and Osiris parts, and the resolvation of those piceces back to one of the original parts again.
    Because it covers how one part is going through a process where it doesn't remember what this is, and the other part sort of caused it to happen or is able to observe what took place, and has to await the completion.
    The main point being, it's cyclical and it's just this division, and rearrangement, and back to a whole again.)
    Anyways - it's stupid because all you get is what you started out as anyway (whole), it's a waste of time / whatever equiv. to time is when you're outwith time.

    What would you prefer: joy 100% of the time, or joy for like 1/200th of your existence.....I'll take the 100% every time.

  2. I'll tell you, Zuppie - Chris Carter and the rest are OUR side. Contrary to what some extreme contheorists think, there are some good guys out there. There's so much in TXF that reveals itself the more you look under Reality's dress. I think the Kurtzweil character in FTF was in some ways autobiographical. Watch that again and see how he describes himself.

  3. That wasn't what I was getting at, but since you mentioned it: I'd have to disagree based on what I've heard him quoted as saying, that the X-Files storylines are all made up and none of it happens for real! Baloney. I read just about every story all that series was based on as actual accounts, years before that show even began.

    I don't think that all media anyone is in on some conspiracy, I just see it as an industry like any other: full of as many equally deluded people as there are just folks trying to get along and make a living. It's just a job like any other, some folks strive to get there, others just fall into place, some never make it at all - actually probably most who try to get into the movie industry never make it at all. Cause like everything else: it's all a sham.

  4. That's freaking awesome Chris.

  5. Awesome!

    I noticed in your xfiles page on the 'GODHOOD' subject, that symbol resembles the one on the underside of the pyramid in the movie Immortel.

  6. come to think of it, it looks also like some keyhole in some movie or maybe a game, all i remember is a key fitting exactly in it, stargate sg-1 maybe...

  7. Why is meeting a famous person "awesome"?!

  8. You lucky SOB! LOL Nice! I wish I could meet some of the staff of the X-Files! That's what got me on my synchromystic jouney, the X-Files!

    I was re-watching the series one day with the new symbol shields in place and was like "yo, there is more here then meets the eye!". I agree with you that there are some out there trying to relay positive info for those that can see it (i.e. classic good v.s. evil), but where does mass manipulation come into play with Hollywood you know?

    Well congrats on meeting him! LUCKY!

  9. So I guess none of you here noticed anything along the lines of Donald Sutherland died of a heart-attack a few years ago, yet then was magically back in films and TV again not too long later; nothing like that ring any bells?

    Cause all those actual-reality happenstances like that, they would seem to be a lot more conclusive than mere fiction. We know you can write anything you want into a script & then act it out; real life however, well that's a very different story.

    Maybe it's just as well you don't notice anything like that, you might die of over-excitement.

  10. Hey droidy, why are you censoring all my replies at your blog since my 9-11 one to the CCTV entry?

    Yet you continue to blog blocking out the reality of what is being a-sent. I'd have thought that to claim to be wishing to deal with contentious informations would afford the foreknowledge that sometimes someone is going to come along and point out a load of things you missed. But nevermind, why don't you just keep on doing exactly what you claim to be about not doing.