Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hardcore Matinee: Built to Last

I realize the Hardcore Matinee has been very NYHC-centric so far, especially for a Boston boy like myself. But the truth is the NYC bands were just plain better. Here's a second generation band Sick of It All, rocking the house in Espana earlier this year. Punk Rock and all its offshoots are very popular in the Spanish-speaking world - especially in Latin America- and that to me is extremely exciting. Music itself has an incredible power to cross boundaries, and I suppose powerful music has even more so.

This also ties into my profound belief that Rock 'n' Roll is in and of itself a kind of fountain of youth. The guys in Sick of It All have to be pushing 40 at this point in the game, yet they sound better than ever, and work the stage better than bands half their age.

Of course, my other profound belief is that Rock and Roll is nothing new at all, merely a technological updating of the oldest music in the world. Drinking, dancing, fighting, f*cking -- these are all hardwired into the human brain.

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