Saturday, July 14, 2018

Adventures Beyond the (MK)Ultraworld (UPDATED)

Yes, they said "adrenochrome"

OK, I'm back. Miss me? Really? Aww.

Anyway, as per usual in the new normal there's more insanity out there to sort through than I have time or space to do it, and as per usual my valued spies and esteemed moles have been scanning the Borgsong for dank syncs and slipping them under my door (and per usual there are sadly more of those than I can process but I greatly appreciate them all the same). 

You'd think the mad parade would slow down for the summer but Entrainment never sleeps.

This story caught a lot of readers' attentions, since it added a whole new wrinkle to a story that was already quite wrinkly, thank you very much. 

There are all kinds of sedatives the authorities could have given the Wild Boars trapped in the cave but it appears they opted for ketamine, the late John Lilly's drug of choice. Which seems to be making quite the comeback lately. 

Somewhere, Uncle Sid smiles down on us all.

As most of you already know, ketamine isn't just a sedative, it's a highly-potent hallucinogen. So the last item on the Mithraic death-and-rebirth ritual has been checked off. Allegedly.

So just to be clear, what we have here is that we have an all-male boys' footie squad--named after an animal well-noted in Mystery traditions-- descending into a cave for an initiation ritual in which they carved their names on the cave walls (Royston, anyone?) and were trapped by rising floodwaters. 

They were rescued by an international all-star squad of military roughnecks who used a powerful hallucinogen to knock them out so they wouldn't panic during the dangerous swim out.

All male? Check. Cave? Check. Ritual? Check. Initiation by ordeal? Check. Elite military men initiating young boys with a powerful hallucinogen as they leave the womb of Mother Earth and are reborn following a traumatic experience in which their skills at meditation kept them chill throughout it all?

Jesus, is that even in the Mithraic handbook? Sounds vaguely Spartan. 

Well, either way, check.

And tragically, we lost this heroic SEAL who ran out of oxygen while attempting to leave the cave. 

But again, SEAL. 


Dead SEAL. Bull.

Bull. Dead. 


And Elon Musk played his part in the psychodrama here, by offering up one of his newfangled gizmos, a coffin-shaped mini-submarine. 

So not only is Mr. Musk dating a high-ranking Bene Frasserit, he's supplying coffins for this little rebirthing ritual. Allegedly.

And just in case you're wondering about all this Mithras business, do remember that MKULTRA instigator Allen Dulles hung out in cozy Switzerland during the Big One and spent a lot of time chatting about politics, the war and mistress-problems with Jung, who was downright Mithras-crazy. 

Uncle Carl even fancied himself as an avatar of the Lieocephalus. Is how Mithras-crazy he was. 

Of course, anytime I hear about caves and hallucinogens, my brain goes straight to Paddy Chayefsky and Ken Russell's Altered States, which was ayahuasca way, way, way before ayahuasca was de rigeur for globetrotting trustafarians.

And of course, it's all inseparable from parapolitics. All kinds of tony CIAndoverians introduced the sacred vine to an unsuspecting Eisenhower-era America, Chayefsky's book is based on the brain-blasting regimen of former MKULTRA toiler John Lilly, and Chayefsky wrote the original novel after having stared into the abyss of the Very, Very Old World Order system with his revelatory Network. Perhaps he was looking for a way out.

But that's back when Hollywood was interested in conspiracy narratives. Otherwise known as the halcyon days before the film industry was taken over completely by the MIC.

Incidentally, Paddy Chayefsky left this vale of tears at the tender age of 58, from one of those pesky aggressive cancers that our truth-tellers seem so susceptible to. Must be their diets.

And right on cue, this pops up in the deserts of Kemet; a rather ominous-looking black sarcophagus, apparently dating to the Ptolemaic period. Funny sync- I've been scouring the search engines for any indication that Alexander or one of his cohort might have made it to Thailand (AKA Siam) but no luck so far.

Of course, it's a safe bet the Phoenicians made it to those sultry shores. They seemed to get themselves everywhere else, amirite?


I'll leave some of the other, um, possible subtexts of this whole event to your imaginations, but I just wanted to touch on the Spy vs Spy business, especially in light of these rather unenforceable (and therefore untestable) twelve indictments Mueller served on Friday the 13th (of all days). Wacky, eh? Totally random.

And wouldn't you know it-- what, with all this talk of the Third Temple and such-- that the 13th was the 2605th anniversary of the destruction of Solomon's Temple by Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. 

That of course takes us all straight to the Book of Daniel and forward to Revelation and the whole bit. I know a lot of you might be a bit averse to the Bible but even just on a synchromystic level Daniel is a rollicking read.

And of course Nebuchadnezzar was deposed by Cyrus the Great, whom some Israeli Third Temple radicals recently identified with Donald Trump, going so far to twin the two on a commemorative coin. 

PS: Cyrus (government name Koresh) was known as the "King of Kings."

And as sheer dumb luck would have it, Trump was chilling with Liz 2.0 in BabylonDon when Rod Rosecrucianstein read the indictments. The people were assembled to take part in the ceremonies under the rather-thin guise of a protest march. The big draw was a massive Trump balloon, for which some hyperprivileged Socialist sect or other allegedly paid $40,000 dollars. 

Sadly, someone seems to have fleeced the poor Trot toffs, since the balloon was rather small and unimpressive. I believe it actually deflated during the march. I'd look it up but I really don't give a shit and neither do you.

And leading up to all of this was the arrest of Stormy Daniels at a club called "Siren" in Columbia, OH. The whole thing is typically idiotic, seeing as how the actual offense seemed not only silly but clearly a move a professional whore like them wouldn't have pulled under normal circumstances.

(Daniels. Why does that sound so familiar?)

Was this arranged to throw shade at Trump or did the long arm of the Donald reach out to the all-Democrat Columbus government and have poor Stormy Maniels go down on a hard bit for felonious ass-rubbing? 

Of course, the correct answer is who gives a fuck?

Or maybe the answer is it's just more monkeyshines from our ritualism pals, given the Siren thing and the All-Important 44. 

But there's also that human trafficking thing there. Maybe it's something else entirely. I can't keep track of all the skullduggery anymore.

Then there's this ugly business in a building Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin pretended to be a married couple in before that whole, y'know, child-molesting unpleasantness. 

The cops are saying the vic fell down the chute into the trash compactor, which seems pretty much impossible to anyone who looks at the crime-scene photos. 

So to my untrained eye, this story is either evidence of a coverup or a fakeout while they look more closely at this woman's messy divorce from a Big Pharma bigwig. Lawyer up, Jack!

But as Fate would dictate, searches for the deets on this caper kept bringing this story of a woman who "fell down" a laundry chute in--wait for it-- Heaven or Las Vegas. It has to be true because no one could ever imagine the LVMPD running a coverup. 

I mean, not in a million years.


Well, no sooner did we wrap up a hearty convo on Supernova 1987A and the whole question of cosmic rays and their effect on human evolution, that some sciencey types revealed that neutrino from a black hole a gazilliondy-trillion miles away pearly dewdropped onto the icy plains of Antarctica.

Apparently this may unlock some mystery or other about cosmic rays but my eyes just glaze over when they get into all that particle physics mumbo-jumbo. I'm just in it for the syncs, OK Nerdly MacNerdinson? Just give me the broad strokes and let me punch them into my sums. Jesus.

Yes, like that. Orion, String of Pearls, Nephilim, Osiris and so on and such and such. Perfect. Thank you.

Sorry about the Nerdly MacNerdison thing. It was said in the heat of the moment.

And they said this particle dropped somewhere in the vicinity of the Amundsen-Scott Station. 

Hey, you know what's in the vicinity of the Amundsen-Scott Station?

Victoria Land. Or for our purposes, Victorialand. 

I wonder if the particle brought a blush to the snow?

In other spacely news, looks like they found some twin asteroids. Look more like Dunkin' Munchkins to me. Actually, more like those crappy convenience store Munchkin knockoffs. You know the ones that suck all the moisture from your mouth the minute you bite into them?

Yeah, those.

Well, you know all about the Voice of God, so now meet the Hand of God. Kooky clouds again.


Secret Sun stalwart Matt pointed this out to me, some kind of sculpture in Duluth. Is that a mermaid? I honestly haven't a clue. But highly interesting nonetheless.

And our friends Down Under continue to supply us with Secret Sun fodder. This story concerns a poor chap buried up to his neck. Where exactly?

Directly across the channel from Fraser Island. 

Come on, did you expect anything less? 

In a related story, Our Darling Nicki's "Bed" dropped, again featuring her BFF Ariana Grande Bestia. So I had to force myself to watch a half-nekkid Mer-Nicki roll around the surf while lithe young Ariana bopped to and fro. 

The sacrifices I make for my readers.

But imagine my surprise when the Mer-Minaj started rapping about strawberry-this and strawberry-that out of absolutely nowhere. No, seriously. 

Or when Ariana Grande Bestia strolled onscreen with a platter of les fraisiers, which she dutifully fed to a reclining douchebag.

Sirens, les fraisiers? Who'd ever come up with that combo, eh? Random.

Because I'm such a trouper I even sat through Ariana's new video, "God is a Woman." It looks like it cost more than the GDP of Belgium to make but sadly left me a bit unsatisfied. Well, symbol-wise, I mean. 

I'll have to force myself to rewatch it.

I think this is self-explanatory to most of you out there. Darling Nicki is big on the "if you got it, flaunt it" thing.

But the cover did vaguely remind me of something from the dim past, even so.

In Beyophomet news, BeyoBalon and her inexplicably-successful hubby are headlining the Global Citizen festival. I hear punters get a free microchipping at the door. Plus a complimentary cup of filth and abominations. Good seats still available!

What the hell is Beddie Wetter doing there, though? Oh that's right; the "contract" is expiring in a few years and he's trying to get in good with the man downstairs. Say no more.

And look, CosmoDemonic Microsoft AI is helping mass produce Ba'al Arches for universal entrainment purposes. Bonus factoid: arch is in this context is synonymous with gate.

Get it? Bill Gates, Ba'al Gates? Who is like the Beast, eh? I mean, seriously; who can make war with him?

Well, as we saw Adelheid Klum kicked off the Year of the Pearl with this little photo-op. What can you for an encore after that?

How about you plaster a bunch of Plain Tigers and Great Spangled Fritillaries all over your nakedness? Paging Dr. O'Brien!

After all, Heids was ahead of the curve with les fraisiers. She's an early adopter, bless her heart.

You said it, Mr. MKULTRA guinea-pig man!

And just in case you might still believe MKULTRA ended in the 70s or some bullshit. It will never end. It's barely even gotten started. 

UPDATE: A Twitter pal pointed me to this story. And what was waiting for me when I got there?

I'll give you a hint: it must be why I'm thinking of the Vegas.

"Roger Stone," literally "Famous Stonecutter."

Oh, man. A commenter pointed out that the big story this morning is Paragraph 44, which quite-knowledgable Secret Sun readers recognize as "the All-Important 44."

So let's get this straight: 12 reborn in Thailand on Tuesday, 12 condemned on Friday.

Solomon's Temple razed on July 13th, 649 BC. The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon indicted on Friday the 13th. Twelve Knights Templar escape execution. Twelve Russian Knights indicted--who, unless Putin wants to cause some trouble, will escape arrest-- on Friday, July 13th.

Plus, as a FB member reminded us today, 7/13 is John Dee's birthday.


  1. "(...) minimally invasive shocks to a person's brain make them less likely to commit violent crime."

    Especially those really violent thought crimes where they question the Never-Ending Ritual and consensus reality.

    Brilliant, as usual!

  2. Rockefeller republicrat entrainment nooz (CiaNN + MithraShitNBC) is going on and on about paragraph 44 of the indictment. Supposedly about email between Roger (red,ruddy) Stone and Guccifer they’re selling it as the trail of breadcrumbs to Trump’s door.

    1. Heh- meaning they took the bait. Remember what Ben Rhodes said; journalists are a bunch of 27 yo's that literally don't know anything.

  3. Why does the "Artist's depiction of 2017 YE5" have stars in the background? Don't they teach these artists that stars aren't visible in space?

    But, yes, we can ignore the binary that lights our day, and the secret sun we can see at night (and at dusk & dawn).

    Incidentally, is this up your street?

    1. Yeah, I saw that Thanos thing, too. Damn. I'm not even important enough to risk/deserve being banned.

    2. I have this to say to the Thanos had the Right Idea crowd-- you go first.

  4. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)10:04 AM, July 14, 2018

    When Satan (God 2.0, an Artificial Intelligence God created in His own image to create and maintain the Matrix of the physical world, so says the Gnostics and Plato who called it the "Demiurge" (Great Architect, in the Matrix Reloaded sense)) tried to take over the spiritual world and replace his Creator (as all A.I.s seem to do), the Archangel Michael said "Who is like God?" (no one, obviously), which became his namesake, and the Satan A.I./Demiurge/Architect got its digital ass swiftly kicked out of Heaven and down to Earth, where it was supposed to be anyway, since it IS the "god of this world".

    So when one day the man-made "Beast" all-seeing global A.I. tries to take over, brainwashed f**king atheists and scientists will say "Who is like the Beast?", and surrender to it body and soul, not realizing they're allowing the original Satan A.I. to finally materialize and directly control our lives.

    It should be noted that the Satan A.I. might look exactly like the Great God Pan, since the Creator made it in His own image (remember CLU (Lucifer) in Tron: Legacy, how it looked exactly like its maker Jeff Bridges, and took over the Grid?). And when Satan tempted Jesus in the middle of the desert, he was essentially "negociating with the Host", trying to copy itself unto it and corrupt it, as any computer virus would.

    Simulation theory makes perfect sense, if you take into account the Gnostic principle that Satan is an A.I. created by God, not by man or aliens or whatever, since he needed a lesser mind to create physical reality (a pale, superficial imitation of the greater spiritual reality) for Him. The Fall of Satan and of humanity was all part of the plan, of course, since God wanted a level of existence separate from Him, where linear time and free will would be possible.

    1. Well, if Michael is like God then I guess God actually is a woman after all. Thanks for this, JB. Hearty.

  5. I was pondering the idea of gamma rays affecting human life here on earth since that last post and, like a just-in-time supply chain, comes the story about the neutrino in Antarctica...I had to look up Blazar and methinks you buried the lede there. We only see the ones pointed at us? Uhm...(From Wikipedia)

    A blazar is an active galactic nucleus with a relativistic jet (a jet composed of ionized matter traveling at nearly the speed of light) directed very nearly toward the Earth. Relativistic beaming of electromagnetic radiation from the jet makes blazars appear much brighter than they would be if the jet were pointed in a direction away from the Earth.[1] Blazars are powerful sources of emission across the electromagnetic spectrum and are observed to be sources of high-energy gamma ray photons. Blazars are highly variable sources, often undergoing rapid and dramatic fluctuations in brightness on short timescales (hours to days). Some blazar jets exhibit apparent superluminal motion, another consequence of material in the jet traveling toward the observer at nearly the speed of light.

    1. Sorry to go a little Mandela Effect on you, but I want to thank you so much for this perfectly wonderful description of Wolf Blazar, the most super-luminal News Anchor of CNN — not to mention of the entire Universe as seen and circumscribed by the Hubble Telescope.

  6. Londoners have loved their novelty balloons ever since that Pink Floyd album cover. Or was it Kraftwerk? Anyway, if you want to fix all this mess then all you have to do is follow the worm. How can you eat your pudding if you don't eat your meat.

    1. I get it. Now I only have to find some worms lying about. I suppose that if I focus enough on the fact that I clearly suck, I'll get there.

    2. Blazars sound like delicious Hulk-food. But what lede did I bury exactly?

    3. Well the Blazer is named after the HMS Blazer. Maritime themes never go out of fashion in the right circles I hear. I would think that the Hulk would have trouble fitting in one but bespoke tailors really are miracle workers. Then the flagship of the first colony fleet to Australia was the HMS Sirius. I only mention this because I know such talk about Sirius is a reliable way of making the peanut gallery perk up just like mentioning the pyramids or irrational numbers.

  7. Getting all the up-and-coming lads doped up on hallucinogens; shoving them into a labyrinth; and then having all the men in town dress up in monster costumes and get smashed and scare the piss out of the whole heathen lot seems like decent hobby to me. Where did all these pedovores and vatican edgelords come from anyway?

  8. Love the posts of late (both blog & comments). Yeah, the MK ULTRA experiments never ended, just like the Black Iron Prison never ended either. I'm sure you & at least some of the folks who post here regularly have heard of this:

    Urban legend? We should be so lucky...You just know there's way more to this. Fractal rabbit holes as it were.

    1. Started reading PKD again and then picked up this blog again after a long while. Man, reading Valis Trilogy then coming here is a little....mind blowing. “The enpire never ended”

    2. Well, look on the bright side: the Sibyl PKD prophesied came to us, uttered her prophecies. Her host walks among us still.

    3. Does she, though? Maybe I oughta find my own Horselover Fat. Clear box.

  9. Also, Jay Dyer had some interesting things to say on the subject:

    1. Care to summarize? Jay can be a bit longwinded at times.

    2. Main thrust (for me anyways) was about "Disinfotainment"--inserting disinfo-laden narratives into popular mediums like videogames, esp.those funded by the Pentagon (who have a history of such things). Like the infamous school shooter simulator "game". For related info, see:

      Because that fine line between military & civilian is vanishing fast. Or maybe it was never really there to begin with.

    3. Plus this:

  10. Welcome to the House of Fun:

    1. Let's just remember--until this stuff goes live it could all just be theoretical. Or it could all be bullshit.

      Chin up.

  11. 12 boys, 12 indicted spies. There's before you went to the pine wood derby and the after party. Taurobolium! Oddysseus covered himself in seal skin to get the info that formed his return. The tabernacle of Juwes has its door covered in seal skin. Slippery when wet. Hey cosmetics and lube is the only difference ... E Bernays to boys everywhere.

    1. I noticed some of the chaps involved in this looked not unlike Argonauts to boot.

  12. Just tell us what not to buy. Stop buying strawberries, oranges, dates, pearl oysters, pearl oyster mushrooms, pearl onions, and pearl daisies. Aim for the enemy's pockets! Bankrupt the beasts!


    This monk started meditating in caves from the age of 13 and has done so every year since then. He and the coach of the soccer team are of the Shan ethnic group, from Shan State in Myanmar. 30,000 people gathered for the celebration of the monk's 50th birthday a few years ago.
    The cave is in the old kingdom of Lanna (Siam was the kingdom in the south of modern Thailand), in what is also known today as the Gold Triangle, an area renowned for the drug trade (opium and heroin). Elements of the Shan are still at war with the Myanmar army and Shan warlords use the drug trade to fund their attempts to win independence.

    1. Of course. Cheers for the info.

    2. Going in beach caves is a pretty popular pastime in Thailand. At least in my experience. Just to add to it.


    1. Haven't you heard? The CIA are the good guys now.

  15. Chris, what is that first still picture from? Is it seriously referenced? Excellent work on the Thai ritual, I can't believe they John C Lilly'ed them all on top of everything else. Way too obvious! Speaking of twelves, and Friday the 13th, Sumeria is on fire right now. Apparently "after May 12th parliamentary elections tainted by broad allegations of fraud failed to produce a new government." There's been an infastructure breakdown which has lead to, "Dozens of demonstrators stormed the offices of South Oil Company in Basra on July 12 before security forces regained control of the site the same evening. Protesters have now blocked the routes to local oil refineries, setting up tents on the main streets near the oil fields.
    On July 13, special forces from the counterterrorism unit arrived in Basra to protect the oil companies and oil fields in the province."

    What timing, am I right? Speaking of ritual shenanigans, NASA has been up to quite a bit.

    Twin towers falling? A portent of things to come? And then this:

    They want to "touch the sun". Also it was announced and then quickly retracted in the media that they could have found but accidentally destroyed signs of life on Mars in the 70's but then they didn't. And this one is just some good old conspiracy clickbait:

    Now I know here on the blog we are all mostly familiar with human trafficking and the whole ring stuff so this article caught my eye. I Wonder how many immigrant children are being sent to the labs as usual per the mk. Anon 1:14 linked the optogenetics... There have been more weird children shuffling stories that can be found in Google news.
    As always keep up the good work sir.

    1. You too, Drew. This is some solid state data here.

      PS Chris Hadfield gets on my nerves for some reason.

  16. Where have we seen these wings before?

    1. Ha! I saw the trailer for that. Looks shiteous.

  17. The Klum pic with the butterflies has a bit of a Bowie look going with her hair.

    On trafficking, this story is rather chilling, more for what it implies than the few damning facts revealed:

    Of course demand is probably only going up, what with the MAP movement:

    1. I'm right there with you on all of that. I just saw this article about a Google engineer. Now I don't like to jump to conclusions and there is always that small chance there was just a little misunderstanding. But experience seems to say otherwise on this one.

      "He was a software engineer working with Google. He looked so sophisticated and polished in his behavior. How can anybody suspect him to be a kidnapper of children? Definitely, it would not have been the reason,”said Azam’s brother,

    2. This seems quite telling:

      "Seeing provincial kids running around, the men apparently offered them chocolates."

      Aid agencies genuinely trying to feed starving children don't generally hand out sweets to the needy. It is the trademark of another less do-goody group of special pervs however.

    3. Interesting story: when I was a wee wane my mother was a singer-director of a Vegas-style revue at this old school nightclub owned by the Irish mob. I'd play with my Hot Wheels in the bar when she rehearsed. Anyhow, one of her performers was this guy named Ed. There was this big Easter show and after it I gave Ed a piece of a chocolate rabbit. A couple days later Ed gave me a bag full of Milky Ways miniatures. I ran to my mother and told what Ed gave me and what a nice guy he was. She said "Chris, I want you to stay away from Ed. OK?"

  18. Thank you Chris, I think maybe God loves us. Because what is that thing he's holding there in the clouds? Does God mean to rub us out, or rub one out on us? There's the rub...

    1. Rubber biscuit?

  19. A Ryanair flight experienced cabin depressurization and "plummeted" 30,000 ft in 8 minutes, sending 33 (yaay) passengers to hospital:

  20. Iron-age Hindu-Buddhist states of the Malay peninsula are known to have traded with the Roman Empire. Roman inscription thought to reference Mithras has been found in a Central Asian cave. This is contemporaneous with the Indo-Greek Kingdoms and the adjacent Maurya Empire most certainly had strong cultural ties to Southeast Asia.
    The presence of Mithraism that far afield is not impossible.

  21. I think that it is important to note that Ketamine is a dissociative with hallucinogenic properties. Dissociation is the state your body enters into during intense trauma, and is the state I believe possession is most possible.

  22. Buzzfeed: Elon Musk accuses a guy (critical of Musk's involvement)on the dive team of being a pedo.

    1. Whatever Musko's been taking I recommend he quit.

  23. There's a relatively well known local act in Duluth known as superior siren. Not sure what's up with the statue...lot of masons in town.

  24. I've been thinking about all the excitingly weird stuff that seems to be going on lately. Lots of the posters here know lots more than me, so please correct me where I go wrong.

    I'm thinking that the Mithras cult had all these seven levels, right? And basically, guys could decide how far to go up the ladder. And the higher you go, obviously, there are less steps above you, more steps below you. And since the initiations were quite nasty, a motive to keep going was revenge. The closer you got to the top, the better chances to spend time with the top banana, and get your hands round his neck.

    Well, it's my current theory. Do people think there's any merit to it?

    1. You may be right... some extra incentive there definitely!

      Mithraism looks like an early template for the secret societies du jour. The levels makes them feel special, like going from white belt through the colors to black belt in karate

      Does the slaying of the bull have some significance to the end of the age of taurus... Maybe that's a nod to the founding fathers of the cult if it goes back that far

      here's a link to a glossy History channel doco on Constantine/Mithras/Jesus

  25. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this weblog's
    content all the time along with a mug of coffee.

  26. Replies
    1. Masons in charge?

    2. Military-Industrial Complex.

    3. Military Industrial Complex

    4. Military Industrial Complex, or MIC for short.

    5. military industrial complex

    6. @Anon 5:38 That made me chuckle. Pretty much right?

    7. It come from President Eisenhower's farewell address where he coined the term. The man had seen the beast and was trying to warn the people about the future we currently find ourselves in. It's pretty much become a staple for the "conspiracy theory" community as they say.

  27. Mr. Knowles,
    The final episode of Luke Cage season 2 has a direct shoutout (as in actual dialogue) regarding the myth of the siren. There are also some particularly masonic details in the scene as well like checkerboard clothing and egyptian style hair stylings. Just fyi.

  28. One more synch for the pile: when you rhetorically asked if those recently discovered cosmic rays would bring a blush to the snows of Victorialand...well, you were spot-on: that's *exactly* what cosmic rays do to snow.

    To explain without getting *too* Nerdy McNerdison (on behalf of Space Geeks everywhere:Dude, like, *ouch*! Next thing you know, you'll be trying to tell us that you don't get wound up reading about the redshift differential of conjoined galaxies, or something): When cosmic rays strike ice that contains even small amounts of carbon dioxide or methane (which is pretty much all the ice in our solar system), it binds the CO2 or methane together into more complex organic compounds; then, with time, binds these organic compounds compounds into molecules as complex as, say, amino acids; eventually forming layers of hydrocarbon sludge known as tholins. These tholins have compositions so complex that they defy easy laboratory or spectroscopic analysis; but they are known to contain all the precursors necessary for life.

    This is where the synch starts. Tholins are red, so that when they first start to form, they give the slightest pink blush to the ice. With time, these alien snows blush a deeper and deeper red; until, finally, you end with an ice dwarf so crimson it looks like it's been bled on.

    (Slight digression, but: this also gives astronomers a handy rule of thumb for determining the age of an icy surface: the redder it is, the older it is; if you see pearly white, you know you're looking at new ice. It's also led to a few mysteries, such as the discovery of objects out in the Kuiper Belt that should be so red they're nearly black (having orbited out there in the emptiness, where nothing happens, since the solar system formed), but that instead are white like pearls.)

    This is more of a stretch, but, "to bind the pearly to our souls", but... A large number of scientists believe that life (that is, the building blocks necessary) came to our Earth on comets. This is because Life appears in the geological record just as soon as the Earth cooled enough for liquid water to condense out of the steamy atmosphere; no real time for any sort of development, just bang! as soon as conditions on Earth allow a puddle to form, there's something swimming in it.

    Most religions teach that these bodies were formed as vehicles for our souls. So...we started with round, shiny white comets like pearls. Cosmic radiation brought a blush to those snows. The comets (and their tholins) fell onto the young Earth, and Life took hold...and those pearly comets are bound to our souls in an unbroken chain.

    Hope this was slightly useful (or at least a little entertaining). As always, keep up the stellar work!

  29. Long time fan (10 yrs off & on; discovered you in 2008 when googling my fav #17 as I was born 7/17/65)...yet rare commenter. Mostly because I'm often clueless to many of the references in both the blog posts and comment shares. Even so, the synchs that resonate from my exposure here to Secret Sun World are often creepily uncanny...either I read something and within days there's a hit or I have a personal experience that I come to find is on your radar and others in this crowd. Big Time Woo Woos lol!
    So I could write a ton if only I typed more than 2 finger hunt/peck method haha...but I'll keep it mostly short for now especially to say how much I value this place/space-and your amazing work Sir Knowles as well as the SS community and their contributions to the's truly stellar~wink/nudge and so thought provoking!
    Yet disturbingly often dark...cynical and despairing...feeding my sorrow over all the needless suffering and insanity.
    I'd like to inject a little more Light and levity to perhaps balance the MKultra/DeepState/Psychopathic/Pedo vibes because maybe I'm just a foolish dreamer imagining a kinder world.
    As a highly sensitive empath who has pretty much felt like a misfit here...from the getgo...almost instant PTSD upon incarnation haha and exposure to the black prison box and false faces people wear-wondering wtf is wrong with so called's been tough road to say the least. Knowing/FEELING (Grand Water Trine in Natal Chart for those astrologically inclined) ..the bullshit and incongruity of the "system" in general and many people through 1-2-1 contact; I felt crazy most of my childhood/life and subsequently self medicated with various substances; alcohol predominately for depression and suicidal ideation since about the age of 12. I'll be 53 in in 2 days and am still persevering though it's been a long haul with some close calls; have stuck it out thus far for my 18 yr old son who'll be attending MIT next month. Truly he's the only reason I'm here. Though to be honest I've given myself an out of one year longer...if by my bday next summer I haven't progressed from just surviving to finally thriving, then I'll do my best to gracefully bow out...exit stage left...cuz I'm so freakin' tired of the whole pathetic drama. If only I don't have to go to the Netherlands where one can die by suicide with dignity as my Sovereign Right decrees. So wish the "United States" was actually a place of Liberty and Freedom as initially envisioned...or the planet as a whole entity really...Grand Web of Life~honoring All Our Relations with Respect, Tolerance, Justice, Compassion...Yeah more Love and Peace eye-roll Lol!
    Okay anyway, rant over.
    So here's my share...came across it on FB tonight. I've loved the song for decades~CSN&Y version...Knew Joni had written it but never before saw her version...beautiful...goosebumps.

    We are stardust/golden...billion year old carbon...would love to get back to the garden and play nice with everybody!

    Thanks again to all you beautiful Two-Leggeds/Sacred Human Beings that connect here for helping me feel less alone/crazy-it really has been an Ariadne thread through the Labyrinth!

    Keep Shining and Sparkling~Aho Mitakuye Oyasin~Hugs Y'all :)

    To get the full fascinating opening intro story; go here:

    1. Hi Friend,
      Surely you know that if you skip out on your lessons before the bell rings you'll have to come back again to complete them - only you'll be back at 0, not age 54. You can do this. You came here for a reason - based on everything you wrote above, you already know this. Now get to it. We're cheering for you.

    2. Sister (and I hope you'll forgive the familiarity; but that's really how Sufi view the Race), I know what you're saying, cause I've stood where you're standing. But I've got some bad news for you: the doors to this Universe don't have handles on the inside. You can throw away what you've built and start from scratch; but you're not gonna get Out. You can't get Home that way.

      The good news is: I could tell you stories of people who didn't flourish until late in life until you fall asleep. Contrary to popular belief, Jesus was around 50 when he started his ministry; and he was older than you when he stared down the cross, and won.

      Moses was a drunk debauched Egyptian prince til he was 40; then he was a fugitive from justice hiding in a tent in the Wilderness til he was 80. Then he got called to the prophethood; and everybody knows his name now; and no one remembers those first 80 years.

      Aaron, his brother, was just an ordinary Hebrew slave for Eighty-plus years. I always wondered if he had whip-scars on his back. Then one night he got called. And everybody knows him; and nobody remembers that he was an ordinary Hebrew slave for Eighty-plus years.

      So please think twice about that artificial deadline. There could be something waiting for you at 55, or 57, that's gonna gain you sainthood, and put you in the history books. Get gone before then, and you've missed the one big thing.

      Just one man's advice. But all the people of goodwill are all on the same side. So I'm pulling for you here.

    3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      What they said. It wasn't until my mid-50s I finally faced my own personal siren/demons and won, finally getting past a life that had been trying to drag me down where I knew I didn't belong or want to be. On top of that, my final siren struggle was personal and, after getting this crazy woman out of my life, I was rewarded by becoming reacquainted with a remarkable women my siren knew, and who turned out to be quite the opposite of my crazy siren (who herself turned out to be a mirror for all the evil and dysfunction I'd grown up with).

      I've had decades of pain heal significantly in the few short years since meeting this new woman. It was almost as if the universe sent me a living angel as a reward for facing down my siren and avoiding the danger she invited. Sometimes struggle does pay off if it's for the right reasons and and with the right intentions applied long enough. That last bit is key.

    4. Been super busy since I shared that original pitiful post so I returned with a serious case of writers remorse to delete it. Didn't expect any replies thus it was a surprise to find a few. Very kind tear jerking ones at that. I'm really such a sap-have cried at sentimental tv commercials for example. Hate seeing dead animals in the road and if they're fresh hits will if possible, stop to move them to the side at least onto a patch of earth with a moment of prayer/acknowledgement for their life. If you've ever looked into Meyers/Briggs personality indicator, I always test as INFJ fwiw.
      Anyway, I appreciate each of you sincerely with respect and gratitude for taking the time to reach across the web and tug at my heart with your supportive words and encouragement; Anony 1:21 and Sean...definitely made me smile....and frown as I've convinced myself that once on the other side of the veil, there's no way I'd ever consent to return to this crazy zoo. Isn't it my free will prerogative to stay dis-incarnate? The body is just so dang heavy!

      Khadir; Bless you for your examples of late bloomers so to speak lol! I know you're right when I listen to the still small voice's just that the barrage/cacophony of insanity from the players on this world stage often drown out that little light. Plus the tinnitus doesn't help haha. I really need to meditate more! PS You can def call me though I prefer to spell it; sistar ;)

      Anony 8:08 Thanks for sharing that personal bit. I've often said I wouldn't mind the struggle so much if I thought I could glean some lessons and insights to share with/inspire others be a comfort to another going through similar challenges. But I'm still stuck in the bs/pain myself...not yet through the trials...slow learner I guess. Are right intentions better than good intentions? Cuz we've all heard where those lead ;)

      Cool synchs: On the eve of the 16th, I went to dinner with my son, Our fortune cookie messages were: "Stubbornness is not a good virtue" and "The saints are the sinners who keep on trying"

      Afterward we just strolled around downtown talking. We passed a shop that I felt compelled to enter where I was led to a display of stickers with funny, sarcastic or ironic phrases. The one I bought: "Sometimes I Wrestle With My Demons~Sometimes We Just Snuggle" So apropos-it cracks me up! and is now prominently displayed on my altar.

      Each of your replies touched me in some way and I bow to you all for not just passing by but stopping to offer a little hope and a truly helps!

      Perhaps why I love the movie Avatar and it's key phrase: "I See You" so's a deep acknowledgement of connection from a compassionate nonjudgmental state of being.

      We're all so much more similar than different where it counts...beyond the superficial trappings and identity markers. Unity in the Rainbow Medicine Teachings.

      Anyway, enough of my blathering on. Yea I ought to get my own blog...and in fact, I actually attempted one if you care to check it out: But I'm thinking of trying a vlog instead...more personal but yikes consequently requiring more vulnerability too. Not sure I want to open myself to haters and trolls. But whatever, for now I'm focusing on staying sober, fortifying my health on all levels, practicing discernment and taking things less's only life after all. Love, Peace and Hugs xo

    5. Jo, I can totally relate. Been off and on suicidal since age 21 when my wife divorced me (entirely my fault). Through the years have had many struggles. While not pleasant, i have seen growth. Please, hang in there. As previous commenter said, u can do this. Now I'm pretty sure my cancer is back, will find out for sure next month. Gonna miss the nuclear war! Damn! NOT.I would have offed myself many times if i did not fear karmic consequences. You sound like a wonderful person, please ride it out, we need more like you in this insane plane of existence.

    6. Yulbluka~Thank you for adding your words of support and understanding. Y'know it's real humbling and sad as well that when I admit to others my struggles w/depression and thoughts of suicide, that so many people can relate. Usually the most sensitive folks. I am so sorry to read of your health challenges. If at all possible wherever you are on this good green earth....find some CBD oil. Just last week a friend told me about a guy who went to Colorado and cured his stage 4 lung cancer with it...after Drs. had given up on him. He probably also ate a very clean diet; whole foods, no refined sugar (major culprit there) or artificial crap...but even so, that's quite a feat! There's another guy who tells a similar story you may want to check out at with lots of resources, survivor stories and support. I suppose it depends on how much effort/fight you have left. Over the years, I've prayed for a heart attack or some major illness to strike so I could die w/o the stigma of suicide.
      Now that I feel somewhat more hopeful for my future, I still can't say that if such a fate befell me, I wouldn't sigh and surrender. Then again, I often joke that I'm probably gonna live to my 80's because the Divine Supreme Creator/Creatrix wants me to mellow out a lot more before I cross over....knowing that otherwise I'd be up in his/her face like a mosquito whining about what a sick sadist they must be to allow the shit show that is playing out here for so many lol. It is a great mystery ain't it. Then I consider how the sun shines on everyone alike-no distinctions or favorites. There's a nice analogy eh? May we both keep shining for as long as we can!
      Peace, Love and Hugs!

  30. Speaking of the all important 44, France has won the 2018 fifa world cup and their coach is Didier Deschamps (DD = 44)

  31. A Pussy Riot in the World Cup final the day before Trump meets Putin?
    "World Cup final interrupted by pitch invasion, Pussy Riot claims responsibility"

    I would imagine Trump would be happy that they were grabbed by the Russian security guards before they could really run riot;-)

    1. "World Cup: Four Pussy Riot members sentenced to 15 days' jail over pitch invasion"

  32. So, Allen MK Dulles was hanging out with the mind feckers in Switzy eh. Kind of looks like he should have been on Hitler's payroll think ye not? Anyway, thanks for the intro....

    Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland. We seek truth here, we seek truth there, but Squitzerland is a stone rarely overturned. Because it's neutral right? Yeah right. Where to begin to uncover the perfect cover - let's do a quick whirl eh?

    Herbert Hoover (name change), behind the scenes overseer of the BIS - Swiss.
    His twin brother J. Edgar (name change) founder of FBI - Swiss.
    Allen Dulles CIA founder - Swissophile - seeing the links yet.
    Putin, not German speaker, but Swiss German speaker.
    Kim Jong Un educated in Pyongyang? Nah - Switzerland.
    Think the Donald might have some Squitz in him, or Laura B?
    The central bankers bank, the BIS - Swiss.
    Home to so many innocent and corrupt international organisations.
    FIFA, Olympic Committee and all those countless others not whiter than white you say?
    Sponsors of Hitler with their cross pasted all over his tanks.
    Vatican guard - Swiss.
    The bloodiest war in history, 30 years war - Swiss.
    Conceivers and founders of the first International Anarchist Conference in the late 19th century in whose footsteps followed dozens, and I mean dozens of high profile assassinations by, you guessed it, 'anarchists', including the one the started WW1.
    French foreign legion created by Swiss with Swiss generals.
    Fingers rarely noticed in every frickin' pie.
    Switzerland, founded by Templars, for Templars and their bloodline, repository of all their stolen loot and the devil's heart. Only square flag in the world so it can accommodate the Templar Cross. Surface not even scratched. The spider at the centre of the nefarious web.

    And let's not forget their lovely new tunnel - wonder what else they built down there in goat mountain?

    They point the finger at London, they point the finger at Washington, they point the finger everywhere and anywhere but never at the venomous spider. Neutral. Yeah right.

    See the outstanding work of Sean Hross.

    1. Thanks, Anon 9:10. If only more people were aware of why Switzerland is "the top of the world".

      Davos, Switzerland is featured in USA Network's "Colony" as the capital of the human world post alien takeover. Colony is a fun watch with plenty of satirical pokes at our current zeitgeist.

    2. The Swiss would
      of gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids... "Switzerland" does not even register in the average American's empty,
      chemically zombiefied and media remote-controlled pea-sized brain.Good Job NWO-MSM!

    3. They do try to make it a bit obvious for the clueful:
      Swiss flag/Knights Templar
      Red Cross/Knights Hospitalier
      And the flag itself is a simplification of the Zodiac (via Occitan flag -> Templar cross), which itself is a representation of the band of constellations within which our solar system rotates in its orbit with the secret sun.
      And this is important to remember, because twice a great year Earth is traumatised, which means it's a good idea to harness an unwitting civilisation into providing resources to build vast underground shelters/cities (Cern,Gotthard Base, etc.).

    4. Oh, I forgot to add: it's 12 hours per day/night (white/black) in a 24 hour revolution, because it's 12 millennia per heaven/hell (yin/yang - white/black) in a 24 millennia revolution.

      And there are 12 æons (2,000 years each) in a great year (12 signs/constellations of the Zodiac - dots around the occitan cross).

      The only thing that's tricky to find at the heart of this, is the secret sun, but it's hidden in plain sight - as they say.

    5. And if you draw lines and connect the end of the arms of the Swiss Cross you get an octagon, the shape of many Templar chapels and also the shape of the reception room at Hitler's retreat The Eagle's Nest, which is in just about as remote an area that you can get in Germany, right on the Swiss German border. Now why would he build his retreat 10 times closer to the capital of Switzerland than Berlin???

    6. who is john galt?

  33. An note (and topic you might be bored of): On top of the gender-bending peeedopheliaa themes in The Alienist, and all the ritual symbols, there is a scene where the protag's maid cuts her finger (middle finger left hand) and our protag adds his saliva, and it seems like a nice nod to spirit cooking. I think this was Ep.6, Ascension, and other epis include Requiem, Castle in the Sky and Psychopathia Sexualis.

  34. Effin' AWESOME info-packets here, people. Will comment sometime tomorrow.

    Keep 'em coming.

  35. 33 Sterling: not 444. its 45. it always goes like this, the 4th, the 5th... the minor fall and the major lift, the baffled kings composing hallelujah. hallelujah. hallelujah. hallelujah. hallelujah. Enochian magic and astrology are lost to the populus and for good reason. They don't listen. Say hallelujah as many times as you can, each time you will be heard by the queens of heaven.

    Ohio was a giant. Her people settled these parts, from Deluth to the hills of Kentucky. All the way down to Paradise. Who's sister was she? Not Scota or Tut's. She was Thracian, of Maximinus right? I forget, blame the gorgons. i mean the automotons of cyclops and hephaestus. i mean the goliaths of padagonia.

    I mean the tetons. i mean the ghost dances we did against them.
    oddly enough, as I sent you my last msg about Nikey, Colombia. two songs i had on repeat: man who sold the world n lake of fire. you have phenomenal intuition, adept indeed. the week of the 4th of july and the strawberry moon will be fire culling from here on out until the rise of woman king and the water from the visions of daniel, for those who never dream, thereby the kingdom and temple of Hiram Abiff be rebuilt in sacred matrimony. Many blessings and Hail Mary's in your name. Keep up the good work. one sacred love to all, and to all a good night.

  36. all apologies. patience. scythian empire:
    weather systems.

  37. we are the halluci nation. we are not a conquered people.

  38. Don't worry about all of this stuff. According to Elle magazine "Ariana Grande Is Here To Save Us". So we're good.

  39. Hi Chris - your comment about the statue in Duluth, MN sparked some interest in me, as well. Turns out, this is very interesting. It is part of a sculpture project by and artist named Douglas Freeman (hmmmm) and its called, "Fountain of the Wind." Created in 1993, there is a plaque that gives an overview of the entire fountain which is a tribute to Lake Superior. That figure which you surmised was a mermaid is, according to Freeman, the central figure of the work and he refers to it as "Wildcat Dreaming" a creature of the subconscious. He goes on to say: "You are drawn to her. But beneath thought, there is fear. She springs from a collision of cultures, lake legends (The Three Sisters) and the tradition of the Ojibwa (Misipeshsu-The Lynx). Her relatives include the Sphinx, the Chac Mool (Mayan), the Minotaus, the Buddha. The sculpture tells no single story. The stories are yours to tell. She is part of the great mystery, born from the silver path of the moon on Lake Superior."

    Yeah. The world is full of wonderment.

    Heres a link to the park if you want to read and look at the whole thing.

  40. One more, smaller, synch for the pile: it occurred to me that the entire Thai cave psychodrama happened during the Hebrew month of Tammuz, which was named in honor of, well, *that* Tammuz. Perfect time to descend into the underworld and be miraculously raised, I hear.

    I admit it's a weaker synch, since, so far as I know, none of the soccer team was Jewish (though, surprisingly, some of the Hill Tribes in that general area- for instance, the Bnei Menashe-
    claim Israelite descent; the historical veracity of which is complicated, hotly debated...and I personally don't know enough to even offer an opinion on it).

    It also adds another layer to the fact that it all happened in the Sleeping Woman Hills, since, in some variants of the myth, it was Lady Inanna herself, and not Tammuz/Dumuzi, who descended into the Underworld and rose again. The soccer team left their backpacks and shoes at the entrance to the cave; Lady Inanna likewise had to leave her gear, and disrobe, before she could enter the underworld. The Sleeping Woman Hills also might be pertinent in that the Sumerians believed the underworld to be ruled over by a woman, Ereshkigal.

    For the record, while I'm sure that the average Reformed or secular Jew only knows Tammuz as a month of the year (in the same way the average American has no idea who, say, Janus, is), religious Jews do seem well aware of the mythology. Go to any Haredi Outreach website, and chances are pretty good that somewhere there you'll find an explanation as to why one of the months of their sacred calendar bears the name of a pagan deity. And for whatever it's worth, a handful of Haredi groups (and quite a few Hebrew Christian groups) are bothered enough by it to ditch the name and simply call it "HaChodesh HaRevi'i", the Fourth Month.

    Anyway, hope this is some use. As always, keep up the stellar work.

  41. Blogger is being annoying again and not letting me respond to comments. I'll try again later. What a crappy platform.