Friday, July 06, 2018

Infotrainment Week: Hunk of Burning Love

Well, it looks like the Wicker Man meme isn't going anywhere any time soon. I wish it would; the Nic Cage travesty nearly ruined the original for me.  

But what exactly is the pretext here?

Fuck if I know. You have any suggestions? 

And there's that sick-making therapeutic-language shielding again: apparently this weird, disturbing image is meant "to encourage the community to embrace learning and healing" and so on and so forth.

OK. How?

Maybe we don't want to know.

Speaking of Heaven or the Vegas, (Ice)Blink-182 had to postpone their residency at the Pearly Theatre at the Palm (read: "Phoenix") Casino because of Travis Barker's health issues. That chap's a terrific drummer but he's had rather crap luck. Unfortunate.  

Unfortunate he's in such a lousy band, I mean. Say whatever you will about Tom DeLonge, but he was the real talent in Blink.

Meanwhile, Mark Hoppus has been making use of the downtime to let the world know that DeLonge isn't the only Blinker with top-level MIC connections. 

Yep, just another punk-rockin' fool from the 'burbs. Chatting it up with Admirals planning massive invasions. Just a snotty skater who got lucky.

Meanwhile, I can neither confirm nor deny this information. 

Interesting inversion there, though.

Well, there's some album cover art for you, eh? Someone read the Illuminatus! trilogy one too many times, perhaps? It happens.

In case you were wondering, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a "rapper" whose "music" is aimed at the grade school market. It's weird, god-fucking-awful and more than faintly-unsettling.

But how else can you get the wee wanes started on learning their secret society iconography? Those Grove boys do get awful thirsty, y'know.

This, on the other hand, is weird, extremely unsettling and awesome. And you may be interested to know that after six years, I finally realized exactly why this video is so unsettling.

Because it's not really about birds.

OK, all you gematria buffs, start your engines. 8418. 

Oh, plus "Scott," "Davidson," and 9/11. 

Well, we had Kate Spade's estranged husband tooling around Manhattan in a Rescuers mask (fuck knows where he got such a thing) and now we have Pete Davidson tooling around in a very odd face mask, bleached blond hair and a Snoopy jersey.

Not his best look. But it was probably some lunatic kind of secret cult ritual, so rock on Petey-D!

Well, since everything is coming out of the toy box and conspiracy theory is become utterly redundant, do note that some good old-fashioned Ewen Cameron-Clockwork Orange ECT-pacification is apparently coming back in style. 

Because why wouldn't it?


Well, there's some unfortunate 
product-placement for you. 

It's looking as if this Joel Davis was an utter fraud who lied about pretty much everything but was still able to get a Derp State who's-who to back his bullshit charity. Call me cynical but it's almost getting to the point that when I hear "international children's charity" I think "elite rape ring."

Maybe I should stop reading the news.

And what do we have here, Jimmy? Wow, we have another high-profile bust of another peteO-sicko plugged deep into the Derp State power-structure. What are the odds?

Man, it's almost like the Feds got a hold of some other highly-placed peteO-sicko's laptop or something. Wacky.

And then there's this errant nonsense belching forth from the Netherlands. Of course. Where else?

In the meantime, the whole Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas circus just gets weirder and stupider. Does anyone take this bullshit seriously anymore? I certainly hope not.

These guys here are either totally clueless or they're trolling. What's your guess? They do post some weird shit on Twitter, I'll say that.


I'm sure this is bloody awful- like post-DeLonge Blink 182 awful-- but you gotta admit that's a pretty clever title.

Newsflash: Highly-publicized struggle-sessions are bad for your bottom line. All the more so when it's all designed to disguise your observation of Garlands Day. Allegedly.

Either way, I think you can hold off ordering that tux for the President Schultz inaugural ball.

Well, you knew this was coming. Mermaid-entrainment isn't going anywhere, kids. In fact, it looks like they're calling out the big, um, guns for the next phase of the project. So who better to sell the meme than our Darling Nicki?

Don't you dare say Kim Kardashian.

Man, they just don't give up, do they? And somebody get that model some White Castle already.


I read some really interesting material on this cult back in the day.  Crazy, unsettling shit. The gist of it seemed to be that, like Heaven's Gate, it was essentially a bunch of uber-nerds who blew their corks on Apocalypse and went all kill-crazy.

Never a good mix. I mean, ever see 12 Monkeys?

Speaking of cults, this story is only getting weirder and more unsettling, all the more so with the death of this Thai SEAL. Exactly kind of initiation were these boys taking part in? Who the hell thought it was a good idea to take children into such a dangerous location? 

There's something we're not being told here.

Especially since the capital city of that province has an omphalos.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I wasn't aware Buddhism revered the omphalos, which takes us back to Kronos and Rhea and the Titans and all the rest of it. 

Unless Thailand is no different than anywhere else in the world and their leaders only nominally observe the local religions but revere the Nephilim in secret.

Speaking of apocalyptic cults, I noticed this new architectural motif recently. See what I mean? No?

Try this, from the 2016 DNC Convention.

Still don't see it?

Here's a hint.

The GOP didn't seem to use it at their convention but I did notice this distinctly Babylonian-- or even Babalo-Mayan-- stage design at their 2012 confab.  

Always such a comfort to see those kind of motifs at something like a major party's national convocation. Really restores your faith in democracy.

Speaking of Neo-Neo-Babylon, there's some Secret Sun Scrabble for you.

Speaking of which, it seems the skies over Cylon Francisco went Orange, thanks to local wildfires. Or maybe that's just what they want you to think (HAARP, cough).

And Orange and 17. Mark your scorecards.

This popped up not long after I started ruminating on the possibility that SN1987A was artificial. This seems to be more oriented towards Dyson Spheres and all the rest but to me it's six of one, half-dozen of the other.

Anyone with me on SN1987A? I mean, when has any supernova looked even remotely like that?

I'll tell you what, Lex; I'll believe it when I see it. A good place to start? Sending some of that fab gear of yours through the Van Allen Belt. Let's start there and see how it goes.

Of course, ol' Lex just made $60 million dollars in the time it took me to type that so what the hell do I know?



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