Friday, July 06, 2018

Infotrainment Week: Hunk of Burning Love

Well, it looks like the Wicker Man meme isn't going anywhere any time soon. I wish it would; the Nic Cage travesty nearly ruined the original for me.  

But what exactly is the pretext here?

Fuck if I know. You have any suggestions? 

And there's that sick-making therapeutic-language shielding again: apparently this weird, disturbing image is meant "to encourage the community to embrace learning and healing" and so on and so forth.

OK. How?

Maybe we don't want to know.

Speaking of Heaven or the Vegas, (Ice)Blink-182 had to postpone their residency at the Pearly Theatre at the Palm (read: "Phoenix") Casino because of Travis Barker's health issues. That chap's a terrific drummer but he's had rather crap luck. Unfortunate.  

Unfortunate he's in such a lousy band, I mean. Say whatever you will about Tom DeLonge, but he was the real talent in Blink.

Meanwhile, Mark Hoppus has been making use of the downtime to let the world know that DeLonge isn't the only Blinker with top-level MIC connections. 

Yep, just another punk-rockin' fool from the 'burbs. Chatting it up with Admirals planning massive invasions. Just a snotty skater who got lucky.

Meanwhile, I can neither confirm nor deny this information. 

Interesting inversion there, though.

Well, there's some album cover art for you, eh? Someone read the Illuminatus! trilogy one too many times, perhaps? It happens.

In case you were wondering, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a "rapper" whose "music" is aimed at the grade school market. It's weird, god-fucking-awful and more than faintly-unsettling.

But how else can you get the wee wanes started on learning their secret society iconography? Those Grove boys do get awful thirsty, y'know.

This, on the other hand, is weird, extremely unsettling and awesome. And you may be interested to know that after six years, I realized exactly why this video is so unsettling.

Because it's not really about birds.

OK, all you gematria buffs, start your engines. 8418. 

Oh, plus "Scott," "Davidson," and 9/11. 

Well, we had Kate Spade's estranged husband tooling around Manhattan in a Rescuers mask (fuck knows where he got such a thing) and now we have Pete Davidson tooling around in a very odd face mask, bleached blond hair and a Snoopy jersey.

Not his best look. But it was probably some lunatic kind of secret cult ritual, so rock on Petey-D!

Well, since everything is coming out of the toy box and conspiracy theory is become utterly redundant, do note that some good old-fashioned Ewen Cameron-Clockwork Orange ECT-pacification is apparently coming back in style. 

Because why wouldn't it?


Well, there's some unfortunate 
product-placement for you. 

It's looking as if this Joel Davis was an utter fraud who lied about pretty much everything but was still able to get a Deep State who's-who to back his bullshit charity. Call me cynical but it's almost getting to the point that when I hear "international children's charity" I think "elite rape ring."

Maybe I should stop reading the news.

And what do we have here, Jimmy? Wow, we have another high-profile bust of another pedo-sicko plugged deep into the Deep State power-structure. What are the odds?

Man, it's almost like the Feds got a hold of some other highly-placed pedo-sicko's laptop or something.


And then there's this errant nonsense belching forth from the Netherlands. 

Of course. Where else?

In the meantime, the whole Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas circus just gets weirder and stupider. Does anyone take this bullshit seriously anymore? I certainly hope not.

These guys here are either totally clueless or they're trolling. What's your guess?

They do post some weird shit on Twitter, I'll say that.


I'm sure this is bloody awful- like post-DeLonge Blink 182 awful-- but you gotta admit that's a pretty clever title.

Newsflash: Highly-publicized struggle-sessions are bad for your bottom line. All the more so when it's all designed to disguise your observation of Garlands Day. Allegedly.

Either way, I think you can hold off ordering that tux for the President Schultz inaugural ball.

Well, you knew this was coming. Mermaid-entrainment isn't going anywhere, kids. In fact, it looks like they're calling out the big, um, guns for the next phase of the project. So who better to sell the meme than our Darling Nicki?

Don't you dare say Kim Kardashian.

Man, they just don't give up, do they? And somebody get that model some White Castle already.


I read some really interesting material on this cult back in the day.  Crazy, unsettling shit. The gist of it seemed to be that, like Heaven's Gate, it was essentially a bunch of uber-nerds who blew their corks on Apocalypse and went all kill-crazy.

Never a good mix. I mean, ever see 12 Monkeys?

Speaking of cults, this story is only getting weirder and more unsettling, all the more so with the death of this Thai SEAL. Exactly kind of initiation were these boys taking part in? Who the hell thought it was a good idea to take children into such a dangerous location? 

There's something we're not being told here.

Especially since the capital city of that province has an omphalos.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I wasn't aware Buddhism revered the omphalos, which takes us back to Kronos and Rhea and the Titans and all the rest of it. 

Unless Thailand is no different than anywhere else in the world and their leaders only nominally observe the local religions but revere the Nephilim in secret.

Speaking of apocalyptic cults, I noticed this new architectural motif recently. See what I mean? No?

Try this, from the 2016 DNC Convention.

Still don't see it?

Here's a hint.

The GOP didn't seem to use it at their convention but I did notice this distinctly Babylonian-- or even Babalo-Mayan-- stage design at their 2012 confab.  

Always such a comfort to see those kind of motifs at something like a major party's national convocation. Really restores your faith in democracy.

Speaking of Neo-Neo-Babylon, there's some Secret Sun scrabble for you.

Speaking of which, it seems the skies over Cylon Francisco went Orange, thanks to local wildfires. Or maybe that's just what they want you to think (HAARP, cough).

And Orange and 17. Mark your scorecards.

This popped up not long after I started ruminating on the possibility that SN1987A was artificial. This seems to be more oriented towards Dyson Spheres and all the rest but to me it's six of one, half-dozen of the other.

Anyone with me on SN1987A? I mean, when has any supernova looked even remotely like that?

I'll tell you what, Lex; I'll believe it when I see it. A good place to start? Sending some of that fab gear of yours through the Van Allen Belt. Let's start there and see how it goes.

Of course, ol' Lex just made $60 million dollars in the time it took me to type that so what the hell do I know?


  1. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)9:26 AM, July 06, 2018

    They (the secret society freaks who believe they control the world when in reality they're constantly struggling to improvise for the perpetual, escalating chaos of existence) seem to think that the gods respond to flattery.

    The Great God Pan straight-up doesn't give a s**t. The Creator of the Universe isn't a human king sitting upon a throne; he's the ultimate rock star, drinking too much, playing terrible music way too loud and f**king his little nymphs/mermaids all day long. He's too busy having fun to do more than laugh at our troubles and the "Illuminati"'s troubles and all our attempts at bribery (even when we say "AMEN" at the end of our prayers, its indirectly a call unto the primordial, hidden Creator god Amen with ram's horns from Ancient Egypt (guess who?), adopted by the Hebrew slaves after their escape).

    As for attempting to flatter/bribe the nymphs/mermaids, good luck. They'll bring a tsunami to drown your sorry ass and then laugh as well. The best course of action, IMO, is to merely accept and perhaps celebrate the existence of Pan as our distant Greek ancestors did: have fun, play music, get drunk/high and screw until we're exhausted and ready to return to civilized life, where we can try to solve our own f**king problems without expecting the f**king unknowable super-cosmic PROTOGONOS ("first to generate everything") to intervene on our favor and clean up our messes for us.

    1. Some entities are prone to persistent pestering?

      Some entities will just say "Fuck It!" & hand over the keys to the kingdom just for the novelty of what mere mortals may conjure before fucking up fatally?

      Some entities like to play with their food, & having that food play with Itself adds extra profiles of flavour dimensions, before the commencement of feasting?

      Perhaps some entities have trapped themselves in some kind of dead-end & seek to use Humanity's supposed 'problem solving' 'ingenuity' & 'creative potential' as a means to Trans-end the atrophycation of limbo/purgatory/hell/heaven?

    2. Hey JB,
      es-tu de montréal ou en région?

      Hi folks! Did you catch how the sunset seem to be approx. 30 degres off north. LIke the orange is the new black, like the west is the new north, Kanye West, North West....dunno just throwing.

      Anyway, love the blog and all you guys.

  2. Yes, 1987a does look like an artifice. It's undoubtedly a NASA creation. It's probably a 12 point ring (zodiac) overlaid upon the Vesica Piscis (symbol of infinity and Sun/secret sun orbit).

    Bear in mind that this object is too small to resolve with amateur telescopes, except as a white dot. So, NASA can have fun inventing the super-zoomed-in image for esoteric purposes. Who's going to argue with the emperor?

    1. So Don u tellin' me that ring's a fugesi?

    2. GBoF, the alternative is that it is aliens - demonstrating their ability to create celestial artifacts that coincide with the esoteric symbols of Earthlings.

      Given the Moon landing fakery, you have to get with the times. Computer modelling of 'supernovae' is now so advanced, it can produce very pretty pictures - and can be directed to produce pictures that 'co-incidentally' comprise esoteric symbolism.

      Thus the emperor's subjects lap it all up as gospel, swearing blind that it's all true (despite no means of corroboration), while the emperor's viziers deliberately show their hand to those who can see it.

      From 1987a imagery:
      1) The eye of Sauron/providence
      2) The Vesica Piscis
      3) Two suns/stars
      4) 12 point Zodiac
      5) An hour glass

      "We(1) would like to inform you that per the orbit(2) of our two suns(3) and mankind's great calendar(4) time is running out(5)"

    3. The key being 'computer modelling', like this 'creation' itself.
      Ours a diminutive 'copy'.

  3. In the finale of the new season of westworld, the host clementine(orange) is injected with a code by the masters overseeing the park that causes all the hosts nearby to start fighting amongst themselves.

    She is then sent by the masters overseeing the park(humans) riding a "pale horse" to where all the hosts have gathered and they all start killing each other. Even the imagery of the scene sublimely hints at this code orange as the desert like backdrop seems to have an orange hue.

    To me this revealed a clue as to what this "code orange" meme really is. It is division from within. It is a cryptographic meme in these possibly manufactured end times that passes the word along to all in the know to incept through the media and other faculties as much friction, division and in fighting as possible(you see it even more in politics now, as well as race relations etc....). Everything is being split apart(metaphorically) as far as possible right now, so their will be such a deep release when the polarities are brought back together(and they will be the ones who provide the "release"). It is the "golden apple of discord".

    If you want a bunch of syncs involving what the end game is for the whole vegas/nephilim/eridanus pattern. It has a breaking the waters birthing aspect to it as well as many others. Check out the video on YouTube. Chiron Last - The House of El.

    1. Seems plausible to me.

      Steganographic broadcast media - a more evolved form of The Bible.

    2. Yeah except there is no "broadcast" media of relevance today. The days of everyone watching everything and at the same time are gone. It was great for "them" while it lasted but now is the true chaos - the kind where we don't pay attention to them.

      Anon 10:03 you must pay attention to how fast we see the diversionary tactics. Those that fall for it sort of cull themselves from the herd which is fine. Just like the useful idiotic "Antifa" person at the "riot" here in Portland who thought he was in a movie until someone from the real world knocked him back to reality.

  4. A journalist named Specktor... Interesting.

    Thanks for mentioning the kids in Thailand. I'm nearly 50yo but never before have I come across a news story like this: "The kiddies are alive, thankfully. Now we just need 4 months to get them out." Huh? Why. Says who. Based on what. The mind goes numb.

    I was also struck by how the minute the story came out, the media neatly served it up alongside tidbits from past disasters -- Chilean miners etc. It feels like the ritualistic overtones get set up EX ANTE nowadays. Why wait when we can traumatize a nation even before things get hairy.

  5. Albion ablaze:

    Winter Hill's just one of the locations on this island under-fire, & no rain's forecast.


    (just one of the 'dark one's' criss-crossing this land, a tributary of 'The Severn', pronounced tame though not teem)

    'Environment Agency workers lifted more than 500 salmon and trout from remaining small pockets of water this week before they vanished in the scorching sun.'

    'vanished', 'scorching': alchemical-splice-offerings to pearly gated denizens?

    Island sacrifice:

    'Tragic Alesha, six... was discovered in woodland at around 9am on Monday... Police Scotland confirmed Alesha's body was discovered ...on the site of the abandoned Kyles of Bute Hydropathic Hotel, which was demolished in the 1970s'

    'Hydropathic', also 'demolished' & '1970s'.

    Included photos are suggestive that the separated parents are currently coupled with deadringers of their exes.

    Thailand's sunken & water-logged rescue effort = Lost Boys of The Flies alchemically-trauma-chimera-spliced into mermaids? Or at the very least the current possibility of their watery deaths further seeding such transformative fates as destiny into the collectively mediated consciousness?

    & (linked on the transmitter fire page) finally:

    'What happens if someone catches the Loch Ness Monster?'

    'A Scottish government-funded body has a plan in place if the Loch Ness Monster should ever be found... Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) prepared the "partly serious, partly fun" code of practice in 2001 amid a period of intense interest in Nessie... This year's interest has been piqued by scientists gathering DNA from the loch, and Scotland's first minister saying she believes there is a monster... It stipulates that a DNA sample should be taken from any new creature, and then it should be released back into the loch... The story of the monster can be traced back 1,500 years when Irish missionary St Columba is said to have encountered a beast in the River Ness in 565AD... Steve Feltham is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records for the longest continuous monster hunting vigil of Loch Ness. He moved from Dorset 27 years ago to look for Nessie... eventually science would reveal a cause for the sightings... "People have been seeing things in the loch for fifteen hundred years."'

    Bonnie Scotland's 1st minister is a 'Nicola Sturgeon'.

    It's reigning fish.

    1. Apologies, my mistake re: pronunciation of 'The Teme', It's pronounced 'team'/'teem' & NOT 'tame' (but team/teem/tame It's apples & oranges), I was perhaps preoccupied by the nearby waters of 'The Tamar' (pronounced tay-mar & another 'dark one').

      Fire & Water = Vapour & only the sturdiest, secure & most adaptable of vessels can withstand repeated heating, cooling & exposure to extremes of temperature, such vessels are valuable & prized with inherant material qualities worthy of devotion & divining (perhaps in the hopes of making more of said vessels, or simulacra of, for a soul's (if indeed a soul's present) own use). A space shuttle's a vessel dependent on such material to go about Its business of ferrying souls from elemental state to state.

      A monster sighted in Scotland 6 times in five days:

      'Her Majesty was unfazed by the soaring temperatures...'

      I don't know how she does It! But she's "worth every penny" & "She works hard for her money", maybe the ever-present pearl earrings help.

      & Sturgeon's? They eat mollusks making them pearl fishers of sorts.

    2. Nicola Sturgeon took over First Ministers job from Alex Salmond.

    3. Sturgeon's mockingly compared to 'Wee Jimmy Krankie' (played by a 'Janette Tough' ('Tough' no less!) - the older woman posing as schoolboy half of a 'Scottish comedy duo who enjoyed success as a cabaret act in the 1970s and on television in the 1980s', the other half being her husband who plays a 'paternal figure' to 'WJK'), just more of the pervert-Oddity served up as entertainment along with Savile back then.

      'In December 2011, during an appearance on BBC Radio Scotland's Stark Talk programme, Ian Tough revealed the couple had enjoyed a colourful sex life at the time when their profile was at its highest in the 1980s, admitting to episodes of swinging. He told the story of one amorous incident where the pair almost sailed off course to France in a small boat while partaking in a sex act.' (wiki)

      The 'Krankie' catchphrase is 'Fandabidozi', quite an incantation that if uttered from the door of Boleskin House would surely call forth Nessie out t' ether for DNA sampling.

      (Sturgeon wants out of the union with England & to remain in with the EU)

    4. “It’s reigning fish”
      But “fish can’t carry guns.”

  6. Was watching a few reruns of Picket Fences recently. So touching and well-acted; 90s TV at its best. And such a project, from beginning to end, may I add.

    Transgender heroes: Check. Grade-schoolers up to speed on intercourse: Check. Tissues from aborted foetuses can "save lives": Check. Religion is too confusing, and better kept out of the public domain: Check. Serial killers are everywhere, and in fact, all males are bastards: Check. Single and attractive 20-somethings shouldn't even attempt a relationship: Check. Also a psychiatrist mum hanging her kids upside down for a bit of good-natured punishment, and all sorts of other stuff.

    It transpires not in LA or SanFran or NYC, but in bucolic Rome, Wisconsin [another anti-Christian jab, I take it]. What a skilful way to blur, nay remove all lines between genders, races, kids vs. adults, Jews and Christians, life and death, pro-life and pro-choice, right and wrong. It's ALL relative, folks!

    1. Wisconsin is a pit complete with all that stuff. Evil, with a C/B+ tier illuminati/ masonry.

    2. You've hit a goldmine for synchs, and great cultural observations given the David E. Kelley connection. He controlled vast swathes of eyeballs with shows like LA Law, Chicago Hope, Alley McBeal, Boston Public and Boston Legal. Just the actors alone he pulled in, like Shatner and Spader (and Ray Walson, my favorite martian!) and all the new "talent" that came up through his shows, now many household names. He also popularized narcisism for the masses along with the other damage you mentioned. He rarely got the professional details right for the various jobs he "portrayed" yet in hindsight it looks more like it was all intended to mock us and be a giant cultural wrecking ball.

  7. Just saw this a billboard with these graphics right after I read this post:

  8. just saw a billboard with these very orange graphics right after reading this post:

  9. Meanwhile, 5G wireless, the internet of things & AI demons are just waiting to merge, interconnect & pounce :

    Because we love progress! & progress is good!

    1. 1:14pm, like the movie 'Pulse' (2006) ?

    2. Good one. How about the teeth-rattling old British "children's" show - The Changes (1975)?

  10. It’s rare but I’m not really with you on the artificiality of SN1987A Chris. Feels odd. Next time you have Hoagland’s ear I’d love to know where he stands on this.

    Also, I’ve generally intuited that the Kardashev Scale is a bit of an Archonic ruse. Anyone else feel this way?

    As for when has a supernova looked like a weird grail cup? (Thanks J.B. from a coupla posts ago.) Perhaps soon right? Whether it’s artificial or not I’ll keep an eye on the stars for the scarlet beast, seven heads – ten horns, precious stones, pearls and “a golden cup full of abominations.”

    1. Actually, looking back a bit, I’ll note that you yourself Sir Loring have had challenges with inexplicable Supernovae before. Like when you mentioned (12/1/2017) the ole’ Revelation calendar starting with Rev 12ish & Sep 23rd, 2017. Sure, the evangelicals debunked it, but something was goin’ on with Jupiter… you said so yourself.

      Then you extended to the wounded beast supernova headwound of Rev 13ish. Is this zombie, (not dying), supernova the normal un-artificial kind? What we should see instead of SN1987A? Rather insightfully you noted that the forty and two months of Rev 13:5-6, if beginning at Sep 2014, will terminate in April-ish 2018. Then came Oumuamua seeming to relate to Rev 13:13…

      Revelation as a processional potentiality keeps spinning right along it seems. Any idea what chapter and line of Rev we’re in currently? Certainly not 17 as yet.

      As per your previous counsel I’ll keep an eye peeled for the “pearly golden cup” supernova in the general vicinity of Coma Berenices.

      It’s hairy but there it is my friend. Your coma has been named!

      As always, thanks for what you do.

    2. You can put LiveScience onto the list of FAKE science websites.Dark Energy has been proven to not exist and that cgi image is an absurd joke.Watching the TPTB faux-Science Narrative collapse is very entertaining.The writing is on the wall and Western Physics and Science (Materialist) Doctrine has recently gone up in smoke.Cling onto the great academic delusion as long as can before you sink..."Sadly,most Americans depend on the MSM to hide the truth from them!" Because,if the truth was told...The Truth? WE Can't Handle the Truth or so they tell us.It is a two-way street after all.Nobody is out protesting at US Colleges / Universities Science buildings demanding a Paradigm Shift! After all,change is scary."At this point,the dumbed-down masses are as addicted to the the corporate-state media is at telling them." Network 2.0 : Turn off your tv,computer and cellphone.

    3. Does it exist or not?

    4. I find the archonic ruse angle worth considering, if only because it may really be a projection of their actual wishes rather than a viable reality within our observable universe.

    5. Interesting Post.But,we all know the Pedogate story was 100 percent false according to Rolling Stone Magazine,The New York Times,Fox News and 60 Minutes.Sorry Charle,but there aren't any child sex abusing USA Politicians or Globalist Network of Elite child sex traffickers protected by LE including the FBI.

    6. Energy is not dark or otherwise; it just is.
      Primary and/or secondary not withstanding.
      The 'game' is mind focusing on a predetermined outcome, one which 'it' actually cannot see; hence the 'occulted' perspective. (Secret SUN)
      Pawns on the fucking chessboard really.
      TPTB seeking checkmate.

    7. Anon 8:12 why would you think TPTB are being truthful about dark energy, and dark matter when they lie their asses off about all other aspects of 'science', including astronomy?
      Do you think NAZI, I mean NASA is telling us the truth?
      Anon 8:35 you state 'A projection of their actual wishes', and 'A viable reality'; which is of course the same thing right?
      Thought precedes form, and form takes place by the will of the thought that created it.
      I agree that this is all based on the 'observer'.
      The Archonic aspect is based upon the intention and will of the thought in question; whether it is parasitic and predatorial, or not.

    8. I've amused myself thinking of the agency as "NAZA". Anyone ever worked up quality logos for this concept?

    9. Apparently I need a t-shirt with the optimal haunted combo symbol set taken from classic NASA and NAZI fetishes. Presumably also featuring one of those images of Kurt Heinrich Debus and Werner Von Braun.

      NAZA it is. (Of course pronounced Naht-Zah.)

  11. 8418. Here's a date coming up that has been tickling my brain a whiles....


    Because that's a Templar number if ever I saw one, not only is there the eleven and triple eight, but it also reduces to 8, and eight was important to them, many of their chapels etc being eight sided. Yeah yeah I know, they openly disbanded and gave up the fame and power about 700 years ago.

    Look at police badges across the globe, police being a relatively recent word if not phenomena, yet so many with the eight pointed star. First ever police force, the Met in London, even has the checker board around the head as well as the eight pointed star. Same star all across the US with the NYPD even having an 8 sided cap, probs many others including the US Marines. Police and military.

    The Nato cross is four pointed but comprised of light and dark making eight shades. But here's the neat trick, invert each one of those arms 180 degs, so the thin end is at the centre, and hey presto, a perfect Templar cross. Neat. Check it out, its your coma too!


    1. If you'll accept euro date style, that Grande tat may reference April 8th (Rev 17-18ish) on the Rev Map that Chris illustrates in his Beauty & The Beast of Rev Part 1.

    2. Ooops - Can see why you'd get some tingles one that one Meredith!

      Another odd thing about that quote - as if it isn't odd enough in its own right, is that even though it is in Belgium, it is written in English so as to maximise the receptive audience presumably.

  12. With all the talk of end times, apocalypse, revelation etc, thought I'd share an (ahem) prophecy that few will be aware of. We all know the Georgia walking guidestone nonsense which is imho, a wannabe wish list for some people who think they are in the loop. But here's a full on knock your boots right off prophecy from another source entirely. It comes from all places Belgium, home of the European Union and with more than its fair share of darkness. It is an official sign directly outside the Royal Astrid Hotel (named after a former queen), opposite is the mandatory statue of king on horseback, and just along the way is the royal summer residence. The sign reads - and I'll write it exactly as is...

    "New countries will
    grow up on graceful
    promontories where a few
    people gather together/
    In their world it will be
    illegal to own the land.
    //And they will make
    new literatures in
    which the oil age will
    be forgotten//
    And our cities will be
    folded back into the sand/
    And they will not even
    remember how we once
    held the world in our
    hands and how we
    crushed it like a bird
    in our hands"

    Crushed it like a bird.

    Still got yer boots on? FYI, Queen Astrid shares a couple of synchs with Diana. She died in a car accident, dying at the scene as a result of her injuries, on August 29 (Diana 31st August) and was buried Sept 3 (Diana sept 6).


    1. Huh, has a bit of resonance with / mouthfeel of lamentation over the destruction of Ur. Thanks for this SD.

    2. You know how Chris is always saying that syncs are personal and difficult to prove to the outsider? Well, your comment just gave me chills, and I'll try to briefly communicate why.
      I try to take a walk every day at work during my lunch, just to get outside and away from the nonsense. There's a little path that runs behind an old church, with a bench to one side. I very rarely seen anyone, and the bench is my halfway mark. I haven't been out much lately because of the heat, but today it was only 83 degrees. I reached the bench, only to find a dead bird there on the path... crushed flat. It had to have been there for a few days, since the insects had gone and I could see bones beneath the feathers but, when I say flat, I mean it. Like a mower/vehicle rolled right over it, but it was so oddly placed. I wrote it down in my sync log since it seemed odd... then I came home and read the inscription in your post. "Crushed it like a bird". Damn.
      Thank you for including that inscription. No idea what my little connection means (if anything), but I definitely had one of those 'something's winking back at me' moments.

    3. Sorry Meredith, I replied to you on the wrong post (one above). Definitely spooky from your point. Additional odd thing on that quote, even though it is in Belgium, it is written in English.

    4. Princess Grace (consort of Monaco), another blonde of the firmament, died when her life support was switched off after suffering injuries in a car crash back in '82 (having driven down a mountain after suffering a stroke). Kelly starred in Hitchcock's 'Rear Window', the plot of which, involving her character's life being put at risk whilst investigating a murder, is kicked into gear by Jimmy Stewart's character having been incapacitated due to photographing a racing car crash too close & too personal (& Monaco hosts a Grand Prix every year).

      The current Princess of Monaco, Charlene (also a blonde), 'is a former Olympic swimmer' (a silver medallist as part of the relay team) & Monaco is by the sea, making Charlene a pearl (prize(d) / prised) bearing mermaid of the principality & 'quite the catch' for her lucky husband Prince Albert no doubt.

    5. & Kelly's penultimate movie-starring role was as 'Princess Alexandra' in 'The Swan', a movie in which she ends up marrying an 'Albert'. Her final film was 'High Society'.

    6. Lewis Hamilton (driver no. 44) secured his 6th ever pole position at Silverstone (making him the most succesful pole positioner on the circuit) at todays qualifying for tomorrows Grand Prix by 0.044 seconds. It was also the 6th pole in a row at Silverstone for the Mercedes team Hamilton drives for (the Mercedes logo is a 3-pointed star) & Hamilton said he thought he secured the pole on 'turn 13' of the circuit.

      His championship rival, Sebastien Vettel (driver no. 5 (Ferrari)) came in 2nd, both drivers are aiming for their 5th world title this year.

      It's not been sunny-side up all week for Hamilton though, after failing to complete last weeks race in Austria (& losing his lead in the title race by 1 point) he starred in a photoshoot for 'GQ':

      'Lewis Hamilton poses in kilt to "make amends" for mocking nephew over wearing a dress', 'The Formula One star, 33, caused uproar last December by shaming the lad in a video for wearing a pink and purple “princess dress” saying: “Boys don’t wear Christmas dresses!”', 'Lewis later apologised. Now the racer has gone further by wearing the skirt-inspired Tommy Hilfiger outfit in a photoshoot for GQ as a “public acknowledgement” of his mistake.', '...“As men we need to think more... It’s about being open-minded. It’s about trying to come around to the times.”', ' looks like he's made amends with his nephew now, as the little boy - along with his younger sister - was taken for a special treat by his remorseful uncle.', 'The three were spotted at Disneyland Paris hand-in-hand as Lewis grinned in the sunshine.', 'His nephew had on a brand new pink dress straight from Disney's Tangled, with a full skirt and floral embellishments, which was worn over the top of his trousers and trainers.'

      Hamilton didn't seem to object to coming round 'to the times' when he shared a stage with 'new normal' Bruce Jenner back in 2016:

      'Caitlyn Jenner and Lewis Hamilton steal the show at Time 100 gala'

      '...Lewis's garb was anything but traditional as he wore a pearl studded tux with loafers.'

    7. Queen Astrid was gifted the 'Nine Provinces Tiara' by the Belgian government on the occasion of her marriage.

      The current wearer is Mathilde, Queen of Belgium, who 'is honorary president of Child Focus, foundation for missing and sexually exploited children.'

    8. Watch out Lewis those fishy Kardashian witches don't have a good track record when It comes to looking after their black pearlescent accessories!

    9. 'Iceman' Kimi Raikkonen (driver no. 7, Ferrari ('The Prancing Horse', 'rosso corsa' car colour)) knocked a tardily starting Hamilton off-track on the 3rd corner of the 1st lap of the hottest Silverstone racing weekend that commentator Karun Chandhok (a Tamil) could recall.

      Hamilton ultimately finished 2nd & Raikkonen 3rd. Vettel's winning trophy was a traditional cup with handles all shiny & golden, his win puts him 8 points ahead in the championship before his hom GP in Germany two weeks from now, the 2nd & 3rd place trophies resembled vessels in the process of shattering.

      The Mercedes racing team is known as 'The Silver Arrows', the cars race in 'Silberpfeil-Grau/Silver Arrow Grey'.

  13. Surprise, surprise for some random reason the youngest cave dweller is nicknamed "Titan". Yeah that seems totally reasonable that of all the things to point out this would come up naturally, uh huh.


  14. they were apparently taking part in some "initiation ritual":

  15. Fuck these goddamn Pentagon hippies. Someone ought to line them up against a wall.

  16. I've been thinking an awful lot about aliens lately. Your fault, of course, going on about supernovas and all that.

    And that got me thinking about the Arrival movie. I thought it was pretty cool when I saw it, but that was quite a while ago, and all I could about do then was nod when Gordon White said that Arrival wasn't about casting a spell, it was a spell itself.

    Now I know a couple more things, and I figured that planets spin and go in orbits, so that must screw quite a bit with alien timings. The poor bastards don't operate with our time! Also, since they have seven feet, they like numbers like 91=7x(4+9). Makes a lot more sense now.

    (The 13-year-old keeps having fun in a corner of the rock & roll party, even if she only has the vaguest notion of what sex is and doesn't dare to drink much.)

    1. Time and ritual. If you go to a café at 10am every second morning and I go every third morning at the same it can be said we are avoiding each other. It could also be said that we are aiming to meet regularly every six days.

  17. The winner of the World Press Photo of the year also fits nicely into your meme:
    And many of the other prizewinning photos seem in sync with the times.

  18. It's a strength you have CK, to create in a few words a mental lens that sharpens perception. This is one which, sadly, applies in that way to a spin we increasingly encounter:

    "therapeutic-language shielding"

  19. Thai rescue workers are certainly busy at the moment -

    "Thai rescue workers fear 'no chance' of more survivors from tourist boat sinking, 60 feared dead"

    1. The confirmed death toll from the accident off the resort island of Phuket stood at 33, provincial governor Noraphat Plodthong said, but the navy said divers had spotted "quite a few bodies" in the sunken vessel, the PHOENIX.

    2. "Alert system malfunctions as dust storm hits PHOENIX area"

  20. That picture of this Pete Davidson character and Arianna Grande look more like Bane and Catwoman.

    Why is it that almost all movies with Nic Cage always have flames in the movie promo pic or DVD cover? Even in Moonstruck with Cher he worked down in the hot flaming oven.

    By the way, Chris, another Invaders tidbit for you. Watched the episode Task Force from 1967. In it the aliens plan to infiltrate and take over the media corporations (looking around today they've succeeded) to control the narrative. Near the end, David Vincent (Roy Thinnes) is at their countryside ranch to rescue a media-type. He enters a stable and there are yellow horse blankets with some red strips folded and placed on various places around the stable. I saw as he crossed the area that, on a wall in the back, one blanket was perfectly folded into the side profile shape of a headstone from Easter Island! The red stripes stood in for an eye and the mouth. I rewound ('cause I'm kind - HA!) and watched it a few more times. No mistaking it. Media takeovers and Easter Island symbols? Still trying to figure it out - especially as it was obvious a real effort was made to put it in there.

    1. Nicholas Cage
      Devil's Cage/Prison/Inferno


    2. Nicolas Cage

    3. "Nicholas Cage Never Existed in This Hell!"

  21. The outcome of this pedo-cop's distribution case sure looks rigged.

    Also had a mermaid flash I wish I could unsee, though I blame the Kardassian reference for the trigger. In particular, wide hips seem to be quite the style here in the US, and not an uncommon thing in our culture at all. Being so hip-friendly I suspect the fashion industry is gonna ride this as long as it can for its "customer friendliness". Mermaid jeans are just the start.

    Perhaps the Divine 4th of July pic makes it clearer:

    The collapse into mermaid kitsch may well become the crappening of the mermaid meme. Recall Divine's rather direct connection to Little Mermaid:

    1. Forgot to mention how a mermaid brought peace to the Koreans!

      "On one occasion in 2017, Trump sent his ghostwritten 1987 bestseller ‘The Art of the Deal’ via retired NBA star Dennis Rodman, who visited Pyongyang several times before. Other gifts included a copy of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ – a mermaid puzzle for Kim’s daughter – signed jerseys and several bundles of upmarket soap."

      And gender keeps bending..

  22. The cave story is extremely disturbing.
    There are elements of the Hunger Games - 12 boys. Will we watch as one by one the boys die?
    Plus the coach is 13.
    13 = 12 disciples plus “Jesus”.
    The coach led them into the cave.
    I’m reminded of Plato’s allegory of the cave. Is this story even real? Or is it an allegory of: mindlessly following authority; the place of the individual in the team (no I in team); the return of the enlightened philosopher as savior - symbolised by the dead diver. Or perhaps the hero Elon Musk to save us all. Teaching us that wisdom is not necessary when we have technology.

    So many elements…………

    The youngest “Titan” reminds me that Zeus was last and then first. The order of the gods reversed as they spewed forth and were born again.

    1. If I had the rendering chops, I'd do a Jerry Cornelius style comic book featuring Elon Musk as a sort of Buck Rogers hero with Grimes as his alien chick sidekick (she'd be a crack shot with her energy pistolero). That'd kick ass like a good Tenacious D son

  23. Slightly off subject from your post, but I’m doing my homework and began watching Requiem... and I noticed something interesting in the costuming of Matilda. I’m only on the second episode but noticed a very interesting correlation in the cardigan she wears, the graphic motifs directly mirror the architectural motifs in the big house, both in exterior and interiors shots. Maybe a minor sync but I was excited to score a scrabble letter, nonetheless. As a side note, I am fairly certain that this garment was specifically made for this show in this context. It’s definately not off the rack and appears to be a hand knitted intarsia sweater made from high quality wool... meaning it’s design and construction was very purposeful and intentional.

    1. The transformation of Matilda becoming the angel or the angel taking her over, just subtly enough, was very well done. Crafty from a little tic in the beginning episodes to 'something is different with Matilda shes acting strange', to full out transformation in bathroom mirrors!!!
      But, what's with those birds (ravens) crashing into the glass door? Was it thrown at the door by the weird (cousin?) in woods with mirrors wtf. And why did the grandson heir let her stay at his mansion, no strings attached? Either sweet hips angelic manipulation or just because his handlers wanted to keep her there for the Ritual, or of course both...

  24. Hah, the subtle checkerboard architectural motif. My highrise condo in Kuala Lumpur is literally covered in it. Care to guess where our fancy facilities like gym and swimming pool are located? That's right, in a Sky Club on Level 33! Just to "drive the point home", I guess. As I type this I'm looking at the world's tallest Twin Towers (aka gateway to arcane knowledge), and their Suria (= Sun) shopping mega-complex, a shouting distance from here. No shortage of Fraser and Frasier streets and places around here, either btw. What a neat secret sun topography for such a piously Muslim city.

  25. I couldn't help thinking today as I read Lovecraft's short cave story first published 100 years ago this year and written when he was about 14 years old, how eerie it was to be seeing in the news a whole bunch of boys roughly the same age trapped in a real life cave drama playing out before the world's news media.

    ""The Beast in the Cave" is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft.
    The first draft was written in the Spring of 1904, with the final draft finished in April 1905, when Lovecraft was fourteen.
    It was first published in the June 1918 issue of the amateur press journal The Vagrant."

  26. Buddhism involves phallic posts for some reason. Which is what the pump halos stones are, after all. I could look it up, but I'm just not autistic enough. There is one in India made of iron that is fabulously old and figured in a lot of those "greatest mysteries of the world" paperbacks I endlessly thumbed through back in 1977 or so

    1. Yes, phallic symbols ("linga") are commonly found in Thailand and Cambodia. Some say they are of Hindu origin and represent Shiva's penis.

    2. heh heh - Pump Halos is supposed to be oumphalos (thanks, spellcheck!)

    3. This fascinating story about mushroom savant/Star Trek fanboy (and now character) Paul Stamets includes a poisonous "Omphalotus olearius fungi"

      Stamets and Frank Herber, a shroomer himself, were close, FYI:

  27. This is the most detailed coverage of the cave story I've seen and the sacrificed pig's head (warning: picture included) only makes things weirder:

    The latest stories about government-enabled pedos, starting with this Nassar For Men abomination:,-ogled-men-for-years

    Moral of this next story is that as long as it's a search for contraband, and not just lost cash, it's just fine to strip-search pre-teen schoolgirls. At least according this school system

    The secret life of an OK state senator caught with the proverbial live boy in his hotel room (the other bad one politically speaking being a dead woman). His sentence may be rather telling as to how embedded he really was.

    "Since he was elected in 2010, the senator has led a secret double life, according to the indictment. For over seven years, through a series of fake names and fake email addresses, Shortey dealt in child pornography and began soliciting minors."

  28. In syncy tech news, space and viruses are now a thing, at least for those who like to worry.

    This is an excellent look at what fear-porn does to even our mightiest alleged captains of industry and should be a wake up call to the rest of us to kick these dolts to the curb for their impotent stupidity:

    I thought this was kinda the money quote (though read it all!)

    "They were not interested in how to avoid a calamity; they’re convinced we are too far gone. For all their wealth and power, they don’t believe they can affect the future. They are simply accepting the darkest of all scenarios and then bringing whatever money and technology they can employ to insulate themselves — especially if they can’t get a seat on the rocket to Mars."

    Either that second sentence is disinfo or it's a very clear warning these are the very same idiots dragging the world to hell via their ignorant assumptions and fears about what they consider uncontrollable. The third option is they know very well they are not in control and also who or what is.

    On a more uplifting note, who knew spiders were earth's own anti-gravity aliens? Seriously, DARPA should be all over this if they aren't already:

  29. This Blind Item (revealed) from Crazy Days and Nights Blog a couple of weeks ago about Blink-182:

    "This former A list band is taking a break and using a medical excuse. No, it actually isn't because of drugs or booze, it is because of low ticket sales that are embarrassing to the point it is better to cancel shows than show up and see no one there."

    Sounds about right. The Irrelevant struggling to be relevant. I suppose the core plan for Blink/DeLonge is to get their fans into the fold to do some hocus-pocus on them but as per usual the folks at Langley are usually a couple of cultural beats behind.

  30. Also, at Crazy Days and Nights there is blind post about Paddock's brother:

    "It would have been too suspicious to have this person end up dead in a jail. Look for this family member of a mass murderer to end up dead within the next few weeks. No one wants him talking about where he got his child porn."

  31. Underwater crops for when we move under the sea?


  32. Interview with Jimmy Page about his house in London where the architect William Burges died in the Mermaid room laying upon his red bed-

    1. Note too there is also a Butterfly Room and two odd nurseries for a childless owner. Go figure.

    2. Thanks for this Anon. Also it seems that Elon Musk can't resist the Thai cave symbolism.

    3. Ha! Monochromatic, he dressed in complete black!

      No parties allowed, no telly (Lilly spectrographic manipulation).

      The second image features Jimmy eclipsing the "Genesis Eleventy One" fireplace! Only reaches for his Martins and Sigma-Martins, no space to let those newly favored Orange Amps summon their harmonically dense magick..

      Whee, so much synch fun!.

    4. Another interesting sync is the themes he gave to the rooms-Each room has a complex iconographic scheme of decoration: that of the hall is Time, in the drawing room, Love, in Burges's bedroom, the Sea. Massive fireplaces with elaborate overmantels were carved and installed, a castle in the Library[164] and mermaids and sea-monsters of the deep in his own bedroom.[165] His brother-in-law, Pullan, wrote that "Chaucer and Tennyson's poems were Mr Burges' chief text-books when engaged in designing these decorations."
      I wonder if any Shepard boys feature?

  33. “War with water and time...” yeah wonder how that’ll turn out...

  34. >*"international children's charity" = "elite rape ring."*

    Eye see this every time passing Shriner childrens 'hospitals.'

  35. The loli-pop-occulted face of 'La Raza' displays her jumbled-up '1488' tattoo as her boo gets in hot water for having joked about the Manchester Arena attack, the joke made last year It's being dredged up in the wake of the year anniversary acts to twist the trauma knife in coaxing a few more drops of fight or flight chemistry out the body-politic.

    Pearlescent-orb wielding Grande, whose concert (& later 'star-studded' memorial gig) was part of the attack, has a penchant for wearing bunny ears making her a wannabe-chimera (the ears could even be seen as a tail fin), attempts to rationalise & respond to Davidson's use of "comedy to help ppl feel better ab how f-ed up things in this world are" hasn't cooled things down It's more like she's cattily "Putting out Fire with Gasoline" (& Grande used to wear cat ear headbands before switching things up by graduating to wearing bunny ears. Cat's like to play with their prey, It's often more of interest to them than eating the eventual kill, is this because dead prey is immobile = an end to the feedback loop of biological alchemical stimulus shared between hunter & hunted?)

    Does the constant mixing up of signs, symbols & states - THE Sign of Signs "☮" these "f-ed up" Times result in confusion in beholding vessels = an exploitable condition for whatever ultimately profits from the machinating? E.g. Novelty = stimulus = stress = test = adrenachrome? Conditioning that even when disseminated by mediation acts like e-smog & other bio-hacking pollutants altering Humanity to anti-Human ends? Does this anti-life & alien presence have an effect on Humanity analagous to the formation of pearls in mollusks? Does It also act as a tempering of potential vessels? Are the spell casters looking for some kind of embodiment of form through which they can drag their games out even further?

    Oannes, or a close enough analogue, chimera-splice-particle collided cosmic ray channelled & project blue beam chemtrailed in post-humanform shall surely fathom further secrets from the deep & maybe The Gods will look on this working with favour & handover the keys to the pearly-gated kingdom.

    Will another loli-pop-star, 'Grimes', be Musk's sub-pilot in the rescue of the Lost Boys of The Hunger Games Flies?

    Is the Hersheys ad 'unfortunate product placement' or just another nudge & wink from the cosmo-demonic a.i. as It Never Endingly Ritualises absolutely everything It can number crunch to oblivious obscenity?

    Trump dragged Maxine last week by calling her 'Max'.

  36. So Grande's a bunny and a kitten? Sounds about right.

    Six boys have now been rescued according to the latest.

    And back to the pervs, the child sex trafficking angle in NXIVM is back in the news:

  37. Can't wait to see Radiohead later this week. On reviewing some of their cataloged 'videos' I stumbled upon "Burn the Witch", a long withstanding on the road diddly the band kicked around for years that was finally mastered and released on the 2016 Moon Shaped Pearl, uh Pool. It's an artsy, stop animation trip where an inspector visits medieval town, which includes neomancers clad with deer skull masks, twirling a weird a sword drawn ritual dance around a little girl... Then after a bunch of other questionable sights, the inspector gets nervous and simultaneously led into a gigantic burning effigy. Instantly related this end scene to the the top of this recent blog post. Thought I would share. Check it out:

  38. No man ever seen the face of his foe no
    He ain't made of flesh and bone
    He's the one who sits up close beside you girl,
    And when he's there you are alone

    Every man is evil
    Every man's a liar
    Unashamed with a wicked tongue
    Sings in the black soul choir

    No man ever seen the face of my Lord no
    Not since He left His skin
    He's the one you keep cold on the outside
    Girl, He's at your door, let Him in

    Every man is evil
    Every man's a liar
    Unashamed with a wicked tongue
    Sings in the black soul choir

    I will forgive your wrongs...I am Abel
    For my own I feel great shame
    I would offer up a brick
    To the back of your head boy, if I was Cain

    Every man is evil
    Every man's a liar
    Unashamed with a wicked tongue
    Sings in the black soul choir

    1. Marshmallow?

      I told Althea I was feeling lost
      Lacking in some direction
      Althea told me upon scrutiny
      That my back might need protection
      I told Althea that treachery
      Was tearing me limb from limb
      Althea told me, now cool down boy
      Settle back easy, Jim
      You may be Saturday's child all grown
      Moving with a pinch of grace
      You may be a clown in the burying ground
      Or just another pretty face
      You may be the fate of Ophelia
      Sleeping and perchance to dream
      Honest to the point of recklessness
      Self-centred to the extreme
      Ain't nobody messin' with you but you
      Your friends are getting most concerned
      Loose with the truth, maybe its your fire
      Baby I hope you don't get burned
      When the smoke has cleared, she said
      That's what she said to me
      You're gonna want a bed to lay your head
      And a little sympathy
      There are things you can replace
      And others you cannot
      The time has come to weigh those things
      This space is gettin' hot
      You know this space is gettin' hot
      I told Althea, I'm a roving sign
      That I was born to be a bachelor
      Althea told me, OK that's fine
      So now I'm trying to catch her
      Can't talk to you without talking to me
      We're guilty of the same old things
      Thinking a lot about less and less
      And forgetting the love we bring

      Songwriters: Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter
      - The Grateful Dead -
      Althea lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc,
      Universal Music Publishing Group

      - lost the carriage returns in my CnP, soz.

  39. So this is somewhat related: Started listening to the Skeptiko on which Knowles appeared.Still in the first part, and noticing, oh hey, he makes a lot more sense when I listen to him. A clue being looking at this through Jungian eyes...I had this sudden image in my head of the internet as a modern scrying tool (the phone's autocorrect had a real problem with the word 'scrying'). Seems to make sense. I enjoy how he breaks it down.

    My own interpretation centres on this being almost hieroglyphic in nature. Layers of meaning. Metalanguage. Some from media, some from...elsewhere?

    What I've come to think is that when World speaks, the simplest statements carry immense meaning and layers, where human directed statements tend towards a scarcity of meaning, layers, and such. Anyhow, when I have time I'll continue listening to the Skeptiko podcast. I recommend it. Quite eye opening.

    Okay, flattery done.

  40. Chris,

    I came across your blog about a month ago via Mike Clelland, and I've very much enjoyed catching up with your real-time insights. You have such a wonderful way of writing about these numinous concepts, maintaining the enchantment (and, indeed, I particularly enjoyed your Re-enchantment Dialogues) and high strangeness while being very accessible, anchored, and sometimes humorous. Your dry wit helps make some of the truly mind-boggling aspects of the current psyop LARP a little easier to process. After all, if we can't laugh, what the hell are we fighting for? Thank you so much for sharing your valuable insight and wonderful research skills!

  41. Chris, I’m holding a Scottish strawberry in the palm of my hand. From the North East where the tinkers are singing in the sun. It’s beautiful. Bright, shiny red and ready to burst. Speckled with seeds. It’s like a tiny human heart. A stigmata crowned with leafy wreath and a long stem of green. I grasp the stem, turn 180 and now its a spear. I think on the brothers Fraser, their bloody heads on pikes alongside William Wallace, A rosebud on the briar, The Sacred heart of Jesus, the Immaculate heart of Mary pierced by a sword, a snake hanging from the tongue of Kali. Also the blood from the broken hymen of the virgin upon a phallus. To the cheek of the red head, a small, white and fragile petal is clinging. The seed drops are falling like Rain. Who gave me this strawberry? Well, Saturn. Chimera Strawberry. Picture of a sprouting strawberry disturbs people online - Business Insider After a Redditor shared a picture of a strawberry's seeds sprouting, people realized trypophobia (a fear of holes) was the reason it was so disturbing. “The Berry Fields of Blair” - Belle Stewart - A pearl and another strawberry queen. Tess of the D'Urbervilles - chapter 5 A History Of Male Orgasm And Masturbation, Because Attitudes Towards Sperm Sure Have Changed – The burning man is the burning man, always. - Glasvegas - Flowers & Football Tops (Video) – Kriss Donald - Later...When the TV Turns to Static - Glasgow/Scotland Las Vegas/America - Firing . The Drunken Song - Friedrich Nietzsche - Thus Spake Zarathustra - Music - Mahler. Blindfolded in a dark cupboard with a flock of crows in a lift going down down down. These words have been repeating in my head every day. “Time will run back, and fetch the age of gold” from John Milton – The Hymn. And who are they entreating here? - O Paalanhaare - Lagaan | Music | Aamir Khan All the best, Chris.

  42. Man the hits just keep on coming. More orange out of Goldman Sachs of all places. It seems their Volatility Regime Heatmap is "Turning Less Green, More Orange". Talk about signaling!

    In other news,some good news(I guess? No surprise right?) about our good friend CRISPR

    Turns out it's cancer. But what happened? Wasn't it to supposed to be the miracle of the future? Stat news asks "if successfully CRISPR’d cells can seed cancers, why hasn’t this been seen before, and why haven’t the many CRISPR’d mice developed tumors?" Turns out they knew all along "it seems that other teams have noticed the effect of p53 on editing,” but just chose not to highlight it.

    Nice eye on the checkerboard motif. It's obvious looking at a still photo of it but it's actually really subtle in a way, especially through video.

    Blink and you'll miss it, right?

  43. But what is the pretext here? Seems the MSM is just not so subliminally promoting the Crowley worshipping us mil industrial complex's Burning Man event to the public.The LV Journal is promoting the Little Mermaid and associating it with First Friday "Embrace" theme.Embrace was a popular 2014 Burning Man sculpture of two lovers which of course was lit on fire.The 72-foot Installation took almost 12 Months to build and described as a place to 'to reflect and contemplate life and love'.Burning ceremony overshadowed by the tragic death of Alicia Louise Cipicchio,29,who was hit by a bus earlier in the day."Burning Man lives up to its name: Seventy-foot heads are set ablaze in spectacular pyrotechnic display as festival finally ignites"

  44. Looking at the memaid-chimera links to genetics brings us to this story about cross-species gene transfers:

    A warning to the CRISPR kids about the code they're trying to crack:

    And did we have a recent birthday for our first test-tube bio-AI?

    On a more random pearly note, this story includes mention of a runic inscription meaning 'Pearls of the tribe Az.’

    1. 'AI' is the MSM fake-tech/science news buzzword of 2018.Demonic Biotech just got a huge wake up slap back to reality."CRISPR-related stocks sink after report that gene-editing technology might cause cancer" "CRISPR-Edited Cells Linked to Cancer Risk in 2 Studies"

  45. While Musk may or may not be sane/drugged/delusional, this article about a tech billionaire turned Buddhist demonstrates yet again the particularly myopic impotence of our brilliantly ignorant techies. He'll nail tech to the wall in one sentence and then wave it away as inevitable or ignorable later. A great snapshot of the blind spots that exist even among the smartest.

    And speaking of techies, this Aum story looks at their sciency esoteric bent and the success and failures of their plans, all which apparently don't seem part of any sex cult stuff. Yet they still had links to corporations and governments, and even had members arrested as late as 2012.

    Plenty of pervy government-sponsored sex here, though, as the IT department at this CA university must have its hands full with all the sketchy pics stored for "research purposes".

    These folks aren't even trying to hide their agenda!

    And for a brief respite from the volcanos and orangey madness, enjoy a nice soothing blue volcano:

  46. This from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. U.S. Customs seizes 60,000 mermaid dolls at International Falls port.The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations in International Falls office reported the seizure of the dolls in late June. Agents discovered the dolls, worth an estimated $601,198 retail, in a rail container in May. One doll featured on the patrol’s website is called “Mermaid Sirène.”

    The dolls contained counterfeit copyright markings, a violation of intellectual property rights.

  47. The wild fires... burning down the vineyards like they are wicker in protection of the sirens. Uriel (or Loki) set a few fields on fire for me last year as retribution for men offending the sacred feminine after I screamed (and sang) Hallelujah all night. Not kidding. The have been breaking out with perfect timing at the beginning of the strawberry moon. The re birth of the 'savior' will be in a vineyard on a Friday as per old testament, and will arrive only after the vineyards have been burnt to the ground to cleanse them of the wicked. Amos. Few others. Maybe the fires are to protect the fallen angels human female counterparts, or reincarnated ancient sacred high priestesses. Very Kali move, Orange light and ash hanging high in the air tonight. Just a thought. -ftwnd

  48. "A mermaid has not an immortal soul, nor can she obtain one unless she wins the love of a human being. On the power of another hangs her eternal destiny. But the daughters of the air, although they do not possess an immortal soul, can, by their good deeds, procure one for themselves. We fly to warm countries, and cool the sultry air that destroys mankind with the pestilence. We carry the perfume of the flowers to spread health and restoration. After we have striven for three hundred years to all the good in our power, we receive an immortal soul and take part in the happiness of mankind. You, poor little mermaid, have tried with your whole heart to do as we are doing; you have suffered and endured and raised yourself to the spirit-world by your good deeds; and now, by striving for three hundred years in the same way, you may obtain an immortal soul

  49. This final message is more frightening than any other presented in the tale. The story descends into the Victorian moral tales written for children to scare them into good behavior.... a year taken off when a child behaves and a tear shed and a day added whenever a child is naughty? Andersen, this is blackmail. And the children know it and say nothing. There's magnanimity for you."[3][5] Andersen, however, felt that his revised conclusion in which the mermaid is empowered to attain an immortal soul through her own agency was a decided improvement over the original ending, which climaxed in the mermaid's dissolution. In 1837, Andersen wrote to a friend that "I have not, like de la Motte Fouqué in Undine, allowed the mermaid's acquiring of an immortal soul to depend upon an ALIEN creature, upon the love of a human being. I'm sure that's wrong! It would depend rather much on chance, wouldn't it? I won't accept that sort of thing in this world. I have permitted my mermaid to follow a more natural, more divine path." ... to become a daughter of the air

  50. 33rd Degree Masonic architecture
    Apeshit: 1:15
    Chun Li: 1:21
    Nike, Dike, Miss America wit the scale earrings has the Pink/Red/Orange print
    Goddess of Justice, Queen Mother of Fire and armaments beheaded. 2nd last god to leave. Eve was Beth, Adam Aleph. Its her house. The Last god to leave was Nike's daughter Astraea. The last shall be first and the first shall be last. Astraea. Or was it Astarte. No Ishtar. Isis. NO, Astraea. Astarte they forced her and her kids into into bein prostitutes and slaves in Babylon n ever since. Astraea, she left at the fall of man and hangs out in Virgo. Pisces into Aquarius. Libra into Virgo. Everything in opposites, fixed on a lack of synch as + and - sin(e) waves descend into kali yuga dissonance, male female, right left, science esotericism, right now it all looks apeshit @ 3:29. Liberty and Justice are always female. All inherent imbalance must be corrected for, the true laws must be upkept, so again shall the daughters of air rise from being turned into gorgons, sirens, or otherwise voiceless mermaids or temple prostitutes and be restored their rightful place at the alter. Daughters of water and earth transform into Air born from Temple fire, Pearly Dew Drops rising for 300 years. 100 past, 100 years, 100 more. Give or take. All Hail the rise of Woman King: Its the only way for humanity to cancel the apocalypse. Cheers. Here's to One Love for Humanity.

  51. One nation, under god, With Liberty and Justice for all. haha. (can 300k yrs of Kali become just 300?) one can hope, Robespierre. one... can hope.

    The Orphic and Eleusinian Mysteries (sing hallehlujah now) featured Eros as a very original god, but not quite primordial, since he was the child of Night (Nyx).[5] Aristophanes (c. 400 BC), influenced by Orphism, relates the birth of Eros:

    At the beginning there was only Chaos, Night (Nyx), Darkness (Erebus), and the Abyss (Tartarus). Earth, the Air and Heaven had no existence. Firstly, blackwinged Night laid a germless egg in the bosom of the infinite deeps of Darkness, and from this, after the revolution of long ages, sprang the graceful Love (Eros) with his glittering golden wings, swift as the whirlwinds of the tempest. He mated in the deep Abyss with dark Chaos, winged like himself, and thus hatched forth our race, which was the first to see the light. Some myths make him a primordial god, while in other myths, he is the son of Aphrodite and Ares. Eros, Ariel. Mayan Calendars and America.é.jpg Silly 1987 Rabbit

  53. ... the image of burning heads at beginning of your post is a detail from front page of a recent issue of The Boulder Weekly - will look for the copy I saved, to show you, because the full image is worth seeing. Artist was thinking of the BURNING MAN festival, I assumed.)

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