Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dog Days Media Blitz: Reach the Rock

Are those Sickles? J'ai Alai cestas?

Everyone loves The Rock. You love him, I love him, America loves him, the world loves him. Hell, even my dog loves The Rock. Yours probably does too.

And seeing as how the Rock's breakout role in Hollywood was as The Scorpion King, (extremely) loosely based on the Protodynastic King of Egypt some believe was in fact a title for Narmer, he of Narmer Pallette fame, I bet he's got a lot of fans in corner offices.

Because you know when that's your big break, some very influential people have big plans for you. Very big plans indeed.

The Rock was an interesting case for me seeing as how I was a big Rocky Johnson fan back in the day of your moms and pops and I was always fascinated by how a guy with a black father and a Samoan mother ended up looking uncannily like the Sicilian gymrats from the North End who descended upon Nantasket Beach in caravans of Camaros and Corvettes on Friday nights back in the Paragon Park days. 

Ah, the mysteries of the genome.

But speaking of influential people with big plans, did you happen to see this?

And this is for all you "video or it didn't happen" types out there.

Let me just go on record as saying I don't buy this story for a second. "Dewey" is a pretty obvious derivation of Dwayne and the whole Pearl-Dewdrops thing is just a bit too cute for me. But what do I know, right? But remember, they got big plans for this guy so everything's on the table.

And just in case you forgot, ol' Dewdrops there first shows up in The Mummy Returns (2001), the vastly-inferior sequel to the 1999 blockbuster, starring, um, Brendan Fraser.

So now we have The Rock and Emma Watson sync'ed up, directly or otherwise, to the Prophecies of Our Blessed Lady. That's one hell of a lot of box office dollars between the two of them, people. These aren't a couple of obscure indie actors we're looking at. This is the tip of the pyramid here.

And of course, "ENBY Emma" is the Cryptocrats' It-Girl these days, as we all realize. Eye see you, Emmie!

Again, I can't help but wonder if someone out there thinks there actually is something to the whole Sibyl business (particularly with the SN1987A bit) and wants to hitch their cart to it. 

You know, the way every single powerful and/or ambitious person in the world did in the old days.

Hey; did you know the Greeks fought a war-- and annihilated an entire people-- to secure control of the Oracle at Delphi? It's true. Look up the "First Sacred War."

Now there's a lot of speculation over what the ubiquitous One-Eye gesture means, with most seeming to think it's the "Eye of Horus." That's never sat right with me. Less so these days since coming to realize that Ancient Egypt is essentially the tourist trap of the esoteric firmament and that it's really all about Babylon.

So, in keeping with the stellar vibe of The Secret Sun, can I suggest the One-Eye actually refers to the Ring Nebula, which you fine folks now know is the real All-Seeing Eye?

Let me know what you think in the comments. And remember just because a error is copy-and-pasted ad nauseum doesn't mean it's true. Moving on...

Get Out: the LARP.

Oh, she has every right to be terrified, Daddy. 

Astana, Princess Pearly. Kazakhstan. Political asylum. Do it yesterday.

Speaking of doomed royals, Saoirse Ronan is playing Mary, Queen of Scots in an upcoming bodice-ripper. But I can't help but notice they gave her some proper Betty Fraser Eyes for the role. How 'bout them strawberries, eh?

You know when's the last time Saoirse had her some Betty Fraser Eyes? When she was in that movie about alien "Souls" that take over humans. 

Weird, glowy eyes being the outward sign of spirit possession.

Huh. Interesting.

By the way, you know who else played Mary, Queen of Scots? Samantha Morton. 

That's right, the Oracle from Minority Report. The same Samantha Morton who was also the Mermaid in that U2 video I'm too lazy to look up the name of at the moment.

Very interesting person, our Samantha.

For reasons not entirely apparent, Boleskine House-- what's left of it-- is back in the news. The secretive (Orange) owner reveals nothing you don't know already but whatever and nothing about it being built and owned by Clan Fraser for a couple centuries. Clickbait.

In this case, I'd say Trudy is correct. Unless the vandals got themselves some proper warding, I'd say the firebugs are in for a world of hurt, if they haven't landed there already. 

Make yourself useful, Angusy MacArson. Go spraypaint the Georgia Guidestones or UN Plaza or something.

Of course it will be in Scotland. Where else?

Hey, the Oligarchy's gotta get their arses off-planet before them birds start flying, if you get my drift. You think they're going to instigate a third world war without an escape plan? They might be psychopathic but they're not stupid.

And this just in from our correspondent on Bizarro World: "Thanks Bill. This morning a Bizarro MGM representative told the press, 'Us am suing shoot victims because law says so. And me are so ugly, me am entering beauty contest.' Back to you, Bill and Rhonda."

Speaking of Pearls and Las Vegas and Heaven or Las Vegas, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker should really just stay out of vehicles and moving conveyances altogether. Maybe just stay home and Facetime his drumming to Blink shows. Or get himself some proper warding.

And speaking of Blink sucking since DeLonge left, plus Janet Air, it turns out the Roswell crash site is open now to tourists. Meaning you can now fork over a lot of money for the privilege of wandering around a patch of dirt in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere.

In case you forgot, 71 is the number of Lam. Find the Egg, UFO buffs!

Bonus factoid: 7/1 is the 182nd day of the year.

The latest dog-ate-our-telemetry-data bullshit from NASA. Seeing it's the Mirror this might just be total invention, but either way.

Hey, you know how you can tell NASA is lying? They're NASA.

Speaking of spacely deception, it looks like Perth is the place to go for a good view of Nephilia Titan. Coincidental.

Wasn't there something or other going on in Perth recently? Something to do with the wives of the Nephilim-Titans? My memory ain't what it used to be.

I've always had a feeling astrophysicists use dartboards filled with "advance alien life could be..." options and that's how they determine these things before they feed this stuff to clickbait jockeys. I think you get the dartboard with your astrophysicism diploma.

 NASA blew up the launch towers at LC-17 in Cape Canaveral (CC=33). Not sure why. And by "not sure," I mean "I don't care." Whatever excuse is almost certainly a lie anyway.

Question is where do they plan on launching from now?

Speaking of ritual demolitions, here's this still from the Johnny Bravo cartoon. The character name comes from The Brady Bunch, of course.  I haven't seen it in years so I don't remember if it too is chock full of Freemasonry. Probably yes.

Wait; did someone say NASA, 17 and 33? Yes? Well, all righty then, let's up the ante and toss in a virgin sacrifice to the God of War then. Gotta get their attention.

Get it? No? Well, the joke here is that's the plan for every girl in 2033. Vats and birthbags are for making babies, you savage. Stop being so oppressive and gross with your natalist dogma. Eugenic engineering is liberating. Plus, empowering.

Yeah, this stinks. Don't ask me how yet. But hey, Antarctica. 2018. Enough said.

Day before the NASA demolition thing, in case you were wondering. Coincidence? No such thing, tiger.

Is this a scene from Altered Carbon? Yes? No? It's a winning round of Secret Sun Scrabble either way.

And I don't know if church merch is the next big thing in streetwear but it looks like its the next big thing in Orange.

Speaking of Orange, when's the last time the Orange Order was in the news? Well, it looks like the Troubles are heating up a bit. Hopefully it's just temporary.

But it is Marching Season so it looks like things will be tetchy for a spell. Interesting that folks are getting worked up over the Scottish marches too. Maybe Scotland needs a Mermaid March. 

But hey, Mermie; put the baby pig down and back away slowly. I'm not comfortable with baby pigs being anywhere near pagan rituals. It usually doesn't work out well for the piglet. This is a permanent installation in case you were wondering. Permanent mermaid exhibits are slowly and quietly spreading all over the world.

But if you can't make it to the Mermaid March and missed the Mermaid Parade mark your calendars for the Poseidon Parade. It's like the Mermaid March only a bit more explicitly pagan-revanchist.

You know, you hear all this stuff about the Romans and the bread and circuses, but you never seem to hear that public rituals and festivals were a part of that equation too. Funny, eh?

The Lure is feminist? I guess it's feminist as defined by Valerie Solanas and Aileen Wuornos. Which seems to be all the rage on campus these days, now that you mention it. Anyhow, a musical based on 1.Outside? That's very interesting given that it's about the investigation of the ritual murder of a 'tween. 

Anyone start to get the gist of where the wind's blowing these days?

Ride that pink pony, Ms. Subtlety

So it looks like the mermaid croaking about strawberries in the "Bed" video is named "Romania." I have absolutely no clue why. Does it really matter? Of course not.

But it seems like someone might be just a wee bit jealous over the success Darling Nicki's having with the Siren LARP. 

In case you forgot, Azealia Banks is the one who instagrammed herself in her "kill closet" all decked up in her best chicken-cuttin' finery on account of her being a brujeria and stuff.

Well, whatever makes her happy. We all go a little crazy sometimes.

That being said, I should add that I have zero interest in this person, but I will say "Kill Closet" is a totally fucking metal band-name. Trademark it.

Nicki's fellow strawberry enthusiast Ariana Grande Bestia has that "God is a Woman" vid, which of course is another serving of pagan entrainment for America's young. Here's the little minx cosplaying Cerberus or Hades or Persephone or whatever. 

Not to be a killjoy for any Neopag's out there but you're really not going to enjoy corporate paganism as much as you might hope. It'll be more like, "Man, Hekate used to be a boss. But she sold out. Her new spells are so effin' weak."

And here Ariana is as the She-Wolf that weaned Romulus and Remus. Hmm, any connection to Romania the Mermaid? Probably.

And here she is doing the "pyramid" signal with some quasi-sacred geometry. Read this if you haven't gotten the point already. 

Wait, that looks kind of familiar...

...ah, that's it.

Now, pop videos by hypersexed hobbits are one thing, but et tu, Street Fighter? Man, everything is being occultified these days, isn't it? 

Can't a child enjoy the pleasures of kicking an opponent to death, tearing his head and spinal column off and waving them in the air without being troubled by an old Italian card game people have retrofit with arcane significance? Whither innocence?

Oh look out, Islamic world. Looks like the Globo-Gang is fixing their re-educational sights on you. Yep, all the requisite newspeak is in abundance in this puff-piece about the clandestine repaganization of the Birthplace via "empowerment." 

The wars and the terrorism softened the target, now the raptors are going in for the kill. 

Oh, there it is; the tell. Get ready, folks; a whole new breed of Morality Police are gearing up and waiting for the go-signal. Believe me, in a few years people will be pining for the easy-going, live-and-let-live days of the Taliban. 

Just remember this simple rule, my Muslim friends: every word these NGO types utter actually means the exact opposite. They're worse than NASA, if such a thing is possible. Did they translate the Bizarro stories into Arabic yet? If so, good place to start.

And keep a VERY close eye on your children. Deadly serious here. 

Speaking of children, here's a terrific idea. What could wrong?

Well, fire up the subs, Elon. Give Grimesy a little muskrat lovin' now, 'cause your dance card looks like it might be full for a while yet.

Again, a very special thanks to my moles and confidential informants. Especially the tireless RL. Keep on doing what you do. 

I am planning on getting back to more in-depth material soon. Just finished up a big assignment and I'm raring to dive into it again.


  1. The latest Ariana Grande (93) news story involves her fiancee Pete Davidson giving her his fallen firefighter father's badge, (Davidson's father was killed in the 9/11 attack). Such a weird story because as many syncromystics know, there is a Thelemic fingerprint on the 9/11 incident, with the flights 11, 77, and 93 playing important roles. It feels to me like Grande herself might not be aware of how her energies are being used in an occult operation, in her mind maybe she's all about the '93' simply because it was the year she was born. But when she started championing the 93, blasting it to fans on social media, it was an irresistible signal to the military/entertainment complex Thelemites. The next thing you she's a burgeoning Scarlet Woman, marrying into the 30 Rockefeller network.

    1. Speaking of, Grande got a tattoo of his dads badge # - which is 8418. All the photos I could find (minimal digging, because ugh...) only show the 418 on both her and him. For example here: https://m.eonline.com/news/948408/ariana-grande-has-a-tattoo-dedicated-to-pete-davidson-s-dad-who-died-on-9-11.
      Curious, I did a search on 418 symbolism and this came up in the first few results: http://www.thelemapedia.org/index.php/Abrahadabra

    2. Yeah, she's one to keep an eye on. All the boxes are checked with this one.

      Plus, her feeding strawberries to the Davidson ringer? It doesn't get more obvious.

  2. Keep digging Mr. Knowles, the comments of late, here, are so profound. You are a strange attractor for sure! Synchromystics everywhere are served well with this blog. To shine forth is key! 87.

    1. Oh, I don't need to dig anymore, my friend. They opened up the Gates of Hell so all I need to stand there with my trusty demon-catchin' net.

  3. How does the gopher from caddyshack play into any of this?

  4. Vonnegut. Sirens of Titan. https://youtu.be/ABz2m0olmPg
    Keep up the good pink print work. Ur killing it. Also, Do u have my play list? Bossy, no Jack white on Beyonce. God is God I am not god. Burn it down. The land they took all the way to mercy. Ftwnd.

    1. I forgot that abominable Kenzo ad. Had a good hatewatch. Cheers.

  5. Not all our contestants are going to make it to Round 2 I'm afraid. And wait 'til you see Round 3, that's Sudden Death.

    1. Well, hopefully there are some nice prizes waiting for them backstage.

  6. 33 https://youtu.be/10pOVWHrWck no peace without justice for every woman, child, man. Don't hurt yourself. Or burn urself. One love or one fire ;)

  7. Had not heard about the Chilean base burning down...Any relation to that errant neutrino they found last year in Antarctica mayhaps?

  8. Re: All-seeing eye

    So here's my theory of the all-seeing eye to go with yours. Not only is the all-seeing eye the Ring Nebula, as above, so below: the all-seeing eye here on earth is the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone. Just look at it:


    And it's gonna blow.

  9. I'm heading out to see 'SkysCRAPer' now with my two boys.
    I might get a 'Siren' Vegan burger before the movie, just to tempt fate a bit.

    1. On the subject of pigs and sirens, The Rock does make some remark about bringing home the bacon when he trots off to work in The Pearl.
      And inside the actual pearl at the top of the building are screens that have images from cameras outside projecting on them that give the illusion that the people inside are standing 220 floors in the air with no building in sight.
      The building's owner then tells The Rock this is why this room is called heaven.
      And later in the movie when the fire reaches the pearl it looks a little more like hell.
      220 floors is the height of the old Twin Towers sacked one on-top of the other, as well.

    2. I'm not sure how many stories high this building was supposed to be now after watching the trailer for the movie again, as The Rock says his family is trapped 240 floors up.
      In the movie I was under the impression 220 was the highest they were up.
      And at the Wikipedia page for the movie it says the building is 225 stories high.
      So I give up on just how many stories this building is meant to be.

    3. Just the recycle the same wtc (joke) over and over and over again...repeat

    4. I think it's one of those newfangled numbers with a collapsable extension, kind of like bleachers in high school gymnasiums.

  10. WRT The Eye: If it's not resolvable with the naked eye, and there's no basis for any effect upon Earth, then it's ephemera.

    Compare with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engraved_Hourglass_Nebula

    Pretty pictures of dubious veracity from the hubbly bubbly pipe (Hubble space telescope).

    The thing that has the most profound effect upon the Earth is the twice-a-great-year cataclysm, due to the binary orbit of Sun & secret sun. And thus we have the Vesica Piscis (Eye of Horus) to symbolically represent this orbit*, to bear it in mind and express, by way of indicating esoteric knowledge (membership/servitude of the cognoscenti).

    * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barycenter#/media/File:Orbit5.gif

    So, if you ask me, the hourglass nebula and others like it are pictures produced by freemason artists - not a telescope.

    1. The Ring Nebula that CLK referenced is a popular viewing target for amateur astronomers, because it's visible through even small amateur telescopes, and even under badly light-polluted skies. It's also one of the most-photographed objects in the sky, because it doesn't take a tremendous amount of equipment and skill for an amateur to get a very impressive photograph of it. It's undoubtedly real.

    2. Sorry,but this doesn't prove it's "real".

    3. If seeing it with your own eyes doesn't prove it's real, then I suspect we're using different definitions of the word "real". So feel free to hit me with what you think the Ring Nebula is, if it's not real. And I'd love to know what it would take to convince you it is real. Thanks.

    4. Seeing is believing. Unless we're all living in a simulation then it's virtual believing. Of course I may actually be in a coma and you all might be different aspects of my persona talking to each other.

      But let's just stick with inner logic. If the Ring Nebula were fake I doubt there'd be so much symbolism riding it.

    5. Logic?

      If satellites are real, this does not mean that lunar or Mars lander spacecraft are real.

      If the ring nebula is real, this does not mean that SN1987A is real.

  11. 12 new moons discovered by a Scott Shepherd...

  12. Hey something for the secret sun scrabble from us astrophysicists: "Jupiter’s Got Twelve New Moons — One is a Bit of a Problem Child" (http://www.astronomy.com/news/2018/07/jupiters-twelve-new-moons) ..

    .. the info was ofcourse circulated prior, but just made headlines after the 12 kids were rescued.

    1. And the twelve Russians were indicted.

      Oh, nothing ritualistic going on out there. It's your imagination.

    "...it is a system, or a subtle higher-level correlation of things."
    That sounds like the defintion of synchronicity! Could synchronicities be the fingerprints of life, or even life itself?!

  14. Great post as usual! You had me at the (primordial) Rock. And that Scorpion King rom looks like a hoot

    As for the Street Fighter tarot, I would have put Dhalsim at 12, but surely Ken & Ryu would be at 6 (no homo). Note, for some SecretSun happy synchs, Street Fighter evil boss M.Bison(BULL) first appears in THAILAND and is known as VEGA in Japan


    oh, and Samantha Morton... with you there too...very interesting life indeed.
    Thought I was having a mandela effect moment when you mentioned she played Mary QoS in El-Sybl-Beth, as I thought that was played by Kathy Burke (awesome in 'Nil by Mouth' btw), but she was the other Mary (Tudor QoE) And they've somehow managed to make ozzy stunner Margot Robbie look like a ginger alien freak, WTF!! pass me a quaalude

    1. The punchline is that it's actually Emma Stone. They actually like play each other's roles, just to fuck with the Man.

      SM? Another deep rabbit hole. https://twitter.com/SecretSunBlog/status/961688194998730755

  15. I'm the furthest thing from the debunker type, but I just want to point out that the movie poster in the Johnny Bravo still is almost certainly a reference to the 70s movie "The Towering Inferno." JB was full of old pop culture references. Not saying there was zero 9/11 sync potential there, just that the idea to put "coming soon" over a burning skyscraper probably didn't come to the show creators completely out of nowhere.

    1. Fair dinkum. However, intent doesn't count for much in the Synchromystic realm. Double, triple, quintuple meanings are its mothers milk.

  16. That Bowie reference is big for those aware of his (and his father's) background. His father was supposedly one of the "good guys" fighting the pedos while he worked for children's charities infested with them (though it's not clear how effective he ever was in the end). So Bowie, being "born on the inside" is quite likely telling tales he knows well to be true in Outside.

    Even wiki, for all its hazy blurring and obfuscation, has a good look at Bowie's insider status, from being born on a military base, a talented child attending unusual schools, including one run by Peter Frampton's father, along with his own father's unique life. This is obvious an unusual and unique background for the man who became a star.

    While I assume Chris knows this stuff well, it's good to review for those of us less familiar with Bowie's formative years.


    And it's probably no coincidence that Bowie and the pedo-problem synch up here from time to time.

    1. Good stuff, Nony. Thanks for the refreshers.

  17. narmer = nimrod, as in babylon

  18. Thought you might be interested to hear about a new AMC show coming up August 6th, "Lodge 49", a dark comedy about freemasons, corporate conspiracies & alchemy. Tarot imagery abounds. Enjoy:


  19. & here's the trailer:


    Because TV just isn't occulted enough as it is...

    1. Awesome. Thank you, anonymous tipster person.

  20. August 6th is an interesting day, top-heavy with conflict.

    1. And in 2012 of all years, NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars on that date.

    2. Allegedly.

      Hey, someone has to say it.

  21. Too bad its not premiering August 8th; the date for the heliacal rising of Sirius. Close enough for TV I guess.

  22. The crypto racy loves Babylon, which means Egypt is for the rest of us. Just say meh to corporate paganism and embrace the multitude of Olde Tyme Religions.

    1. Well, the Egyptians had better building materials to work with. Plus, cooler artists.

  23. 33 ... yep. Was noting that as well. Perth is the hometown of Craig Challen, the co-diver in the Thai Cave rescue drama, alongside Richard "Not Dumbledore" Harris, of Adelaide, Australia.

  24. P.S. For the pearl enthusiasts out there, Special Agent Dale Cooper, in the "Twin Peaks" recording "My Life, My Tapes," he says: "The whole universe is one bright pearl, and there is no need to understand it"

  25. Ariana Grande is making the yoni mudra in that pic, suggestively placed of course. Because why be subtle, poor kitten.

    Also Trump had a Pearl moment at the #trussia summit created for him: https://twitter.com/MrDanZak/status/1019355010185027587

    Not to mention Vlad handed him a glittery soccer ball at the press conference. They're trying too hard at this point.

    1. The HQ in Switzerland is obviously being pathetic and desperate.Wonder why?

    2. They're running out of chocolate.

      You know what say, Eye-Sibyl; subtlety is for squares.

  26. Peculiar things seem to be happening in Trump's golf resort in Scotland, that he visited just before meeting with Putin. An unnamed US secret service agent died of a stroke there. And reports are coming out that about $77 grand were paid to it. Hmmm...

    1. The A77 out of that burg takes you to...wait for it...Grangemouth.

  27. So the Roswell site... Well, they opened it up after 71 years, however, the still did not open up the actual crash site. Just some land on the ranch where the crash took place. Which by the away is about 70 miles from Roswell, closer to a small village called Corona.

  28. Hi Chris,

    I wanted to run an idea by you about Babylon and Egypt. I've been thinking a lot lately about consciousness and why or why not things are remembered for great spans of time, and since you reference Babylon quite a bit it made me realize that(as I pointed out before) I just couldn't think of a prominent pop culture depiction of their culture. Now I could start in on my musings about the relation of Egypt to Babylon, but to summarize and get your opinion I think that part of the reason Babylon is somewhat lost to public consciousness is that it doesn't have mummies.
    Bear with me, I am assuming that you would have run across the anthropocosmic idea, that man is the little universe, and that I think that the Germans were on to something that they were related to peoples from the Babylonian area. From my perspective it seems more Germanic types tend to practice cremation over burial, and not knowing anything regarding their burial rights I am just assuming that this was probably in practice in Summer and Babylon. These are merely the musings of a hobby researcher and crazy person, but I am convincing myself that retaining a physical human form, especially of bodies of the dead, leaves a certain "thought form" in the world, without which we as a people or civilizations tend to be forgotten.
    Another interesting aside for me is that both cultures were long remember in literature from the Bible, and taught to many generations for over a thousand years.
    There are many other points I would like to say but I am trying to be brief.


    1. Does Babylon5 count?

      And yes, the Germanic types are probably related to the Gutians.

    2. Babylon 5 may or may not count, I'm actually making my way through the series for the first time. I'll let you know the first time the have a sirrush on board.

      Also, would you have any book recommendations for good Sumerian/Babylonian histories?

      I also found the epilogue of "Alexander" quite priceless, or after making it through it what I'm deeming as "The Last Babylonian", of being a Globolonists manifesto of global one-ness, inclusion and pie-eyed koombuyah utopianism that the world just didn't appreciate. (read that with heavy sarcasm) Which was directed by a certain president of that time's main family propagandist Oliver Stone, not surprisingly released around Iragi Freedom's enactment. Weird.

  29. Since you mentioned both the One-Eye Sign and the current forcible re-education of the Muslim world (was it Churchill that said that War was Politics by other means? I guess one could say that drone strikes are social engineering for people who aren't on Twitter), I hope you'll permit a short digression on the intersection of the two.

    Background: Islamic eschatology is strikingly like standard fundamentalist Protestant eschatology. Both center around the return of Jesus, the rise of the Antichrist (who we call the Daijjal: literally, the Liar), the wickedness of the Last Days, and the Final Battle between Good and Evil. And one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Daijjal is that he's one-eyed.

    Now, a handful of Muslim conspiracy theorists have had a field day with, say, the Eye of Providence on the dollar bill for years; obviously, this is intended as fealty to, and a foretaste of, the coming Antichrist. And for years, the average Muslim (especially here in America) just laughed at these theories, if they were aware of them at all. Now it seems like everyone in the Ummah has noticed how often our culture-makers feel the need to be photographed with one eye hidden. So now even very moderately religious folk are at least entertaining the idea that the Last Days have caught up with us, and I've heard committed secularists pondering that, while the gesture can't mean *that*, it has to mean *Something*....

    I doesn't help, of course, that there's a centuries-old tradition that Jesus will return near the middle of the fifteenth Hijri century. It's currently 1439AH. On 9/11/2018, the calendar clicks over to 1/1/1440. I have to wonder if the archons plan to mark the day. Note the double 11 to be teased out, the all-important 44, and the fact that it's a 17th anniversary.

    Anyway, sorry to have went on at such length. Hope the info might be of use. And, as always, keep up the stellar work!

    1. Oh my- very interesting info indeed, Khadir. Much appreciated.

  30. Table Rock Lake drownings. I may be stretching the syncs abit, but this made me think of the CT's "Kissed-Out Red Float Boat" and "Dials".

    Some numbers.
    7/19 at 7pm
    31 people total on boat.
    17 dead.
    13 passengers survived, plus the captain.