Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Never-Ending Rituals: 1-2-Dewdrop Rocks

Well, we're almost halfway through summer and the Secret Sunification of "Reality" quote-unquote continues apace. I apologize in advance. Without further ado let's proceed to this week's liturgy.

Turn to the all-important page 44 of your hymnals...

A lot of folks were asking me about this horrible story. All I can say is that we seem to be seeing a lot of drowning stories this summer and the "17 dead" meme rears its ugly head yet again. What's more, 9 family members died in this tragedy, reinforcing the 9-17 link, which of course links us back to Las Vegas as well. 

And an added hidden 17 there. Realize this: what we call "Reality" is encrypted. Just like any other program, it's assembled out of a series of codes. Which is basically the message of The Secret Sun.

Well, it looks like The Rock's new movie ain't doing so hot. Dwayne, if you're reading this I think you should fire your agents. They don't seem to pick the right vehicles for you. Just sayin'.

Or did Johnson's people blight the film by taking sacred prophecies in vain? This whole "Pearl Dewdrops" business wasn't exactly subtle. 

Again Dwayne--can I call you Dwayne? Terrific, thanks-- if you're reading this first of all, hello. Hope you're enjoying the summer. Tell your dad I was a big fan back in the day. Rocky and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka were the shiz. 

Second of all, you gotta realize you're toying with forces far bigger and stronger than even yourself here. Drop me a line and maybe we can set something up where you can run any more of this kind of shenanigans by me and I can let you know whether I think it's kosher or not. 

My rates are quite competitive. Say hello to your mother for me. 

Back to the show: Dewdrops Johnson made it a point to bring up the whole Scorpion King thing on GMA. Was there a ritual connotation to this as well?

Asking because the new Drake album dropped around the same time and is titled Scorpion.  

Plus, aside from his erstwhile partnership with high-ranking Frasemason "The Weeknd," Drake also has his own line of whatever-the-fuck-crap called OVO. Note the "Bohemian"-flavored logo there.

OVO also being the title of Bond-villain Arch-Globalist® Peter "Blofeld" Gabriel's soundtrack for --wait for it-- the heart-stoppingly blatant Nephilim invocation known as The Millennium Dome Show, which ran for 999 performances in y2K.

I looked up at the tallest building.
Felt it falling down.
I could feel my balance shifting.
Everything was moving around.
These streets so fixed and solid.
A shimmering haze.
And everything I relied on disappeared.

And as Secret Sunners remember, OVO features a certain Celtic thrush you might have heard a peep or two about around these parts warbling Gabriel's "prophetic" lyrics there.

Ye shall be called before the Judgment Seat for such a transgression, Blofeld. Start prepping your defense now.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Something-or-Other-No-One-Cares, seems to be the go-to girl for media entrainment on the Pearly meme. We saw her wearing a suspiciously Lyran Pearly gizmo a few months back and here's some nonsensical puff piece pointing to her Saturnian-flavored hexagonal earrings. 

Seeing as how her baby is used as a prop in a lot of these images I can't help but wonder if there's an Omphalos-Jupiter vibe going on there. Time will tell.

Please note that Pearls seem to be a signifier for elite status and the ascension to godhood so craved by our betters. They're definitely not intended for the hoi polloi.

Case in point.

Of course, eagle-eyed Sunners immediately recognize that the conjunction of "The Pearl" and "Rosemary Beach" leads us smack dab back into to Pearly Dewdrops territory. Would you expect anything less? Of course not.

Here's an interesting story: the Pearly brooch of Ima Hogg-- AKA the "First Lady of Texas"-- was recently heisted from the family museum. Is this a bonafide news story or just another phase of the liturgy?

Question kind of answers itself.

Interesting to see the Pearl meme and the Hogg surname together again, especially now that Twink Stalin has fallen back into obscurity.

Also, this happened.

Speaking of Dewey Duchess Ka-Hathor-te and Rosemary-- remember this little gag? Never let it be said the Saxe-Coburgs are not pop culture savvy.

Speaking of Sharon Tate and the Process, this fresh provocation popped up at Comic-Con today. Unfortunate it had to debut the same day as all the unpleasantness with that James Gunn fellow. But who knows, maybe to these Hollyweird fellas that was a jolly propitious omen.

I just hope the producers drop some props to the Sabs, the obvious inspiration for the poster.

Born Again featured the last great Sabbath single, "Trashed," featuring Deep Purple shrieker Ian Gillan. I believe this was the last album with Bill Ward, meaning it was the last real Black Sabbath album until the mostly-live Reunion.

Bonus factoid: I can't find the source at the moment but I have it on good authority that The Muppets' "Animal" was actually modeled on Ward. Which actually seems pretty self-evident if you watch the Sabs live from back in the day.

In the middle of a Twin Peaks: The Return rewatch and happened to notice this little sequence again here. 

I guess the penny-penny that bound the Pearly to this young lady's soul wasn't lucky-lucky after all. Tough break, sister.

A FB member pointed out that "penny" (and Pence) may derive from "Punic," specifically the Punic coins that featured Their Lady of Tophets (Tanit) on the face. Rather grim connection there.

All the more given the fact that the British penny not only features Queen Elizardbeast the Second, it encodes Vega and Regulus on the reverse.

Incidentally, "Girl" (widely assumed to be the young Sarah Palmer) is played by Tikaeni Faircrest  Just in case you were wondering.

For some reason, the Laura Palmer pearly is sent to Earth via what looks like a Medieval Irish horn pipe. What could possibly be the inference there? I guess we'll never know.

I couldn't help notice this little note here-- written by Major Garlands-Evergreen Briggs-- that the dimensional portal would open on 10/1. Interesting date. 

Note that in non-American notation 10/1 is the 10th of January, the date the Starman --Philip Jeffreys in the Twin Peaks universe-- ascended to the Heavens. 

Well, knock me down with a feather: Guinevere Garner's absolutely-horrible-looking new movie Pepper Tree Peppermint Pig features a familiar-looking motif. Wherever did they get that idea?

We'll forever be left wondering, I suppose.

I wonder if this little "unintentional" shot here is Trump's version of the motif. I'm guessing yes.

Trump spent some time in Caledonia on his recent European jaunt. Reports have it that the detour cost taxpayers $77K...

...a figure disputed by other sources.

Trump Turnberry is off the A77, just in case you're in the area and want to drop by. Just a little geography lesson for you.

And today's math lesson? 7x7=49, which is a number Secret Sun readers are well familiar with. And look at this; a new crypto-Masonic recruitment comedy series on AMC called Lodge 49. Do note the underwater imagery there as well as the obvious Scottish symbology.

Sometimes life is full of funny coincidences like that.

So it happens that Our Lady of Guadalupe is weeping olive oil down in the Land of Enchantment. I guess you might call it "Oil of Angels." I certainly do.

If you want to check it out take a left onto Route 137 at (BeyBalon) Knowles and travel 10 miles south. You can't miss it. 

Speaking of Beyophomet, there's an interesting conjunction there, don't you think?

Looks vaguely familiar.

Finally, if you're in the Pacific Northwest could you punch that guy repeatedly in the face for me? Yeah, all 400,000 of him. Thanks in advance. 

Just kidding, of course. 

I guess.

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