Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Dreadful Orange Skies

Orange skies in the morning, 
Mithras Nymphus take warning

Well, this is fascinating: after almost a year of Orange shirts and Orange skyscrapers here, there and everywhere, one can't help but wonder if someone or something somewhere has decided to return our calls. 

Or do I have it all backwards?

It has been rather stormy in the New York metro area this week but Orange skies are usually what you see at sunset, not sunrise. But hey, precedent has been thrown out the cosmic window for a while now. So have a party, Inanna.

Just a quick reminder: pink and Orange are OK. If it's pink, Orange and red, then you're in trouble.

And bear in mind it's not just Manhattan and it's not just this week that we've been seeing these Orange skies and Orange fogs. Do remember last October in the UK in the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia. Which, again, is not a song off Treasure.

This week will also see the Moon hopping on the Orange bandwagon, in the longest blood moon in-- and for-- a century. I believe it will only be visible in the Southern Hemisphere though I'm probably mistaken. Check your local listings.

Goth goddess Siouxsie Sioux is stocking up on the clementines, just in case. Offerings, you understand.

Looks like the Sun's photo editor is due for a stern talking-to seeing as how this story on the sky turning black in the middle of the day leads with an Orange sky beauty-shot. We all make mistakes.

Do note how a distinction is made between secret weapons tests, aliens and the Devil. Oh, you sweetly-naive Russian villagers.  

And in the midst of all this we're seeing this story that's feeding a bit more Orange iconography into people's newsfeeds. Is there any truth to this revelation or is it just an excuse for some Orange-orb porn? I'm on the fence at the moment. Seriously.

And as sheer, blind happenstance would have it, this rather ominous think-piece from our friends at the Deep State Northrop Grumman is flying the Dreadful Orange-Sky flag as well.

"Destroy the world as we know it." Terrific. That's exactly the kind of language I really enjoy hearing from one of the largest manufacturers of mechanized death in human history.

Let's hope all this is just sheer, blind happenstance and not some groundwork-laying for some Mr. Burns-like magnetic pole-reverser satellite or something.

Either way, Starfleet's own Captain James Van Der Kirk isn't taking any chances. He's propitiating the gods of Orange and recommends you do too.

And of course we're seeing grid-buckle stories coming out of the Southwest due to the Santa Ana Winds. It does get hot in the summertime. Stay hydrated and out of direct sunlight if you possibly can.

But as you'd expect, the MSM is strummin' on that old Global Warming banjo to mark the occasion. Just remember, six months of pulverizing blizzards in most of the Northern Hemisphere is just weather. 

Two weeks of a Santa Ana summer heatwave in the Southwest is climate. 

Sadly, Japan is also taking a pounding lately with their own grid-buckling heat wave and floods and all the rest of it. The worst part about it? This is all brand new for the region. 

East Asia never experienced any extreme weather before all those red-state yahoos went tear-assing around dirty back roads in their gas-guzzling Dodge pickups. 

Plus, don't forget we need that oil for all those Rhode Island-sized mansions and fleets of private jets in Hollywood, Cylon Francisco, Silicylon Valley and Cyloneattle. Plus, Washington.

How else can our betters avoid the rabble when jetting to Davos and Vail? Where is your compassion, Alex Jones?

I'll just let this one speak for itself.

Since we've all been entrained to hold the attention spans of koi, a lot of folks are acting as if these earthquake swarms and volcanoes are no biggie. Sadly, geothermic and seismic forces don't tend to share our scales of time.

Just ask the good folks of Pompeii and Herculanum. That's right--you can't. They were all buried under metric tons of pumice. 

Sorry. Carry on.

The entire western seaboard's been unusually active but especially the Pacific Northwest, thanks to unusual activity along the Cascadia Megafault. 

I blame climate change.

So if you're in the effected area, the best way to spite those red-state yahoos, with their SUVs and 4x4s with their Confederate flags flying from their whip antennas, is to keep a bugout bag at arm's reach at all times and work out an evacuation protocol with your friends and family. Really stick it to those snakehandlin' alt.right motherfuckers, Tad and Courtney. 

Sorry; Courtney and Tad. Don't doxx me, bro!

Let's hope Yellowstone chills out as well. I don't know what this is all about but the words "moth" and "man" keep running through my head. Take that for whatever it's worth.

Dry, hot conditions in parts of Europe have been causing wildfires and creating mayhem and tragedy. In Greece's case I am hearing rumblings that the fires might have been set. Something to do with bauxite mining or something to that effect. Then this:

If you're in the Athens area and have solid information, drop it in the comments box.

In a tangentially-related story, the Trump Administration parked an Orion space capsule on the front lawn of the White House in order to highlight American manufacturing or some such flimsy pretext or another. 

Bonus factoid: not only does Orion connect to the "String of Pearls" and the Nephilim and so on and so forth, the Orion capsule is shaped not unlike a dewdrop candy.

Go figure.



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