Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Dreadful Orange Skies

Orange skies in the morning, 
Mithras Nymphus take warning

Well, this is fascinating: after almost a year of Orange shirts and Orange skyscrapers here, there and everywhere, one can't help but wonder if someone or something somewhere has decided to return our calls. 

Or do I have it all backwards?

It has been rather stormy in the New York metro area this week but Orange skies are usually what you see at sunset, not sunrise. But hey, precedent has been thrown out the cosmic window for a while now. So have a party, Inanna.

Just a quick reminder: pink and Orange are OK. If it's pink, Orange and red, then you're in trouble.

And bear in mind it's not just Manhattan and it's not just this week that we've been seeing these Orange skies and Orange fogs. Do remember last October in the UK in the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia. Which again is not a song off Treasure.

This week will also see the Moon hopping on the Orange bandwagon, in the longest blood moon in-- and for-- a century. I believe it will only be visible in the Southern Hemisphere though I'm probably mistaken. Check your local listings.

Goth goddess Siouxsie Sioux is stocking up on the clementines, just in case. Offerings, you understand.

Looks like the Sun's photo editor is due for a stern talking-to seeing as how this story on the sky turning black in the middle of the day leads with an Orange sky beauty-shot. We all make mistakes.

Do note how a distinction is made between secret weapons tests, aliens and the Devil. Oh, you sweetly-naive Russian villagers.  

And in the midst of all this we're seeing this story that's feeding a bit more Orange iconography into people's newsfeeds. Is there any truth to this revelation or is it just an excuse for some Orange-orb porn? I'm on the fence at the moment. Seriously.

And as sheer, blind happenstance would have it, this rather ominous think-piece from our friends at the Deep State Northrop Grumman is flying the Dreadful Orange-Sky flag as well.

"Destroy the world as we know it." Terrific. That's exactly the kind of language I really enjoy hearing from one of the largest manufacturers of mechanized death in human history.

Let's hope all this is just sheer, blind happenstance and not some groundwork-laying for some Mr. Burns-like magnetic pole-reverser satellite or something.

Either way, Starfleet's own Captain James Van Der Kirk isn't taking any chances. He's propitiating the gods of Orange and recommends you do too.

And of course we're seeing grid-buckle stories coming out of the Southwest due to the Santa Ana Winds. It does get hot in the summertime. Stay hydrated and out of direct sunlight if you possibly can.

But as you'd expect, the MSM is strummin' on that old Global Warming banjo to mark the occasion. Just remember, six months of pulverizing blizzards in most of the Northern Hemisphere is just weather. 

Two weeks of a Santa Ana summer heatwave in the Southwest is climate. 

Sadly, Japan is also taking a pounding lately with their own grid-buckling heat wave and floods and all the rest of it. The worst part about it? This is all brand new for the region. 

East Asia never experienced any extreme weather before all those red-state yahoos went tear-assing around dirty back roads in their gas-guzzling Dodge pickups. 

Plus, don't forget we need that oil for all those Rhode Island-sized mansions and fleets of private jets in Hollywood, Cylon Francisco, Silicylon Valley and Cyloneattle. Plus, Washington.

How else can our betters avoid the rabble when jetting to Davos and Vail? Where is your compassion, Alex Jones?

I'll just let this one speak for itself.

Since we've all been entrained to hold the attention spans of koi, a lot of folks are acting as if these earthquake swarms and volcanoes are no biggie. Sadly, geothermic and seismic forces don't tend to share our scales of time.

Just ask the good folks of Pompeii and Herculanum. That's right--you can't. They were all buried under metric tons of pumice. 

Sorry. Carry on.

The entire western seaboard's been unusually active but especially the Pacific Northwest, thanks to unusual activity along the Cascadia Megafault. 

I blame climate change.

So if you're in the effected area, the best way to spite those red-state yahoos, with their SUVs and 4x4s with their Confederate flags flying from their whip antennas, is to keep a bugout bag at arm's reach at all times and work out an evacuation protocol with your friends and family.

Really stick it to those snakehandlin' alt.right motherfuckers, Tad and Courtney. 

Sorry; Courtney and Tad. Don't doxx me, bro!

Let's hope Yellowstone chills out as well. I don't know what this is all about but the words "moth" and "man" keep running through my head. Take that for whatever it's worth.

Dry, hot conditions in parts of Europe have been causing wildfires and creating mayhem and tragedy. In Greece's case I am hearing rumblings that the fires might have been set. Something to do with bauxite mining or something to that effect. Then this:

If you're in the Athens area and have solid information, drop it in the comments box.

In a tangentially-related story, the Trump Administration parked an Orion space capsule on the front lawn of the White House in order to highlight American manufacturing or some such flimsy pretext or another. 

Bonus factoid: not only does Orion connect to the "String of Pearls" and the Nephilim and so on and so forth, the Orion capsule is shaped not unlike a dewdrop candy.

Go figure.

OK, time for my Twin Peaks rewatch...


  1. Pardon me but your East Coast centric viewpoint is showing. Recommending a bug out bag - sure, that will get you a couple of miles.

    West cost here. The "effected" as area as you say. If the big one hits I know who out here will be on the front lines rescuing people and helping out because they were prepared and most likely they'll have 4x4s, SUVs and maybe (gasp!) a confederate flag. Did you know there are actual service rescue organizations made up of people like this? Where do you get off being divisive? Shame on you.

    1. Now that Chris is finally reasonably even-handed, and now when he has a go at climate change he also has a swipe at the other side, you want to push him to your side?

      Oh, no. No, no, no. Chris, do absolutely keep it up with dissing the 4x4s. You most definitely not need a 4x4 to be a prepper. I know a lot of hippies that could rescue people on trucks running biodiesel, horses, and other hippie methods.

      Chris is divisive because his style is dissing everyone. Either stop being a snowflake and put up with it, or go to another blog that is more into peace and love. There are blogs out there that are into flowers, kiddie pictures, and amazingly hardcore descriptions of alien hybrids, so don't say you don't have a choice.

    2. Now understand why Hillary the harpy never gets brought up.

    3. It's called being facetious. You seriously can't tell? With the stuff about the jets and mansions? SEriously?

  2. My internet has been mysteriously dropping when I try to post here. Anyways.

    Nearly dropped my face when I saw this tv spot for the latest super powered teen revolution drama no one asked for. Orange out the wazoo. Wait till the end.

  3. Anony 1:41- Google "sarcasm."

    Dr. UU- Yes. No one asked for that. But that doesn't matter anymore, does it?

    1. Too many anons around here lately. Everybody so afraid to be identified.
      Anyway, sorry to pivot but what are your thoughts on the CBS Jack Parson's show? I think it's great, although I never read much on the man, just the cliff notes version.

    2. There were always lots of anons here, it's part of the Secret Sun style. Why do you want to be identified, anyway?

      Me, I just want to be known as a fan. And makes it easier for the experts on esoteric stuff to know what to suggest for me, if they're also regular followers. Of course, Maria Rigel isn't my real name. Why would I want my neighbors to know I'm reading all this nutty stuff?

    3. Yeah, it's much easier to shoot your mouth off at other people in the comments section (like that "really smart" dumb person who asked if a bird told me something) and hide among all the other Anons whose comments just all blend into one anther anyway.
      I just skip over most of the Anon comments, as I wouldn't be able to follow just who was saying what anyway.

    4. When I started reading this blog, long before Christopher's hiatus hardly anyone posted as anon. Whatever it doesn't really matter just to me speaks to the mindset of recent followers.

    5. Anon commenting makes the agents do a little work instead of just cut n pasting to our file.

    6. Anon 1:41- Here. Yeah, I'm completely dense and don't understand sarcasm. Just a dolt who stumbled onto this blog. I've been here longer than you think. Lately though it's all scold and snark. Google "Kidding on the Square".

      Also, why should I give out my name? Would it matter if I had a handle? What difference would it make?

    7. Don't worry about a name. Take the time you'd spend thinking one up to read all the passages in question, since you seemed to skip the important one. Then look up "context."

    8. Re: "Would it matter if I had a handle?"
      Yes it would, so I and others could follow just which Anon is saying what.
      If everyone called themselves "Chris" for example would you be able to work out just which Chris was saying what?
      Bit hard to follow the thread of an Anon argument if the Anon you think you are addressing is someone else entirely.
      Which is why I can't be bothered reading most Anon comments here unless some Anon gets snarky with one of my comments.
      Personally I couldn't give a crap who you really are if you want to hide behind an Anon.
      Just be nice and a little on the courteous side to know just which Anon is which.

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  5. "Do you believe in aliens, Perth?" ... Katy Perry kicks off her Australian tour a few days before the blood moon eclipse.

    1. No alien influence = no pearls.

  6. I was reading Jimmy Barnes' book 'Working Class Boy' this week and was surprised to read that his (and one of Australia's most successful) band 'Cold Chisel' originally formed as 'Orange'.
    I wonder if they would have been as successful had they kept the name.
    Jimmy wrote in his book that the name came from seeing an orange on the cover of 'Jeff Beck Group' the fourth studio album by The Jeff Beck Group.
    The only 'Cold Chisel' album to chart in America was 'East', which had a song called 'Rising Sun' on it.
    East of course being where the sun rises from.

    Maybe if they had of kept the band name 'Orange' the album would have been called 'Orange Sky'?-)

  7. Here is another orange news story for your collection -
    "Thai cave rescue boys ordained at Buddhist temple to honour dead Navy SEAL"

    "The group prepared for their ordinations on Tuesday with ceremonies that included shaving their heads.
    The white clothes they donned then were exchanged the following day for the traditional orange robes.
    They prayed with guests and local officials attending the ceremony."

  8. As the cognoscenti know, The Sun is in orbit with the secret sun on a 24,000 year period, and twice during that orbit, it consequently crosses between two magnetic fields of opposite polarity. Thus any magnetically polarised body that accompanies The Sun will be attracted into alignment with the ambient field. If the solar companion is a spinning body, then the ambient magnetic field may exceed the gyroscopic force that maintains the alignment of the body’s spinning axis.

    Even so, if the field changes from NS to neutral to SN, it is possible the spinning body will only invert upon sufficient instability which will then suddenly accelerate into a 180 flip, thus preserving angular momentum (until the ambient field changes again). Prior to that event, it is likely the body’s apparent magnetic field will appear to reduce, with its north pole gradually repelled by the NS magnetic field, to drift laterally until its consequent torque is sufficient to induce that critical initial wobble.

    Given the mild symptoms, abrupt event, and devastating consequences, it would be useful to a future civilisation if a self-explanatory warning message could be created that would last at least 12,000 years, e.g. The Great Pyramid of Giza.

    The only warnings the cognoscenti will pass on to us plebs, are likely to comprise peculiar articles such as that from Northrop Grumman - as an adjunct to weird atmospheric phenomena, such as funky clouds, etc.

    Otherwise, we just have to wait for the Earth to reel to & fro like a drunkard, the stars to scroll, and the induced 600m high tidal waves.

    1. Isaiah 24:1:
      Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.

      Isaiah 24:19-20:

      19 The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.

      20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.

      Luke 21:8-11 & 20-26:

      8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

      9 But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.

      10 Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

      11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

      20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

      21 Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.

      22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.

      23 But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people.

      24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

      25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

      26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

      Revelation 6:12-17:

      12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

      13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.

      14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

      15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

      16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

      17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

    2. Well Zod, your science is correct except for... oh, everything. I can't spot a single thing that was roughly right. Geomagnetic reversals happen every half million years roughly, so about 20 time less often than you say. Also, not known to produce any sort of noticeable effects on the surface of the Earth, except possibly (and this is still debated) an increase in mutations.

      But never mind, there is absolutely zero danger in distributing scientific-sounding stuff that has all the science exactly wrong. It has never led any country to go and confuse reality TV with real reality. Oh, sorry. It happened.

      You think the aliens have arrived, and you still feel like you have to sound like a total fruitcake? Why? Evolution tended to favor religion, but now it clearly favors science, of the real science variety.

    3. Just want to send some applause your way, Maria Rigel. Very well said.

    4. @Zod: I remain keenly interested in your hypothesis. I would think that such great catastrophe every 12,000 years would leave plentiful marks in the geological, fossil, and archeological records; but so far, I have been unable to find any at all. I'm honestly curious. Perhaps you could point me toward all the evidence I'm missing?

      Also: the archeological record shows that any number of cultures were thriving all through the period of catastrophe you suggest. For instance, all through that time, various groups of hunter-gatherers were building settlements and developing the rudiments of agriculture. The foundations of Jericho were laid then. How does your theory account for this.

      Information would be muchly appreciated.

    5. I'm just gonna leave this here:

    6. Just looked it over. Some flaws right off the bat: 1) Mercury and Venus aren't tidally locked to the Sun.

      2) We can tell from watching the Sun move across the background of the stars that we orbit the Sun, and only the Sun.

      3) We can tell from watching the motion of Mars in the sky that it orbits the Sun just like we do.

      4) There is no barycenter between the Sun and Mars. The mass of the Sun is so huge compared to Mars that any planet in the system would simply orbit the Sun, and Mars influence would be negligible.

      That website's system was so horribly flawed it's hard to know where to *start*. Whoever put it up needs to learn some EXTREMELY basic Astronomy, like how to calculate a planet's orbit, based on its mass and the mass of its star.

      I noticed that the website offered to let you learn more about its system...for a price. So this whole deal about a secret sun (note lowercase: that website, not this one) is just a money-making scam? Why am I not at all surprised?

  9. Addle Burrow Commuter Rail T-stop4:19 AM, July 26, 2018

    You have a local Indian moving company advertising on your blog? With an ad, when you click on the link, that looks like it belongs on the back pages of The Pheonix circa 1989? How weird is that? What's next, Beyonce announces to the world that you're her long lost cousin via ham radio & semaphore?

  10. The heat wave revealed new archaeology across the British isles and perhaps most significantly Ireland.

    "New Neolithic henge discovered near Newgrange - aerial footage"

    Are the masses ready to step into the stargates yet or is it too soon in the agenda to bring that up? Or perhaps instead I'm showing you a glimpse of the future when only drones explore the surface of the earth. Searching the surface for interesting sings of when it was once inhabited by humans. Which one sounds more realistic?

    As for the heat it's probably just the fiery apocalypse starting. These sorts of thing happen naturally all the time so stop whining and overreacting. What are you? Some sort of mere human who can't survive in temperatures above boiling point and doesn't have space colonies? Pfft. Loser.

    1. A paler circle's appeared in the all but roasted to ashes sun-bleached grass of my neighbouring 'green space', UFO landing site? Desperate plea by human or non-Human agencies (stuck?) on Our Orb to coax & make manifest an inhuman presence? Mother-Earth calling to Father-Sky in the hopes of a pouring forth out the firmament?

      Whatever, Albion's Burning (= sky-high anxiety levels "When will the heatwave end?").

    2. Could it be a hydrophobic mushroom ring?

    3. No shrooms visible & It's a fully filled-in circle not a ring, there's no sign of anything else like it in the locale either, perhaps sign of an ancient construct of some kind or maybe a single giant round shroom? 'Field Trip' calling?

  11. More of this happening in Russia was also reported:

    ... although UK news talking about things in Russia have probably taken with a pinch of salt.

    1. The MSM did not 'pick up' this story...The Sun rose from the SW a couple of weeks ago in Seattle.This "Miracle" was recorded by the Space Needle Cam even though they ended up removing some of the images from their site. "Sun Almost Rising From The West in Seattle!"

    2. It's probably ash from various recent volcanic eruptions around the world, and they don't mention that possibility because then people will twig that it will have consequences for the climate - crops, etc.

  12. Omy... forget my previous post, you had the Russia one already in.

    Guess the heatwave is breaking my mind. What is most amazing is the abnormal plant growth here in Germany, since even tho its very hot we get frequent thunderstorms and alot of rain.. never seen my garden as far in this time.

  13. 'Scream at the sky':

    'Nacreous or mother-of-pearl clouds occur when shimmering light from below Earth's horizon shines on polar clouds in the stratosphere'.

    & 'breaking news' yesterday (as part of the 'Stranger Things 3: Mall/Hell' promo-build-up?):

    'A doctor would have been interviewed for rape and child cruelty over claims a "truth drug" was used to carry out abuse at a hospital, had he been alive. Dr Kenneth Milner ran Aston Hall psychiatric hospital in Derbyshire from 1947 to the 1970s, which former patients described as "pure hell". A report by police found 65 children were allegedly drugged to a zombie-like state, stripped and abused.'

    The article is illustrated with a photo of 'A deserted Aston Hall hospital pictured in 2008, posted on the Project Mayhem website' & another stating: 'No evidence of a conspiracy to supply children for abuse was found at Aston Hall'.

    The article concludes by stating:

    'An NSPCC spokesman said the report was "truly harrowing reading and shines a light on the decades of sickening abuse". "It is crucial that lessons continue to be learned from shocking cases like this."', No doubt.

    The one o'clock news edition that initially 'broke' this update also featured a lengthy piece on broken vessel Demi Lovato's latest breakdown which included a lingering shot on an illuminated ferris wheel at night as the piece came to a close.

  14. Further nods & winks to The Never Ending Rituals Colour of the Season:

    "Redheads you gotta love 'em"

    states Jason Mamoa diving out a plane as 'Aquaman', red hair being the rarest Human hair colouring makes 'redheads' pearls of sorts & surely worthy of going under for.

    More water meets fire in a 'Bluebeard' for these Singularly pearlescent times:

    'Elizabeth Harvest':

    In which a(nother) ruddy-haired realdoll-sacrifice-splice-chimera(?) is offered projected reflected as the sheen of the silver screen.

    The 'Titans' trailer states:

    'Time for inner demons to come out and play'

    so, superpowers are cool right?... a soul only has to be mkcultured to call forth the prize up from It's depths.

    The 'Battle Angel Alita' trailer includes a scene in which 'Alita' locates her original chassis within a glowing orb after having dived underwater & entered a sunken cave.

    (Redheaded Gillian Anderson stars in 'UFO' set to land on Earth sometime this year.)


    1. The 'Aquaman' trailer ends with the bleating of a caged cloven hooved beast of burden (a goat?).

    2. "Aquaman" trailer ends with a bleating caged goat like the beginning of "I,Pet Goat 2".

  15. Cosmic times.
    Old Ones!
    Cthulhu has no normal.
    AI may not make it either.
    Civilization was the pause,
    In between hells.

    The saying "may the road rise up to meet you" is really entranced trajectory.

    The cloister gardens with the howling wastes outside would be at least be humans remaining.

    I just wish and hope it's not the evil elite bastards.

  16. looking at fabrics, noted the kona cotton of the year is a Orange called "tiger lily". Its like the Pantone of the year for the sewing/craft work, but as the lonk say "it'sthe other end of tve spectrum"(in the color wheel)

  17. Whenever I see orange it brings me back to the 70's. A horrific time to be a child. I'm guessing it was a traumatic time for every kid to grow up. For me 1980 was a huge shift and everything changed for the better, it was like someone flipped off a switch on some terrible program. So is all this orange imaging an assault on Gen X? It sure feels like one to me as it has dredged up lots of memories of that decade that I would prefer to forget.


    1. Better? The Eighties? The Invasion of The Malls?

    2. I grew up in the '70s and loved it and miss it badly. The '80s - fun, but a little too neon. '90s? Not bad. Seinfeld saved the decade. The 2000s onward completely sucks swamp water by its rectum!

    3. Better for me personally. I turned 13 in 1980 so for the next few years malls were an awesome place to meet girls! I have not been to a mall in over 10 years now and there is a "premier" mall 3 miles from my house.
      When I look back on the 70's they feel dark and the 80's feel light. I've battled anxiety and depression my whole life so I'm saying these things from my personal mental perspective.
      KTV I always enjoy your comments on this blog and on MCMMM.


    4. I agree with JMP that the 70s were a nightmare - and my very own 70s played out in eastern Europe at that. Mostly I was bounced around hospitals and sanatoriums full of heartless, sadistic, underpaid staff. I have no distinct memories of this, but I'm 47 and the trauma, fear and anxiety never left me. By now I've made my peace with the fact that I'm deeply 'damaged', and that in my interactions with other people and groups they seem to zoom in on and respond to precisely this damaged stuff rather than patient, kind and compassionate persona I consciously cultivate.

      Now in the internet age, I keep bumping into tabloid stories of disused children's hospitals back home. Even a quick, urban explorer-type visit will show you that they did run all sorts of experiments, and they did administer insulin shocks, etc. etc. back in the day. You'd think the Iron Curtain would have shielded us from all these made-in-USA military-pharma-psychiatric horrors - but nope, they were remarkably global in scope.

      Did Abba LPs, Matchbox toy cars and seaside holidays make up for it? I'd say hardly... Truly a time when early childhood got weaponized en masse, the 70s.

    5. My Thanks JMP.

      Malls make a splash in the 'Wonder Woman' sequel:

      '“I grew up in the ’80s, and this has its own look and feel. The reason I am excited is it showed mankind at its best and worst. It was grand and wonderful, there was great music and there were elegant and beautiful things. But other things about the decade revealed the worst of us. To have Wonder Woman in that period of time that was us at our most extreme, is wonderful.”

      The early scene showed Wonder Woman flying into a mall, rescuing a cute kid and disarming a couple of gun-wielding thugs. This was purely ’80s, the heyday of the brick-and-mortar shopping malls that seem to be going the way of the drive-in movie.'

      The mall, the ziggurat of the eighties, the eighties the mallification of The West?


      Pearl stringing-aside there's a continuum of horrors that takes no note of Human attempts to demarcate starts & ends in terms of numbers & decades, no comfort in that sense Anony but that's not all there is to Human Being.

    6. Re disused eastern European hospitals:

      The Czech government has no record of anyone ever having been treated here. But, I quote the locals who were interviewed for the article, "Lord knows what was really going on in there back in the 70s..."

    7. To Anon@10:32 I say right on and would add it wasn't just early childhood getting weaponized. Based on people I've encountered the "alternative highschool" movement that started in the 70s was sketchy. The more you look, the more suspect it gets. Some of these schools had open teacher-student sex and the way it was viewed then shocks me (and surely many others) now.

      I do hope the home-schooling trend has improved things for students, as alt-high schools now seem bent on sifting various groups very granularly, literally calling themselves "magnets". Magnets for what we are never told.

  18. All this orange everywhere... I've come to the conclusion that Hollywood has it wrong and Godzilla, Rodan, and Ghidora (Monster Zero) are NOT THE TITANS! Instead, the film should be about the return of Anita Bryant and her million clone army forcing the people of Earth to drink endless glasses of freshly-squeezed Florida orange juice and, thus, get their requisite days WITH sunshine! :-P

    Regarding that ORION (the 'Golden Atom') spacecraft - it looks like an overrated chocolate chip. That thing ain't going anywhere except maybe to the moist and fluffy marble Planet BettyCrockerus instead. I'd go with the Planet of the Apes' ICARUS - IMHO. I ask you - who doesn't want to run through a cornfield being chased by rifle-carrying gorillas on horseback? Great cardio workout.

    Chris, this world is just going right off the rails!

  19. And now, even though we didn't ask for it--- Jalapeño peppers in orange!

    "The “NuMex Pumpkin Spice” jalapeño was developed specifically for its color."

  20. Just a few notes on the science articles referenced, for whatever a layman's opinion is worth...

    The Mars story is undoubtedly real. It's also not news, as the data's been in since 2015; and while this is the largest potential concentration of Martian water, scientists have known for years that Mars has subsurface brine. My best guess was that it's being reported on now for some ritual purpose. As to the color...Dear God, did they paint that thing with a brush or a roller? As every has probably already guessed, Mars isn't blaze orange. I've had the pleasure of showing it to many people for the first time, and descriptions have ranged from faded brick, to pinkish tan, to just washed-out red. But NASA has everyone expecting it's gonna be Technicolor. (Just Google "Mars through an amateur telescope" to see it in its true muted beauty.)

    The article about geomagnetic field reversal is either fearmongering, or written by someone who is *way* out of their depth. The same could be said of the book it reviews. For instance, Mitchell warns that a drop in the Earth's magnetic field could render large areas of the Earth's surface uninhabitable; but 41,000 years ago, the Earth's magnetic field dropped to 5% of present values, with no effect at all on the biosphere. As for a field reversal destroying all our electronics; well, a reversed field would have about the same effect on our electronics as the Earth's field does now: namely, almost none. (Some of the reviews I found were truly hilarious: one wrote that it's the Earth's magnetic field that binds us to the Earth's surface, and keeps us all from spinning off into space.)

    For whatever one man's opinion's worth, all this looks to me like more of the New Nihilism. After all, if we're all going to die in a geomagnetic field reversal (or an asteroid strike, or from global warming) tomorrow, it really doesn't matter what the archons do to us today.

    As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work!

    1. I'm a fan of calling the New Nihilism as you labeled it - Faux Nililism.

      May be too Holden Caulfield twee.... But more and more often when I hear this particular N word in the wild, the people's weilding it don't quite seem to know what it means.

      Hence, a new bracketing with a sugar coating seems called for - Faux Nihilism!

  21. The heat wave revealed new archaeology across the British isles and perhaps most significantly Ireland."New Neolithic henge discovered near Newgrange.

  22. Watched the film "Rupture" (2017) the other nite & immediately thought of this blog. Movie was kind of "eh", really derivative of early Cronenberg. (& it got a lot of bad reviews). But the core of the film (SPOILERY) was about trauma-based mind control & unlocking hidden genetic potential. Also, the film's palate during said trauma scenes was awash in orange.

    What I take away from it (& this blog) is that when we're not busy internalizing things we shouldn't be, we're busy weaponizing them.

  23. Another amazing post. I woke up just at dawn in the West Village when the sky and even the air itself was a truly odd, glowwy orange, and the first thought I had was, "Chris Knowles will have something to say about this."

  24. Capitol = Breast of Isis + Washington Monument = Phallus of Osiris + White House = White Crown of Horus

    Orion = Osiris. Sirius = Isis.

    3rd photo down to confirm.

    The thing about America being the New Atlantis though, is that Atlantis fell. Fallen now is Babylon the great.

    1. If the "architects" think that Orion=Osiris and Sirius=Isis then all it shows is that they show poor understanding of the material. But we all knew that already. If a guy has a gun pointed at you then it's important to guess what he is thinking even if he is deranged. In fact if he is deranged then it's even more important to understand his moon logic.

    2. Anon5:37, believe it or not, but there is an incredibly significant relationship between Orion and Sirius, which is why it pervades ancient egyptian mythology. And yes, it concerns the secret sun.

    3. The problem is that connections that might be used to explain instead being used to mystify. Millennia worth of useless conflation and distortions of ideas presented as simple fact. An ancient Greek spelling of a word they appropriated from a distorted version of an older story somehow tells us something important about an entirely different story from another region and era? Well there might be parallels but what is that parallel? How does the annual astrological prediction of the flooding of the Nile delta directly affect the hegemonic rulers of the USA who we are told to associate with Babylon and not Egypt? All are agricultural societies so there is a common link there.

    4. With regard to the White House I believe the more proper term is Whore-Us. Twas always thus?

    5. It goes deeper... secret = secrete

      IsIs = Pituitary Gland + Osiris = Pineal Gland + Horus = Medulla 0blongatA + All Seeing i of RA = Thalamus

  25. I am usually very open here but I have to post as anonymous because the damn google/blogger account won't let me sign in. "There's something unusual about how you are signing in." - Probably more about what I'm lookin at.

  26. I was reading some fashion blogs and appearntly the 1970's has made a big come back fashion wise. It was seen as kind of a trashy era in the fashion world. But it seems its come back as a way to stand out after everyone has gotten over minimalism.
    Also apparently the colors associated with the 70's are brown and orange and sort of earthy colors like that.
    I think thats why we are seeing orange pop up a lot more.

  27. Coca-Cola Australia has announced the launch of a limited edition flavour, "Orange No Sugar" which also has a gematria value of 651, same as "Aquarius". Tomorrow's blood moon eclipse is in the sign of Aquarius and can be seen in Australia. Hello from Australia by the way.

  28. There was also a 3.8 magnitude earthquake near Orange in Australia on Sunday.

  29. Hey Chris, have you ever noticed correlations between Mithraism and the Fictional Time Lords of Gallifrey? Pretty dumb question, sorry. Let me re-word. Ever notice the similarities between Rassilon of TV’s Doctor Who and the seventh initiative degree of the Mithraic Cult of the Roman Empire?

    You pointed out the symbols of the highest grade of the Mithraic Cult at some point in the recent past. It typically includes a Staff & Ring (sexy!), a Phrygian Cap & Sickle.

    Remember Time Lord Titan mythology where Rassilon has his Rod & Ring (such penetratingly arousing subtlety), His Crown & His Great Key. If you don’t like The Great Key as analogous to Saturn’s Sickle, you can trade Rassilon’s Sash into the slot if you must. (Fun to think upon actually... The Great Key is a weapon they say, where the Sash let’s you maintain proximity to the Time Lord Tech Source or Eye of Harmony. Which one could best be used to castrate a titan?)

    Meant to mention this line of sync months ago - when Lyres and Harps were all the rage here - as Doctor #5 back in the day had to actuate a harp/lyre with the tuneful ditty “Rassilon’s Lament” to open a hidden portal and save the day. It gets another step deeper if you’re really lost in Doc Who-Ville… In some audio adventure I can’t quite remember… Peter Davison’s Doctor, back on Gallifrey, notices a water feature where he last saw Rassilon’s Harp. They moved the harp! He made some quip about Rassilion’s “Water Feature”. Good Times.

    The Titan’s Harp was replaced with a Water Feature. Daffy Huh?

  30. Recentlty re-watched Mulholland Dr. (Criterion Edition BR).
    Recall: Robert Forrester finds a piece of evidence at the limo crash site indicating a third person (Rita) not accounted for...piece of evidence is a single pearl earing.
    Special feature, interview with Lynch, he's talking about how when the film went from being a TV pilot to a feature film, he had to re-write the whole thing but had no ideas. He meditated on it...then "like a string of pearls, one idea after another came to him," and he had the entire story.

  31. Maybe the star children are sending us a message that they aren't the stereotypical grey aliens but are in fact oompa loompas. As part of their dastardly eugenics depopulation program 29 million Americans now have type 2 diabetes because of their delicious chocolate bars. Rest assured World President Wonka will have a mandatory vaccination out as a "Cure for high blood sugar." By then it will be too late though, the everlasting gobstoppers will have done their job as 92% of the population slowly age with untreated cavities. The orange wave of the oompa loompa mercenaries will sweep away the last renmants of the old order as they butcher across the continents of Chocolate Factory 9 (formerly known as Earth) turning little girls into blueberries and causing old men to float in the air while belching. The planet sized spacepipe will be a constant reminder from our overlords that they can do us just like they did Augustus Gloop.

  32. Knock, knock!
    Who's there?
    Banana who?
    Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Banana who?
    Knock knock
    Who's there?
    Orange who?
    Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

  33. I sent you a FB message Saturday night that would've fit in this post nicely. Probably ended up in the message requests. It's regarding a fire at a place called Key River in Ontario. Aerial shots of it show fire shaped like a keyhole. It's rather interesting too that the photo is called Scott Flamand. The fire area has another interesting name, Parry Sound thirty three, and I'll be damned if I can't access my numbers or hyphen from my iPad right now. No need to publish this, but I thought I'd share this rather interesting sync. The photos are spooky, to me anyway.

  34. I think that what you published made a bunch
    of sense. However, cconsider this, what if youu wrote a catchier post title?

    I am not suggesting your information is not good.,
    but suppose you dded a post title that makes people want more?

    I mean "The Dreadful Orange Skies" is a little plain. You ought to glance at Yahoo's home page and watch how
    they create news titles to grab viewers interested.
    You might add a related video or a related pic
    or two to grab readers interested about what you've written. Just my opinion,
    it might make your website a little livelier.

    1. In the off chance you might be serious, the last thing SS needs to be is more like Yahoo. Fortunately Chris has the good taste to recognize this as well.

      Perhaps you're one of those folks trying to post something deliberately designed to be read as parody and truth. It's kind of a waste of everyone's time, if so.

      Or, giving you a break, perhaps you're not native to the US and have been conditioned to accept Yahoo as something acceptable. If so, be aware it's actually considered quite atrocious and offensive to many others FYI. And for good reasons.

    2. At anony 304, ha. You're funny.

  35. On the subject of Mithraism I saw this news story at the BBC site -
    "Sir Paul McCartney rolls back the years in Cavern comeback"

    "More than six decades have passed since Sir Paul McCartney first performed at the Cavern Club, but the Beatles legend returned to roll back the years at a "secret" gig there on Thursday.
    Around 250 people crammed into a sweaty Cavern to hear the 28-song set.
    The set list ranged from classics he performed when the Beatles started out at the Liverpool venue in the early 1960s to songs from his new solo album.
    "Coming back here is pretty amazing for me," the 76-year-old told the crowd.
    He skirted over the fact that the original Cavern was filled with rubble in 1973 and the venue for Thursday's show was a more modern live room attached to a replica Cavern that was built nearby."

    1. Faul returned to pass over the crossing:

      onlooking crowds screaming their approval (& Johnny Depp in attendance as blessing)

      'OK, mega Beatles fans among you will have noticed that Paul McCartney is either walking the wrong way across the crossing or the camera operator is on the wrong side to precisely replicate the cover of their seminal 1969 album.'

      (from the bbc 'music news live' rolling update page covering this event, the same page also includes a piece on Finn Wolfhard's 'Calpurnia' band playing 'City Boy' (from the 'Scout' E.P., the 'city' pronounced 'seedy'(?)) on Kimmel. The 'concert series' this performance was part of 'is presented by Mercedes-Benz', their 3-point star emblem constellated atop the stage (& 'The Silver Arrows', Merc's racing team name, lead the current F1 drivers & constructors championship with one race to go before the mid-season break (& finally, take a look at Ariana Grande & Lewis Hamilton ('The Silver Arrows' 'No. 1' driver (his actual driver no. being '44') who's "been with" the team since he was "13") brewed from the same clone-vat?))).

  36. "We have always looked to the stars to discover who we are, and hidden there was a message, a secret made of space and time visible only to those open enough to receive it."

    So states Discovery's Siren 'Michael Burnham' in the trailer for the 2nd season of the current Star Trek Netflix show.

    Captain Pike:

    "...the best way to get into a cold stream is to jump right in."

    he also asks if the "7 red bursts ... spread out across 30,000 light years" he's investigating are "a greeting" or "a declaration of malice".

    Lots of blue & red (cold / hot) in the trailer, also lensflare = jj abrams orbs?

  37. A Clockwork Orange was about MK Ultra mind control.

    "“Aversion therapy,” and ultimately the entire time Alex spends in and out of “the system” is not at all about rehabilitating prisoners, but as Kubrick makes clear concerning the film, a statist apparatus using these methods and techniques upon a mass audience. The prisoners and “patients” are thus merely guinea pigs for the long-term social engineering goals, not the least of which is to create a catatonic, pacifist public, emasculated and ultimately dispossessed of any free volition – as Bertrand Russell predicted."

    "Like Brave New World, the facade of better living through chemistry is unmasked to be a gigantic pharmacological public-private partnership, aimed at creating “sheep,” which Alex mentions numerous times in the film. In fact, the film even carries this point much deeper, elucidating that the liberal, behaviorist conception from a Skinner or a Watson that man can be perfected and engineered into something docile and obedient to the whims of the state-god is merely a demythologized, emasculated Christianity applied to the state. The state apparatus becomes a de facto church, and this is precisely what even Alex learns as he ponders the “Big Book,” the “sheep” and the government plans to mold Alex into the “model citizen.”

    As has been said many times, while it’s my analysis that the ideas of creating a mind controlled assassin and using trigger words was a real aspect of the MK Ultra projects and research, it was not the chief point. The real power of this research was in its use for mass psychology and social engineering. This is why so many of the MK Ultra doctors were involved in psychology, pharmacology, academic research, psychiatry, medicine, etc. It was not primarily a series of programs focused on sexy snipers and head shots, but on the psyche, from a pragmatic, materialistic perspective.

    It is chiefly under this scientistic facade it was able to become so anti-human. As Kubrick points out so many times in his films, the establishment that purports to cure man of his ills and “perfect” him is, in so many cases, a large part of the cause of his ills – Kubrick even has Alex’s case worker/social worker molest him! With the prevalence of sexual and pornographic art throughout the dystopia, we can deduce the normalization of sexual traumatization and abuse, possibly even pedophilia. This also fits with Burgess’ other dystopia, The Wanting Seed, where the whole society is homosexual. Alex, we see, is a subject of sexual-based traumatized mind control throughout his whole life. It should come as no surprise that a social order that protects and allows and propagates these crimes is unable to ‘cure’ man of anything, other than dosing him full of more drugs."

    1. Anon 6:41; brilliant post.
      Stupid slaves; engineered and steered for decades.
      Hollyweird and the music industry, all media in general playing the 'scripts'.
      Sheeple being led to the slaughter; the 'harvest'.
      And are we facing a near future ELE?
      I keep seeing huge tsunami like waves in my dreams.

  38. The 1969 Cotton Bowl between Texas and Tennessee determined which UT got to have Burnt Orange as their school color. Texas won.

  39. The unabating tsunami of mkculturing continues:


    Not a man to be seen in this tale of a wiccan girl going up Solo against a Titan, 'IKG' co-constellates Zoe Saldana as the only adult on view about to have her world 'turned Upside Down' (she don't get much luck in the roles she's picked to play) by another one of those know-it-all precocious brats 'Home Alone'.

    A broken family unit plays a part in 'Godzilla: King of Monsters' too. That Millie Bobby Brown's a real natural at conveying distress as her audition video for 'Stranger Things' attests! No wonder she's hired to witness 'infection' purging, but is she even Human in the flesh?

    "Millie has these incredible instincts - I don't know where they come from but let's just let this happen & stay out of her way"

    "Millie was a gift"

    "She's able to convey more without a word than many actors convey with monologues"

    "Eleven is kind of like an alien..."

    "Season 1... I didn't prepare at all... that's why Eleven came out how she did"

    "Is Eleven gonna pop in the way that we all want her too"

    "What she does with her eyes... this was all... designed by an eleven year old girl"


    That 'Godzilla' even managed to kill 'Heisenberg' himself in the 1st of these MonsterVerse flicks (prequeled by 'Kong: Skull Island - Rise of The King' (to give It It's full title)), looks like 'Eleven' may play some role in the taming of this other 'King' so as to serve the 'carrying on' of the elect.

    1. ('IKG' Vs. 'The BFG'?)

      & Redheaded woman (as always in these pictures women of authority) in 'Godzilla...', 'Glass', as well as the aforementioned 'Aquaman' & 'UFO' (which looks like It co-constellates 'Alita' who also appears to be starring in some 'Extinction' flick judging by the youtube thumbnails). What other mkculturings will star 'reddies' in 2018? '7' red bursts? Seven Sisters?

      (The trailer for 'A Star is Born' opens with a shot of an orange star (on the Arizona state flag symbolising the copper mining industry there & copper not only = electrical conductivity but also purification of waters), & Gaga makes her entrance bathed in red & her hair has a ruddy tint on display as Cooper (Bradley) sings "I'm fallin'" (earlier he opened the trailer singing "Maybe it's time to let the old ways die".)

    2. & there's the 'Mary Queen of Scots' movie, the trailer of which opening with redheaded Saoirse Ronan looking out across the face of the waters also shows off a dyed-redhead Upside-Downer Margot Robbie, also due for release before years end.

  40. Happy Bloody Eclipse everyone. Anyone working with St. Germain on this particular occasion?

  41. 33:

  42. Three Major Towering Infernos and Orange Skies in California : Ferguson Fire closed nearby Yosemite NP (cause unknown) Carr Fire in Shasta County has rapidly burned 100+ homes near or in the City of Redding. (cause mechanical failure) Cranston Fire has led to mass evacuations of San Jacinto Mountain towns including Idyllwild and charred acreage, burned homes - destroyed properties. (cause arson)

    1. In October 2017,the Harvey Weinstein Scandal,Ronan Farrow and the California were the big stories.In July 2018,Les Moonves Scandal,Ronan Farrow and Califoare the big stories.

  43. " I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red," Revelation 6:12

  44. Thanks for your huge work. One more coinsidence - Fraser in live show with massive attack made cover song in russian language. Song by russian punk diva Yanka Diagileva, who died young in 1991 by drowning (still unknown - was it an accident or suicide). Song called 'my sorrow' and about - 'nobody knows how f***up i feel'.(Yanka was a huge fan of cocteau twins, by the way)

  45. Haven't we been sending men to space in capsules since the 1960s? Who's supposed to be impressed by that refurbished museum piece, I wonder.

    1. It looks somewhat Glocke like, life's the toll for whomever It rings for?

    2. Perhaps the sealable space (a life providing environment rendered via technological simulacra) was used to transport something inside It or collect something from The Trump House?

  46. Thanks, Anon 11:11. Orange skies, indeed!

    I live in the northeast where we don't live with the threat of fire like California. The photos and vids scare the crap out of me.

    What disturbs me most is that the fires are named. I understand that it makes it easier to communicate, but it seems to give an identity or animation to the destructive event. Perhaps, spiritizing the fires?

    CK has made us all aware of the watery Siren, but I'm getting the vibe of a destructive fire archon.

    California wildfires romanticized by Doors' "LA Woman". Two lines stand out.

    "Well, I just got into town about an hour ago
    Took a look around, see which way the wind blow"

    "I see your hair is burnin'
    Hills are filled with fire"

    A hymn to a fire demoness?

    1. When water & fire meet effervescing vapours are offered to the firmament, only material made (or mkculture sought) with special & rare properties can hope to serve as vessel & contain this union & offspring of extremes.

  47. Burning Mam Giant Orb installation almost complete!
    Happy, Happy Joy, Joy!

  48. Welcome to the Hotel Cal-On-Fire-Nia

  49. I came here after reading Day of the Triffids. I looked up whether it was soft disclosure and found your page. Any thoughts on the recent eclipse, blood moon, star alignment? Also, while this is basic truther kindergarden data, permit me to repeat: Orange = 33 degree Freemason. So that is a shout out to the illuminati. As are the ritual sudden lucifarian deaths of A list rock stars (movie stars, royalty, etc). Speaking of that cryto-cratic group, amazing how the names of secret societies did not come up in these freemasons. Maybe those those names terms are passe? Or that discretion is the better part of valor?

  50. I've been sitting with the hypothesis that orange points to the House of Orange, and I've kind of equated that with the Netherlands in my mind. They've had a pretty intense impact on the world despite being such a small country... New Amsterdam covered in orange - old territory.

    Now, I just learned that the Dutch East India Company (arguably the first multi-national, trans-state corporation with its own army and navy) was abbreviated in Dutch as "VOC" - and their insigna looks suspiciously like "oVo"

    Especially compared with Cirque du Soleil's rendition:

    Additionally, the company was apparently lead by the Heeren XVII, or "Lords Seventeen"

    And, curiously, Gordon recently recounted the tale of a Dutch heretic involved with the company early on which... didn't end well.

    Felt resonant to me, so I thought I'd share.