Monday, July 23, 2018

The Titans Which Kept Not Their Seasons in the Abyss

"Its original and rightful rulers, the Titans"

Well, the San Diego Comicon just wrapped and fresh waves of trailer trash are upon us. 

What's more, it seems we have a fresh meme to factor into our exegeses. First up is the Godzilla, King of the Monsters trailer. Here's the elevator pitch:
"The new story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species – thought to be mere myths – rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity's very existence hanging in the balance."— Legendary and Warner Bros. 
"Monarch." You gotta laugh.

As you've come to expect the trailer is filled the usual misanthropy, mass destruction and eco-prop you've come to expect from Tinseltown. Boo-yah.

This being 2018 and all, Godzilla's casting front-loads the actresses, in this case Millie Bobbie Brown (Eleven from Stranger Things), Sally Hawkins (fresh off her breakthrough performance in the exophiliac Shape of Water) and Vera Farmiga (whose big break came playing opposite Heath Ledger on Roar). 

And you might think this all looks a bit too Pacific Rim for comfort, but there's a new wrinkle in the offing; these aren't monsters, you understand, these are the Titans, the "rightful rulers" of you cancerous human scum:
The trailer establishes a grim premise for the film. The world is in tatters because humanity has acted as an ever-present “infection.” The result? A mass extinction event that is only spreading. The only antidote is the “titans,” the Earth’s “original and rightful rulers.” 
Only when the Titans are unleashed will the world be saved, says Vera Farmiga’s Dr. Emma Russell in the trailer. --Forget 'Kaiju' in Godzilla: King of the Monsters -- They're 'Titans' Now
Eagle-eyed Secret Sun readers easily suss out what we're really looking at here; the Giants, the Angels Who Watch, the Titans which kept not their first estates, the Pearly Dewdrops, the Fallen Ones, etc etc etc. 

It's really getting to be like shooting fish in a barrel these days, picking out the "hidden meanings" to all these big budget extravaganzas. On account of they're not hidden at all anymore. 

In case you need a quick primer: 
Richard Cavendish, in his book The Powers of Evil, makes references to the possibilities of the Giants mentioned in Genesis 6:4, being the Giants or Titans of Greek Mythology. He also lists the Watchers as the fallen angels which magicians call forth in ceremonial magic. Cavendish mentions that the Watchers were so named because they were stars, the "eyes of night."
And while a lot of bloggers might reach for their Lovecraft paperbacks, let's cut out the middleman and go straight to HPL's source; Alice Bailey's batshit spin on Blavatsky's already-bonkers Book of Dzyan:

The waters arose. All sank and was submerged. The sacred remnant, in the place appointed, emerged at later date from out the zone of safety. 
The waters dissipated. The solid ground emerged in certain destined places....When the lesser Fifth had midway passed and all the lesser four were peopling the land, the Lords of Dark Intent arose...They constructed other forms. They called for cosmic fire. The seven deep pits of hell belched forth the animating shades.  
The period of destruction extended far on either hand. The work was sadly marred. The Chohans of the highest plane gazed in silence on the work. The Asuras and the Chaitans, the Sons of Cosmic Evil, and the Rishis of the darkest constellations,  gathered their lesser hosts, the darkest spawn of hell. They darkened all the space.  
The early Third produced the monsters, great beasts and evil forms. They prowled upon the surface of the sphere. 
The watery Fourth produced within the watery sphere, reptiles and spawn of evil fame, the product of their karma. The waters came and swept away the progenitors of the fluidic spawn. Alice Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

 Get to work, Hollywood!

And as sheer dumb luck would have it, we have some fresh Hollywood CGI infrared imagery allegedly from the Cassini probe of--wait for it-- Titan! 

On the same weekend all these trailers drop? What are the odds! Astonishing.
'The veil has lifted': NASA releases stunning new mosaics of Saturn's massive moon Titan, revealing the clearest views yet of the world said to be an 'alien Earth'
"Alien Earth!" Stop it, you're killing me with these yuks!

And get ready, because we're in for more Abyssal giggles and grins come Christmas because the long-awaited Aquaman trailer is here! If you've been reading The Secret Sun for the past year you've been expecting all this imagery so sit back and enjoy it. 

And I do have to say it looks quite jolly good fun for a DCU movie, which tend towards the gloomy side of the emotional sidewalk.

Do also note that when young Aquie communicates with the sea creatures-- ie., channels otherworldly powers-- he pops himself some real Betty Fraser Eyes. You can tell all the boys think he's a spy.

I think the line was originally, "I want to..."

Less successful is the Titans trailer, the CW-ified spin on The Teen Titans that looks, sounds and feels uncannily like one of those lousy superhero-knockoffs that popped up in the wake of the success of Tim Burton's Batman

It's definitely got a very strong 1990s straight-to-video flavor to it--kind of like that unsold Justice League pilot or the Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie-- which is actually kind of charming in its own way. 

Mind you, by "charming" I definitely don't mean "entertaining."

I haven't a clue what the series is about but do note that Season 3 of the anime series Attack on Titan premiered somewhere or other over the weekend as well. 

Don't forget the craptastic Netflix flick The Titan, which we looked at a few months back here. I don't know exactly what's going on here- it's not as if there's some groundswell of demand for Titan-themed fodder out there-- I just know something is going on. So be advised.

I hear what you're saying: Oh, that Secret Sun guy again, making mountains out of a bunch of random molehills. Well, feast your eyes on this story, Bill Nye:

Not only did we get some computer-generated flibbledy-floo orbital imagery of Titan, it looks like it had its very own occultation this week!  

Oh Lord, I can't even paraphrase this nonsense with a straight face...

OK, NASSAU NAZCA NASA's SOFIA observatory (no seriously) spied the occultation of Gaia (!) R2D2 (or whatever) by Titan from --you guessed it, Perth (AKA Siren Song City).

I have no idea where this star actually is or why we should care about Titan occulting it, since I'm sure Titan occults some random star or other more or less all day, every day. 

But SOFIA, Perth, Titan, Gaia (AKA the mother of the Titans and the primordial sea gods)? 

I mean, come on. 

Honestly, I might have been born in the early evening but I wasn't born in the early evening sometime in the past few days or so.

So keep your eyes peeled, Sunsters. More of this fresh entrainment on the way, I'm sure.


  1. I really wonder who is writing the scripts for NASA, since all astronomers I met either are oblvious of the occult or laugh about it. Maybe some of them just fooled me. But still.. where is this secret commitee that obviously has power to influence name giving, date and media headlight of science projects and PR?

    1. The name of the star is Gaia DR2 and a serial number. There are literally gazillions of stars called Gaia DR2 and a serial number. This is because of all the stars cataloged by the Gaia mission, than consisted precisely on cataloging all the stars in our galaxy. The interesting thing here is that somebody somewhere must have decided that Gaia is the goddess of the Milky Way, and not just the Earth, as it's usually said. And by the way, Gaia is the mum of the Titans.

      Most astronomers may not know much about the occult, but they're usually familiar with mythology relating to astronomy, far more than the average person, and they're more than happy to pick names and dates that suit the relevant mythology. And the boundaries between mythology and the occult are pretty fuzzy. Plus, you'd be surprised how many PR people are occultists, and I bet that for those working in NASA, it's a job requirement.

  2. At least NASA doesn't make silly mistakes with their CGI, like having stars showing in the background. As you can see from these Mars videos - correctly showing no stars:

    1. Please go to a photographer that tells you how to get, or not get, stars on your photo, depending on what you want. I may only have done once an introductory course on photography, but at least I know that.

    2. Maria, the astronauts that landed on the moon were the first to discover that stars cannot be seen within the vacuum of space, either with the naked eye or with a camera.

      The alternative theory is that it's a lot easier to fake space imagery without also having to fake a correct starfield.

      It's one of those red/blue pill dichotomies.

    3. @Zod: I have an honest question for you, my friend: have you ever looked at Mars through a telescope? If you have, you'll understand the concept of "field of view". You'll understand that the greater the magnification, the narrower the field of view. And if you've ever looked at Mars through a telescope, especially at high magnification (and therefore narrow field of view), then you'll know that you rarely see stars near Mars.

      I went to the video that you provided the link to, watched it several times, and honestly wondered if you might have accidentally provided the wrong link, since the one you gave does absolutely nothing to support your argument.

      The field of view in the videos is so narrow that its absolutely no wonder that no stars are visible.
      Any star would have to be practically on top of Mars, so to speak: and the last time Mars occulted a star was in 1976, and that was Epsilon Geminorum, which isn't even 3rd magnitude. It wasn't a non-event, but no one popped the cork on any champagne, either.

      For that matter: the position of Mars is known for those dates; the position of the stars is of course known; so if there's a star missing from that video, it should be an easy matter to determine which star is AWOL, and where exactly it should be in relation to Mars. After you've done the calculations, let us know if you find anything.

      I honestly think it's great that you're questioning the received narrative; but you simply have to know Astronomy to critique Astronomy. Yelling "conspiracy!" when something demonstrably is not doesn't wake anyone up. It just makes people deaf to the *real* conspiracies.

      So I'll ask again: have you ever looked at Mars through a telescope? Or, more generally, have you ever looked through a telescope at all?

      If you would really like to learn Astronomy, I'd be happy to offer any help I could. The Amateur Astronomer community has a pretty impressive track record of calling bullshit on NASA skullduggery; we just get zero press. So if we can get another informed pair of eyes on the heavens, all the better.

      Depends on where you live, there might be an amateur astronomy club nearby; and almost all of them occasionally have "viewing parties" where they go to a dark-sky site, set up their equipment, and invite the public to come and get a firsthand view of the heavens. And the people you meet there will be more than happy to help you get started learning (trust me, space geeks proselytize harder than Hari Krishnas!).

      If you don't have anything like that nearby, I'll be happy to offer you a reading list to pick up the basics of astronomy, and answer any questions about scopes or astrophotography or things like that (not that I have all the answers; but I'd probably know another space geek that does).

      So good luck, and happy learning!

    4. Khadir, as a commenter who has acknowledged the moon landings were faked, you nevertheless continue to exhibit all the signs of a shill/debunker.

      The view from an amateur's Earth bound telescope is of course going to be different from a supposed NASA spacecraft in close proximity to Mars.

      Is the comments section on this secret sun (the existence of which you also dismiss out of hand) blog really that popular that its audience needs your protection?

      You are now promoting a compromise between "Stars are not visible in space" and "Stars are visible in space", i.e. "There are often no stars visible in a space based camera's field of view".

      Do the misguided readers who could believe the latter, really need a shill to protect their suspension of disbelief?

    5. It's a sign of weakness not to answer the question, and just to start screaming "shill!" The view from a telescope in close proximity to Mars would work on exactly the same principles as a telescope in my backyard. You didn't even try to answer the question. I'm curious as to your culture: is such behavior considered normal there? Because it would be considered unmanly here in Appalachia.

      And no, this comment section doesn't require my protection. But this blog has been tremendous help to me over the years, and I'm sure many others could say the same. And so when I see someone spreading an easily disproven conspiracy theory, as you were doing, I'll comment, so that everyone can see how easily disproven it is. All it takes is for folks to see one obviously false conspiracy theory, to make them deaf to all the real conspiracies.

      Kinda a shame, Zod: I thought you might take me up on my offer to help you learn some actual astronomy. But it you don't want to know anything about the same subject you're always talking about...

    6. Almost forgot: if you want to see stars by the double handful in images taken by NASA probes, check out the images the Voyager probes took of the ring systems of Uranus and Neptune. If all these images are fake, why did they bother to put stars in them (since your thesis is that they just don't bother putting in fake star fields)?

    7. Come on Khadir, you know the rules. No linky, you stinky.

      This is such a shill-tell: "I honestly think it's great that you're questioning the received narrative;"

      At least you're above the shill-bot IQ. What are you? Nexus 6?

    8. Ah, yes: I'd forgot that little Zod resorts to name-calling rather than providing an argument. You *do* realize that that just makes people think you *have* no argument, don't you.

      The Voyager images having been so widely reproduced over the past 30+ years, I thought you would have no trouble finding them. But, here you go: and . (Btw, "no linky, you stinky"? You might want to find a less childish way to say that. It just makes your whole comment sound puerile.)

      As for what you so hilariously called a shill-tell: no, that's just one human being trying to help another. But if you don't want to know anything about Astronomy, you have the right to remain ignorant, I guess.

    9. So, Khadir, supposed Voyager images of Neptune and Uranus are either so clear and colourful that no stars show up, or they're so noisy and monochrome that it's impossible to tell debris from stars.

      You do realise that you're actually persuading those on the fence that not only are you a shill, but that NASA does indeed fake the products of its billion dollar boondoggles?

      That's not to say that NASA don't have good reason to do so - to divert funds to enable h sapiens to escape Saṃsāra.

      However, the interesting thing is to discern your objective. Are you simply paid to disinform in ignorance, or are you necessarily aware of the truth that you are to lead folk astray from?

    10. You can't tell stars from debris in those images? And you can't figure out why some are colorful and clear, and some noisy and monochrome? (*Really* I'd thought that even though you obviously know nothing of astronomy, you might know a little about photography, or at least be able to parse it out somewhat as you went along.) And then *you* call *me* ignorant? I want to thank you, little Zod: you just gave me my first belly laugh of the day. Of course, you also just gave further proof that, since you have no argument, you have to resort to insult.

      But how does this impact your original thesis, which was that NASA doesn't bother to put stars into the space probe photos you claim it fakes? I provided space probe photos showing stars. That disproved your thesis. Have you now amended it to, "NASA only bothers to put stars in the space probe photos it fakes if the laws of Physics and Optics would dictate that stars be visible in such photos"? So, please, toss out all the invective you like; but also address the fact that your thesis was disproven.

      I'm pretty confident that anyone on the fence would have the intelligence to parse the Voyager images of the Uranus and Neptune systems correctly. And I'm pretty confident that anyone on the fence will be able to detect that I'm arguing in good faith. But if someone wants to call me a shill, oh well, I wish I could be bothered to care. Truth will stand on Judgement Day.

      I also have a much more realistic view of our interactions than you seem to. I doubt there are vast numbers of people on the sidelines, watching the latest developments of the Great Khadir-LittleZod Astrophotography Debate of 2018.

      I'm interested in your objective in the same way you are of mine. Are you a troll desperate for attention, or are you simply horribly uninformed, and desperate for attention?

    11. Khadir, bear in mind, it was you who decided to lay in to me on my reply to Maria. I did not call you out.

      I guess you're paid per comment, irrespective of effectiveness. No doubt you lose the contract if you admit to being a shill.

      Don't lay in to me again.

    12. But! How could Zod be wrong about anything?! He gnows the Secret Sun orbit. There's no way on earth as it is in heaven that HE could be a shill!

    13. Yep, little Zod, it was I who decided to comment on what you were saying, not the other way around. Because I have some integrity and you were spreading easily disprovable disinfo on a subject I love.

      I get paid neither per comment, nor by effectiveness, but only in good feelings. And again little Zod shows he has no argument, by screaming "shill!"

      Was that last line of yours supposed to frighten me, or something? If so, it didn't work. I will comment on anything you say, anytime I decide to.

    14. Guys, let's dial it down a bit. We can debate without getting personal. Cheers.

    15. Even The Titans of the blog are clashing haha!

    16. Zod, I'm interested in where you would take this. Have you formed any ideas regarding what's really beyond Earths atmosphere - i.e. what is termed 'space'? And if we only 'see' stars through an atmosphere, what's to say that they are there - out there, beyond - at all. I have long held the belief that the answers to all questions lay in the mirror - and that the sky is a perfect mirror of our only true reality - consciousness - here on Earth.

    17. Anon10:10, for want of any superior theory, I am comfortable with space being essentially as we understand it from introductory textbooks. Much beyond that cannot be relied upon, e.g. expedient inventions such as white dwarfs.

      However, given no evidence of space based photography taken from beyond low Earth orbit, one can deduce that the Van Allen radiation belts are a real barrier to space exploration, and/or if photography does exist from beyond low Earth orbit, it is not published as a matter of policy (perhaps to avoid conflicting with the established deception that stars aren't visible in space - and the Earth looks like a blue marble).

      Most space projects are therefore boondoggles, diverting funds (labour extracted from Earth's unwitting population) into preparations for the imminent poleshift (that comes twice a great year).

      All NASA (et al) output must therefore be treated as truthy-scientific entertainment.

  3. The 16th of July is always a date to watch, what with it being the anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 in 1969 and the first successful detonation of a plutonium nuclear weapon, ushering in the atomic age, in 1945.
    Unsurprisingly, the Trump & Putin meeting was on the 16th.

  4. And speaking of the 16th:

  5. Apologies if someone else has already posted something to this effect, and apologies that I'm short on time and will have to post the details that make me think this later, but...but reading this made something that'd been stewing in the back of my mind for a while click into place: namely, that the Thai cave psychodrama was a ritual reenactment of the birth of the Titans.

    Again, apologies for the brevity. But I hope one more synch for the pile is of some use. Keep up the stellar work!

    1. OK, now to try to put legs under my hypothesis: most ancient authors agree that there were twelve main Titans. Their father, Uranus (god of the sky), had impregnated Gaia (the earth goddess) with his rains, but refused to allow them to be born, and kept them imprisoned inside their mother. Gaia made a sickle out of flint (and this part of the myth is probably a nod to the former Goddess worship of the Neolithic), and gave it to Cronus; he waited until nightfall, then, when Uranus came down to have sex with Gaia, Cronus castrated his father. Uranus fled, the Titans came out into the light of day, and Cronus took his father's throne. Of course, Cronus was later to be similarlyinn overthrown by his son Zeus....

      When the Romans first made contact with the Greeks, they began to explain their own mythology in terms comparable to Greek myth. They decided that their own primeval god Saturn (who was always pictured with a sickle or scythe, and who had been overthrown by his son Jupiter), was actually Cronus, who had fled to Italy after his overthrow by Zeus (Jupiter) to rule over the young Roman civilization during its Golden Age.

      Now for the Mystery Play. There were 12 children trapped deep inside mother Earth (to make sure no one missed the symbolism, they were in the Sleeping Woman Hills; but take a look at a distance shot of the range sometime: it looks strikingly like a woman lying down, with her knees slightly flexed and slightly apart; she's obviously not sleeping, but, um, *receptive*); and one of the boys is actually nicknamed Titan. They're trapped there because Uranus will not stop sending his rain down on Gaia. Titan and his cohort are safely brought forth; the fatherly figure of Elon Musk offers his assistance, but is rebuffed: an event he seems to find rather emasculating, as he replies in angry (and strangely sexually charged) language. There's no flint sickle; but he immediately brings up Flint, Michigan.

      This is followed by a torrent of media about Titan, the Titans, Saturn (on the same day that Princess Kate's hexagonal pearl earrings suddenly became newsworthy, I glimpsed a program about the hexagons at Saturn's poles on a local PBS station); and I think CLK even reported some sickle symbolism in the news recently. As a for-instance: Titan occulting the star Gaia2(something) is deemed worth reporting. No mistake: this is perfectly valid science; you can learn a great deal about a planet's atmosphere by measuring how a star's light fades as it passes behind the planet. This is solid science, but also very basic, very boring science (as so much good science is). It's not worth a headline, and wouldve been lucky to get a bare squib in Astronomy magazine. It's one click above "Astronomer observes lunar crater, thinks it may be slightly eroded." But it had to be prominently reported, so "Titan" could be mentioned with "Gaia ".

      To my eyes, this looks like classic Sympathetic Magic, straight out of Frazer: you act out the thing you want to happen, in order to make it happen. The archons are trying to draw the Titans up, and the Thai Cave Psychodrama was one small part of it.

      If you'll pardon a short digression on NASA (that hopefully will be of some small use to my fellow Secret Sunners who aren't hardcore space geeks).... NASA produces a ton of solid science. They're not the only people with instruments, they don't own the sky, and they can't get every astronomer on Earth to lie for them. It's the interpretation, the presentation, and the spin you have to watch out for.

      Apologies for going on at such length; and much thanks, CLK, for allowing the space for it. At the risk of repetition: keep up the stellar work.

    2. Egads! Solid work. Great catch on the Flint!

    3. I marveled at the Flint connect as well, since I had first thought it linked via water. This seems more spot on though. Great job!

    4. @Sean Graves and Anon3:00: hey, much thanks! But it's CLK that does the hard work, collating all this info. Once he's done that, finding new connections is easy.

      And, Anon3:00, I'd think that the water connection works as well as the flint, since water is always associated with birth. In fact, I'll swear I heard a couple different news commentators speak of how the rescue divers had "broke through" to the boys, which struck me as a bizarre choice of phrase...but then, what happens when a woman's about to give birth? Her water breaks. And the archons really wanted it plain that Titan and his brethren weren't just being rescued: they were being reborn.

  6. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)10:08 AM, July 23, 2018

    In Chinese mythology, the Creator of the Universe is a horned cosmic giant named Pan-gu, their very obvious version of Pan, half-man half-goat and now residing among the stars.

    The Creator of the human race, however, is Nuwa, a half-serpent goddess from the primordial sea, very much the mermaid we've been hunting.

    These ideas seem ridiculous to most westerners, but for 1.3 billion Chinese folks, they're just the facts of life. In their culture, there is no differenciation between history and mythology, "yes, the King of Qin, founder of the Chinese Empire, DID fight a dragon and embark upon an epic quest for the plant of immortality, everyone knows that, duh."

    Unlike us, they never convinced themselves that their ancestors were a bunch of morons, they and their mystical beliefs are still most revered. Even their science and medecine are heavily influenced by mystical principles. People over there still make offerings to Pan-gu and Nuwa, their government has even recently financed the construction of new, bigger temples and statues for their worship.

    You and I, Chris, we try so hard to convince people of the existence of Pan and the mermaid, the "Illuminati" types are also obviously attempting to bring them back to public consciousness non-stop, "Make the World Pagan Again", but on the other side of Flat Earth, in lovely peaceful commie nightmare China, everyone already knows this shit by heart. No need to bombard the population with memes and trends, their kids are taught about the horned cosmic giant and the water serpent goddess since day one, "here my son, put the bowl of rice at the feet of Pan-gu's statue, so that he may know in his dreams, resting forever far above Heaven and the gods, that we remember Him and are grateful for the existence of our world."

    "Also throw some flowers into the sea in honor of Nuwa, because Jesus Christ if one day she comes back from the depths she will DEVOUR US! She eats her own children for f**k's sake!" (that last part was a joke, btw. Nuwa saved humanity from the Great Flood in their stories by repairing the broken firmament with precious jewels which became the stars.)

    1. JB, exactly. The Chinese never left the old ways.

      Though, Jesus Christ surely would never make an attempt to devour the Chinese, he'd get indigestion. And when he made the attempt to devour the Japanese, that were somewhat more edible, the Japanese made the Jesuit priests recant and go Buddhist, and that was the end of that. Though, I never found out which branch of Zen Buddhism was some bastardized version of Catholicism.

    2. Did Mao's cultural revolution never happen?

    3. @JB and Maria

      So inaccurate. Some of these tales may be "common" in the sense of folktales that are "common" in Western tradition like Pandora or Hercules, but in no shape or form is the story of Pangu and Nuwa "revered" or part of their everyday lives. Especially in China. In fact the current generation of Chinese are probably as far away from the old ways as they have ever been.

    4. @JB and Maria

      So utterly inaccurate. While the stories of Pangu and Nuwa may be as "common" to the average Chinese as say the stories of Pandora and Hercules to the average American, it is by no means just a fact of life or something that they just accept as part of actual history. Nor is it at all common that Chinese people would make offerings to them any more than the average Greek would make an offering to Athena or a Swede would to Odin. And the current generation of Chinese, in particular in mainland China, have perhaps never been further away from the old ways.

    5. China is a large area. There are many ethnic groups with different practices although they promote the superiority of Han Chinese above all. We all know about Tibet, for example. Then the official state position is atheism but the somewhat racist official position of Han Chinese cultural supremacy means that there is some reverence for the old stories. We all know that when Nuwa created humans she used only the good clay for the Han rulers and who knows what awful quality clay she used for the rest. We shouldn't confuse that reverence with belief as that would lead us into believing that because of Shakespeare belief in Oberon and Titania is commonplace in England. Well, maybe it is. They all have secret shrines to the fairy kings and queens! The absolute fiends!

  7. Great article as always. Links between our modern myths and the past are always fascinating.On an unrelated note: the series of articles of "Secret Star Trek" are missing. Are you aware of this? It seems...odd

    1. On the contrary, the note is related. The first Star Trek movie would have been Planet of The Titans, but it was never made.

    2. 'V'ger' (a 'scout' of sorts) is the Titan looking to purge ('The Enterprise' &) Earth of 'carbon based units' which its simulacra-singularity-splice-chimera-duplicate of a probe also terms as 'infesting'. As the dénouement awaits lifting a string of pearlescent orbs rings round the nucleus of '001' threatening to reign destruction on Humanity - the infesting 'parasite' & 'irritant' (making Earth Itself an inside-out potential pearl if not for the 'infesting').

      Those Engineers of 'Prometheus' also wanted to evacuate Humanity with extreme prejudice.

      Another hollywood trope: 'something is out there that hates you, it will either kill you or you will survive the assault - altered but alive', either way something comes to an end.

  8. Titans indeed. & Giants. Including giant skeletons dug up by the Smithsonian. & of course, Denisovans:

    The O.G. Annunaki?

    1. For years, I dismissed any talk of giants out of hand....because I'd been taught by the media to think of "giants" as treetop-tall, or mountain-tall. Then one day I was reading a collection of Icelandic Sagas (the earliest of which are intended to be nonfiction, straight reportage; and where you routinely find characters who are half-giant, or who are had giants among their grandparents, or one fellow who had married a giant woman in northern Norway, but settled in Iceland and never went back for her), when what I was reading clicked with passages out of the Hebrew Bible, the Life of St. Patrick, and the Eddas, and it dawned on me: ancient literature, if it was written close to the source, and hadn't yet had time to turn into myth, was across the board pretty consistent in its description the giants: our men generally came up to the shoulders of *their* men, and their women were about as tall as our men were.

      And then it hit me that we don't just have to look to ancient literature for *these* giants: just taking my part of Central Appalachia as an example, there was a 7'1" skeleton found when a burial mound at Grave Creek in Moundsville, WV was excavated; and in Letcher County, KY, (circa 1920) a farmer plowing hit a stone slab that, when shifted, turned out to have been covering a mass grave with the skeletons of a dozen massacred warriors jumbled together. The shortest man among them was 6'5"; the tallest, 6'11". Might not sound like giants, til you consider that these men lived and fought at a time when all combat was hand-to-hand. Imagine being, say, 5'9" and watching a man a full 14 inches taller stride across the battlefield toward you, drawing back his copper-tipped spear.

      Kinda humbling, to think that I'd laughed at the idea of "giants" for so long, when I'd seen the photographs of their skeletons in my State History book back in 8th grade.

      So I'm with you, Anon12:46. There were giants in the Earth in those days. People just don't see them cause they been taught to look for fairy tales taller than the trees.

    2. Plus many Native American tribes have a lot of old lore regarding giants, specifically that when their ancestors arrived in many parts of North America, there were giants already living there. The Cherokee say that when their ancestors arrived in what is now Kentucky (the name means "blood-soaked land" in Cherokee, incidentally), they encountered red-haired cannibalistic giants. Some of the giant skeletons discovered in the North American mounds had red hair, btw. & those mounds, like the Great Serpent Mound of Ohio, were not made by the Native American tribes. Those mounds & many strange stone & earthworks were already here as well when their ancestors arrived. Some think the Denisovans may have gone on to establish a world-wide culture that achieved bronze-age level development before the last Ice Age & the floods following it wiped out most of them. But our ancestors interbred with them as well.

    3. Anon2:04, your idea about the Denisovans already having spread far, and developed bronze-working really struck, for two reasons: look at a map of southern Ohio or Northern Kentucky, and you'll see a number of small towns whose names end in "Furnace"; so-named because the first white settlers found what they thought were smelting furnaces there.

      Second: because Cherokee mythology (and that of all the other Iriquoian peoples, if I understand correctly) spoke of the Stone Giants, who were much taller than normal men, and covered everywhere in stone, so that they could only be killed by arrows shot at their faces. And it clicked with me: that's also how a stone-age culture would describe, say, warriors wearing bronze armor.

      Much thanks for the food for thought!

    4. I've read a theory that the copper mines in Michigan's UP show signs of pre-settler activity, though I've not seen enough to form an opinion as I don't even recall what the evidence was. Looking for a refresher resulted in this:

      Even wiki has "Native Americans" using the mines 5,000 years BC.

    5. OK, I'm by no means an expert here, just an interested layman, so take anything I say here for what it's worth, but...

      I lived in that general area for around 20 years, read a number of local histories, and had a passing friendship with a woman working on a Ph.D. in the archaeology of the area. It's generally not considered controversial that the Native Americans mined small quantities of copper there; some of that copper has shown up as far afield as Mississippi and Alabama (and that 7'1" skeleton found in Moundsville,WV was wearing copper jewelry). What's *way* more controversial is that those copper deposits were said to have shown signs of having already been pretty extensively worked when whites first settled there: far more extensively than would have been possible for any culture using only stone and cold-hammered copper tools. Which raises the questions of who mined that much copper, and how, and where did it all go. As my erstwhile archaeologist friend was fond of saying, the answer is: pretend there's not a question.

      We have a similar situation here in southern OH. The first white settlers found smelting furnaces and half-worked iron mines (which they proceeded to work to exhaustion). And small amounts of iron have been found in shamanic burials here. But it's still heresy to suggest that any Native group had any metalworking skills beyond wedging a chunk of raw copper ore loose, and hammering it with a rock.

  9. In other news, TV's first transgender superhero:

    Go go superhero activists a-go-go!

  10. Gaia the company is also (sort of) in the news. Apparently a multitude of their employees are starting a “movement” against the company. Most of their top tier content creators *cough* shills *cough* like David Wilcock and Corey Goode are resigning. Goode is apparently engaged in a lawsuit against them. Been talk of directed energy weapons being used on dissenting former employees.


  11. That name Dr. Emma Russell is used in movie "The Saint" and her character had a FB profile awhile - aka Elisabeth Shue. How odd!

  12. Nice interview with Hoges. "19.5 !!!!!!"

  13. Also - Thanos from Avengers Infinity War is a Titan

  14. Titan and Kaiju you say?

  15. Don't forget, most folks don't even have a religion or faith to practice. No God to thank. My son's favorite T-shirt this summer was his Thanos T-shirt. Old gods are filling the vacuum, even after 10 years of a church community experience, which was lovely, but there absolutely weren't any people at this local church that would remotely be a Secret Sunner. We ultimately became like most people we know, just searching, interested in everything, but stopped going.
    Strange how we wait for Hollywood to give us their spin on gods.
    How had it all been taken from us? And now resurfacing all at once, it seems.

  16. ~ Sadly, off topic. Unless, I guess, maybe if I tag this image first…. Titan’s view of Saturn. ~

    Any Secret Sunners have any experience with the now discontinued Sega Homestar Planetarium?

    Always wanted one, but also always wanted to know how brilliant or lacking the device may be… Discovered that I probably want the Sega Homestar Extra (Japan only) outfitted with the superior Uncle Milton discs. Perhaps especially the more expensive chrome discs that image 4 million stars.

    Also, the Uncle Milton 10-watt projectors are gone as are the parts to hack a 10 watt one together yourself… I contacted Christopher Miller via the email provided months ago and he said, “none of the Sega products are worth what they’re currently asking.” (I.E. the cheapest Homestar Extra on Ebay now is $1,200.)

    But Miller Engineering’s new design, with new optics, completely “superior to anything currently on the market” will be out late July 2018 – Yay! The projector going for $429.00 – ouch. Scientific Materialism is an expensive cadaver to keep kicking but damn, I still want one of these. He sent prototype pictures and it looks satisfyingly snazzy. Definitely a step up from the Milton Star Theatre Pro, but I can’t find any images to link to…

    Anyone have any experience here? Surely, we’d all benefit from easy access to staring up with a cleared mind at say:

    Or for when the eagle has landed on the couch…

    Might this not be worth looking at…

    What’s your favorite lurking around this charmingly ancient site?

    1. Genesis does what nintendon't and after many a summer dies the swan.

  17. I reckon the followers of moses are behind these events.


      'Oksana' = 'foreign', so a link in the chain of manifestation bringing into being a string of pearls.

      'The latest post on Shachko’s Instagram account is dated July 21, and features the words “You are fake” on a white background.'

      (wiki: 'Oksana Shachko was concentrating on her art work, called Iconoclast: Orthodox icons painted with traditional method, in which she introduce transgressives details to confront religious dogma with feminist, political or humanist message.')

  18. Protector of the monarch butterfly dies at 86

  19. More from Niantic:

    Ingress was their first game. Geo location/“portal” hacking stuff. Apparently they’ve just entered a new phase in honor of Osiris.

  20. Right. They must save the world by, uh,fighting and causing massive collateral damage. Got it. And it was so depressingly ecotopia flowery style.

    Don't know if this is a sync, but auto correct rendered that last sentence as 'octopus flowery style.'

    Current theories: ham handed communication between elites, mass mind programming using occult myth playbook of the week, the world's longest running inside joke or, 'they're really are in communication with 'something.'

    I rather doubt the last proposition. Might be safer to assume 'they' are mindlessly insane.

    Probably not so safe, now that I think about it.

  21. I just googled "Clair de Lune," and the first result was an article asking "What's up with Clair de Lune in the new Godzilla trailer?"

    It's a hymn to the Titan Selene written by an occultist whose music seems to emanate from Faery Elfhame. I've listened to Debussy under the influence of tryptamines, and it opens up a portal to the Underworld.

  22. This blog post seems up your alley:

  23. "I haven't a clue what the series is about but do note that Season 3 of the anime series Attack on Titan premiered somewhere or other over the weekend as well."

    Attack on titan is pretty good, i think its one of those animes non anime fans might like. Its basically about a world where out of nowhere giant monsters have appeared "titans", and have killed virtually all human life. The only humans left have locked themselves behind a giant walled city where they train every day to fight the titans.

    A few themes i notice in all the media you linked.
    "the worlds rightful rulers" "half the population has died" "we must leave earth" "human enhancement"

    Oh yeah, in attack on titan the people eventually discover that they can take control of the titans which game changes everything for them.

    1. It's a world war 2 allegory exploring the fascist theory of unifying a society under a strong dictatorship in a permanent state of emergency. So naturally it's a childish fantasy for us since there is no way that our leaders would be closet Nazis who plan to crush and oppress their own populations by manufacturing said permanent state of emergency.

  24. Fire of biblical proportions in where else..Athens

  25. Oh yeah, have you been paying attention to the new arctic monkeys album? I thin its a concept album about the lead singer opening a restaurant on a gentrified area of the moon which apparently has been colonized.

    In the new music video at about 1:50 the lead singer alex turner stand in front of a giant fake moon

    1. I'll put that in the pile with Noel Gallagher's recentish, "Who Built The Moon?". Thanks for the heads up.

  26. The pictures and points you made on Hoagland was very helpful for me to put this whole Mithras business into perspective. You were the smartest guy on the air and it made me cringe to hear the others all laugh at you because OMG, you believe in the gods. Well you're not the first, and won't be the last. Excellent work. The podcasts always help me put the blogs into perspective, even if the platforms like to give you the crazy guy treatment.

    1. I was going to avoid comment, but I also heard the RCH show live the other night and thought it went very well until the last half hour or so. How dare anyone threaten their new age-y reality tunnels with an alternate idea? The nerve!

  27. Given the recurring themes of giants, superhumans, gods that walk the earth, godlike man-beasts, etc. perhaps a look at the "domestication of man" might be a useful area to explore. This theory is a bit controversial to the extent it labels autism and schizophrenia as under- or over-domestication (implying a magical setpoint of domestication not actually acknowledged anywhere in these articles). So, FWIW, read these and then the comments below.

    Notice some of the traits of the "undomesticated" autistics look somewhat like our agressive, angry, reactive "gods on earth". Imagine a high-functioning aspy-savant and it's getting closer. For a long time I've thought someone was trying to weaponize aspies. This may be why.

    This may also tie in with our worship of athletes (a subject tied to mythology already as noted here), who in some ways share the same "undomesticated human" characteristics as autistics, such as agression, reactivity and over-developed sexual characteristics (ie, ring finger/index finger ratios). Note how athletes are presented as "breed apart" or a "rare specimen." A breed or specimen of what?

    Perhaps we are looking backwards trying to figure out our domestication through a religious lens that gave special credence and respect to those remarkably different from their more domesticated peers. Our current worship of athletes is part of that recognition of the power of powerful humans, or at least human-looking people who act (at least partially) human.

    Almost everyone has noticed the very divisive words and behavior permeating our culture and our "wedges" are being more finely constructed each day. A wedge between "domesticated" and "undomesticated" humans already exists (just ask a reasonably aware aspy how they feel treated or note websites like and
    Whether the chimera, be-what-you-want-to-be angles tie in or not remains to be seen though the roadmap is already there. Imagine not only bioengineering people, but also tweaking their levels of domestication. I'm sure the futurists have already imagined scenarios where reversing this process would be beneficial (think supersoldiers).

    Finally, consider also that this domestication process continues and the trend as described does not seem particularly positive, especially if schizophrenia is the result. And yet that seems almost exactly how society is being driven.

    Special thanks to the Pan posts about the half-man/half-animal concept, as that helped clarify some themes.

    1. Truth friend, they are definitely trying to co opt or destroy us neuro- atypicals. I have thought this for years. I think the vegan stuff ties into it as i am a believer that many are obligate carnivores. On a good day, I think they are scared of us because we will never be like them. And yes, lots of us have bette Davis eyes, ;)

    2. Temple Grandin is an interesting example of potential "weaponization" given her work as a famous neuroatypical person on the spectrum. One big claim to fame was her designing more "humane" cattle-killing for the meat industry (based on her "empathy" for the soon-dead animals; weird, huh?).

      Imagine such a talent co-opted to greater archonic purposes, such as designing ways to "ease" our soon-to-be-slaughtered souls (or so they hope) through the hells they try to sell us.

  28. Speaking of secret angencies, one of my favorite books from my 80s childhood was The Galactic Pirate by Seth McEvoy. It is book 2 of the Be an Interplanetary Spy series. They were choose your own adventure books. Well, the reader, as the main character of the story, is a member of the agency known as Spy Center. The agency has it's headquarters in a part of the galaxy called Sector 666, 'The Sector of Illusions'. The books were choke full of cyborgs, skull and bones symbolism, demonic aliens, and a one eyed antichrist figure. Rarely do the powers that be steer from their business model.

  29. This Annabelle Neilson “muse” death got my attention.

    Claims to have been attacked in Perth, Australia.
    “Her life was first turned upside down 33 years ago when she was the victim of a horrific attack while staying with family friends while travelling across Australia as a 16-year-old on her gap year.
    The assailant, later convicted of killing three women, tied her to a tree and beat her for two hours, leaving her in need of reconstructive surgery.”

    The tree tying reminded me of Dark (Netflix) which has been on my mind since the Thai cave storyline. (Cave is central focus of Dark.)The fact that it supposedly happened 33 years ago is straight out of Dark!

    I write “supposedly” because so far I have been unable to find the name of this alleged assailant and even reviewing a list of Oz killers has shed no light.

    (Closest fit is Birnie profile amongst whose victims was a Mary Neilson. )

    Thought I'd toss it in the Secret Sun cauldron.

  30. I wonder if these "synchronicities" are evidence of something nefarious afoot, or are these movie producers, music moguls, comic book writers, etc. just reading your blog??? 🤔😀😀

    1. PKD and Kirby (to name just two) were making their marks long before SS was born. Which is not to say stuff isn't "borrowed" from here, just that the borrowing began decades before.

    2. There is always Heisenberg - that one must never forget that the observed may change its behaviour (or otherwise be affected) as a consequence of being observed - via a non-obvious/indirect route.

    3. Hollywood has been running out of ideas for a long time now. It wouldn't surprise me if they rip this place off blatantly (as well as many others) for odd, wyrd material, ideas and back stories. Especially dark, negative ones. Consequently, the media/culture feed back loop continuously gets reinvigorated from it. The more "syncs" that come online in pop culture, the ones that are observed and discussed by "the fringe", the more normal they become and they embed themselves into the collective unconscious. on and on and on. Ultimately, the archons love us for it. There is a spiritual danger to this material and after following this blog for years, I am well aware that the Professor knows this too and keeps his distance from it while informing people who are tapped into the "high and the strange". I truly believe, and am grateful for it, that Mr. Knowles is a conduit ( much like Kirby and PKD) and he may know, or not, how he has helped guide people through this madness. myself included.

  31. Chris, have you seen this?

  32. Aquaman doesn't just come out in December but on December 21st the winter solstice...

  33. The animated Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go! has a theatrical movie, 'Teen Titans Go! to the Movies' which releases this Friday 7/27.

  34. Did you see the report that 11 of the 12 rescued from cave are going to be specially inducted as novice buddist monks and their coach a monk for 9 days living in the temple. Lots of orange in this, but they are dressed in pearly white robes ......

  35. Vera Farmiga was absolutely magnificent as mother Norma Louise in Bates Motel series.

  36. This just in: Google is secure thanks to their Titan Security Key

  37. 33: u catch any of those stories about boulders and stones falling on cars? or from the western wall? the stone of destiny, the stone of scone from Perth... was last used in 1953 at E-liza-beth s coronation. it is moving again.

    keep up the great work. it wont be long now.
    black hoof mare, broken leg, eye on a shot gun shell. age old dog, hornets nest, built in the old church bell.

    jokes on jokes .... newest ad from nike and dicks. come. on. lol.

  38. 33: got jokes for you :)