Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Time and Thai, or Please Come Home for Mithras

I'm still collating the information we're hearing coming out of Thailand concerning the rescue of a boys' soccer team and their coach from a cave that was flooded by monsoon rains. I'm not going on record with any of this quite yet but we're seeing quite a lot of ritual and symbol tied up in all of this, both overt and perhaps somewhat less so.

Which makes perfect sense given the way things have been going this year.

The good news is that several of the boys have been rescued already. But the fact that the team descended into these caves for an initiation ritual can't help but send all sorts of bells and whistles off in my head, especially given the Mithras Rising theme we've been exploring here.

And here's why:
The Mithraic sanctuaries were subterranean caverns, which presented obvious limitations of size. None of the many excavated shrines could receive more than a hundred persons, most even fewer. All ceremonies were of necessity enacted in artificial light. 
The cavern always contained a well. 
Access to the cavern often consisted of a system of subterranean passages, which were used in the initiation ceremonies. Men only were admitted to this religion of soldiers, and no organizational hierarchy seems to have existed.
I should add that the combination of a 12-man team and a 25 year old coach not only calls to mind the zodiac in which Mithras was so often identified with, it reminds me of 12/25 AKA the Saturnalia AKA The Feast of Sol Invictus AKA The Feast of Mithras.

That's just how my brain works.

Back to the caves:

The myth was interpreted by the Roman Mithraists in terms of Platonic philosophy. The sacrifice took place in a cave, an image of the world, as in the simile of the cave in Plato’s Republic. Mithra himself was equated with the demiurge, or creator, of the Timaeus: he was called “demiurge and father of all things,” like the Platonic demiurge. The four elements, the mixing bowl, the creation of time, and the attack of the wicked animals upon the newborn creature are well-known features of the Timaeus. 
"Wild animals" you say?

The Thai soccer team are known as the "Wild Boars."

Remembering the Tauroctony, or the Slaying of the Cosmic Bull, in Mithraism I'd be negligent if I didn't remind you all that a male seal is called a "bull."

In the interest of full disclosure.

More overt animal sacrifice was involved in the Thai drama: 
As the search for the missing boys and coach continued, monks and holy people arrived to hold vigils at the site. Some took turns giving sermons and offering comfort to relatives of the missing, who sat in plastic chairs in an area cordoned off from the public. 
Even Thai authorities appealed to the spirits by setting up shrines, burning incense and offering food and drink to the deities — including a boiled pig's head and beer.

Another Thai SEAL posted this highly symbolic cartoon on his Facebook. Here is the key to the correspondences:

White Elephant : The governor Narongsak 
Wild Boars : The children and coach
White horse : All heroes who've involved in the mission. You are the knight in shining armour riding the white horse to help us!
Seal : of course ... Thai navyseal Hooyah!
Frog : all world-class divers 
Lion : rescuers from England
Kangaroo : rescuers from Australia
Panda : rescuers from China 
Crane : rescuers from Japan (Sorry for the flood disaster. Thai people wish things will get better soon) 
Moose : rescuers from Sweden
Tiger : rescuers from Myanma
Brown Elephant : rescuers from Loas
Dog : K9 unit (cute!)
Martin : climbers from Libong Thailandddd
Naga (Dragon) : water pumping team (can I include Drilling team ทีมบาดาล/เจาะถ้ำ too?) 
Eagle : rescuers from USA 
Iron man : thank you elon musk
Birds : media 

Crow : just some bad comments/ people/ obstacle. No-need to pay much attention.

And forgive my fractal brain but it immediately called this up:
The initiates were organized in seven grades: corax, Raven; nymphus, Bridegroom; miles, Soldier; leo, Lion; Perses, Persian; heliodromus, Courier of (and to) the Sun; pater, Father. To each rank belonged a particular mask (Raven, Persian, Lion) or dress (Bridegroom). 
The rising of the Mithraist in grade prefigured the ascent of the soul after death.

And then there's that whole "wild boar" business again, tying us back to the Siren lineage:
Adonis’s mainly female devotees would join with Astarte each year weeping for her lost son slain by a boar. They then rejoiced when he was restored to life. Attis was a comely young shepherd whom Cybele loved. The worship of Attis was always linked with that of the Great Mother of All Things, Cybele, the supreme deity. 
Attis died either slain by a boar sent by Zeus, like the Syrian god Adonis, or by bleeding to death under a pine tree, after castrating himself in a madness sent by Cybele out of jealousy. Every spring, the death of the god was mourned until he was resurrected by the Great Mother, when grief turned to joy.

Then there's that fascinating name there-- George Veni-- that keeps popping in these news stories. "Veni" strikes me as very possibly coming from the same root that gives the name Venus, whom we know as Adonis' consort. 

And just to gild the lily, George brings to mind "gorge," which is essentially an open-air cave.

And the mountain range in which this cave is located is named for the Sleeping Lady, whose backstory of doomed love with a stable boy seems to strike awfully close to home considering the whole Inanna-Dumuzi lineage we've been discussing.

A FB member pointed me to the prayers to the rain god, invoked by a high-ranking military officer, the kind that presided over Mithraic rites:
(T)he regional army commander offered his thanks Monday to the rain god Phra Pirun, imploring him to "keep showing us mercy." 
"Give us three more days and the Boars will come out to see the world, every one of them," Maj-Gen. Bancha Duriyapan told a news conference punctuated by applause from the dozens of Thai and foreign journalists and others in attendance. 
"I beg Phra Pirun because the Meteorological Department said that from Monday on there will be continuous rain," Bancha said. "If I ask too much, he might not provide it. So I've been asking for three days."

The same district has an actual omphalos, which along with the player nicknamed "Titan" brings us back to the same mytharc:
Ouranos and Gaia prophesied that a son of Kronos would eventually depose the Titanes, and so the Titan-king, in fear for his throne, took to devouring each one of his offspring as soon as they were born.  
Only Zeus escaped this fate through the intervention of his mother Rhea, who deposited him in a cave on the island of Krete (Crete) and fed Kronos a substitute rock (Omphalos). Upon reaching adulthood, Zeus forced Kronos to disgorge his siblings, and with an army of divine-allies, made war on the Titanes and cast them into the pit of Tartaros (Tartarus).  
Other important facts:

• The priests of the goddesses we've been looking at-- including the Inanna types and the Earth Mother types (Cybele, Demeter) were transgendered, having castrated themselves as part of their initiation ritual. Thailand is well-known for their transgendered--or "third-sex"--population.

• The Cave and the Omphalos are central to the rites of the Pythia, or the Oracle of Delphi. Or if you prefer, the Sibyl.

• The Titans are the Watchers are the Fallen Angels, whose human wives are the Sirens.

The drama of the cave comes just days after 33 vacationers were drowned when the tour boat Phoenix sunk of the coast of Phuket.

Enough said there.


Stephen King weighed in with his thoughts on the drama, which makes me wonder if the old scrivener might not have been having himself a senior moment. 

Elon Musk offered his services, and even built a custom submarine for the rescue.

Which of course brings you-know-who into the equation, via her apostle and label-mate Grimes. Would you expect anything less?

And of course, I'm thinking quite a bit about the week-long invocation of the Siren in Perth, not all that far from Thailand, relatively-speaking.

I've been puzzling over this tragedy as well. A connection? Sure feels like it, somehow.

And on this side of the world--Massachusetts, to be precise-- more trophies for the Siren.


  1. Quiz time.

    Which four deity archetypes are worth appealing to as a cult if you want results? For some weird reason you don't want to appeal to the ones that openly advertise as soul devouring horrors who despise humans.

    1. Fortuna. Who favours the bold. Apparently. Chickens and eggs and all that. Jesus take the wheel.
    2. Venus. The pearl in the sea shell. Not especially subtle symbolism if you ask me but oh well. It's your re-emerging of the sacred feminine archetype innit sisters and there ain't nuffin wrong with that din never hurt no one.
    3. Hercules. The immortal hero. Paging Dr Peterson. This young man needs an action hero archetype, stat!
    4. Silvanus. Pan, the green man. Reports of his demise or irrelevance may be premature. You lot, who preach restraint and watch your waist as well should learn, for once, the way the world is run. However much you twist, or whatever lies that you tell. Food is the first thing, morals follow on.

  2. Given that Indonesia seems well-placed between Thailand and Perth, might as well throw this in from the last post about a nice soothing blue volcano to counter all the organge lately:


    The catch: that lovely blue glowing gas is SULPHUR! Talk about rich symbolism.

    1. Just realized that Thailand is an earth/cave event, Indonesia is a hell/fire event and Perth is a water/siren event. That leaves the element of air to complete the four element cycle. Perhaps a Himalayan event or some big mountain top fires smoking to the heavens? Or maybe an unexpected "fireball" over SE Asia/Australia?

    2. Seeing the map of Perth / Western Australia vis-à-vis Southeast Asia, what instantly comes to mind is the missing flight MH370. Friends, do with it what you will.

    3. Is it possible Haiti's unrest might be the air element? https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/looting-follows-violent-fuel-protests-in-haitian-capital/2018/07/08/12d94944-8319-11e8-9e06-4db52ac42e05_story.html?utm_term=.972dc1452222


    4. The fire's ablaze on 'Winter Hill'.

  3. All 12 Monkeys are safe.

    Just like the boy down the well in the film.

    1. The first thing I thought when I was first made aware of this story. http://www.reddirtreport.com/dust-devil-dreams/bottom-well

  4. There was this "drowning" story on the national ABC news website this morning about a reunion at the Gold Coast in Queensland -
    "Acclaimed artist reunited with the man who saved him from nearly drowning 50 years ago."


    Also the place the artist nearly drowned 50 years ago is right across the bay from Fraser Island.
    They've also rescued (they are all out now I just heard on the news) a soccer team from the cave just as the semi-final between the Belgian(red devils) and France(cocks/roosters) is about to get underway in a few hours and then tomorrow there is England(Lions) and Croatia(martins?).
    The main coat of arms for Croatia is a checkerboard (chequy) that consists of 13 red and 12 silver (white) fields.
    It is commonly known as šahovnica ("chessboard", from šah, "chess" in Croatian) or grb (literally coat of arms).

  5. Chris,

    "Then there's that fascinating name there-- George Veni-- that keeps popping in these news stories."

    My first thought on seeing this name was of "Veni, Vidi, Vici", Latin for "I came, I saw, I conquered", a statement attributed to Julius Caesar in an address to the Roman Senate in 47 BCE. I have no idea of its context in this matter, but it is from a senior military officer and veteran of the Legions, whose ranks were the core of Mithraic belief in the Empire (though Julius slightly predates its known arrival).

  6. I lived in Hiroshima, which was hit heavily by the recent rains, for about 11 years and still have many ties, but I am not sure what more there could be to it. Landslides have been an increasing problem the last few years. But, if you need any info. including translation, please feel free to inquire.

  7. I realize this is something of a Rorscach, but...my first thought when I heard the name of the mountain where the caverns are located was: so a young man led a group of teenage boys, as part of their initiation, through a dark narrow passage deep inside the Sleeping Woman ...and found their lives were in danger when the wet season came? That sounds like what you'd get if Sigmund Freud (at his most neurotic) wrote a Hollywood disaster flick.

    As for the connection with Mithraism (and apologies if someone else has posted this and I missed it): Buddha shifted the emphasis of the Indic religion of his time away from the gods (who often had parallels with the Old Gods of Europe, most likely having a common origin); but he never denied their existence. And many scholars link the Buddhist eschatological figure of Matreiya with the Indic god Mitra (who in India often took on the attributes of the solar deity Surya, just as in the Roman Empire Mithras took on the attributes of Sol Invictus). I've personally conjectured that the title "Madhi" for the end-times figure so many of my fellow Muslims are expecting might also be connected to Mithras/Mitra/Matreiya: it's a little easier to hear when you remember that in Pali, the language the historical Buddha probably spoke, Mitra/Matreiya is pronounced "Matteya".

    So, in a certain sense, Mithraism never really died out; it just spent a millennia or so regrouping in the East before circling back around to the West.

    As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work.

    1. I don't know much about Mithraism, but I once looked it up and ended up with more questions than I had at the beginning. I found a bunch of people that decided that one of the statues in Mithraism represented Infinite Time. I didn't find any explanation of how they figured that one out, or whether there was also such a thing as Finite Time. I also found another bunch that seemed to think that there were so many parallels between Mithraism and Christianity that they were practically the same thing. Yeah, makes sense: the story of a real guy getting crucified and the story of a mythical guy killing a bull sound practically identical. I mean, if you squint, you probably can see that Thor and Groot of the Guardians of the Galaxy are pretty much the same sort of hero.

    2. @ Maria Rigel Do you have a link for the infinite time statue?
      Mithraism is pretty interesting and on the surface it doesn't seem to have anything in common with Christianity. But it definitely had an influence on European civilization. I recommend this book if your interested.

      And also I couldn't see an eagle in that picture either, it's not just you.

    3. Good points all. Also see, for reference:

      Seems like Zoroastrianism was the source code for a lot of this in antiquity...

    4. Agreed that Mithraism comes from Zoroastrianism. Ways Zoro, Mithraism and Christianity are similar include their ideas of about duality and eschatology and their concepts of messianism, heaven and hell, free will and (I think) end of time/cycles of time/eternal return. From my uncited notes "he (Zoro) introduced a lienar conception of cosmic time, an innovation in religious thought that had an enormous influence on humanity's subsequent spiritual history".

      Here is a good article on how Zoroastianism was still weaving threads in the relatively recent past.


    5. This has no specific religious or spiritual ideologic aims; it just seeks to engage.
      As 'IT' reaches outward, it also thrusts INWARD, completing a 'MAD' dance of 'THIS' versus 'THAT'.
      See "IT" for what "IT" is.

    6. Oh, but it DOES have specific religious/ideological aims. It may have plucked this idea out from a hat but it is the one it has committed to throughout history. The Navigators are all of the same secret sect and they all have the same goals in mind backed by a rich history of mythology and pursuit. This links to atlantis, gnostics, hermeticism, crowley, theosophy, united nations and all the rest. The emerging dynasty (and it has a firm foothold now) is a techno revolution across the continents.

    7. You got that right. & the entrainment (or "entertrainment" as it were) is all over the place now. Full-spectrum for the kiddies, esp. the videogames:


      Ever play SOMA? It was a gnostic horrorshow.

    8. A link where you can see the picture of the god of Infinite Time:


      It also has some interesting explanation of the symbolism, that makes clear enough that Finite Time would be things like years, months, etc., while Infinite Time would be what we know today simply as time.

    9. The fake fake is in control. "We are trapped in a dream of our own making. PKD writes, “We are in a kind of prison but do not know it.”[5] Becoming aware of our imprisonment, however, is the first, crucial step in becoming free of it. One of the main terms PKD coined to describe wetiko is the “Black Iron Prison” [henceforth BIP]. PKD writes, “The BIP is a vast complex life form (organism) which protects itself by inducing a negative hallucination of it.”[6] By negative hallucination, PKD means that instead of seeing what is not there, we cannot see what is there. In PKD’s words, “The criminal virus controls by occluding (putting us in a sort of half sleep)…. The occlusion is self-perpetuating; it makes us unaware of it.”[7] Being self-perpetuating, this occlusion in our consciousness will not go away of its own accord; it acts as a feedback loop (in PKD’s words, “a positive feedback on itself”) that perpetually self-generates until we manage to break its spell. PKD writes, “the very occlusion itself prevents us from assessing, overcoming or ever being aware of the occlusion.”[8]"


    10. Its literally Plato's Cave. Have you read Terence Mckenna's essay, "I Understand Philip K. Dick"?


      "Hallucination is no longer a private affair."

    11. @anonymous 1:40 - that was good read. thank you very much. i was moved to tears a few times simply because someone was verbalizing something i was trying to think. i suppose this was written after Terence had developed his novelty theory / timewave zero which i thoroughly think is spot on.

    12. @anonymous 1:38 thank you for that. https://quillette.com/2018/07/11/the-transhumanism-revolution-oppression-disguised-as-liberation/

  8. It certainly is a bummer having a personal friendly acquaintance and friend of friends dying so publicly and horribly. C. Rowley and Dawn Thor'sPledged... I didn't know Dawn, but Charlie... Part of my tribe. There's many ways to burn. We would prefer the traditional method.

  9. It is getting bad in MA:

    Don't ever recall such a summer with all these casualties. But then again, its been a pretty fucking hot summer so far as well (just had an epic week-long heatwave).

  10. Heard about the drownings in MA & found this--ever hear of the curse of the Saco River? Curious how these themes keep popping up throughout history...


  11. UK tennis star Andy Murray supposedly went through the Dunblane school massacre as a child in Scotland. He later emerged as a Grand Slam and Olympic champion.

    Something tells me the Thai cave boys have now been propeled onto a similar path. Ritual trauma's the ticket these days.

  12. RIP Steve Ditko. That is how the air responds, mostly.

  13. Am I being really, really dense here or in that picture with the cute animals there's supposedly an eagle? Because I can't see the eagle anywhere. I couldn't see the lion for a while either but I imagine that the blue Eskimo is supposed to be a lion.

  14. 12 are all rescued...after 17 days.

  15. Just saw this news story about the Australian diver who was the last out of the cave -
    "Thai cave rescue: Australian doctor who was last one out now grieving father's death"


    "The Australian doctor who was the last man out of the Thai cave following the rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team found out shortly afterwards his father had died.
    He was part of a team of 20 Australians involved in the Thai-led rescue effort, which included his WEST AUSTRALIAN dive partner, six Federal Police divers, the Navy clearance diver and members of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Crisis Rescue Team."

    1. 'International Rescue'

      (aka 'Thunderbirds', "Thunderbirds are Go!")

    2. Yes, Darren. Syncs with my recent "cake in the rain" posts at Dust Devil Dreams. Wow! http://www.reddirtreport.com/dust-devil-dreams/cake-rain

  16. Men with long hair


  17. Not one single thing about this story makes sense to me. It's seemed farcical from beginning to end. Yet people at my work are talking about it in solemn tones. The whole thing makes my skin crawl.

    1. Same where I work. When I gently expressed some concerns about the inconsistencies we've seen in the reporting (and the other stories _not_ being reported, not to mention the general lack of logic in "hiking" in a cave when you've left your shoes and backpacks outside), all I received were incredulous stares and cries of "BUT THEY'RE CHILDREN!".
      You'd think _I_ was the one who suggested some occult ritual sacrifice. X_x''

  18. Mysterious black sarcophagus is unearthed in Egypt and we don’t know who’s inside

    "A mysterious black granite sarcophagus has been unearthed during a dig in Alexandria in Egypt – buried with a stone head made of alabaster.

    Experts admit they have no idea who’s inside.

    The stone casket was found buried 16 feet below ground during construction of new buildings, and dates from the Ptolemaic period 2,000 years ago."


    1. Is this the result/reward of the working involving the kids in the cave?

  19. Yee Haw! When Elon Muskrat steps up after the safe return of all the Wild Boars the ole’ inductive probability vector map (…I’m using to model this meta-nonsense…) really shimmies and shakes.

    As if we couldn’t previously tell that Elon has been anointed to be a multi-polar control funnel for tech… He questions the authority of the head of the Thai/Mithras joint command center by calling him not expert and “inaccurately described as rescue chief.” Me-Ow.

    Elon’s actual overall goals seem to be much less about profitability, much more about signaling. For ease of poetic imaging let’s call Elon Muskoil the pre-eminent Military-Industrial-Complex-Sphincter. Squirting out what we need when we need it – to allow the necessary modicum of Archonic control. Much to the chagrin of some occulted faction it seems, he does get a good amount of bad press on burning/out of control robot cars.

    Makes me wonder if the Accelerating Growth in Technology chart that Chris twittified the other day is better considered a chart illustrating a Socially Planned Growth in Technology Roll-Out.

    Thanks Again Chris.

    1. Today I read that rather than pouting, great samaritan that he is, good ole Elon is going to clean up Flint's dirty water. Perhaps he needs to stay linked to water somehow.

  20. Headline of Yahoo news story:
    Thai boys were passed "sleeping" through the cave.

    This story just keeps on giving. Layer upon layer. Upon layer.

    1. I saw the same headline about being passed sleeping. What bullshit is this, and who believes this? Drugged? Maybe. Sleeping? Give me a break.

    2. Musk's mini-rescue vehicle was kinda creepy as well. Reminded me of a hyperloop container for kid-shipping.

  21. During the entire cave rescue mission, the sun was been perfectly opposed to Pluto -- good timing for our heroes to venture into the underworld and rescue some kids.

  22. Orange and the all seeing eye meet at the end of the video of course more propaganda for weird sex


  23. Great job as always Chris! I thought you might be interested in the work of John Lundwall. He examines the astrological significance of mythological symbols. In the link(at 23:38)he explains the mithraic tauroctony.


  24. You brought up the Deftones somewhat recently as they covered Wax and Wane by Our Lady and I remembered the video for their song Minerva from 2003 and I curiously rewatched it. The video begins at sunset and ends at dawn. Interesting. Further, about two thirds of the way through the lyrics talk about your knees falling to the earth. Also, uh, ok. The album is coved in roses. Also their best known album is called Pony which has a white horse on the cover which most people at the time thought was a reference to heroin but in light of this context seems to be a pale horse. Also of note the chorus is "God bless you all for the song you sing!" Which god? What song? It has an odd sense of being an incantation of sorts in the middle of the desert, between sunset and dawn. Knees falling to earth at 3 AM. Seems like the usual stuff from a mexican-american heavy metal band from sacramento (sacrament/sacred), right?

    1. I dunno, Anonymous. I think sometimes a song is just a song. Sure, there could be influences coming from anywhere and everywhere, but that is part of any creative process. It could equally be argued that the song, Minerva, is just a shoe gazing anthem of appreciation for the gift of music that has changed the lives of the band as well as their listeners and who better to offer that praise to but the goddess of music and the arts? Also, I think it is misguided to assume that "the usual stuff from a mexican-american heavy metal band from sacramento" could not include reading a book about Greco-Roman mythology and being inspired by it.

      This conversation should be more about how those gifted with poetry and music are somehow called by certain forces or spirits to play out specific machinations that end in ritual sacrifice for some esoteric purpose either by entities of dark or benevolent but natural intentions.

  25. Oh, dagnabit. I should have looked at the lyrics: Minerva
    I get all, numb
    When she sings it's over
    Such a strange numb
    And it brings my knees to the earth
    And God bless you all
    For the song you saved us
    You're the same, numb
    When you sing it's over
    Such a strange numb
    It could bring back peace to the earth
    So God bless you all
    For the song you saved us, oh
    For the hearts you break, every time you moan
    I get all, numb
    We're the same numb
    And it brings our knees to the earth
    So God bless you all
    For the song you saved us, oh
    For the hearts you break, every time you moan
    And God bless you all on the earth

  26. I was reading an article today about how the rescue team decided not to use Elon Musk's mini-submarine (which must be an incredibly important topic, considering the press it's getting), when something suddenly clicked with me. Not sure if it's significant, or if it just shows that I've finally reached ontological paranoia....

    Background: the province of Chiang Rai, where this psychodrama took place is a dangerous, desperately poor place (at least from what I've read; if anyone has firsthand knowledge to the contrary, please correct me). It's part of the Golden Triangle, so it has all the violence associated with the opium trade; and it has a number of refugee camps for people fleeing the barbarian regime in Myanmar. Both sides of the border have sizable ethnic groups that have been rendered stateless when their own governments revoked their citizenship, thereby leaving them more or less without any rights at all.

    This leads to exactly the situation you'd expect: grinding poverty, de facto slavery, sex tourism (until recently, the Ministry of Tourism's official slogan for Chiang Rai mentioned how beautiful the women there are, right after it boasted that the province has the most fragrant tea), and human trafficking. (For whatever it's worth, the official flower of Chiang Rai is the Orange Trumpet.)

    So a young boys' soccer team ends up trapped in a cave. Within days, an American inventor has conceived, designed, built, and tested a child-sized submarine to rescue them (bizarrely, several sources mentioned that it was built from Falcon 9 rocket parts).

    But it's not a submarine. It's not self-propelled or steerable. From what I've been able to read on it, I'm not even sure if it could be*opened* by the person inside. It's not a submarine; it's a container for transporting children.

    Now comes the big stir about Musk's invention not being used. And it looks a lot like Knowles' First Law (except that it doesn't revolve precisely around symbolism). What's getting lost is the fact that what was invented- or just *unveiled* -is a cargo container for shipping kids.

    Maybe it's all innocent, and I'm just staring at current events so hard I'm seeing ill intentions that aren't really there. But I'll admit my blood got cold when this all clicked for me.

    Not sure if this will be of any help making sense of the Sleeping Woman Mountain psychodrama. But again, CLK, keep up the stellar work.

  27. Ok, some parts of Thailand are still at almost 18% poverty. But that's relative. I have traveled many times through South East Asia and most of it is OK if you take it for what it is. The worst, and I mean the worst, were some parts of Indonesia. Hands down. Medan was possibly the worst city I've ever seen.

    Bangkok was a paradise compared to that shithole. If there's any people being screwed over I suspect it isn't the Thais. They are truly going to be OK.

    Just what I've seen.

    1. Take it for what it is: Yes. We westerners are said to inhabit "the other world", constantly abstracting and theorizing and obsessing with what should be. And we're the only ones! No wonder it's called the western disease.

      The rest of the world, certainly Asia, operates in "this world". If something works, use it. If it doesn't, accept it. Look after your family. And never hide behind lofty concepts.

  28. Hello Chris and the gang,

    From another Chris in South Oz...heavy occult symbolism is just everywhere here down under.

    Not to take away from this article and you're probably all over it, but please check out the opening ceremony for Switzerland's new underground tunnel.

    Mate, the weirdos are certainly in charge, the whole ceremony is disturbing, and shock horror contains a lot of orange, semi naked people, a giant baby headed winged thing and a man in goats head/antlers....I could go on.


    Even the crappy daily mail calls it bizarre.

    As a fellow 70's kid I get your humour and references.

    Keep up the research and the one-liners...gotta laugh at the bastards!

    1. Just an FYI - Chris has written on the tunnel ceremony quite a bit since it happened in 2016. Should be able to find it from a search through this blog.

  29. "THE 12 Thai soccer players rescued from a flooded cave were given ketamine, according to a British diver involved in the rescue.

    There are reports the boys were sedated before they were removed from the cave, in order to keep them calm as they were extracted..."

    So strange


    1. They couldn't just give 'em a little Xanax? They had to use Ketamine, the horse tranquilizer, the dissociative anaesthetic that's more powerful than PCP? Huh.

    2. But is there any better way to reenact ECCO the Dolphin?

    3. KETAMINE! Oh, yeah, those poor boys we're going to be "initiated" one way or another.

      From the Urban Dictionary:

      "Effects of a solid dose (particularly injected) include intense OOBE's (out of body experiences), Lilliputian hallucinations (feeling "as big as the universe" or "as small as an electron", often simultaneously) and other such psychedelic effects."

      "In Timothy Leary's 8-circuit-model of consciousness this drug is associated with the 8th and highest circuit."


      For what they may have experienced, check out Erowid:

      Just hoping they don't all end up as MK'd rent boys.

    4. Syncra: Good points. Perhaps we should refer to the rescued as the Ketamine Kids so people don't forget this disturbing fact.

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    something that I think I would never understand. It seems too
    complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward
    for your next post, I'll try to get the hang of it!

  31. Read this today in the daily mail -


    Skip pass the "toe sucking" bit and you find this about Kate Beckinsale :

    " Actress Kate Beckinsale has let World Cup fever go to her head.

    The 44-year-old daughter of the late Porridge actor Richard Beckinsale sported a giant cat costume and leopard-print trousers to celebrate England’s match against Sweden.

    Kate, who lives in LA, wrote alongside this snap.

    ‘Got up early to see England beat Sweden, did yoga, partially transformed into own cat — world literally is oyster.’

    The Pearl Harbor actress is very fond of felines.

    She has a moggy called Clive who sleeps in a vintage leather Monarch suitcase that’s customised into a bespoke cat bed. "

    1. Good ol' beta / sex kitten programming. The Beckinsale clan is interesting; Kate's father died (?) extremely young, was of part Asian extraction.

      Daily Mail is nothing BUT a showcase of MK'd, programmed multiples. They seriously will not print a person's name unless it's a Kate-type, leopard-print-b&w-stripes-showing-side-boob wreck of an 'it girl'.

  32. Good post unpacking this thing. Like many others I'm following it with my secret sun spectacles on, and it's humbling to read your assessment at this early stage (compared to my own amateur analysis thus far). Can't wait to see you look at the entire thing now it's finished. Weird as fuck, on one level the ketamine and sarcophagus exit kind of makes sense (safety) but then really, come on. Some of this shit is so contrived it's beyond human orchestration. I don't think free will is a given, get caught snoozing and who knows what you'll be swept up in.

  33. Having read a lot of work on Inanna I always saw her as a woman who adapts to the patriarchy. She's a tool who has learned to play the game. But I never saw her as transgendered. I also never saw her as a "mother goddess" figure. I know she is assumed to be the same figure as Isis but I don't buy it. Her "dick head" helmet is interesting tho. Would you mind sharing why you see Inanna as transgendered, Chris?

  34. To be fair, Thai haven't had an occupation of hostile cosmopolitans shaming them for their beliefs for the past century, it's only natural that one of their high ranking officials might express a sincere belief in spirits.

    1. The Thais have a huge Chinese immigrant population. I think it's the largest percentage in the world, especially within the middle class and elites. Ostensibly they are Buddhists, but who can say.

  35. One of the 12 Tham Luang cave boys is now getting lionized in western media for being a stateless refugee, originally from Myanmar. I'm sure this story comes in handy at a time when EU is going through systematic population replacement, bringing in illegal third-world migrants by the million.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DF3_MfDYVKlg&ved=0ahUKEwj2tLG5yZzcAhUEJ1AKHcgiA_0Q3ywIHzAA&usg=AOvVaw2Vt6TCEYHmVkoqMQCPiIGE

  36. Boys as 12 appetizers was the thrust of this piece by ELeeth and myself .. way back when. Coreybanter made decode for us so many times. Eleeth's conclusion was the trajectory shown as going back to two in one .. so why fight it?

  37. Tss Thai yeah like Thai my shoe or sumpthin. Wait wait Thai a water siren’s fillopean tubes because she got cancer in her cooter. Tsss Sockkkkkkcuckas!

  38. This Daytona Beach drowning victim was visiting the ocean for the first time. Guess the ocean itself was his deadly siren.


  39. They are playing the "sacrifice in exchange for goods" game [baphometes game]......see example below


    I never before thought they would start finding these (yes there are many), but i never before thought they would literally sacrifice human lives. Ha how naive was I?

  40. The ritual is over. Now it's time to imbed and reinforce it.


  41. Elon Musk offers up his magical submarine while we are in the midst of a Beatles "Yellow Submarine" film/50th anniversary observance. Musk has referenced "strawberries," as he did in a Vanity Fair article a while back, saying that robots in the futre will "pick strawberries" and that robots would want the world to be strawberries, or as Musk said "strawberry fields forever." http://nymag.com/selectall/2017/03/elon-musks-craziest-quotes-from-vanity-fair-profile.html

  42. Well its not related to anything of Thai tradition, but on a western astrological tangent (because I can't help it, I've noticed it now) They went missing two days after the solstice, when the sun is in 0 degrees of Cancer (the gate of the moon from Porphyry's Cave of the Nymphs) when the sun it at its highest declination. The gate of the moon was said to be where/when souls ingressed into the world, into incarnation. Saturn is just a couple of degrees away from 0Capricorn - the gate of Saturn. This is where souls were said to leave incarnation at death. Saturn in his own kingdom of Carpricorn, and being a demiurgic god of matter, is blocking their way to heaven right now. They were all out of the cave 2 days before the eclipse on the 12th July. The sun had moved away from 0 degrees but still in Cancer, now conjunct with the moon, in her own kingdom sign. It is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn; Pluto being god of the underworld would appear to be greeting them at the gate of Saturn, to let them know where they are - the underworld. All this in Porphyry's vision, occurs in a cave with the stream of the memory and forgetfulness flowing between the two gates. An initiation indeed.