Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Orbserver in the White House

Shortly after high noon on the 17th, Donald Trump addressed the media over the firestorm raised by the intelligence community over the Helsinki summit, ostensibly to walk back statements he made at the Helsinki summit. Not long after Trump began speaking, the lights in the conference room went out, "accidentally" turned off by Chief of Staff John Kelly.

You won't believe what happened next!

Why, the news cameras just happened to catch this rather iconic image there, a money-shot that professional photographers with teams of assistants would plan for weeks and work all day to capture. 

Just one of those little serendipitous moments, just a wacky stroke of happenstance that, golly-gee, just happened to pop up by accident.

The Washington Post then amplified the effect by running that little sizzle reel of Trump orb shots. I'm sure they think they were making Trump look foolish but the subliminal message it seems to convey is that Trump is a badass Bond-villain alpha-male with dark supernatural forces on his side. 

The MSM is actually a lot more clueless about these things than you might think, particularly the dying newspaper sector.

I mean, just look at that trident of orb-y bulbs looking all sentient and flying-triangle-like, and cap that symbolism with what looks like Lucifer or the Phoenix or Semjaza or whoever radiating light upon Trump's shiny blond combover. 

Oh look, it's Lyra! For the zillionth time!

Plus you have the 17th and the sun at its apex and all the rest of it. Plus, it was the All-Important 544th day of the Trump presidency.

And considering this all went down on the centennial of the Bolshevik murders of the Romanovs, you can't help but wonder if this is some kind of "avenging angel" signal, especially considering the top ringleader of the anti-Trump forces is/was a registered Communist.

Either way, you gotta admit it's highly-effective magic. 

Because the MSM, bolstered by neocon Republicans, were effectively painting Trump as weak, indecisive and subservient after the summit and this imagery gives the impression--bolstered by the other footage-- that Trump actually is an agent. Only not for the Kremlin but for the Angel of Death. 

In other words, it kinda makes Trump look like a boss.

I couldn't help but notice that the temperature in Washington and the media cooled rather suddenly following this little photo-op. Twitter went from trending hysterical hashtags like "#TREASONSUMMIT" and "ZOMGTRUMPISPUTINSGLORYHOLEBITCH" to pushing innocuous items about bunnies and flowers and avocado toast or whatever the fuck. 

So I do begin wonder if this was in fact a message to the Brennan/Clinton camp, coded in language that you and I are not in fact privy to. Since my motto is never pay attention to what is said but rather to what is done, I kinda get the impression something sub rosa was indeed being conveyed here by Trump and his shadowy junta of generals. 

Call me crazy, everyone else does. But it's just what my gut is telling me.

Best friends make for the worst enemies

Just in case you're wondering, it's still my personal belief that everything going on in Washington is the same exact game of thrones that follows the death of any long-standing, domineering and overweening emperor who leaves no clear successor.  I haven't seen anything to change my mind on that. A tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme.

The Emperor in this case is-- of course-- David Rockefeller. 

And it does seem like things in this country really started getting particularly nasty the past few years, presumably when the Daddy David Deathwatch began. 

I'm willing to bet, given the clear connections, that Trump was a princeling in Rockefeller's court in pretty much the same way the Clintons were. Don't forget that Trump (a registered Democrat until 2010 or so) taped The Apprentice in the Belly of the Grand Architect Beast (AKA 30 Rock) for more than a decade. 

So it's my stupid opinion that the bitter nastiness you're seeing among the various factions of the elite is the same kind of slapfight you see when cousins tussle over a rich uncle's will. It really has got nothing to do with you and me. Take that for whatever it's worth.

And as much as I hate to admit it, I'm afraid the battle here ultimately boils down to what exact flavor of dystopian police state we'll end up with and which exact occulted cabal will run it. 

And sometimes, in the dark radiance of the false dawn, I do wonder if the battle is ultimately over who'll be the proconsuls and viceroys for the Borgcube Cylons while they put the final pieces of the Skynet Matrix into place. 

Sorry for the mixed metaphor there. Geek roots and all.


  1. Hmmm...definitely some fuckery and super unlikely that the lights going off were an "accident". However I'm gonna have to say that was not something that Trump was expecting. You can tell by his body language that it was intimidating - he very quickly in the dark assumed a very beta posture that suggests he was very uncomfortable and a bit scared and nervous.

    I can't remember something like that happening to a world leader at such a timing. Some dark messaging definitely going on but not in favor of Trump.

    1. I thought the same. Very dark message, indeed. Clown king may have served his purpose in the carnivale.

    2. I've said the same in the past and yet the show keeps playing. I don't make any predictions about that guy anymore. It's a fool's game.

  2. Thanks for this post, completely agree about the "flavor of dystopia" bit. I was telling that to all my friends during the 2016 election and was getting flak from all sides. Keep up the great work!

    1. Sure, but one may still have a favorite flavor of dystopia? I mean, if you have been following this blog, you'll have to agree that getting the Whore of Babylon would have been a better fashion choice for these times. She can do a pretty good impression of the Scarlet Woman when she wants to.

    2. I'm pretty sure all sides of the battle are well and truly dedicated to the Whore of Babylon. Don't forget Sargon the Great now.

  3. Listen from 2:30 onwards, a very interesting clip of Terrence Mckenna talking about a trip. Wonder if David Lynch had the same thing?

    1. I think hallucinogens are redundant as far as Lynch is concerned.

  4. Any gaming fan would instantly recognise this as a sign of the immanent release of Half-Life 3. As everyone knows this long awaited game has been secretly suppressed by "them" since it got way too close to the real story of what is going on in Antarctica.

  5. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)10:15 AM, July 19, 2018

    They're all f**ked in their head/soul, but some infinitely more so.

    On Trump's neo-con/fundie side, the deep woods initiation involves humiliating gay stuff in drag. They're all grown men, but they keep the "terrible secret" of who played the role of the "bride" (who took it up the a** several times wearing a lovely dress) for homophobic/political reasons.

    On Hillary's side, they rape and murder children on a regular basis. They even eat human flesh on occasion (Hillary IS exhibiting ALL the clear symptoms of someone dying of Kuru disease, which you can only get by eating human brains, that sick c**t).

    So yeah, Trump is... Trump. With maybe some secret gay initiation stuff. I can live with that kind of "evil".

    Hillary, George Soros, all the "members of the club"... pure goddamn "you go to hell and STAY THERE FOREVER!" sort of evil.

    There was once a near-death experience where an islamic extremist terrorist, an actual member of ISIS, got shot and went straight to hell. He didn't understand why, he thought he was a good muslim. Then Jesus (yes, Jesus f**king Christ, just youtube "muslim near-death experiences" and you'll see how common these sort of testimonials are) showed up and pulled him out of the eternal fire.

    After a brief chat about being the Son of God, Jesus actually gave the crazy-eyed, Mel Gibson-bearded terrorist a SECOND CHANCE, based on the fact he honestly didn't know he was a bad guy, when in fact he was obviously doing Satan's work.

    TRULY AMAZING forgiveness coming from this guy. BUT... I'm ready to bet he won't even try to save Hillary when she finally has one seizure too many. If he shows up in hell, it'll be with a bag of marshmellows.

    BTW, if anyone who knows me is wondering how the f**k Jesus and Satan fit into my own spiritual experiences and subsequent worldview, having met the Great God Pan among the stars when I died for six hours back in 2011, it took me a while to figure it out: Jesus is a man, the prince of light. Satan is usually represented as a big black goat, the prince of darkness.

    Two princes, one Father: Half-man, half-goat, both light and darkness as one. Simple as that.

    1. What kind of screwball shite is this?

    2. JB, Neocons all hate Trump like cancer and the Fundies are pretty much like the Christians in Syria- hanging on to the strongman for dear life.

      And I wouldn't bet that the "gay stuff" as you put it is just initiatic shenanigans with Trump's crowd. Study your history.

    3. Remember, Jesus is just A Man. Christ is The Prince of Light.

    4. Maybe I shouldn’t take the OP seriously, but, seriously....

      if you’re a pedophilia hysteric, you might want to read about satanic panic... There’s definitely dark shit going on in the world, but I guarantee you the monsters are hiding in the open. No need to conceal the Bryan Singer Hot Tub Time Machine or the Dershowitz Lolita Island plane. They do not even try.

      In other words, stop trying to “uncover” and “expose” all these supposedly hidden nefarious doings. There’s no detective work to be done. Nothing is hidden any more.

      I suppose I am dismayed that the distraction campaigns have worked so well on people who are at least trying to perk behind the curtain. Hint: look behind you. There’s a mirror there.

    5. SolSionnach, if you can't make any sense of this screwball shite, you are reading the wrong blog for you. Seriously.

      JB, thanks for your input. Though I would appreciate less stuff about rape and murder of children. I know the pizzagate people went there first, but then, a guy showed up in the pizza place with a gun to investigate. Some things are best served with heavier doses of irony.

      Claire, it's true the monsters are out in the open, so why are people still going on about Jesus?

    6. Maybe this is not a site for you either.

    7. I'd invite Claire to learn more about the various MKs, and the people behind the "false memory syndrome" stuff as well. MK has been going on for decades and at some point someone surely decided a plan was needed to explain the damaged failures that kept occuring from time to time.

      The late great Dave McG offers some relevant perspective here on the McMartin preschool case.

  6. I assume the "registered communist" is John Brennan... A fact check reveals that he voted for the Communist candidate in 1980. Not quite the same thing as being a registered communist... Anyway, virtually anyone under 50 has claimed to be, or knew someone who claimed to be a commie when they were trying to sort out an identity for themselves, or just trying to be edgy. I am not sure that should follow someone around for life, but that's just me.

    1. Sorry, but your thinking is so last century. On this century, that comment you put up on Twitter once when you were drunk will follow you for life. Even if the day after you couldn't remember saying it, or even if it was you or your drunk friend who grabbed your smartphone.

    2. Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on that, Anony. Guys like Brennan are pathological liars and if he admitted to voting Communist you can bet the farm that he was a card-carrier. Remember the rule- they only admit to the bare minimum.

    3. Uhhm, Knowles, even if Brennan was a pinko Leninist, why is that such an indictment? Are your sensibilities that coarse and retrograde, really?

    4. Which indictment are you referring to? And what could be more retrograde than Communism, which was formulated nearly two centuries ago?

    5. Stirner > Marx...hell, Marx's own son-in-law > Marx...
      "Like Christ, the doleful personification of ancient slavery, the men, the women and the children of the proletariat have been climbing painfully for a century up the hard Calvary of pain; for a century compulsory toil has broken their bones, bruised their flesh, tortured their nerves; for a century hunger has torn their entrails and their brains. 0 Laziness, have pity on our long misery! O Laziness, mother of the arts and noble virtues, be thou the balm of human anguish!"

      Or maybe that is what Bernie was saying, I didn't really pay attention...

  7. The Trump presidency: 544 days of weird glowing orb photos

    1. Yep- that's where I swiped the vid. Cheers Peter.

  8. Yep, totally agree with you about the two flavors of distopia. I've been thinking that way since the election (probably even before).

    1. Technology is driving the train. Once it exists they use it. Plain and simple.

    2. "If you build, it he will come" coded to the Waterworlder himself 'Kevin Costner'.

    3. Which is why I prefer "Technocratic" to Neo-Liberal, Neo-Conservative...Indeed, the ultimate logic of the Technocracy is more technology, which now absolutely resides on the further globalization and consolidation of international capital. Both China and Russia understand this, and that Technocracy actually works much better with anything but the bare trappings of a "Liberal Democracy" (well no trappings at all for China). If Trump is being used at all, it is to be a stooge as American wealth and sources of resources are stripped away from it while it chases it's tail...

  9. It's all there in the prophecies of William Gibson. I wonder if we'll have some kind of half hot half cyber war with Russia next that leads to the collapse of both nations and the takeover of the world by a post-national corporate state.

    Of course if the prophecies continue to unfold then it's AI / machine intelligence that finally overthrows the human oligarchs.

    1. My bet is that it's China who finally takes over the world. Or Chinese corps, not sure. It would explain a long list of things, including how popular are now those slanty-eyed aliens, plus all the instances of heavy hinting that the four elements are now five (Chinese have had five elements all along).

    2. Um, "slanty-eyed?" I realize English is a second language but you might want to rephrase that, Maria.

      Gibson's prophecies are evergreen but then again he predicted Japan would be the top dog in the pile. Grains of salt are recommended.

    3. You may be interested to know that one of the White House positions first eliminated by the Trumpistes was that of cyber security director. Not much publicized, huh.

  10. Of course it all boils down to what the AI (er..umm..Silicon Valley) wants, & what the AI (Silicon Valley) wants is for us to worship its shiny metal (amoral) ass:

    & you thought Bitcoin & block chains were just for commerce! Silly mortal flesh creatures! (Seriously though, read some of the posts on VISUP blog about that topic. Scary as fuck.)

    1. That's "CosmoDemonic" AI to you, buddy.

      Plus, SiliCylon Valley. Plus, Cylon Francisco.

    2. Cosmodemonic has always stuck in my head since the first time I read it...I have only read Tropic of Capricorn, but have always had an idea to write a Henry Miller Tropics parody/tribute/rip-off...
      The AI deity works perfectly for the "Neo-atheist" skepdick crowd because it is a **rational** construct...Although I would suggest keeping the grey-bearded old man in the sky as the image of the Neo God because Shub-Niggurath might scare the kids...

  11. Specifically, this VISUP article:

    & its one deep rabbit hole indeed...

    1. Ditto VISUP.

      And recall some of the other recent AI fanatic interviews in which they basically throw up their hands and try to wave problematic questions away as the "inevitable future".

      These AI nutjobs are starting to look like the ultimate nihilists. With no desire for maintaining any sort of status quo ("change" is their "status quo" apparently), all they had to do was deliver the meat (us) to the metal (AI) and their job was done.

      They certainly got what they bargained for (actual price to be determined later). There is no "status quo" except what is faked/manipulated, etc. and no guiding principles or morality, or even an acknowledgement of the value of principles and morality. Somehow we'll make it work, just turn it all over to AI for a trip through the virtual reality blender, seems to be the closest thing they have to a "value" or "principle".

    2. Indeed. As I just mentioned in another comment, everything is being ceded to the logic of technology, which as you point out, is value-free, or the only value it has is continual expansion and atomization. Marshall Sahlins has pointed to a singular root of both monarchy and democracy:
      "...for more than two millennia the people we call 'Western' have been haunted by the specter of their own inner being: an apparition so avaricious and contentious that unless it is somehow governed, it will reduce society to anarchy."

      This specter, or spook as Stirner would put it, now resides in the heads of the generation responsible for implementing AI and they do, quite seemingly, want to enact a third method for, well, keeping us from harming ourselves...Which is exactly how it is being sold already.

  12. Well that sigil with the dragon and the three unclean spirits seems unexpected.
    The kings of the East and the sixth angel.
    Of course, when these things are cast and become that is always nonlinear.

    When there are not enough players for a proper game one has to invoke a ghostrunner. That Jesus guy pencils in some ringers from the minors.

    Hell is full of guys just willing to take a shot. I hear some even get to stay in history, and make a name and get paid for it!

    1. I have no idea what you just said but you turn a nice phrase, sir.

    2. Met a fella in a concrete commons who spoke in the same poetic abstractions as this ‘neal’, just a few hours ago.
      Sat down next to me and more or less started to jive about the strange wavelengths he was pickin’ up. Said some junk about the reptilian chromosome, posed a lot of bizarre questions.
      I yakked about panspermia and the human virus, gave him two bones and a cig, told him he was one of the good guys.
      The new animated picture about the mariachi boy who travels to the underworld and sing for the Dead was playing on a canvas pop-up for a crowd of seated pedestrians, apparently sated by the dancing colors. He asked me what I thought of when I looked at the whole scene.
      I shrugged. ‘Hypnotism.’
      He chuckled, then grew silent, sobered by something.

  13. Extended sharing moment of hearsay for interested self-initiates and conspirologists.

    My current therapist has offered up a variety of personal stories through the years. Some of the most fascinating aren’t anonymous tales of very troubled patients, but rather odd off-the-cuff remembrances of rather famous/notorious named icons of the 20th century.

    Where my path has crossed lesser musicians and artsy weirdos or what-have-you…. Dr. K’s path, by dint of his graduating from Harvard in 1947, includes mundane but somehow to me - haunting - interactions with people of note around the archonic complex often in discussion here. To drop the three most prominent names as a contextual locator of sorts here’s: Richard “Ram Das” Alpert, Noam Chomsky & David Rockefeller.

    (Recluse @ Visup, or anyone – if you had access to remembered scuttlebutt from Harvard 1947 and environs thereabouts. What pregnant questions/queries for memories might you conspire to spring forth?)

    I’m not claiming actionable blockbusters, (kinda the opposite.) Hearsay can offer a meaningful 3-dimensionality and direction for further inquiry. I’m on about background non-sense on underclassmen and the surrounding milieu, still remembered due to some odd or remarkable detail. Uh, for example, I could personally offer memories of enjoying James Iha more in my high school gym than in Pumpkin land. Can’t be a widely held opinion but may offer actual insight if yer really into him or something.

    Much more Secret Sun is one of my own favorite diner party hearsays from an evangelical for nudism that, “made millions, lost millions, maybe my patents will pay off or maybe all I got was the yacht” guy. He emphatically maintained that when he got to supervise the integration of some of his crap onto the Hubble back in the day, that the two engineers in-charge of security had to explain to him the actual layout of the device as The Diner Party Nudist could see in an instant that the focal length of the main assembly was not built to examine deep space – rather something very near. Say, earth. The engineers acknowledged his insight with winks and smiles, rather than a single word. Heartfelt hearsay that happens to provide a vector for more research.

    Anyway, with that established, here’s Dr. K’s David Rockefeller tidbit.

    Back before WW2 Dr. K had a coupla sisters that ran through the Sorbonne educational programs. Ya know, learn French and a bunch of other cultural stuff that will inspire young ladies to become fine women. Apparently, David Rockefeller had a deep relationship with the Sorbonne and when out-and-about in the world doin’ his thing, he would often stay at hotel-like facilities provided by Sorbonne affiliated concerns (presumably his own pocket in some circuitous fashion.) While there David would get a dedicated female assistant. Dr. K remembers one of his teen sisters getting the privilege of attending to David Rockefeller as a tea-preparer, pourer, silent social ritual adherent – quietly available at any time across a period of up to 12 hours. Years later after the Marshall plan, etc.… Dr. K. was in a line of peoples getting awarded/commemorated and getting a handshake and shoulder squeeze from David Rockefeller. Rockefeller when shaking his hand said, “what’s your last name again? Hmmmm…” His eyes lit up and he offered, “any relation to a fine young lady that received Sorbonne training before the war?” In telling the story Dr. K. made it pretty clear that he’s of the unspoken opinion that his sister may have had a broader relationship with the now dead and not afraid to look randy in public Archonic magnate.

    As always Chris, thanks for what you do.

    1. Well, not to defend Rocky but he was barely out of his teens when the Big One flared up so it's not as creepy as it sounds.

      Don't be a stranger- drop some data on us any time the spirit moves.

    2. I could surely do up the story extra salacious style, but I completely agree with you Chris - it takes place in our grandparents 'Merica.

      Still, fascinating that it implies Rocky had a (family?) system set up to allow semi-clandestine accommodations where-so-ever he may roam with preferred attendants he could choose among.

      I very much appreciate the encouragement to download Sir Loring! Whee!

      On the island of misfit toys here I do feel a bit like, say, the original Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper and Cylon Raider toys. (either/or depending upon which side of a given false dichotomy I’ll be proceeding from.) A generally innocuous plaything until some random metaphor I shoot out results in a fatal choking – perhaps my own. Poor Robert Jeffrey Warren. Sad.

      And… I most definitely have some purty heavy re-integrating The Secret Sun comments upcoming. Hopefully soon to be thrown down like Usul…

    3. Sean, if Hubble is actually functional (as opposed to a boondoggle), then it's likely to be trained on the secret sun, a few thousand AU away.

      They'll use computers to generate interesting supernovae imagery to justify its expense.

    4. Great stuff Sean! I'll simply add my similar awareness, for anyone who didn't know, that schools like the Ivy League, Sorbonne, Cambridge, etc. are all reliable breeders/trainers of upper management Archons. It's literally hidden in plain sight even as those places are instead mythologized into bastions of intellectual hope and freedom.

    5. Your therapist is 93 years old?? Holy moley, I’ll have whatever he’s on!!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I said it before, but it's worth repeating: something seriously weird must have happened in Trump's golf resort in Scotland, that he visited before the famous Putin meeting. Guy from the US secret service, unnamed, died. All sorts of rumors are floating about. That he was Trump's taster, and he was poisoned. That he was protecting Bolton, and died of a stroke. Me, I'd go for the theory that he died in some sort of Satanic/Old Pagan rite. Especially because the all-important number 77 also made an appearance.

    1. The devil,is six. And God is seven. And this monkey's gone to heaven

  15. It's looking increasingly likely (to my eyes, at least) that we're on a runaway train whose final destination will be some sort of cathartic national purge.

    It may just be my chronic, depression-induced pessimism, but even when I squint real hard and stare directly at the sun, I can't see this rabid conspiratorial intrigue culminating with any semblance of orderly resolution.

    It's going to be a big, bloody mess.

    As Tracy Twyman recently pointed out, one of the more surreal aspects of this saga is that the President of the United States has become a sort of Emmanuel Goldstein figure; the Two Minutes Hate has been adapted to the 24 hour news cycle, yet there's nary a peep about his crimes that've actually wreaked tangible havoc on humanity and the planet- like the fact that he's dropped more bombs on foreign civilians than Obama did in 8 years, or his unparalleled repealing of environmental protections.

    The fury over Trump's alleged collusion with the Russians would've been business as usual had he conspired with the Saudis or the Israelis, both of whom continue to slaughter civlians with impunity, whenever and however they wish.

    Let's be real: his one unforgiveable sin is that he's a stream-of-consciousness buffoon who strays from the national script(ture), which conflates reverence for the Intelligence Agencies ("they're keeping us safe") with proprer patriotism, and he's too stupid to realize that the last President who did so (albeit in a more subtle and conscientious way) was John F. Kennedy.

    It's the King v. the Church all over again, and it has divided America completely in half- to an extent not seen since the Civil War.

    These things don't just happen on their own.

    People keep calling him a fascist, but fascism literally refers to forced unification, to bondage and rigidity. Every time Trump opens his mouth, the people snarl and rave and divide themselves into increasingly slimmer (and more brittle) factions.

    This is far more insidious than fascism.

    To divide is to distract.

    When they whack him (what choice do they have?) the dams will burst.

    The ultimate distraction.

    Consider the fanatically religious flavor of American patriotism. The flag: our graven image, a holy relic. The troops: our demi-gods. Congress: our priestly convocation. The office of the President: Solomon's Temple. Voting: our sacred obligation, a tithe to the Temple.

    Presidents fulfill the archetypal role as consorts to the Goddess in the Land, whom Americans personify as Columbia, or Lady Liberty.

    (We like to pretend she's Our Lady of the Magical Freedoms, but she's really more of a Whore of Babylon Madea Dominatrix type).

    The King and the Land Are One.

    I think we're being set up for the Ritual Killing of the King, to "Make America Great Again," which is Retard-English for: "Renew the Vitality of the Land."

    Or so the fable goes.

    Because if half think he can do no wrong, and half think he's the Antichrist, that means nearly all are indoctrinated with dissonance, which means that the stage is set for a Holy Civil War. As Boss Tweed famously quipped, "You can always hire one half of the poor to kill the other half."

    Collapse is not merely imminent; it's inevitable. It doesn't matter if it's ecological or economic in nature; one will follow the other, for there is one ruling class that mines the people who mine the Earth.

    The plebs won't have time to prepare for it (or even respond to it) because they'll be too busy fighting each other over the slain Janus King of America- who was either a maverick martyr or a karma-magnet who got what he deserved, depending on whom you ask.

    As down into their fox-holes the 1% will scurry.

    And that will be that.

    1. If what you mean is “nothing is going to actually HAPPEN” i.e., no catharsis, merely chaos and nihilism, I agree, and that is the most frightening thing of all... I highly recommend listening to the Chapo Trap House episode review of the movie “Range 15” for more on that.

    2. "Boss Tweed...You can always hire..."

      Actually that was Jay Gould.

      Though corrupt, Boss Tweed was a politician who had to worry about what his constituents (mostly poor) thought, probably more than most elected officials do now. He did a lot to help those who voted for him (admittedly out of self interest). And he himself died imprisoned and broke.

    3. ...and if trump was rubbed the Catholic charismatic pence would drop into the presidents slot....maybe....all bets are off imho.great work as always Chris...many thanks

  16. On the subject of houses -
    "Brady Bunch house on the market for first time in four decades"

    "Records show George and Violet McCallister bought the two-bedroom, three-bathroom split-level home in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles in 1973 for US$61,000.
    The owners died, and their children are selling the property.
    Real estate agent Ernie Carswell told the Los Angeles Times the house has been updated and upgraded, but the interior layout does not resemble what was featured on the show, which ran from 1969 to 1974.
    Interior scenes were shot in a studio."

    1. Which 'musician' will be purchasing this pile?

  17. Hear Hear! Fantastic Analysis. Kudos J.B.

  18. Lie 44 - Mass of the Phoenix.
    Lie 45 - Chinese Music.

    Decode of Presidential Primer ... the 1,11,22,23,33,44...45 from AC's Book of Lies...

    Scribble in the diary of Attis<\a>

  19. I think you're a typical nihilistic boomer. These people have names and addresses and they breathe physical air, there's absolutely no reason to assume they can retain control of the chessboard forever. The USSR came down despite all the king's horses and all the kings men. There are many conspiracies against the current ruling ancien régime, some of them quite open.

    1. Right on! All this bogus hair on fire pearl clutching outfreakage over Russia is masking the regime's increasing sense of panic. You're right. Nobody expected the French aristocracy to just come apart save a handful of Freemasons in1777 when the already bankrupt government got involved in another expensive war against England. Even though they won, it broke them. And I do not think Knowlsey is a boomer. He's a disaffected gen X-er like us! Or me.

  20. Doomy Zerohedge post. Dang Zod, cut it out!!!!

    Something very bad is coming. Bad like you cannot imagine. Bad like homo sapiens has never seen, certainly not in our recorded history. There are a lot of people who know the bad thing is coming (if I can know this, then a lot of others certainly do). But there is no escape from the very bad thing, so what does one do in such case? One does very much all the things I see being done. Distractions. Scandals. Conspiracies. Petty conflicts that never seem to end. But also; a slow and stealthy escape into the shadows by those who know the size, shape, and constitution of the very bad thing. Nothing about the above can be changed. Knowledge of the very bad thing is neither protection nor preparation. I doubt there is any practical place to hide, but those who enjoy power seem hell-bent of trying to find one if such place there be. As they retreat they will try to foment the killing -- because they must kill -- as many of the rest of the human race as can be efficiently killed, using whatever means lay at hand including diseases, starvation, and all modern weapons. The elites might well already be working on new weapons that can accomplish the killing of the human race without guidance or intervention.

    Putin's Russia happens to be in a reasonably good place here, so he's not worried. Parts of China also, but less so. Canada, no. The US will be completely overrun starting in the south, the Canadians will shoot us at the border as we flee their direction, but Canada will also fall.

    It is already started. The pain will soon mount exponentially until all is consumed by insanity. Nothing we know now about the human world will emerge intact. When the very bad thing is played out there will likely be 100K humans left in the entire world, and they will have no idea what happened.

    Nothing will be learned during this time. Even less will be preserved.

    This is how it needs to be otherwise all life on Earth is forfeit in the greatest die-off since the PETM, not just our own species but most species. I am not the only one knows these things, nor having these thoughts about it all. In the end, this is our only planet better perhaps that 100K humans live here with all the rest of life, than nothing at all, is the line of thinking.

    Well! Back to work. Profits to make. All that.

    1. Anon10:32, not too far off the mark, but if you machinate for half a great year to enable h sapiens to escape Saṃsāra, you don't indulge in petty ethnic cleansing (even if there is an echelon led to believe this), but in eugenics. In other words, even as you strive to preserve COTAC (continuity of technologically advanced civilisation), you also work to increase genetic diversity and resilience through miscegenation. This is the ulterior reason behind recent immigration manouvres. Beware of the disinfo that it is for the 'destruction of the white race'.

      Also consider that if a regular natural event culls humanity, why would anyone waste time trying to make it 99.9% rather than 99% effective?

    2. So allowing illegal immigration is a eugenics plan? For resilience? Right. So much evidence of the integration thus far. The ones coming aren't the bright ones so I don't buy the resilience argument. It's an effort to create a docile populace.

    3. Miscegenation increases Diversity.

    4. Only an already 'docile populace' would allow themselves to be replaced/genocided.

    5. Bear in mind this is in the context of an event that most likely leaves a given area (such as Europe) with a tiny fraction of its current population. Think "The Road".

      The eugenics aspect considers the residue survivors more able to survive and prosper over umpteen subsequent generations if they are of more varied breeding stock (and skill sets, cultures, etc.).

      This is not genocide, or 'ethnic cleansing by stealth'.

    6. I'm so glad Zod has all of the answers. This is the real reason I read secretsun, to get the facts from Zod. I wish I lived in a world where I knew everything that nobody else did.

    7. "Miscegenation increases Diversity."

      This is one of those internet posts I can't tell whether it's parody or a misguided attempt to state truth. In case it's the latter, though, species divergence (ie, "diversity" occurs through a process that is not one of blending/mixing everyone in the population together. Instead, biological/ecological diversity results from the evolution of isolated inter-related populations in given geographical areas. Pretty sure this was kinda Darwin's point in studying the Galapagos, no? A big part of his theory was that the geography/environment of specific areas in large part determines the direction of new speciation.

      Short version: to the extent social evolution and biological evolution can be compared (a dubious endeavor in many cases since socio-biology can be used to justify even the worse behaviors) the "nationalists" who take pride in "the people of the place" would be the ones more likely to create more diversity (new speciation) in the human tree and the diversity-claiming "mixers" will instead be summing out a variety of sometimes useful, sometimes not, genetic differences and leaving us was a genuine living, breathing "average" human being. Given how low society seems to have sunk, ponder that for a moment.

      Also, this does not counter those theories that it's better to have everyone carrying everyone else's genes (at least the dominant ones that will survive repeated mixing) to survive a mega-disaster. Yet the downside is things like the extinction of the blue-eyed redhead. I'm gonna miss those blue-eyed redheads!!!

    8. "This is not genocide, or 'ethnic cleansing by stealth'."

      PS: Yes it is. Research genocide by blood quanta (of the Native American populations:

    9. But! But, according to Zod it is, and, and he gnows all the math of the secret sun orbit!

  21. Chris's writings have certainly heightened our sensibility in discerning and viewing ritual.

    So when I read in the news yesterday that Olympic skater Dennis Ten was killed at 25, supposedly by petty street hoodlums trying to "steal rear-view mirrors from his car" (?), I felt sad but also uneasy.

    Especially as the same news reports went on to say that just a couple months ago, Dennis was headlining a big gala to celebrate an anniversary of Kazakhstan's new capital Astana. Which, as most will know, was designed by Sir David Foster as an open-air masonic lodge, replete with pyramids, gateways and more than one massive gold sphere to represent The Sun. A veritable new world capital for the NWO, in the same league as the Denvers, Dubais and Jerusalems of today.

    RIP Dennis.

  22. It's God reminding Trump that kowtowing to the enemy (the intelligence community) is not what he placed his dumb ass in this position to do.

  23. Trump ('the last trump') is in front of The Phoenix, because The Phoenix is the symbol of mankind's Earthbound lifecycle (destruction & rebirth). cf Saṃsāra.

    1. Yes. The Final TrumpPence are sounding. Loud and clear.

    2. Check this phoenix story:

      In the looming age of deepfake I now have to view stories like this two ways: Amazing if true and amazing fake if not - by someone clearly dialing into some symbolic fiery orange energy intentionally or not.

  24. Just coincidentally, the Smashing Pumpkins are trying very hard to be relevant again with their Oh So Shiny and Bright Tour. coming to an arena near you this summer. Tour poster:

    The world is a vampire indeed...

  25. Zod:You also work to increase genetic diversity and resilience through miscegenation. This is the ulterior reason behind recent immigration manouvres. Beware of the disinfo that it is for the 'destruction of the white race'.

    Just pulling your leg there sir and I completely agree with you. Interesting he gives the direction of human migration due to this very bad thing. 33*

  26. Not exactly relevant to all the details of this specific post, but news reports are now claiming 17 dead in a duck boat that capsized on Table Rock Lake.

    As one might expect, the area factors into Native American lore with a bit of a siren story of its own featuring a woman named Moon Song. And, of course, a supposed curse.

    1. These drownings remind me of the lyrics to "Kissed-out Red Float Boat" and "Dials".

      This tragedy may be a naturally occurring coincidence, but the ritual story is so familiar.

  27. Pearls of Wisdom may be to be found on:

    'A musical anthology of The Arabian Peninsula. Vol. 2. Music of the Pearl Divers'

    The 'CD', or simulara of which, includes detailed liner notes stating among other Things:

    'Arab geographers and historians rightly named Arabia an island...'


    'Fidjeri: Songs of the Pearl Divers'

    'The island nation of Bahrain, literally meaning “two seas,”... The pearl divers are known for practicing what is considered the Bahrain’s most original and characteristic musical genre, fidjeri, or “sea music.”...'

    To the uninitiated(?) ear the ululations of the singers may sound quite Frasien.

    Oh... & Azealia Banks?... = the o.g. wannabe 'Sea Punk'? This apparently from her 'Icy Pisces' tune(?):

    'Inside a seashell, just maybe you’ll find a pearl
    That’s there to say sir, I’m that special kind of girl
    Deep in the sea, way deep beyond the world...'

    (as featured on the 'Fantasea II: The Second Wave' release).


    A teaser for 'Stranger Things 3' shows off 'Hawkins' newest otherworldly entity, a 'mall' named 'Starcourt*':

    the tease includes a scene in which 'Steve', star of the steamy 'ST2' 'shower scene' greets the viewer with a hearty 'Ahoy!' whilst bedecked in faux-sailor gear serving ice-cream.

    A comment states the mall featured is the same as seen in Lindsay Lohan's 'Mean Girls', Lindsay = Lincoln = 'lake, pool' / 'colony' (what a combination) according to 'behindthename', jokers in the comments are also suggesting 'Steve' is the 'mom' for the 'Stranger Things' 'kids'.

    a commenter's guess:

    'Sadie Sink. Stranger Things.'

    As for other kids, specifically those plucked out the water Thaiboys? They made use of a 'K-Hole' so as to rise 'safely' 'extracted' (like pearls from mollusks that can give quite a nip?) out the underworld, a football team in peril for the duration of the 2018 World Cup rescued as the tournament concluded? (Also #WalkAway...)

    ('D.M. Turner', author of 'The Essential Psychedelic Guide', goes into some detail, if I recall correctly, as to the black & white Ketamined realms (he considered 'K' to be 'the ultimate psychedlic journey'), 'died after injecting an unknown quantity of ketamine while in a bathtub'.

    (* which via pop-occulted submersion-splice-association reminds me of 'The Star Chamber' starring Michael 'Quantum Realm' Douglas).

  28. 33
    Jokes on jokes... ft wnd