Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Hidden Experience of the Secret Sun

Impact caused a "seismic event," but left no trace of evidence

Mike Clelland and I had two marathon gabfests this past weekend on the Signal and the ECH.
One of which went over a cliff of sidebars and the other one was a keeper. Mike put it up on the Hidden Experience blog, which I hope all of you have bookmarked. 

 • We spent a lot of time exploring 2001: A Space Odyssey and the subversive message it hides in plain sight (including my pet theory that the "Dawn of Man" might be a Roswell/Cold War metaphor). 

 •We covered the overall arc of the past two months (April and May 2011, to be exact) here on The Secret Sun, concluding that what we call "alien" is no such thing. Whether real or surreal, the phenomenon is as old as time and can only be understood in a radically holistic context, one that incorporates symbol and synchronicity not just as curiosities but as tenets. 

 • We looked closer at the parallels between the Eternals and the Deviants of the Kirbyverse and the Nordics and Reptilians of abduction reports which led to a discussion on why Jack Kirby matters to the culture at large, not just the tiny ghetto of superhero fandom. 

 • We discussed the strange encounter I had last summer (which isn't that strange when you study the contact and sighting literature, it turns out) and I revealed another paranormal-ish oddment that I hadn't covered here, which led me to wonder if I'm not living near some kind of doorway. 

 • Which itself tied into our discussion about how the post that put me on the scent of the Elusive Companions  coincided with a extremely strange and mysterious event in my town that made international news. 

 In short, strangeness, madness, otherness and the never-ending search for the strangers among us. The ongoing effort to tune into the Signal, which may well be leading us to the next stage.