Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Signal

Impact caused a "seismic event," but left no trace of evidence

Mike Clelland and I had two marathon gabfests this past weekend on the Signal and the ECH. One of which went over a cliff of sidebars and the other one was a keeper. Mike put it up on the Hidden Experience blog, which I hope all of you have bookmarked.

• We spent a lot of time exploring 2001: A Space Odyssey and the subversive message it hides in plain sight (including my pet theory that the "Dawn of Man" might be a Roswell/Cold War metaphor).

•We covered the overall arc of the past two months (April and May 2011, to be exact) here on The Secret Sun, concluding that what we call "alien" is no such thing. Whether real or surreal, the phenomenon is as old as time and can only be understood in a radically holistic context, one that incorporates symbol and synchronicity not just as curiosities but as tenets.

• We looked closer at the parallels between the Eternals and the Deviants of the Kirbyverse and the Nordics and Reptilians of abduction reports which led to a discussion on why Jack Kirby matters to the culture at large, not just the tiny ghetto of superhero fandom.

We discussed the strange encounter I had last summer (which isn't that strange when you study the contact and sighting literature, it turns out) and I revealed another paranormal-ish oddment that I hadn't covered here, which led me to wonder if I'm not living near some kind of doorway.

• Which itself tied into our discussion about how the post that put me on the scent of the Elusive Companions (which may have led some of you here when it was linked to on Red Ice) coincided with a extremely strange and mysterious event in my town that made international news.

In short, strangeness, madness, otherness and the never-ending search for the strangers among us. The ongoing effort to tune into the Signal, which may well be leading us to the next stage.


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  3. Chris,
    I just noticed that you also posted that blog (http://secretsun.blogspot.com/2010/09/wyrd-new-jersey-paranormal-state.html) at exactly 11:11 AM

    Too odd.

    P.S. that stands for the word "LIFE"

  4. Your blog is dangerous for me,
    considering I am diagnosed with

    I feel compelled to read it

    By introducing the term:

    "ultraterrestrial"...you offer
    me a new way of describing the
    beings who might be our creator.

  5. PKD. PKD. PKD.

    I am thankful for CK's exegesis of Kirby, because it proves that Elijah continually passes through the night.

    But, one must do. As best you can.

  6. Chris, I always look forward to your reading, no studying, your next post. I have learned an awful lot from you, and only wish I could learn more if only my mind could absorb more.

    Now that said, I guess I don't see very much in this hole in the ground thing. 18" deep, the size of a coffee table ? Sounds, and looks, kind of like a small garden plot. International news !? That's what is really odd, more than the hole itself. I mean, look, a garden plot is 'international news' !? WTH ?

    I just don't see anything strange here. Easily an extremely unimiginative, dull hoax. At the very most interesting, it may have actually been a real meteorite stike. OK, cool. But even though rare, what would be so noteworthy about that, secret sun wise ?

  7. Chris, amazing interview, I listened to it and it totally blew me away.
    The thing that made my head explode was the "screamer" thing.
    Just a couple of nights ago, here in London, probably, and emphasis is needed here, the same thing happened, coming from a nearby garden right in front of the street, a horrid scream. I know some kind of owls emits sounds that are quite spooky, cats too, but this one was different, as it really resembled a human scream, but not quite.
    Anyway, the thing stopped after a good 5 minutes after some ppl stopped to see what was happening....

    weird synchronicity stuff here :)

  8. Thanks as always for the comments, guys. Two quick notes for now...

    Peach- Wow. If you have any more info on that event, please send it along.

    Joe- Thanks for the kind words but you might want to do some actual research on this event before getting all Randi on us. This "hoax" as you call it brought out several different agencies because it registered on a local seismograph. If you don't see the Secret Sun aspect of it, then I have failed you.

  9. Heh... you mentioned the Forever People... I wonder if that's where these guys got this idea.

    Also look up The Shamen: Destination Eschaton. It's a... pop song... about the apocalypse... yeah.

  10. Hi Chris,

    Still listening to your podcast on The Hidden Experience and just wanted to put this Youtube vid connection of a white figure caught on camera at Stonehenge. Reminds me of your white figure. Check it out.




  11. Chris, unfortunately I haven't found anything reported as far as I could see. I've never heard of it before I listened to the podcast, do you have any more info about it, using "screamer" as a search key didn't bring up anything?

  12. I used to think I was weirder than words.
    Now I just think I'm weird - you seem to have found some words.

    This is the exact stuff that I want to talk about but have always felt a bit of an outsider when trying to do so.


  13. Still more on "Sun Aliens" from GLP forum. Note the subject images of UFOs around the Sun will be deleted by NASA within 24 hrs (i.e., by Tuesday AM)


    The images document a highly unusual level of unknown activity at the Sun.

    What are our Companions up to?

  14. Chris, I started following your blog about a year or so ago. Your insights are immensely interesting. Since I began reading your blog, I have begun to notice syncs in my life as well. Perhaps I'm just more open to the Universe now. It's also helped me to be more open to closer examination of some weird stuff that happened in my childhood. Thanks and keep up the writing!

  15. Friends,

    I just wanted to say that I think Chris has written a series of brilliant essays here, a body of work that sensitively explores the notion of a race of Elusive Companions living mostly unseen alongside humanity. Comparing their uncertain ontology (and the larger field of historical high-weirdness) to an anomalous signal that is continually broadcasting is a stroke of genius, and is perhaps more than just a useful analogy (After all, we do live in a world of frequencies and waveforms).

    To further suggest that this signal might in some way contain stranger things than are dreamt of in our philosophies is nothing short of profound. Chris, you speculate intelligently that this mysterious signal might be running concurrent with the human race - somehow acting as an evolutionary agent of some kind. I would kind of agree with this notion, especially considering that whenever the invisible somehow spills its contents into the visible, things change.

    I see a resonance here with your previous notions of the Nether-realm – a kind of fluid medium that forever remains just beyond the limits of our intellectual comprehension. The fact that we can’t fully understand this Signal, coupled with the fact that it does seem to produce legitimate effects – I think this is at least circumstantial evidence that such a signal would indeed have some evolutionary function. Whether this signal comes from Source, the collective unconscious, or the recesses of The X Files, is open to interpretation.

  16. (Continued...)

    Even if we view this mysterious signal as a mere figurative device to facilitate insight, we cannot deny that such an analogy starts to explain some things. Perhaps it also helps to connect the dots between the realms of the psychedelic, mysticism, science and Intervention Theory.

    What if our Elusive Companions are part-literal, part-figurative – what if a sufficiently advanced race was able to create a form of subtle, imaginal technology as well as the gross physical technology that leaves burns, scars and crashed discs? I’m suggesting here that Arthur C. Clarke’s observation that “Any form of technology sufficiently advanced would be indistinguishable from Magic” is meant to be taken quite literally.

    What if there was a way to use synchronicity to create exotic technologies, for example? Imagine a technology that made use of synchronicity-engines and probability-drives, a la Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A form of technology created at the subjective, perceptual level of reality? Such a thing would make nanotechnology look like an eight-track. This might help to explain why our Elusive Companions often seem to be figments of our imaginations - and at other times appear all too real. It might also help to explain the permeable threshold between dreams and ‘reality’.

    Connected to this, many physicists object to the idea of a multi-verse; a parallel-reality existence. This is due to the fact that mathematics appears to suggest the universe does not contain enough energy to support such a wildly elaborate system – which is similar in theme if not in detail to idea that the universe could not support an overseer race of sorcerers that manage to be intimately interconnected with the history of our Earth.

    To use Kirby-speak, I’m comparing these overseer sorcerers to the Celestials – an order of Fortean-style weirdness above and beyond what we normally think of as interaction with the gods. This is my own interpretation of Kirby’s themes, but if the Eternals and Deviants still haunt our histories and sci-fi mythologies, perhaps the Celestials are still truly corner-of-the-eye phenomena, so to speak. The Impossible broaching on The Possible.

    Perhaps the Signal you’re contemplating is tantamount to evidence of careful design – if not of the Infinite Creator, then at least of seemingly Near-Infinite Sorcerers. Or perhaps I’m totally off base and the Signal is something even greater and more mysterious than that, and perhaps our Elusive Companions are as susceptible to it as we are – or even contained within it, as we might be too.


  17. Not off-topic, exactly, but more generally: you may find interesting my latest article "4th D: Not Fluid?"


    bit of a different take on some of your themes.

  18. Haven't read this entry yet, but i have been listening today to Rush's Signals album (my favorite Rush album) and hit The Secret Sun bookmark by accident, and what do yo uknow…"The Signal" … =)