Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Back sometime in halcyon days of the 1990s (you know, back when everyone had "jobs" and "money") comics superstar Grant Morrison was staring down the dreaded cancellation barrel on his opus The Invisibles, the comic he claimed Tibetan aliens were channeling through him (more or less). So he asked his readers to indulge in, uh, ritual self-abuse at an appointed time while contemplating a sigil that he'd designed for the occasion. The ritual apparently worked, though it may well have been because his publisher thought it expedient to keep a big name writer happy. Morrison also wound up in the hospital soon-after, proving that even magical swords cut both ways.

But it confirmed Morrison's views on the power of sigils:
This is verifiable. People have been telling us about this for thousands of years. Even the Tibetans have been telling us about this, the Mesopotamians have been telling us about this, and why has it been made occult? Because Coca-Cola have got the secret, these people know what we're talking about here because what you do is you create a sigil, Coca-Cola is a sigil, the McDonalds 'M' is a sigil, these people are basically turning the world in to themselves using sigils. And if we don't reverse that process and turn the world in to us using sigils, we're going to be living in fucking McDonalds! Magic is accessible to everyone, the means of altering reality is accessible to everyone, and when everyone starts doing it we're going to see our desire manifest on a gigantic scale.
Of course, Morrison doesn't have to sell me (or you, most likely) on this concept. Even so, it dovetails with an idea I've been kicking around. It goes like this- what happens when a group of people from all over the planet focus on the same image while trying to solve a problem or resolve an issue? So, I devised a very simple and almost completely unscientific experiment to establish some kind of baseline. Here's how it works:

1. Pick a longstanding problem or issue that needs to be solved/resolved. It should be relatively simple but persistent -- a problem that you haven't been able to solve through conventional means. Your selection process might take a while.

2. Every time you focus on the problem, picture the apple that you see up top. This requires a small amount of multitasking, in that you need to simultaneously think through the problem while keeping the apple in your mind's eye.

3. Give this process seven days from start to finish. Be careful in selecting your particular issue and make sure you're not contemplating any harm or ill will to any person, animal or inanimate object. It could very likely backfire on you.

4. As always, be very rigorous in your methodology. Document the process, if it helps Don't fudge the results. There's nothing to gain or lose here, it's simply an experiment in the power of the Collective Consciousness. If you like you can run another experiment at the end of the initial seven-day trial.

You can share your results or keep them to yourself. But I hope you'll share any extraordinary results, particularly those you can document.

And may the Source be with you.


  1. Hi Chris - I love this idea! I will give your version a go and let you know how it works.

    I've been working with sigil magic since 2007 when I saw Grant's Disinfocon speech you quoted from. All I can say is if the intention is pure, it works like gangbusters!

    Here's a link to the whole talk if anyone else is interested http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6148569602584070911#

    peace - J

  2. Chris, you are truly evolving. I consider this the next big psychic challenge for this group. The sun of an occulted nature is a great group of avid readers who are for the most part quite intelligent and soulfull. I entend to follow thru with this extraordinary request you have made. I have came across some profound life/soul/intellect brain food lately that is challenging and must be met. I will incorporate my gnosis in this request of yours. I am looking foward to some psychic projection, and looking foward to fellow Secret Sun fans take on your request. This is what it is all about me thinks. Shine forth brave souls. Dennis

  3. Oh no you don't. You've probably photoshopped baphomet or (knowing you) the demon leprechaun into that apple, thereby releasing the Apollyon from the pit!

    Kidding. It's a great idea! I'll reblog this and take part this week. -Michael

  4. A writer/editor I know once stated that Grant Morrison created a Mary Jane character (King Mob), and he used that to vault himself to superstardom. (Mary Jane characters are perfect, resourceful heroes based on the writer themselves. In most cases, it's the sign of an amateur writer). Morrison is clearly no amateur, and he charged up an idealized version of himself. Absolutely fascinating!

    I like your experiment, Chris. The use of the apple in place of or as a sigil is quite interesting. Once I think of the right problem to address, I'm going to play along.

  5. like how you numbered this... friggen awesome timing for a series of collective stuff. right on.

  6. It's already happening...

  7. Chris, have you seen any of the advance press for Katy Perry's "E.T." single? (Note the "cat eye" make-up and "fish-scale" sequins.) While musically it's pretty much what passes for pop these days, the lyrics are more like something out of X-Files...

  8. The forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge has always been one of my favourite symbols,so much so,that I have been contemplating for weeks whether to buy something like this apple keyring at Tiffany's ,so I would always have something tangible when contemplating a problem like this one about buying the keyring.-)


    In all seriousness though,the apple symbol has been on my mind for weeks,and I have been considering buying the keyring as my own personal symbol of my quest for forbidden/hidden knowledge.

    ...and I come to this blog on hidden/forbidden KNOWLEdge and here's you telling me to use the apple as a symbol as something to contemplate on while solving a problem.

    Maybe there is a message in there somewhere for me.
    I'll have to think about it.-)

  9. Because Coca-Cola have got the secret, these people know what we're talking about here because what you do is you create a sigil, Coca-Cola is a sigil, the McDonalds 'M' is a sigil, these people are basically turning the world in to themselves using sigils.

    um...Did you notice whose "secret recipe" was revealed today?

  10. oops, I see the Facebookers are already all over the Coke Connection. Sorry for the re-post.

  11. Magic. Like you said it's hard to focus on A issue, without wondering if it's the best one. It sounds well worth a go. The apple is really trippy.

  12. I don't want to rain on a good old fashioned parade, but unguarded secrets have very little power. The power of magic is no longer in formulas or sigils in my opinion. If you have a question there is an answer, if you don't know where something is there is a map. This interweb is a living breathing sigilbeast. Instantaneous, just Jack in, don't Jack off. Again, I only post my opinion because I tremble with the feeling that I am named Jones, and I do not know what is happening.

  13. i'm in the same boat as Jolyon here. been playing with chaos magick & sigils since around 2002-3.. i forget. i like this new spin on it, Chris.

    if you need any specific insight or have any random questions about... or just ideas from a long term practioner's perspective, let me know.

  14. anonymous @ 11:41pm:

    "The power of magic is no longer in formulas or sigils in my opinion."

    But they still work. The power of magic was never exclusively lived in these things, but it's there. If it doesn't work for you, sorry.

  15. i put the grant morrison method into play about eight years ago,i got exactly what i wanted along with an equal amount of what i did not want.
    be careful what you wish for,its all in the detail.

  16. "The power of magic is no longer in formulas or sigils in my opinion."

    Magic is about pure intent, not the sigils or formula. BUT, those sigils and formula are designed to give focus to your pure intent. In other words, sigils are a tool, not the thing.

    Chaos magick is all about stripping magic down it's working essentials, getting rid of all the extra stuff. I find the sigil system really elegant in its simplicity. You could possibly do it without the sigil, but how many mages do you know that can effect changes to reality based solely upon intent? Not many, I would venture.

  17. One quick note- this isn't necessarily an exercise in magic, it's more about the Wireless Neural Net. I mentioned Morrison but this first thought experiment is more about raising energy to solve problems, and not influence something external.

    Just wanted to clarify.

  18. To be more specific, did sigils bring this working community of like minded people together, or did the Internet? I have huge amounts of respect for Knowles, and I sense he's onto this idea, but now that this Secret Sun attractor has been born, and is indeed attracting, should the next move be group synergized magick for individual questions, or group work for global ills? I think the magick has happened, this is the result, and what do we do now? "Find the others".... McKenna, quoting Leary, "Find the Others". This is the thread, this is a start. I would be very interested in how wide this circle is drawn, how many countries and continents are involved. I will meditate upon this apple.

  19. Chris would you say this is like using the Law of Attraction?
    Or perhaps the Akashic Field?

  20. But it's ALL magic!

    One doesn't have to use that particular word, but it's still the case.

  21. Question Chris - Can you explain how this is an "experiment in the power of the Collective Consciousness"? My understanding is that you're asking readers to focus on this "sigil" on their own time, and to think of a presumably personal problem... Just not seeing the connection...
    Also you stated "it's more about the Wireless Neural Net", but then you say this exercise is not meant to "influence something external"... I do use sigils often and quite successfully in practice, I just find your wording a bit confusing and I'm wondering what your true intentions are for this "mental exercise"...

  22. The point of this exercise is about focus. I want to see if a group effort would have any effect on an individual's problem solving capability, through whatever means you choose to assign to it. It's not meant to be about focusing without, but within.

    I shouldn't have included the Grant Morrison bits, it seems.

  23. With what Grant said, I couldn't help remembering Rammstein singing "We're all living in Amerika".

    That aside, recently I've had in the back of my mind the idea of telepathy/collective consciousness and likewise, and I was reminded by your post of the "psychic email" experiment I used to try with my brother a long time ago. Didn't get too far with it, but I'll see how far I go with the apple experiment.

    From a former lurker, thanks Chris.

  24. I'm all for raising some focus, Chris. Good stuff. Also, here's a link to a new blog post inspired in no small part by your own solid work.



  25. I guess it might be appropriate to file this under Neural Linguistic Programming, or NLP. It's pretty similar to chaos magick.

    This also brings to mind the intention experiments done with random number generators. Cool stuff.

    At this level, science, psychology, and magic are all so intertwined. It's quiet beautiful to consider it all, actually.

    Yeah, bring up Grant Morrison, and the conversation quickly veers into magic, drug trips, etc.

  26. Morrison wrote about The Invisibles. Everyone corresponding here is essentially invisible to each other.


    If intelligent people in 1994 were incapable of grokking the Internet, imagine explaining it to someone in 1964, or 1776. I imagine that someone well versed in magickal theory and thinking could grok the concept, but could never believe it possible. I think I finally understand the point of this post now. As we seat ourselves lotus style in front of our individually chosen flat screened hypercubes, we bring a 21st century brain, 21st century ideas/solutions/problems, but do we bring 21st century focus?

    A Ponzi scheme of intended focus. I ramble in this discussion forum because it is the one place my ramble has any chance of being heard, possibly understood, and focused. I shall try to settle down and tune into topic more.

  27. "Yeah, bring up Grant Morrison, and the conversation quickly veers into magic, drug trips, etc. "

    Yeah, because:

    "At this level, science, psychology, and magic are all so intertwined. It's quiet beautiful to consider it all, actually."

    So it's all good then?

    Don't worry what we yammer about Chris. This is a great thing.

  28. Michael, I laughed at your comment because I've been duped by "look at the pretty picture" images that turned out to be animated gifs w/ trolls popping out of them.

    I understand that Chris' experiment involves tapping into (collective?) subconscious to solve a problem for ourselves.

    Anonymous 1:12, I wouldn't call this a ponzi scheme. Since the problem to be solved is individual and personal, and we're not asked to recruit others into the experiment, there's no transfer of power or wealth involved. It just doesn't fit the definition.

    Grey, I'd also rule out "the Law of Attraction" too because LoA is about obtaining things.

    Wouldn't it be amazing if it worked?

  29. I know I have limited wealth, but do I have limitless focus? It might be a Ponzi in the sense that every individual invests individual focus, and receives the multiplied focus of the group. Every one who joins bolsters and receives, with no loser. The proof is in the results. It's a stretch, but there's something to it. Is it more esotericaly Masonic if it's a Pyramid scheme?

  30. was thinking about arks, internut Xperts, and valentine solar flares, singing to meself a little song--

    "Something is happening but you don't know what it is do you Vendyl Jones?" and having a solipsistic giggle, then within a minnit read:

    "Again, I only post my opinion because I tremble with the feeling that I am named Jones, and I do not know what is happening."

    apparently mr. jones (vendyl variety) is recently departed

    enjoyed the experiment! let's do it again real soon :O)


  31. I didn't read the blog. I read the comments and noted the mention of a thought experiment. I had one clue.. Chris mentions Morrison. Now for my side of the experiment, without knowing the context of this experiment, I will peer into my Johnny Carson crystal ball ....



    It's not working. I'm not getting through. Must be on the wrong channel.

    Of course, I haven't seen Star Wars yet. Maybe it's because I don't believe in war.

  32. Not sure that the apple is the best choice. Between Eden and Newton and Steve Jobs, it's already laden with baggage.

  33. Apples are a great fruit. They come from long lived trees that don't need the constant caretaking that a lot of the fruits that we have come to love require. The trees can live on their own for a hundred years and still produce fruit and be pruned to good bearing wood again. They are polyploid, meaning they have been interbred for a long time and each tree has many parents, not just two. They are beautiful trees and tough survivors.

    My immediate thought on seeing the apple sigil was that a really good fruit with a really bad rap was getting a chance for a redemption through my will! My personal sigil to release the creative will snoozing, drugged or beaten down inside of me.

    Carry on fellow contimplators, for the good of one and all.

    Best Wishes, Delorus

  34. I can make it much easier for you, and you don't even need the fruit. No keeping images in mind. In fact, hidden within the idea of the apple imagery is what is actually happening, which is this: All one has to do, is occupy the alpha, waking mind, while doing deeper mental work. Intuition comes through the deeper mind states. Think of the waking mind as an editor, and it starts to make sense. For instance, Mozart wrote letters with his left hand, while writing music with his right. One technique for improving portraiture skills, is to draw a portrait upside down-this will enable the deeper mind levels to concentrate on the task at hand, while the alpha mind is busy trying to make sense of a confusing picture.
    Intuition works in the same way. Burroughs achieved such a thing with cut ups. Alpha occupied with fun little details, like cutting up pages, deeper mind sees connections. Works the same with problems in life. Direct waking mind's attention to a task it considers important-which is what you're doing with the apple. The content of the image isn't important, it's directing the waking mind, alpha state, to focus on something-for an extended period of time, which the alpha mind finds quite difficult to accomplish. Thus freeing up deeper mental states to pay attention to whatever actual problem there is.

  35. Dark Side of the Monkey

  36. hi Chris - I thought I'd report back, although I don't have much to mention, to say thankyou for proposing this as I found it useful.

    I don't have much experience with this sort of thing, so it took a day or two looking at the picture of the apple on and off before I could hold it in my mind's eye. while I was doing that, I was thinking about a long-standing problem which to be honest isn't going to be solved any time soon; occasionally I become anxious because I worry about the consequences of not having a solution to it.

    what I found was that by about day 4 of the process I could bring the apple to mind, raise the problem and find it gently responded to with a calm sense that it was okay *not* to solve the problem, that it would resolve in its own time, which I found freeing and relaxing.

    there seemed by day 5 to be more dreaming, and dream content relevant to the problem, although you'd expect that really.

    by the end of the week it seemed that, mentally, the apple image had come to enclose the problem in some way; imagining the apple brought up the elements of the problem, but they were contained - they weren't sparking off the usual chains of thought which would bring anxious feelings.

    very interesting; I felt I learnt something useful from the process and I am grateful to have had the feeling that it would be okay not to fix the problem - so thanks again, and thankyou to everyone else involved for lending your unconsciouses.

    best wishes, Andi

  37. I put the idea right to work on an old problem with a new face. My experiences since then are perfectly described by Andi above.

    I would add that my focus on the apple centers on the white spots - which remind me of the night stars.


  38. Hi again Chris. Since my last reply I thought of at least 3 problems that affect us as a whole, and the biggest advice I received from meditation was to "think in paradoxes". What this meant for me was to see that even dead ends are not ends, that there is always an option, and one that usually lies out of conventionality, but it couldn't have been better illustrated by the video game I was playing at the time: "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." (Mind you, this quote was said to have come from the historical hashshashin, but I give it here and have taken it on its own minus the connotation it may bear.)

    The clearest answer I received was to let things happen, and go my/our own way(s) in the meantime, almost like Andi above had. Dreams became vivid for me too but I'm suspicious about what I went through, let alone what I get these days.

    I'll experiment with the apple again for sure. Seems like we're making our own apple(s?) of knowledge, come to think of it...

  39. Any more on this Chris?