Thursday, February 17, 2011

And She's Buying the Stairway to Sirius

Note the Pleiades (aka the Subaru) surrounding the Moon

The second hour of my Stairway to Sirius talk with Thomas Malone is up here on BlogTalk Radio now. In it, we puzzle over the paradoxes of Symbology and what it can and cannot tell us. If you missed it, the first hour is here. And don't forget to check out this chat with Ted Torbich in which we cover the strange undercurrents in Star Trek, the Blue Beam hoax and much, much more. I'm going on a podcast sabbatical for a while, so stock up on your Secret Sun podcastery while supplies last.

In the meantime, ponder these mysteries...


  1. Tangential for the blog in general, I just read that on Valentine's Day the sun ejected its largest solar flare in the past four years.!5763289/the-sun-unleashes-its-biggest-solar-flare-in-years

  2. Once again for those who haven't read them:

  3. Chris,I just finished reading a book called "SIGNS" by Robert Perry;

    and thought I would bring it to the attention of you and your readers.
    I had a lot of syncs while reading both his book and your blog,and thought well maybe there is a sign in there for me to give it a mention here.
    While he is from the
    "A Course in Miracles" group,and I'm not really into that,the book delves more into the synchronicitys Robert experiences in his day to day life...and that's where it gets interesting,because like most of us at this blog,he seems to get a lot of syncs through Pop-culture as well.One of his most profound syncs was backed up while watching an episode of the X-files (full circle).He also relates syncs which involve
    "The Simpsons","Strange Days","King Kong (76)","The Name of the Rose","Click","Vanilla Sky",to name a few.

    I think you might find it an interesting read...there are a lot of questions to collect along the way.-)

  4. hey, first of all i have to say i thouroughly enjoyed both parts of the talk with Thomas Malone :)
    second, have you already addressed why you sounded sort of irritated, like you said in the first post, or is it yet to come?
    just curious really :)

  5. and what does 'w' symbol stands for?

  6. Thanks for making the podcasts available through your blog. I enjoy listening to you very much. You are a fluent speaker and you are really good at composing your sentences on the fly so to speak and at keeping the point of what you are talking about. And of course the subject matter is attention grabbing as well.

    We are losing our snow here in Michigan so quickly- 45 degrees and foggy.

    Best Wishes, Delorus

  7. The 7th photo down shows Orion's belt as a pointer to Sirius. Follow the three belt stars in the other direction and you end up at the pleiades, the 7 sisters (also known as Subaru) the sponsor of the 14th photo own.

  8. Great interview. I totally agree with what you said about 9/11, pointing fingers doesn't seem to have gotten anyone anywhere. What I find interesting is the way the event has been labelled by the date. I wonder if there is any significance there, maybe subconscious? The fact that probably everyone in the world has heard of 9/11 and is or has been taking about it has got to have some kind of effect on the collective mind surely.

    I guess Hollywood are just too good at what they do, which is selling entertainment. The same could be said about media in general and advertising.
    The sales training courses I've come across in England seem to be all about how to manipulate people's minds, using psychology to the max. It puts me off working in the sales industry. Consumers/people don't stand much of a chance of thinking for themselves.

    I starting to see a lot of symbolism for Sirius, that I wouldn't have noticed before reading your blog.
    Oh and thanks for your take on Montauk. I'm baffled.

  9. out of a myriad of pics, this one is my fave: gerald ford and his pooch, Liberty.

  10. Really fascinating interview!

    I did have one comment, re: the part where you're talking about the nature of narcissism and how "alpha males see themselves as God."

    I have a good deal of past experience in areas like business consulting, startups, entrepreneurship, etc. and so I have had numerous chances to work with or alongside narcissistic extreme alpha male types.

    You are half right.

    In my experience, your typical high-powered executive alpha male type (as well as wannabes) is socially dominant, but intellectually passive.

    They radiate primate dominance gestures to the point that, in extreme cases, merely being in their presence has a kind of odd psychological effect that both boosts one's sense of power and subjugates. It can, in some cases, be intoxicating. They also throw their weight around a lot in the form of pronouncements, orders, etc. that in effect serve as territory-marking behavior.

    Yet, they (for the most part) tend to have absolutely no original ideas. Intellectually, they are among the most passive and subordinate people I have ever met. I call it "cut and paste consciousness." Their entire cognitive process seems to be, from an intellectual point of view:

    1) Hear things

    2) Evaluate them not in terms of their truth/falsehood but in terms of their primate hierarchy significance. Is the speaker of high social status? Will this idea ingratiate me with individuals of high wealth or social status?

    3) If the answer to (2) is affirmative, copy the idea verbatim and begin relaying it (possibly with some variation) as your own.

    There are variations on this, but this is the basic idea.

    There's also a degree of passivity to the alpha in terms of their behavior with regard to higher-ranking alphas. In the case of extreme climber types I've seen, their posture toward higher alphas could be described as worship/loathing. They prostrate themselves before them, copying their ideas verbatim, and yet simultaneously loathe them and long to be them.

    Just a few observations from the trenches. I no longer work in these kinds of areas... couldn't stomach it.

  11. Personally I don't try and psycho analyse anyone that much Adaml. It's not people that I find hard to stomach, (I've worked with some fantastic people) it's 'the rat race' that exists. If you work or have worked in sales or marketing then you understand more just what lengths companies will go to, to sell their products, it's just the way it is. At the end of the day people do have a choice (which is the best bit) about what they buy.

  12. AEIOU vouls to adam and eve? W = u2, we get older but the game stays the same: rock scissors paper = gold ceasars money. 7 isnt just a number: say all the 7 sees, the 7 wonders of the world?

  13. Question, while listening to HR 1:

    Is it OK that the 5-pointed star is a symbol for Venus, as well as Sirius? How does one tell the difference, when you come across one?

  14. Whoa … Chris, thanks for the heads-up over the Seville, Spain solar tower. Remember the episode of The Little Rascals in which Alfalfa sings The Barber of Seville? Notice that there's a towering barber's pole, the characteristic peppermint candy cane striped trademark of not only the coiffeur, but he who also castrates the prepubescent male, in order to retain their angelic singing voices for the boys' choir in thelocal Catholic diocese. I think I 1st got that factoid from a Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    Offworld & Otherworld denizens have been coming here for millennia. Some of us have a hankering to return to from whence our forebears initially came. As you well Gno, we've tools other than nuts & bolts spacecraft to go places, although there still some who prefer a vehicular method, as in this assay, or the Fallen Angels perspective of Craig Hines. Juicy post, this. Thanks again, man. You totally rock ~ (•8-D

  15. Can anyone explain in laymans terms, WHY it is, that Sirius, a twin star sytem, is so important to people on earth? Is it because its the brightest star AND its practically our neighborhood? Whats with the theory that certain stars build up some kind of cosmic chakra system and Sirius is the pineal gland chakra, whilst Sol is the heart chakra?

    I really need that explained, because otherwise it would just be some remnants of my neanderthal ancestry ( "Uuuh, star, shining bright, must worship"), which i can leave behind me and evolve from.

    Thx in advance.

    Greetings from Greece

  16. ……. @Dynamitrios, greetings from Virginia! I love, love, love, love, LOVE Hellenic mythology, have for most of my life. Anywho, I'll pick up the challenge. The significance over these parallel star systems & cosmic chakras & such, is that WE/OUR Solar System mirrors that of the Sirius System, seeing that (allegedly, mind you) ours, too, is a double sun one, unbeknowst to most. Why, even the Born-Again Christian Fundamentalists are hip to this perspective, here, albeit adding some apocalyptic spin, too. Well, who'd've thunk?

    As for Neanderthal forebears being ig'nint (ignorant), Stan Gooch has quite another way of looking @ the Neanderthal question, here. Cheers from the Old Dominion.

    On a rainy, gray day,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro

  17. dynamitrios: refer to comment #2

  18. Yikes! I had loads of syncs for 'Arion' a year ago. Major ones, over the space of a week or two. I thought it might be to do with a flying horse that lives in the sea, I'm not so sure now. I'm getting the picture now. Thanks.

  19. Good post Chris, You are not kidding about needing to be on the lookout for water symbolism. I just downloaded an album from a band that I sort of dig on (Cut Copy) and the album (Zonoscope) shows a flood of water pretty much engulfing the Empire State building and most of NYC. Pretty striking image. Even a lot of their song names and lyrics have a strong esoteric vibe to me.

    Here's the song list from the album:

    01. Need You Now
    02. Take Me Over
    03. Where I’m Going
    04. Pharaohs & Pyramids
    05. Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution
    06. Strange Nostalgia for the Future
    07. This is All We’ve Got
    08. Alisa
    09. Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat
    10. Corner of the Sky
    11. Sun God

    Anyway the album is actually quite good, but there is something about it that has me wondering about how and why they are choosing certain themes...

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