Thursday, October 20, 2011

AstroGnostic: On the Earth, Not of this Earth

"In the world, not of it" is a sturdy Christian mantra that seems to have been derived from Paul's letter to the Roman Church but is in fact a very Gnostic idea. Believing that the world was a counterfeit creation built to enslave the souls of living beings in base matter, the Gnostics were known to go to extreme lengths to separate themselves from it.

Literal alienation has been explored in-depth on this blog, specifically in regards to how it manifests itself in science fiction (which in its purest form is a inherently Gnostic art form). The idea of a race of literal aliens who are "asleep"-- which is to say unaware of their true nature-- and have fallen into a lower world (usually ours) may not be one of the most dominant tropes out there but variations on it have informed popcult hits such as Heroes and The Matrix (as well as Jack Kirby's Silver Star and Neil Gaiman's take on Kirby's Eternals).

Whatever the literal truth may be, the idea of alienation remains powerful exactly because the world is so alienating to those of a sensitive or insightful nature.

Anti-intellectualism-- and its enabler, pseudo-intellectualism-- have been dominant in culture and politics for most of my life, and has been reliably used time and again to bully and silence people. And reductionism-- which boils down to the hyperaggressive drive to deny and denigrate the deeper experiences of sensitives and those who are able to make connections that many left-brained types are totally incapable of-- has been the concurrent response of the "left" to the anti-intellectual religious reductionism of the "right."

You see this all of the type with the so-called skeptics-- if they don't understand something- or most commonly, if their programming prevents them from even perceiving something-- they have to smash it. Exactly because it poses such a mortal threat to their extremely fragile sense of self, which is determined by their institutional programming.

Which makes it all the more ironic-- and telling-- that the same people who march under the Amazing Randi's banner-- a moldy, maggot-eaten banner that will soon be in ruins along with the Foundation that bears his name-- gravitate towards these kinds of stories, all of which trace their roots to mystical traditions.

But the fact of the matter is that that movement is as emotion-based and reactionary as the Fundamentalist movement it so desperately depends on to define itself against. People like Randi have made themselves rich by painting their opponents as grown-up versions of the bullies that tormented their followers in school.

When you scrape away all of the rhetoric, that's what it all boils down to.

It's the same in other political movements across the board. They all go for the emotional jugular for their own power's sake. Fundamentalism and its endless offshoots (many of which are more potent than the waning movement from which it sprang) go straight for the emotions- fear and resentment, most of all.

Is it any wonder why so many people feel alienated, seeing how sick, corrupt and exploitative all of these movements are?

I can't help but wonder. In the riotously controversial book by Philip Corso called The Day After Roswell, the argument was made that recovered technology from "flying saucer" crashes revolutionized our level of technology, essentially creating all of the digital wonders we take for granted today (which we touched on here). Of course, the power structure has used this technology for nefarious reasons ever since, but at the same time other people are empowering themselves with it.

Some of those people are the ones who don't seem to fit into any of the cubbyholes that have been built for us. Some of those have used the technology to find others like them. I can't help but wonder if Corso's arguments are true-- and mind you, that's the mother of all if's-- that maybe these crashes weren't crashes at all.

Maybe they were staged to kickstart humanity's stagnant communications technology in order to wake up some of those sleeping Neo's out there and get them ready for some pivotal event in our near future.

In that light, here's a story written by the late, great Archie Goodwin, who definitely sprang from the old school ethos of sci-fi and genre fiction. This all feels like a lost Twilight Zone episode in the best way. It also reminds me of the great Outer Limits AstroGnostic narrative "The Children of Spider County," which we looked at earlier in the year.

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  1. I love these posts! Thanks so much.... I could never formulate this into a coherent blog post like this, but YES! PS I like to think I planted this seed or added fuel to this fire when I shared the Skeptic Magazine ( with you a few months back.... Either way the last few post about the main stream "hip" (Don't tell them it's mainstream) attitude is fucking annoying.

    You know what it's all about? FACTOIDS! This shit started in the 1990's when I use to hang with these preppy types. i use to have all kinds of info about Egypt, Aliens etc.... Eventually they got so jealous when we use to drink beer and hang out (their girls were there, you get it?) they got to the point they would bring a fucking fact book (encyclopedia of sorts) to the party and read out of it like that made them smart. Fucking tards.... This hit me that this is still a part of the culture (I hardly interact with except as a spectator at the Comic Shop I work at) when I went to a bar full of older people the other night and they started a random trivia my dick is bigger then yours "contest"....


    Sorry to rant.... Peace!

  2. Chris, this is one of the best damn things of yours I've ever read. Hit so many of my conclusions right on the head. Thanks.

  3. The Day After Roswell cleverly put another little meme out there, one that CIA was peddling as far back as 1948 and which they've peddled ever since- the alien genesis. In Day After as in so many CIA produced books and movements there is the constant drumbeat or dog whistle (as circumstances dictate) that genesis is a race memory of aliens creating the human race out of protohuman monkeymen.

    Zechariah Sitchin did not deny being a CIA asset when confronted over this for example.

    Open mindedness is a blessing, but not when a covert but proven agenda is seeking credulousness with which to engineer consent.

  4. Flying Tiger- you care to back any of what you're claiming up with actual evidence? I wouldn't doubt it about Sitchin (though I'll delete your comment soon unless you back it up with proof, not just a claim made by some random website) but only a total ignoroid thinks he did anything but come along and try to take over a field that was already in existence.

    The fact of the matter is the opposite- when Reagan came in all of that material was flushed from the media into the margins- cartoons, conspiracy media, etc.

  5. Cheers to both Cat and Quark- I appreciate it!

  6. Let me add that while I think The 12th Planet is a great book, I have very serious misgivings about the rest of Sitchin's work and possible agenda and have for some time.

  7. Might I add, Alex Toth (Thoth) is just incredible. I'd really love to find me a copy of that issue. Wow.

  8. Hey Chris,

    Another very cool post. I'll keep it short and sweet, for now. Just wanted to say that I agree with your thoughts about alienation. For as long as I can remember I've had the feeling that I don't belong here - that I'm just a visitor here and my visit is concerned with some pivotal event or series of events for humanity.

    Now, this might just be the wishes of a lonely, imaginative child - or maybe not. As I get older and more informed, the basic tenets of Gnosticism seem to make more and more hard sense to me. Maybe this is only the case because I view pretty much everything through the lens of psyche.

    If the world is filled with slowly awakening Neo's, in anticipation of some coming event, then looking within as well as without is of the utmost importance. Here's a link to a recent video I made that explores these themes that you've covered, for anyone who didn't catch it on the Sun's FB page:

    Thanks again for all your inspiration, Chris.


  9. i enjoy your videos Raj

    Sitchin being a paid CIA operative is a stretch, even metaphorically

  10. Chris, what is one to do when confronted with limited or no experience in dealing with the shawdowy forces/organizations of this world? Reading for knowledge is about all I have. Yes, I try to have a truth filter, but when exposed to Corso's book (which I have read)I try to formulate my own view and not swallow everything hook, line, and sinker. But in the end, I'm not Corso and have no access to sources. If one is not careful, all the study can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed and can cause a feeling of hopeless--something you recently touched on when encouraging us to redouble or efforts and stir the embers of the passion that caused us to begin our journies in the first place. I don't know what the answer is, but I do feel the alienation from time to time, but take comfort from blogs like yours (I look to the Secret Sun to help me understand the truth. I know it's a process so I will continue to take encourgement and keep plugging along.

  11. Greg - Thanks for your appreciation of my videos.

    I just wanted to state here that the reason I make so many videos is because I believe that art, or any kind of considered creative perception is a form of alchemy.

    And if, as Chris speculates, the world is filled with Neo's who are trying to use all this new technology to reach out to others and jumpstart our evolution - I wanna be one of them.

    Even if only a handful of people watch my vids, that's enough - because I want to be the line in the sand. I want to act as if I can make a difference, even if I don't always believe it. I wanna put my money where my mouth is, basically.

    This blog has been a huge part of that. Not by simply making me a fan of this blog, but by empowering me. If we can continue to give that kind of empowerment to each other, we'll be unstoppable.

    And then it won't matter so much that the world is unbearably dark sometimes, because we've stood our ground and actively lived our principles.


  12. Before anyone passes a finality of judgement upon Zecharia Sitchin, they should first give my article a read:

    Heiser vs. Sitchin

    written in the summer prior to Mr. Sitchin passing away. I wrote the article over the course of a highly motivated week-end.

  13. I am fascinated by the fringe science and UFO conspiracy books, but I have to recognize that they cite questionable sources and seem to refer to each other so much, it almost makes the conspiracy theory sound like it is a conspiracy.

    However, on this blog there is a more esoteric component that I find more valuable. Whether gods or aliens or archetypes, mankind's superconscious companions and the other world in which they exist has driven human development far more than skeptics admit or recognize. Almost every great step forward in science, math and tech has been accompanied by a metaphysical or even alchemical component.

    The thing about Sitchin and similar writers is that I think their literal take on everything obscures the true value of an imaginative approach. I think there probably is a supermassive planetary body at the far edge of the Oort cloud, but I don't think it is Niburu and inhabited by gold hungry advanced giant people. However, I think it is possible that it has had metaphysical influence on the human race just as astrological perceptions of the planets and stars in myth had tangible effects on the inner workings of our consciousness since humans were conscious. The planet Jupiter is not physically the god, but it was metaphysically so.

    Niburu striking the Earth is to me as preposterous as the Rapture - both are views based on imposing a material basis th what is an experience in the evolution of human consciousness.

    And I believe in science or any field, our steps toward truly human consciousness lie most often on this esoteric or mystical path while a completely materialist approach leaves us alienated from science. Essentially it reduces humanity to inhuman terms.

    John H

  14. "Maybe they were staged to kickstart humanity's stagnant communications technology in order to wake up some of those sleeping Neo's out there and get them ready for some pivotal event in our near future."

    A-MEN brotha!!!!!!!111 ;)

    PS: I liked that comic so much. And the poor guy's name sounded very similar to Andy Colvin's --a.k.a. the Mothman photographer ;)

  15. The thing is that if you want to wake up a "Neo," then you have to become a "Morpheus."

    No Jesus without a John the Baptist (or a Judas for that matter).

    Or, more to the point, if you want to wake up a Neo, then...


  16. One of the links at the bottom of this article sent me to an older article on the blog comparing Frank Herbert's PANDORA novels to Jim Cameron's AVATAR movie. In Herbert's novels, there is a race of mermen living in the world's vast ocean as terrestrial life is to voracious for human life to survive.

    In the article, it mentions another thread of thought commonly appearing in this site which is the "maladaptation" of human beings to this world's environments.

    Recently, I read a bit of Elaine Morgan's fascinating theory of human beings going through a period of being aquatic primates. Something like actual mermaids, but mammalian like dolphins or seals.

    I was thinking that the same sort of maladaptation would occur if human beings left the sea and returned to land over a long evolutionary period.

    Of course, another Cameron film flirts with something like this idea. ABYSS implies that there is an incredibly advanced civilization in the ocean that lives in harmony with its, to us, quite alien environment.

    It's always been interpreted that these are aliens, but I suppose you could make the case that there is nothing in the story to prevent these being the evolved ancestors of a branch of humans who never left the oceans.

    Interesting, in that connection, at the end of Spielberg's AI, I always thought the strange slender crystalline beings at the end of the movie were alien archaeologists who were studying the ruins of human civilization.

    However, in an interview, Spielberg said that these were actually the descendants of the robots that the human race created before it died out. He called them mechas.

    It is interesting but not surprising that very often "aliens" in movies and fiction not only represent something innate to humanity but also might not be alien at all in the story.

    Even with Superman and Krypton, I've seen suggestions that Siegel and Shuster had a very different worldview in mind with the Kryptonians being a race diverging from a seed race that included humans on Earth. Only Krypton was an older branch of that race.

    This is later reflected in Superboy with the Legion of Super-Heroes composed of humans who've adapted to different planetary environments by developing superhuman powers.

    John H

  17. 'Maybe they were staged to kickstart humanity's stagnant communications technology' - Vannevar Bush's name tends to come up in discussions about alien tech. At the time of Roswell he was one of America's top scientists. A little known essay of his from 1945 called 'As We May Think' described a device called the Memex which was kind of an Internet using microfilm. The essay inspired many later scientists who went on to create modern computer technology. While I doubt his thinking at the time had anything to do with UFOs it is well worth a read.

    Link here:

  18. The Day After Roswell is a strange book. Taken at face value it makes little sense, but considering his background and the date of publication I edge towards it being the result of Corso doing one last job for his employers in the military. Release a book that becomes a huge bestseller, but its mix of fact and Project Camelot-style flights of fancy pretty much kills serious interest in UFOs. Like with the Darksiders of the 80s (Lear, Cooper etc.) this powerful need to discredit using military sources convinces me that there is a bona fide epic cover-up ongoing. The conventional argument is the spooks are pushing these stories to hide their super-duper fancy tech. Nice idea, but it falls apart when you realise most of the 'big' cases of UFOlogy have some kind of military component (Roswell, Rendlesham and so on) along with layers of disinformation thrown in. UFOlogy would be much reduced without them.

    For example look at Area 51 - it was quite happily operating as a secret base for decades. What brought it into the public eye was the Lazar/Lear UFO stuff of the late 80s. If the government wanted it to stay secret then why the huge effort to push the base into the popular consciousness?

    Generally most people irrespective of their politics will say its perfectly fair for the government to keep new aircraft and related tech secret - and they couldn't care less & wouldn't risk their liberty to find out more.

    But toss UFOs into the mix and everyone - from kids to seniors - want to know what is going on. The UFO stories generate a ton of interest in the black world which is pretty counter-productive especially these days when any enterprising kid could stick a DSLR on a remote-control plane and snap their own spy pics. If you want to stay secret you avoid publicity. Telling the population you either have alien spacecraft or human-built starships a few hours drive from Las Vegas is an idiotic way of achieving this.

    So where are we? We've had a campaign to discredit UFOs ongoing since the late 1940s. If it was done to hide secret tech its been a miserable failure. If it was done to damp interest down in UFOs its also failed.

    Perhaps the campaign, along with the many plants in the political conspiracy world is a very clever attempt at evoking sociological control by discrediting movements who could bring about real change, like Jacques Vallee believes. I'd say it has been successful at discrediting the idea of UFOs being 'alien' in the mainstream (among journalists, scientists, engineers and anyone who considers themselves 'rational'), and thanks to the oceans of nonsense churned out on the Internet or through pantomimeesque alien invasion shows & movies its also made many of those interested in UFOs confused enough to give up serious investigation. Furthermore the pop culture meme injection of UFO terminology means people with no interest in the subject can come up with 101 ways to mock those who are, making it a difficult subject to discuss in public.

    So ultimately it looks like they're hiding something big. If it was some manner of alien interaction with humanity then the power structures of the world - be they big business, military or religious - suddenly become powerless. I suspect the cover-up is about protecting them and not us...

  19. Not sure if this has been posted before, but its a lecture on the classified world of early electronics. Is fascinating and shows how there were some surprisingly advanced bits of technology deployed during hostilities - which decades later turned up in civilian gadgets:

    Perhaps some of the Bell labs transistor research was 'inspired' by secret German work?

  20. Corso's book was was an attempt at cashing in on the Roswell enigma so as to leave his family a bit of a financial legacy - with the blessing of his military superiors as an effort that would further add to the milieu of Roswell-related disinformation.

    The Germans had indeed made great strides in miniaturizing electronic signal amplification as evidenced in the video cameras they used to cover the 1935 Munich Olympics. British tapes of Nazi scientist war prisoners also have hints that they may have developed laser technology, which they referenced in respect to Uranium isotope separation process. These days Livermore has perfected a laser-based isotope separation process that is much superior to centrifuge process. (One of the end of war booty items we got from Germany was a U-boat loaded with highly enriched Uranium.)

    Concentrating on analyzing ancient writings, records, monuments, etc. is perhaps a more fruitful way to gain insights into the question of advanced beings interacting with humanity. The ancients and their legacy to us is not tainted by department of defense or any other hidden control structures that may be tainting the contemporary scene of evidence and information with disinformation.

    A great example is how the Book of Job is essentially a Hebrew counterpart to the Babylonian Enuma Elish - essentially a creation epic relating how a great god smote a dragon (Tiamat) to fashion the Earth, Moon, and other solar system environs as we know them today. Both writings probably stem from around 1900BC and both draw on Sumer/Akkad mythology that was already 2000 years ancient.

    In modern astronomical terms it's an account of a larger planetary body (Tiamat) being struck by a Mars size object. The resulting heat melted much of the outer mineral of Tiamat's crust/mantel, releasing water from the mineral. A portion was cleaved off to form the moon. Other refuse formed the asteroid belt and comets (the comets taking on the orbital characteristics of the object that impacted Tiamat). The moon and Earth were also propelled into their current orbit status, the Earth getting its tilt, very fast rotation rate, and the Pacific basin being the remnant scar of the impactor. For a while the early Earth was shrouded in a cloud of dust and water, then coalesced into a ring much like Saturn's, and eventually was reabsorbed - Genesis Chapt 1 describes those conditions. The released water from the impact created Earth's oceans (Tiamat originally was rocky with water molecules locked into the minerals of its crust/mantel.)

    Of course all of this was done with incredible precision as the Earth/Moon/Sun complex represents a conglomeration of numerous mind blowing "coincidences" of facts and figures. From an astronomical perspective the Earth/Moon is about the most amazing thing known given how it defies all understanding of astrophysics. We know the moon wasn't caught - and is now definitely believed the moon was fissoned from the Earth. Is just that the super computer model of that process requires extreme fine tuning in order for the moon to stay retained in an orbit (let alone one that makes for a perfect eclipse with the sun). The odds against it happening are astronomical (ah, pun intended). The complexion of the solar system, to the extent that life on Earth is dependent upon it, is highly artificial in its arrangement. And the ancient Mesopotamian writings spend much time regaling that tale.

  21. Oops!

    Meant the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Jesse Owens, et al.

    An irony is that Jesse Owens, while visiting for the Olympics, enjoyed more freedom to use public bus and such to travel about in Nazi Germany than what he could experience back in the US due to segregation.

    Blacks were relatively few in Germany so unlike the Jews, Gypsies, Communist, etc., the Nazi regime had not made a concerted effort to single them out for persecution.

  22. Thanks for the post. I spent a few years of my childhood/early teen years reading Creepy and Eerie magazines. Great to read that story (again?).

  23. Wow. I can't express just how much I needed to read these words. You've crystallized how I've felt about these various movements, and made it clear in just a few well-chosen words. Thank you. :)