Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 17th Gus Grissom Post

When I first began digging into the Gus Grissom enigma I was driven by a hunch, more than anything. I was poking around Barack Obama's biography after the election and kept stumbling on links to the dead astronaut while cross-referencing dates and places that were important to the Obama campaign. 

I cataloged those links in "Barack Obama and the Masonic Martyr," parts One and Two. From then on, other bits cropped up pointing to a veritable Grissom cult in Hollywood, specifically the CSI Grissom tribute, the Grissom-crazed third Star Trek movie, James Cameron's alien contact epic The Abyss and other bits here and there

All of it very interesting, none of it necessarily conclusive.

It wasn't until the 43rd anniversary of the Apollo I fire that my hunch about Obama and Grissom paid off and paid off big: Obama used the anniversary for the old "Grissom, thou art revenged" routine, essentially shutting down NASA and outsourcing its work to third parties. 

However, I didn't realize until recently that January 27 wasn't just the Apollo 1 anniversary-- NASA slated it as a "Day of Remembrance" for the Apollo I, Challenger and Columbia crews, starting in 2004.

In that light, Obama's actions were like cutting the funding for the Freedom Tower on September 11th or closing down the Navy on December 7th. It was an extremely angry and aggressive attack on a holiday, essentially- a time when NASA was expecting nothing but some bland statement honoring the fallen astronauts. 

 It wasn't until I consulted my latest oracle-- Gold Key's UFO: Flying Saucers comic book (featured heavily in the recent Nick Redfern blowout) -- that I realized that Grissom, White and Chaffee weren't the first astronauts to die long before their time-- several others died in plane and car crashes before them. 

 We've heard from several researchers (most recently Peter Levenda) that NASA wasn't just a dispassionate collection of starry-eyed scientists and daredevils-- it was filled to the brim with unreconstructed Nazis like former SS honcho Werner Von Braun, who's been painted as some kind of crusader based solely on the uncorroborated hearsay claims made by his former secretary. Levenda (for one) claims that NASA's Nazis were definitely not on "our" side, and were/are running their own games within the agency.

In that light, the deaths of no less than eight astronauts in non-mission accidents before the end of the Apollo program is nothing short of mind-boggling, and goes a long way in explaining why a Grissom cultist like the current president might chose the Day of Remembrance to strike back at his idol's old enemies (and their heirs). 

There's also the near disaster of Apollo 13 (dismissed by Bill Cooper as some kind of Masonic ritual that the flyboys were in on) and the deaths of the Soyuz 11 crew to take into account.

The account of the Soyuz disaster doesn't dispel the possibility of sabotage, reminding us that some of Von Braun's Peenemunde boys were working the other side of the Iron Curtain back in the days of your moms and pops. 

Of course, UFO: Flying Saucers leads us to believe that aliens did away with the astronauts to keep their moon bases secret, but of course that's a comic book published by a very establishment publisher in the pre-Watergate era.

Still from Ancient Aliens, 
identifying Grissom with ancient astronaut

The alien/Moon issue is something we'll touch upon in a later post but for now the weight of the evidence appears to point to the final act of a secret war being played out in the corridors of power, all centering on the enigmatic figure of one Virgil Ivan Grissom.