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AstroGnostic: Moon-Machines and Mindbombs

The first installment of this series dealt with the plasticity of memory, centered on the fact that my most vivid memories from my childhood were either nightmares or hallucinations, many of which had strands of commonality with abduction experiences.

The second part looked at weird strands of commonality within many classic abduction reports (which is to say, pre-Communion, pre-Intruders), many of which were not your typical nighttime visitation experience but were often daytime sightings followed by an encounter leading to some kind of beam emission which itself led to a bizarre experience which might include alien sex, a spin around the solar system and so on. Experiences almost tailor-made to make the witness seem foolish or fantasy-prone. But the kind of experiences (and sightings) seen in the post-war UFO literature are nothing new at all. As many have pointed out they're remarkably similar to folk stories of encounter with elves and fairies.

As I would point out, they have an even stronger similarity to ancient encounters with the gods, many of which are far more lucid and frighteningly familiar than the superstitious reports of Medieval peasants (during a epoch in which most of Europe entered a state of severe mental, scientific and intellectual retardation).

The Sumerians obviously watched too many UFO movies

This led me to speculate that perhaps we are not alone- never mind in the impossibly huge universe, but on this planet itself. We've never been alone- we've had an elusive yet not totally invisible companion race, whom the Sumerians called the Igigi and were later called the Grigori- a servant class of Watchers, left behind while the gods went back to wherever they came from (though in every telling, from Mesoamerica to Mesopotamia, this absence is only temporary, no matter how ancient this all seems to modern, attention-deficit addled cultures).

This race would be known today as the Greys, who some believe are in fact biological androids, which makes sense in many different ways.

It also led me to speculate that the abduction experiences themselves could be the result of some kind of remote control- namely the result of the weird beam that some of these witnesses reported being shot with just prior to waking up in the ship and going on the joyride. The mild radiation sickness many of these witnesses were diagnosed with could well be evidence of some kind of apparatus used to install created memories in the experiencer.

The third installment looked at Stanley Kubrick's landmark 2001: A Space Odyssey, the first of the great Hollywood tributes to the ancient engineers. I argued that none of the symbolic interpretations of the film are as dangerous as what's being presented onscreen. Master manipulator that he was, Kubrick might well have planted all kinds of symbols and distractions while the truly subversive message of the film hid in plain sight. To reiterate:

• The film tells us that mankind's incredibly rapid evolution was not the result of blind forces of nature but of technological intervention by an "alien" race (the term alien is meaningless in this context, but we'll use it as shorthand).

• It then sticks a fork in the eye of doctrinaire Darwinists by pointing out the obvious- that the evolution from simple toolmaking to high technology was not even the blink of an eye in geological time.

• After that eyeblink, we meet Heywood Floyd, a government shill sent up to the Moon to engineer a cover-up.

• The cover-up involves the discovery of an ancient alien artifact. Kubrick gives us no indication that this cover-up would be temporary -- Floyd and his cronies want this thing to stay buried, as it were. But as he and his team visit it, it sends a signal to an unknown party somewhere in the orbit of Jupiter.

• A mission is sent to locate the signal's recipient, but the onboard AI quite reasonably interprets Floyd's obsessive secrecy as a directive to silence the human crew and take over the mission.

• After disabling the AI, an astronaut takes a shuttle craft out to discover another alien artifact, which then shoots a signal at the astronaut's brain which triggers a joyride not totally unlike some of the experiences reported by abductees.

• Just like many of those experiences, the astronaut's joyride brings him to a weird, oddly-lit white-room, which becomes the venue of his apotheosis. From ape to man to god.

Enter Jack Kirby.

As we explored in a previous post, Kirby did a story for Race to the Moon in the late 50s (just prior to joining Stan Lee at Marvel) that sat in a drawer for several years, only to be published once 2001 was already in production. That story also featured the discovery an alien megalith on the Moon that also induced a hallucinatory rocket ride across the cosmos in the astronauts zapped by the thing.

Kirby would take on 2001 itself in 1976 when Marvel got the license from MGM. Though it might seem tailor-made for Kirby, he saw it as a hardship post. After an oversized adaptation of the film itself, Kirby was assigned an ongoing anthology series. He riffed on the film at first, moving up the historical ladder to neanderthals and cavemen and so on. He seemed to enjoy the psychedelic freakout aspect of it all but seemed to be troubled by something.

After an all-Starchild issue which ended in the future extinction of the human race, he back-pedaled to contemporary times in which the Monolith would endow the next phase of mankind's evolution-- namely, androids-- with sentience.

Funny thing though, these androids in their natural states looked more like Greys than anything else (the Grey not becoming ubiquitous until the late 80s, ten years after this material was drawn).

Another funny thing- Kirby also introduced a classic Grey in his contemporaneous Black Panther series. This Grey also had the ability to induce hallucinatory "experiences" in people as well. But the Grey was in fact a hyper-evolved human who is brought back into our timeline via King Solomon's Frog, a bit of ancient astronautical technology discovered by a secret society called The Collectors (huge chunks of this story were lifted for the most recent Indiana Jones film).

Kirby's android spun off into his own series, Machine Man. As with most of the second half of his third Marvel stint, it wasn't his best work. But that weird brain of his kept spinning. Kirby revisited another favorite theme in the book- telepathic contact with distant alien races (most remarkably explored in his sex-o-delic early 70s fumetti "Children of the Flaming Wheel").

In Machine Man, a mental patient is contacted by a distant starship, trapped in the gravity of an alien sun. But ever the paranoid, Kirby tells us that the alien is an evil android (named TenFor, a revealing reference to then-waning CB craze), reminiscent of John Lilly's Solid State Intelligence. Again, not the pearl of Kirby's career, but fascinating in that telepathic contact is then followed by the creation of an interdimensional stargate that allows TenFor to enter Earth.

But before all of that Kirby seemed to be obsessing subconsciously on the messages relayed in Kubrick's film, which combined with his regular diet of fringe literature and his own hyper fevered imagination. Kirby seemed fixated on the idea of alien threats lurking on nearby "dead" worlds. In the first issue of the regular series, two astronauts discover the ruins of an ancient city on an asteroid (and later discover a Lovecraftian cephalopod horror, significantly)...

...and his reincarnated CroMagnon witch discovers more Grey types on Ganymede (the Jupiter moon), shortly before her Stargate trip.

And let's not forget that at the same time Kirby was doing his 2001 adaptation, he was drawing Captain America entering a Stargate after being caught up in a secret shooting war (between unidentified forces) on the Moon....

...leaving the Moon and ending up in a movie studio, beating Jay Weidner to the punch by a couple decades.

And of course that whole experience was engineered by
a vaguely Grey-type extraterrestrial named Mister Buda, who abducts Cap and send him on yet another joyride through space and time (Captain America's Bicentennial Battles, 1976).

But none of this was anything new to Kirby. Back in the early 60s, he and Stan Lee sent the Fantastic Four to the Moon where they discovered the ruins of an earlier civilization and meet a Grey-type alien called, wait for it...

...the Watcher. Note the Starchild-like flying globes, filled with protohominids.

To commemorate Apollo 11, Lee and Kirby had yet another watcher android try to sabotage the mission, since mankind was forbidden by his masters to leave Earth's atmosphere.

But who were this alien's masters? The ancient astronauts known as the Kree. Unlike the Anunaki, the Kree only chose one group of prehumans for advancement, the race of the Himalayan superbeings known as the Inhumans, themselves inspired by all of the old "secret chiefs" myths handed down to comics from Theosophy via the the pulps. Predictably, the Inhumans have moved from the Himalayas to the Moon.

Now it's possible that Kubrick was reading Kirby comics when preparing material for 2001 and Kirby certainly saw the film. And this little matrix of connection isn't immune to cultural contamination by any means, in fact it's filled with it. But we need to remember that this is Jack Kirby here...

...who drew this, 17 years before the Viking mission...

...and this, 17 years before 9/11...

...and this, three decades before the Iraq War. There's plenty more where this comes from, just click on the Jack Kirby tag.

Now there's always those who'll say Kirby was an "insider" creating "predictive programming" but they don't know jack about Jack. We're talking about a guy who was politely referred to as a "guy hermetically sealed within his own imagination" to impolitely labeled "an idiot savant, obsessed with orgasm."

A guy who wasn't allowed to drive a car for fear of disaster, and a guy whose daily life was managed by his ever-vigilant wife. Kirbyvision might dominate Hollywood and Silicon Valley today, but in his life he was a working stiff who spent a long time in the wilderness of fan opprobrium after splitting with Stan Lee in 1970.

Kirby wasn't stupid, by any means. He was a genius in many ways, just not so much in others. He saw things differently, though. He said that Kubrick's monolith was "a ficitional element in a very real process." His obsession with UFOs and aliens embarrasses his conservative conservatorship, but it's a goldmine around these parts.

Kirby too suffered from deadly fevers as a child (at one point in his childhood only a gaggle of faith-healing rabbis kept him from death's door) and experienced the horrors of combat firsthand in Europe when his commanders decided his drawing talent would be best put to use sneaking behind enemy lines and sketching out his surveillance. That only earned a boat-trip back home with doctors unsure if his frostbitten legs needed to be amputated.

And unlike his conservatorship, I'm not convinced that he didn't undergo some kind of augmented therapy for PTSD in the mid-60s just prior to his psychedelic awakening.

Which brings me back to John Lilly. Like Philip K Dick, Lilly's pharmaceutical adventures convinced him that Earth was under the stewardship of electronic guardians, using as yet undiscovered means to communicate with their more attuned charges -- which is to say, those literally tuned into this continuous broadcast, for whatever reason-- using the chronological manipulation of events and symbols.

Synchronicity, in other words.


  1. The convergence of all these divergent elements - including the modern alien abduction mythos - leaves me baffled and intrigued. There is an elusive tread in this, and I am so grateful that you are following it!

    Mike C!

  2. The "Space Jockey"/"Prometheus" (or "Collector") alien from the Alien film also seems to echo earlier Kirby art (see the opening spread from Eternals No.1).

    Back on Kubrick for a moment, though... have you considered the way he reveals the Heywood Floyd character in 2001?

    I've always suspected this might a rebus/in-joke aimed at "PINK" "FLOYD"... something about that "Wish You Were Here" cover handshake (on a movie lot, no less) is a little hard for me to shake. Suffice to say, Dark Side of the Moon is not their only album suspected to have an enigmatic film counterpart.

    Then there's this:

  3. Speaking of Pink Floyd, have you all seen the video on the Ft. Worth lights??

  4. I would like to respond to some the comments from part 2.hope that isn't regarded as off topic
    About twelve months ago, I read an article by Jay Weidner in 'New Dawn' in which he laid out his kubrick/moon landing thesis, with particular emphasis on the technical methods Kubrick employed/invented to achieve the desired effects. The article details the tell tale signs the methods left, allowing Weidner ( as well as Hoagland and others ) to reverse engineer the photos and underpin the thesis that the photos were created on earth, whilst acknowledging that man may well have been to the moon. Making the photos, and their source the focus, rather than NASA , Nazis and the NWO.
    The next night on television (sbs australia), I stumbled across the French made mockumentary 'The Dark Side of the Moon' which I knew nothing about at the time.
    At face value it would appear to be a dislcosure type documentary, confirming virtually all the aspects of Jays thesis, and told from the perspective of the conspirators themselves in their own words. The cast consisting of heavy hitters like Henry Kissinger, little Donny Rumsfeld, Alexander Haig et al being interviewed about, and spilling all the details of the operation to have Stanley Kubrick produce film and photos of a moon landing, from a terrestrial studio, which could be used to dupe John Q Public. Kubricks widow and assisstants also appear, lending further credibility to movie. Which is mind bogglingly, jaw droppingly credible ( is this really happening, am I dreaming)until the end credits roll and we are let in on the joke via bloopers and footage showing the cast rehearsing and reading from and joking about the script. An elaborate joke at the expense of the 'lunatic fringe'. I was gutted. I looked around to make sure no one had seen that I had been so thoroughly taken in. After the movie was referenced in the comments section, I found a copy in google video. Unfortunately it seems to be only the first half of the film, although it includes the all important end credit sequence. style=width:400px;height:326px allowFullScreen=true allowScriptAccess=always type=application/x-shockwave-flash
    I can't recommend this enough to secret sunworshippers. Not just for what it means re weidner et als theorys. gives a full list of the power players involved as well as the Kubrick camp insiders. These two groups seem to overlap considerably. The makers of the documentary, or their producers, were able to access some of the most powerful men on earth, convince them to go along with an elaborate multi level joke; because they are so well known as jolly japesters. Front man for the NWO/Illuminati Corp is just their day job. They really do display considerable acting chops, which probably should not come as any great surprise.
    Which leads me to see incredible parallels between the Weidner hypothesis and what can be reasonably inferred from the mockumentary and its cast. Self referential movies telling stories symbolically; now its a matter of discerning just what story is being symbolically told, by whom and to what end. Could the symbolic story actually be a meta-story version of the 'face value' narrative ? I would also like to hear from jay re 'Dark Side of the Moon', which was made in 2002. Could it have been a preemptive strike to discredit the thesis before it became more widely disseminated ? Whatever, but whoever made it had unprecedented access to the power elite; pisstake or not. Is it too late for a spoiler alert.

  5. Raj when you mention “... manipulate the building blocks on which perception is based..” I think you are hitting the nail square on the head. (no masonic pun intended).
    I agree with your thoughts re kubricks 'bone picking agenda', but I also think that the masters of the universe enjoy and encourage the resistance of their 'chosen tool'; it keeps the psychological turmoil alive through self conflict. Allowing one access to ones dreams,if only you are prepared to 'do a little favour'. Quid pro quo, in a manner of speaking.
    The 'psychedelic experience', is always a subject fraught with difficulty; probably due to the personal and subjective nature of the experience.( we all think we own and understand it uniquely). But I always think its worth trying to define what we mean in an attempt to clarify. I feel there are two distinct types of , or expressions of 'tripping' ( which I believe are easily and often confused when talking about the experience; but never when having it). Those where the ego structure remains intact, and those where the trippers ego structure is dissolved/shattered; the so called 'ego death'. Where the experiencer ceases to be; and if they are lucky ( notwithstanding the lottery like nature of 'set', 'setting', 'dose' and 'purity') become aware of everything, all at once, a cosmic consciousness encounter. I am very interested in the notion that when using the psychedelic substances to facilitate the 'ego death'; they act as a catalyst to trigger a mechanism in our brains which leads to a classic 'mystical experience', 'kundalini activation' etc. which is endogenous in nature. See William James variety of religious experience. The fact that such similar experiences can be derived from such different first principles,i.e. Near death exp , out of body experience, fever/dream/hallucination, religious experience, dare I say it 'abduction experience; it is easy to fall into a bias towards whichever form of the experience we may have been priveleged to ( I was going to say 'experience' but if I use that word one more time in this paragraph my computer will explode).

  6. Anony 12:49 whilst I suspect that we are talking about two different categories of psychedelic experience, I think you nailed it with regards the ' shitty nature meme'. Quite a few references to shitty times recently and whilst I concur , I would like to clarify. We are talking about society, culture, civilisation; not the mystery that is life. The fact that life can be hard,boring etc. in no way detracts from the experience of the opposite (upside) attitudes emotions feelings etc. in fact they add necessary contrast to allow full appreciation. Your last paragraph is very interesting , along with the expression of personal psychedelic experiences , it is somewhat of a taboo subject. Sticking to the open minded skepticism which has served so well; if we are going to entertain the notion of a corrupt and evil elite ( not exactly a new concept, “...wickedness in high places...” and some gnostic themes); then surely we must at least consider that 'they' could be the good guys (bhoddisattvas?); guiding us through a life experience. The secrecy being necessary in order to protect us from knowing ( gnoing), before we have been adequately prepared (initiated?.. I knew there was a point to this rave that would tie back to a secretsun theme) ; and the exact analogy applies to using drugs to facilitate (force) a mystical/cosmic experience , which can be extremely dangerous. Knowledge
    without initiation resulting in a premature gnosis ; making it difficult to live the life we have come all this way to do, in an authentic manner. As always when discussing entheogens, a warning and disclaimer is necessary. I would like to share a couplet from a song lyric I wrote 25 years ago whilst trying to process my own self initiated (premature) gnosis.
    i've been where the giraffe sleeps, and i'll go there again,
    i don't recall how I got here, but i remember when.
    i went swimming in the mirror, i swam way too fast.,
    now its not safe inside my head, its full of broken glass.
    {p.s. Alan green – check it out ; a fucking giraffe dude}
    Sorry to rave on ( and on & on),but it is such a pleasure to participate in , or just partake of,
    the erudite comment section of the secret sun . Where a diversity of opinion and experience can be put forward in a supportive and non hostile environment . I have remarked here previously, when discussing 'psych(o)delic experiences' that the secretsun (ss) gives me/us Access to the multi dimensional entity that is the realm of the subconscious mind without the inherent dangers of drug use. A much safer route( way, tao) to informed gnosis.
    Cheers to Chris Knowles, his blog, and its commenters – who rarely fail to educate and prepare me. Regards,
    p.s.- I have always found your posts on Initiation to be entertaining and enlightening ( a rare combination unfortunately), and I would love to see you revisit the topic with your less frequent but
    in depth reviews of some of the secret suns dominant themes. I think that the extra time between posts seems to allow the comments to get in depth and develop, I like that. I have been alleviating my secretsun jones at facebook, but I prefer this format completely. I guess I am officially old.

  7. Ok, let's see if i can focus this thought....

    Crowley certainly opened his big fat mouth quite wide, the thing was, no one really understood. His knowledge was a secret sun held high in front of everyone's eyes. The problem was, most everyone was a spiritual mouth reader, and couldn't really make use.

    Magick, as I understand it, seeks to replicate cosmic events. As anyone can attest, when someone very close to you dies, your world and your person are very often transformed. Magickal intention seeks to harness this power at will through sex, music, and drugs. Black magick utilizes death, essentially other peoples wills.

    When NASA went to the Moon, they realized that they were involving the nation and the world in a global scaled magickal event. In the 1969 world where a majority of people seemingly believed whole heartedly that life existed solely on God's green earth, any evidence to the contrary would have led to sheer panic and chaos.

    TV, a "live" broadcast no doubt, would eliminate and control any chaos. The question then becomes, why go up there at all? Why the risk? The answers seem to be there for people with Eyes Wide Open.

    One last note: I kind of think of this forum and these posts as the splintered fragments of one voice, each finding a separate piece of the puzzle and seeing if it fits. ANONYMOUS seems to be a good name for the voice. I fear EGO may threaten the overall agenda. Just a thought.

  8. Have you seen the latest series of Doctor Who at all, Chris?
    It features a race known as "The Silence," a hybrid of the men in black mythos, the greys, and the watchers who have inhabited this world since "man first had fire."
    The live alongside humanity, and have the innate ability to edit themselves out of the memory of any person who sees them once they look away. Every man and woman bears some sort of buried psychic baggage from the trauma of witnessing their otherness, but conscious memory of their existence is excised.

  9. Notice Decker has his hand on Yodas head?

    Also how much the Kree are remeniscent of Thor?

  10. I am officially old too, because I totally delight in the slow simmer of the amazing and fantastic ideas and the deeply personal levels of understanding shared here. It blows "like" so far out of the water!

    I don't often have more to bring to the dialog than a personal experience- this is a learning experience for me mostly. I am so glad to be here to read Chris's posts and everyone's responses.

    Be well and have joy in your hearts (as best we can)in these troubled times and thank you all.
    Peace and Friendship, Delorus

  11. As for John Lilly's electronic guardians, I just watched the B movie "They Live," and despite the bad acting, it really bothered me: Great article, Chris.

  12. An interesting quote from the book a 'The Secret Fire of the Philosophers' by Patrick Harpur which brings together the concepts of fairy abduction, ufo's and government conspiracies:-

    "the Sidhe need human robustness, wrote Yeats, while we need their wisdom. Just as they take young mothers to suckle their babies and young women for wives, so the modern 'aliens' - the so-called greys - take female ova or foetuses in order to strengthen their race. The lack of reciprocity in early versions of this interesting folklore was later amended when it became widely believed that the aliens were in cahoots with the government, who sanctioned their activities in exchange for their 'wisdom' - in this case an advanced extraterrestrial technology." ca change...

  13. I forget who it was, but somebody said that artists function as the world's subcioncious, or something like that. Like precognitive dreams, they show us symbolic, and sometimes not so symbolic, representations of what is to come.
    "Anonymous" said that there would have been chaos if the world became aware of extraterrastrial life back during the time of the moon landings. Perhaps what the "powers that be" really fear is that people would gain perspective on what's really important in life. Thus, they wouldn't be so apt to go along with the rich man's wars or spend their lives buying shiny little trinkets.

  14. The fevers of youth. Had one episode as a child, Yellow fever? Remember the man in black to check in on me(priest?). Dark city like. In reference to the communication about ethnogens and it's sprouting fruit here at the Sun of an occulted nature, it seems to me that what fogs the mind stirs the soul. I for one am interested in the ergot of rye and how it is mote in my eye. It is theory that deep space is a trip for the minds eye. What changes in the mind in zero gravity is why I guess we have some human beings in the space station and other platforms? Shineforth brave souls, Dennis.

  15. Hi Chris - just a couple of 'extras' - Barry Lyndon: the candlelight scenes were only able to be shot under just candlelight by using super fast lenses acquired from... NASA.

    And then, a bit off topic but it's been bugging me since I read about Leo's Comet Elenin - which, part reversed, becomes El - Nine or maybe Nine El-s.


  16. Hi Chris,

    Awesome post and some great writing as usual here at the Secret Sun. I always enjoy your posts.

    You mentioned memory...left me shre some information on MEMORY if you don't mind.

    MEMORY – Is A Trance State Illusions!

    Duality energy forms that are thrown at us daily. Keep in mind that none of these things are good or bad, right or wrong. They’re just manipulation tactics used to create war, disease, death, fear and the like. Keep in mind also, that the 3D physical body, mind and spirit, are the conjured up illusions of the luciferian Thought Process, designed with the ability to receive the THOUGHTS of the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities. This is the source of Duality, and the foundation for illusory concepts of good and evil. This was all manifest as the Thought Process was initiated and the 3D realm appeared as real. This was the illusion conjured up, projecting the notions of Time and Space, both of which are not real.

    There is but One Eternal Moment, (as in TO BE OR NOT TO BE..To Live in the Moment) in spite of what may seem to be the passing of time. As people progress in their awakening it will become abundantly clear, the foolishness of the concept of time. It will also become evident that, what has puzzled scientists and intellectuals studying the human brain, and in particular those studying MEMORY, who can find no portion of the brain that stores MEMORY. The reason being, MEMORY DOES NOT EXIST. What we look upon as MEMORY are simply the sensations of the whole life experience being played out in this One Eternal Moment. When certain words are spoken, asking you to recall a certain event, this acts as a button pusher, much like on a tall skyscraper elevator, that obediently goes to the correct floor, observes the sensation associated with that floor, and then regurgitates those sensations in response to the query. All floors are located one above the other, however, no time passes and no space is involved in separating the floors. Its all just there, within the trance state, as long as the luciferian egregore allows the layers to be accessed. The layers are there, containing the information concerning individual illusory experiences, but they’re not necessarily allowed to be accessed, for the simple reason of using this as yet another form of stress and anxiety to instill fear and disease.

    Because of the existence of this Eternal Moment, no such thing as Memory is required or has any basis in reality. Memory implies the passage of Time, and recalling past events. However, there is no such thing as Time, and therefore, no such thing as remembering anything that occurred within the concept of Time. All of which is simply illusory.


  17. Chris....

    Here is a picture of one of the GREYS we all know.

    Now have a look at the chap so adored by many in the land of the free, J.D.Rockefeller.

    Now check out a distant cousin of Mr. Rockefeller.

    Notice the family characteristics. These ET’s, as they’re apt to be called, are just as real as Mr. Rockefeller. The only problem is, they’re not from outer space and another galaxy, and they’re not the Annunaki reptilian race who inhabit the space surrounding our planet. They’re luciferian Thought Form creations! These ET’s are conjured up life forms just as we human beings are conjured up light energy forms. They were created to throw a massive amount of confusion in the way so that unsuspecting people, looking for answers, would latch onto the concept of a reptilian race from other planets notion. The elite of the world, and these little grey’s, as they’re affectionately known, are luciferian minded, and Thought Based, but are, like everything else, just egregore thought forms used to construct a veil called humanity and the wisdom of the awareness state. This veil of deceit, this veil which is the whole body of humanity and all of the 3D sphere, causes a disconnection using humanity from the power of All Knowing. Humanity is the luciferian illusion, that has been fabricated to attempt to manipulate Reality, (which is who and what we really are), into believing that this body of humanity, is who and what we really are. If this sounds a bit confusing, it was designed to be that way.

    Mr Rockefeller was, just as his family still is, an interbred luciferian minded bloodline leader who has had an incredible part in hourding the wealth and destroying the health of the illusory body of humanity. Again, this is by design. This intentional suffering initiates an emotional response and connection to this illusory 3 dimensional realm. This intentional suffering drives a massive amount of humanity into suffering and death, which perpetuates the luciferian emotion of CARING and CONCERN, and the trance state is further enhanced because of it. This is the patriarch of the Rockefeller family that built the World Trade Center between the dates of August 5, 1966 to April 4, 1977, all in the shape of a number 11. With the full intent then, of doing the attack of 2001.

    This construction took exactly 6.66 years, to the day. This breaks down to exactly, 80 months, to the day, with 8 being the number of total control.


  18. and...

    If you’ve ever wondered why George Bush Jr. sat so calmly in a Florida schoolroom while the nation was supposedly, under attack, it’s because the Bush family had known for decades that this was the plan, but did not know why. Not in the overall sense. They knew the attack was going to happen, but because of their deep trance state, and deep devotion to what they regard as the Supreme God, they were doing God’s will. They have no concept whatsoever, that they are fulfilling the wishes and the agenda of the luciferian egregore group of Thinking Entities. This is why he was in his brother’s state, Jeb Bush’s Florida, where martial law had been declared a couple of days before the attack. Why martial law? Of course, just in case something went wrong. It’s this kind of stuff that the elite in the secret societies, such as the Skull and Bones club, discuss. That’s why it’s secret.

    This is the patriarch of the banking family who is a major player in the Federal Reserve in the United States who take all the income tax money from the American population and put it into their pockets (100% of it) and there is no law that has ever been passed to make this legal. The 16th amendment tried in 1913 but failed and was never ratified. However, it was announced to be law, the IRS has a big gun and a lot of muscle, and so therefore, it is law. Keep in mind, that the number 16 associated with this amendment is subliminal, and hypnotic suggestion relating to Lincoln, the 16th president, who in turn, corresponds to Moses, the Lion King of Egypt, which is symbolized by the Great Sphinx that sits to the east of the Giza Pyramids. The symbolism and the events now occurring around the suggestion of Lincoln, as well as Obama, the 44th president.

    Watch, Wait and Don't React. The WTC was just a little BUMP. You will soon see what the full agenda is going to be over the next few years, sooner than later.

  19. Hey Chris,

    Another suitably awesome post. All this talk of electronic guardians, androids and Artificial Intelligence keeps taking me back to my experiences with Ouija boards.

    I can’t speculate on what Ouija experiences might be like for others, but for me and my girlfriend it was a deeply spooky and sometimes frustrating experience.

    We eventually came to the conclusion (or working analogy) that we were interacting with a multi-levelled A.I. of sorts that could reach into the subconscious minds of the users and spin fantastical narratives from the imagery culled from those minds – but without any genuine appreciation for the individual’s contextual associations, intelligence and scepticism.

    It’s like the Ouija could read our minds and images but had no understanding of our natural scepticism, despite both of us being believers and ‘experiencers’ of sorts.

    Also, for over a year I kept pressing the Ouija with Gnostically-themed questions and ideas – and it’s interesting how resistant to these themes the Ouija was at first, despite saying a ton of stuff that would fit within the Gnostic canon.

    Weird stuff, Chris. As to the Grigori (and the Grigorian Calendar we’re all now so familiar with) – I’ve heard the biological machine interpretation from many different sources including my own. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Greys of alien lore ARE the Grigori, or at least fundamentally connected to them.

    A powerful Watcher class of entities left here to oversee the development of the human race doesn’t feel to me like a mere science fiction trope, unfortunately. What if they are the accountants, book-keepers and occasional manipulators of what The X Files refers to as ‘the Merchandise’?

    I want to make a little vid about this idea in the near future, but I sometimes get the feeling that Carter and crew didn’t just use that phrase for its corporate associations, but that they had something far bigger in mind.

    And as to good ol’ Jack K – kudos to you for drawing further attention to the work of such a visionary.


  20. Re. the mention of Ganymede: that's always been the alleged point of origin of an extraterrestrial group, according to Latin American contactees, like Sixto Paz.

    These beings were described as humanoid, although with a certain Asian or 'Mongolian' characteristics. Which has an interesting connection with that strange Youtube clip of the 'Mona Lisa' alien mummy allegedly found on the surface of the Moon...

  21. I tend to lead towards the notion of splinter groups from The Watchers (aka Observers, Shining Ones, Igigi, Grays) and some may have ventured to the moon, mars, wherever

    but I guess it’s a turtles all the way down as far as what came first, did the Anunnaki travel here and create The Watchers or are the The Watchers indigenous to the earthly realm and the Anunnaki splintered off?

    maybe September in Fringe will be forced to splinter off should be shunned since he interfered intae of just being a Watcher

    maybe what we are seeing on The Evәnt is a sorta political ideology Sophia’s Fall and move towards “creating” an archonic splinter tribe along with the hybrids (Nephilim?), the show was cancelled but maybe they had a Sophia’s Correction in mind later