Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mindbomb: Things That Should Not Be Known

The "Moon as Alien Base" meme might not be the most popular meme out there, but it's one of the most persistent. Astronomers were seeing anomalous goings-on on the Moon over a century ago, and some UFO researchers claim that hostile alien action is the reason that NAZCA NASA never went back to the Moon, or in some cases the reason that footage and photography of the Apollo missions was faked (in some cases by Stanley Kubrick).

But there's another reason that NASA would not want the public to know what the Apollo missions were really up to.
Richard Hoagland has written and spoken extensively on his beliefs that NASA is covering up the Moon missions to hide alien artifacts found by the Apollo crews. While his theories are well known through his appearances on Coast 2 Coast and other programs, less known-- and even more interesting -- is the fact that two unmanned moon missions indeed discovered enormous obelisks on the Moon's surface, arranged in a geometric design.
Four years ago, Russia's Luna-9 and America's Orbiter-2 both photographed groups of solid structures at two widely separated locations on the lunar surface. These two groups of objects are arranged in definite geometric patterns and appear to have been placed there by intelligent beings.

Since American space officials have chosen not to publicize these findings, our readers are probably not aware of their existence.

The Luna-9 photographs, taken on February 4, 1966, after the craft had landed in the Ocean of Storms, reveal two straight lines of equidistant stones that look like the markers along an airport runway. These circular stones are all identical, and are positioned at an angle that produces a strong reflection from the sun, which would render them visible to descending aircraft. --"Mysterious "Monuments" on the Moon," Argosy Magazine, August, 1970 
Volume 371, Number 2
Which goes to show you that you don't have to do much to bury a story that you don't want to get out there-- you simply don't talk about it. I'd never have heard about had I not read about it in the oracular grimoire men call "UFO Flying Saucers" in hushed, forboding tones.

Did you know one of the earliest
comic books was an alchemical text?

In addition to the endless mysteries unveiled in UFO Flying Saucers, there's also the startling prophecies of one Jacob Kurtzberg, better known as Jack Kirby, the King of Comics. Longtime readers know that Kirby knew way too many things he shouldn't and foresaw things that no one else could see.

We've already looked at the very aptly -named "The Great Moon Mystery" in the context of its startling similarities to Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which are especially stunning given the story was drawn in 1959 and sat in a drawer at the Harvey Comics warehouse until seeing print well after 2001 was in production. Here's a refresher:
The story "The Great Moon Mystery" has a TV production crew stumble on an alien artifact (an obelisk, in this case) on the moon, which immediately captures them in a force field. A team of astronauts try to rescue them and shoot at the obelisk, but are transformed into beings of light and send on a journey across the vast reaches of the Universe (see page at top). The journey ends in Wizard of Oz-like fashion when the astronauts visualize themselves back on the Moon.
What I didn't realize at the time was that Kirby was also remote-viewing the Moon obelisk back in 1959, perhaps even unconsciously foreseeing that the obelisk would be photographed a couple months before the story was published. It wouldn't be until a few years after that the obelisk discovery was leaked, and it never made the mainstream press as far as I can tell.

Even more remarkable was the fact that the same day I posted yet another Kirby/Kubrick/Moon story the news of a monolith on Mars' moon Phobos broke, along with some typical Masonic doubletalk from Bu33 Aldrin.

OK, so what? This is all just more of that weird nexus of junk culture, Fortean hijinks and occult toomfoolery, right? Of course there's nothing on the Moon-- aren't several space agencies planning Moon missions as I write?

Well, yeah.

But with one giant mother of a caveat. From the Old Grey Lady:

NASA would like to keep the competitors away from the Apollo landing sites, and it wants to create a no-fly-and-no-drive zone above and around them, especially where the first and last manned Moon missions — Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 — landed. The risk is that dust kicked up by a successful landing, or a crash, could disturb the traces of our presence on the Moon.

There is no mention yet how the rules would be enforced. But they do give rise to some interesting thoughts. In the realms of science fiction, the universe abounds in the relics of civilizations scattered among the stars. These landing sites are the first, fragile relics left by actual humans on a nonterrestrial body.- New York Times, "That Old Heritage Moon"
I don't know about you, but I don't believe this nonsense about "disturbing historical sites" for a millisecond. If NASA was so worried about them they wouldn't have left all that equipment up there unprotected, if in fact they actually did land there (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt).

I don't what it is exactly, but my gut tells me NASA is hiding something. And both the Apollo hoax crowd and the alien artifact crowd should be all over the no-fly zone story. It's so unbelievable that there has to be much more to the story than what we're being told.

Syncs and prophecies are one thing, but when it all crosses over into real world drama is when I sit up and pay attention.

For instance, here's another story from UFO Flying Saucers, a sensationalistic rewriting of the 1975 UFO disappearances in Oregon. The story made the national news at the time, since over 30 people fell from sight for over two months, leaving their friends and families in a state of near panic. It was later revealed that the missing persons were enlisted into a millennial UFO cult.

The leaders are called "Her" and "Him" in the story but were none other than Bo and Peep, aka Ti and Do, aka Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, founders of the Heaven's Gate suicide cult. As you can see the artist was fairly successful in capturing Applewhite's likeness, not so much with Nettles.

Heaven's Gate was a classic millennial cult in the Essene/Gnostic model and their desire to escape their meat-prisons led them to extreme acts like castration in order to overcome the desires of the flesh. Compared to many other gurus, Applewhite was nearly benevolent, which is not to say the Gate wasn't as totalizing and authoritarian as other, similar cults.

Suicide seems to be the inevitable result of the kind of total denial of the physical world that the Gate immersed themselves in, and Applewhite cited the mass suicides at Masada during the Judean Wars as precedent.

However, the Gate didn't believe they were killing themselves at all. They believed they were dis-incarnating, so that a passing mothership traveling in the wake of the Hale-Bopp comet would be able to "beam them up" (this cult watched a shit-ton of Star Trek) and take them to the level above human.

Here's where remote viewing enters into the picture again; the Hale-Bopp UFO was "viewed" by Major Ed Dames (who was the basis for Kevin Spacey's character in The Men Who Stare at Goats) who claimed that it was coming to spread mass death on Earth, which was the basis of Applewhite's vague warnings of a planetary cleansing that his followers were to escape.

OK, this is all nuts. Dames is a laughing stock even within the paranormal community, Applewhite was a nut who couldn't deal with his sexuality and found a bunch of lost souls to play the avuncular minister/father-figure to. Hale-Bopp came and went without any noticable apocalypse.

Except one tiny, little detail keeps nagging at me...

At the same time the Heaven's Gate cult was preparing to exit their vehicles (so to speak), one of the most notorious UFO flaps of our time was unfolding just a few hundred miles to the east in Phoenix. As thousands of citizens watched, enormous triangular craft scoured the skies for several nights, allegedly. The usual, attention-starved, zany hoaxter types have come forward to claim responsibility, but none of their claims have stood up to any kind of scrutiny. The event remains a mystery.

So just as alien moon base and Apollo hoax theorists can point to the bizarre "no fly zone" rule NASA has proclaimed as proof things are not what they seem, Hale-Bopp UFO theories can't totally be dismissed in light of the Phoenix Lights. As with all of the paranormal, no side can truly claim victory, though they usually do.

Like so many other things, the truth remains elusive. As its designed to be, I'd argue...


  1. The images of the moon from the comics evoked a memory of the first alien-bases-on-the-moon type of story I read, "Have Spacesuit - Will Travel" by Robert Heinlein. A malevolent alien race uses camouflaged ships and bases on the moon, which is their near approach, and have a larger base on Pluto, on the very edges of the system.

    The story reads like a simple adventure story, but rereading it as an adult it seemed more like a spiritual adventure, a seeking. AAT is even hinted at at the end, in a frustrating off-comment made by a Moderator consisting of hundreds of sentiences.

  2. Hi Chris,
    another fascinating post; thanks heaps!
    Just wanted to make/add a small note: there never was a mass suicide at Masada- this was an invention by Josephus. Of course, you don't say in your article that there was, but the mention of the Gate's citation might be misread in that way.
    Or were you being sly in the way you prefaced that "the Gate didn't believe they were killing themselves at all" lol?
    Thank you,

  3. Well Chris this is effectively way over synchronicity, and the similarities are striking.
    Talking about the moon, I've probably never seen or supported myself the monolith story and the lack of official news seems to be the major reason.
    On the other hand the amount of evidence of fakery and coverups on the apollo missions is unbeliveably high that I can't believe they just got away with it! Possibly the best well analysed and complete documentaries ever done about that are the following:

  4. The Phoenix lights was all bullshit. I lived in Casa Grande for years. Every week the airforce would run training exercises, these involved dropping parachuted flares in formation, usually a triangle.

    EVERYONE in my town knew about these and knew what they were. We would go out at night to watch them on a regular basis. I saw them with my own eyes.

    Then one night the wind kicks up and carries the flares to Phoenix and everyone loses their shit.

  5. David Icke's most recent theories follow the "hollow moon" theory and it proposes the moon is a kind of literal "Death Star" craft that uses its gravity to wreak havoc on a planet targeted for colonization. Tidal forces causing a series of great floods and earthquakes that devastate any local civilization that might compete with the invaders.

    However, you have to wonder what sort of technology could be used to move something that massive?

    It's a strange universe. Let's keep it that way.

  6. Let's add Brian Eno to the mix.

    THere is a 1989 documentary on the Apollo missions with typicaly haunting music by Eno.


  7. General note: recently Ridley Scott did an interview on his new movie PROMETHEUS that will be set in the Universe of his ALIEN film but will not be a prequel or have the alien from that film at all:

    "...Things have changed so dramatically that you can start looking at the idea that all our history can be completely wrong and misguided. Because at some point someone has to put a statement down and have their own thesis, have their own theories. That was then later accepted or later is gradually dissolved and re-drawn or reworked. So now you’ve got the whole changed attitude with NASA, the church and I think even Hawking. Over the last thirty years have gone from “It’s highly unlikely that there’s anyone else in our galaxy, any other force, being in our galaxy,” to now, where they’re conceding that there are probably thousands of different lifeforms in this galaxy. And I think Hawking actually said, “Let’s hope they don’t visit.” And I think the church has conceded as well that it would not be against the word of God if we conceded that there are other lifeforms in this galaxy.

    So, if you take that out, then the door is open. To me, it’s entirely logical. It’s entirely ridiculous to believe that we are the only ones here. That’s why my first thought is that for us to be sitting here right now is actually mathematically impossible without a lot of assistance. Who assisted? Who made the right decisions? Who was pushing and pulling to adjust us? That’s a fair question..."

  8. I was in phoenix during a period after the lights and man it was a really magical time for me. I didn't know or care at all about aliens or church or school or anything back then and just loved to run around with my friends playing pretend.

    Since it was the late 90s/ early naughties we are all really obsessed with Japanese imports like pokemon and tamagotchi, all those things. However one of the fads we were obsessed with the most was a show called digimon, I never really thought of it as being anything special but looking back I noticed a bizarre theme of worlds colliding that seemed really strange.

    For a little background the digimon franchise is based of a series of Japanese electronic pets that you could battle, like Pokémon meets tamagotchi. Nobody in America cared about the pets but boy the show really took off among the geekier set. Most American cartoons were getting censored at that time so the standard Saturday morning affair was cheapened to a point of no return. However Japanese shows were a real breath of fresh air for us because they got away with some more mature stuff.

    Anyway the show was all sorts of weird, the whole thing takes place in two completely separate worlds- the “digital world” and the “real world”. The protagonists of the story end up in the “digital world” during a storm while they were away camping, randomly sucked through some sort of wormhole randomly and then given magical devices that fall straight out of the sky. Then they bump into a group of digimon- intelligent creatures of the alien world capable of talking and are clearly sentient. It seems pretty standard until you realize there is a lot of classic “secret sun” elements.

    For starters the “digital world” is a bit like a few abduction stories- the world they enter has human elements like telephone booths and refrigerators scattered randomly which sort of function the right way as if the creatures of the digital world sort of understand the technology but not really. Refrigerators will be stocked with eggs and only eggs, telephone booths are present but they pick up randomly on other peoples calls, there are pyramids littered throughout the scenery. Evolution is a sliding scale which can and does happen through artificial means (through the alien digivice no less). In the first episode one of the smarter kids suspects alien involvement.

    If you put it in perspective the plot seems less farfetched. If an alien species were to enter contact with humanity after the initial madness they would probably realize somewhere along the line that human children are the best at acclimating to new cultures no wonder how alien they are, and maybe even gift them with some technology to show off after initial contact, and maybe even be matched with some alien partner like a foreign exchange program.

  9. That last V-shaped craft over Arizona looks to me to be rather similar to a pair of freemasonic compasses, LOL

  10. That comic Kirby did in 1959 sounds a lot like the stargate plot in his really odd 2001 comic book series he did for Marvel. He often recycled plots ( Challengers of the Unknown became Fantastic Four, for example) but surely he noticed the similarity between Kubrick's movie and his comic book short exactly 10 years earlier.

  11. Just watched the movie "Lunopolis" a b-rated type of movie but very thought provoking. Notice there have been quite a few movies involving the moon recently. A good read on this is "Who built the Moon" by Christopher Knight.

  12. Hey Chris,

    Another blistering post. For someone like me, being an intuitive, and being somewhat 'psychic' in the broadest sense of the term, I feel like I'm in quite a weird position with regards to conspiracy theories, metaphysics, etc.

    On the one hand I have all kinds of powerful intuitions and insights, many of which turn out to be true, and on the other hand I have a ton of intuitions and insights that cannot possibly be verified - ie the screts regarding the Moon, Mars, etc.

    So my most important body of knowledge/insight is entirely speculative - a tissue of associations and resonances whose credibility rests entirely on my own interpretation.

    I feel that's why it's so important to admit that you might be wrong aboout things that even synchronicity itself has presented to you. I have no idea if the Apollo missions were full-on hoaxes, but my intuitions tell me that there is a great deal of deception going on there, and that the moon itself harbours some legitimate secrets, artifacts or intelligence.

    But even this powerful personal belief might be wrong (but in the broadest sense, I doubt it) so we're left where we're always left - at the place where we have to use data and rigor and discernment to fill in the gaps left in the wake of our intuitions/speculations.

    We should always remember that magic/synchronicity is, in this context, primarily a connecting tool; a way to percieve links between things that otherwise appear unlinked. But we must mine for data and details and odd facts that help support the more numinous aspects of truth-seeking - as you demonstrate time and again.


  13. Are there any Luna-9 pics on the internet?

  14. I just saw
    "Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol"
    at the cinema tonight and man is that movie ripe for a synchomystic movie review.
    I would love to see Jake Kotze rip into this one.

  15. More info here on the Luna 9 anomalies. It would be great if someone could find official pictures - maybe there's some Russian image archives out there?...

  16. Read a book a LONG time ago - hardcover - full of pictures of the moon and analysis of the photos. The short of it is there were hundreds of geometric shapes photographed on the moon, including spheres and towers like that included in this post.

    Wish I knew the title. I read it in a public library when I was about 10 years old.

    One thing to remember about photographs from that era is there is a distinct lack of digital anomalies. It is all photon-to-medium wetwork, with only lense flare and frisbee ufo fakery to worry about.

    The moon is weird. I don't buy Icke's theory incidentally. If the aliens wanted to destroy our presence on this world they would merely need to convince us to boil water with nuclear fission. The damage to our DNA would add up over the centuries.

    Anyhoo. We're too smart for that, right?

    -Jon Spring

  17. Interesting take on the Phoenix lights there, Chris. I mean, even the name itself of the city —the Phoenix, the mythical bird that dies (becomes discarnate) and resurrects from its own ashes— has en eerie connection with the Heaven's gate cult and their beliefs.

    I agree, the phenomenon does not allow a clear victor between the two stances; it's all purportedly confusing.

    PS: Re. Prometheus, the new Alien sequel which will be launched in 2012; it's interesting how it sort of connects with the Mayan 2012 doomsday mythos. In the first Alien vs Predator movies, the story begins with the search for a Mayan-type pyramid, a clone of the Chichen Itza's temple of Quetzalcoatl. And in that movie the Aliens are seen as "sacred snakes"; so in a sense, Riddley Scott is fulfilling the prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl ;)

  18. Not quite on topic, as such, but has anyone here seen or heard about this story concerning unidentified metal balls falling from the sky? Very strange....

  19. Excellent post. I enjoyed reading this. It's worth repeating too that NASA's no fly zones are also the scene of the crime given we know that Kubrick shot the stuff front screen projection with Hollywood techies prepared to testify in court.

    NASA went to the moon, but how, using what tech and why they duped it on Earth is unknown. But not for much longer I suspect.

  20. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and am loving it. In lieu of sync, my cousin found it as well independently one day and was telling me "to check out this really cool blog". Anyway, your mentioning of Bo and Peep is interesting because I read a book, "Barbara: A story of a UFO Investigator", by Barbara Bartholic. I highly reccomend it for its recognition of high strangeness and a lot about UFO cults,(she worked with Vallee for a while), but the reason I mention it is that she has a very, very interesting story about Bo and Peep. Her book is free on the Internet as a PDF.

  21. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and am loving it. In lieu of sync, my cousin found it as well independently one day and was telling me "to check out this really cool blog". Anyway, your mentioning of Bo and Peep is interesting because I read a book, "Barbara: A story of a UFO Investigator", by Barbara Bartholic. I highly reccomend it for its recognition of high strangeness and a lot about UFO cults,(she worked with Vallee for a while), but the reason I mention it is that she has a very, very interesting story about Bo and Peep. Her book is free on the Internet as a PDF.

  22. Just read that El Dia del Amigo (friendship day) is on the sane day as the Apollo landing in Argentina because Dr Febbraro (a dentist and philosopher) felt connected to everyone on Earth following it's landing. I'm wondering if he had a synch storm or some kind of odd experience but there doesn't seem to be much more said about it.

    1. Dr Febbraro for any Spainsh speakers...

  23. Do cited a 4 year margin of error for the year 0. 4 years before Hale Bopp there was a failed attempt to destroy the WTC - 4 years after Hale Bopp was gone we had the 9/11 attacks and a global holy war. Make up your own mind.