Friday, January 28, 2011

Sync Log: Raptor's Trust

I mentioned the other day how Synchronicity has been a dominant force in my life lately. Here's a good example: A couple weeks ago I finally got a good picture of the hawk that lives in my backyard. I hear him (or her) all of the time but never got a good shot. I was a bit surprised by it- we have red tails all over the place here but it turned out this one was a Cooper's Hawk.

Lo and behold a Cooper's Hawk shows up in the news (also unimaginatively named Cooper), having gatecrashed at the Library of Congress (well known to National Treasure analysts). Mike Clelland! posted this link on the Secret Sun FB page. And then yesterday another reader posted an update on the story, which you can check out here...

You can click on the image to enlarge. Anything interesting jump out at you there?

Here's a closeup of the photo. Note the juxtaposition of Cooper to Isis and Harpocrates there. Note that she seems to be flying through the Zodiac to Capricorn, the month of the birth of the Sun.


  1. What jumped out at me is that the person at the raptor conservancy is also named Knowles. ;)

  2. Just as a side-note, I like that Ken Knowles wants to give the hawk electrolytes and then let it recover before releasing it back into the wild. Sounds like an alien abduction experience. Maybe the aliens have no real interest in the humans they abduct and instead are considering them minor rescue operations when people wander into off-limits areas.

    "Look at this creature we found wandering around in sector TG-83. It's very deficient in Vitamin C, biotin and beta carotene. Bring it in, give it some juice and release it back into the wild, won't you?"

    "Ah, it's so cute. It almost looks like a person."

  3. The first thing that popped out at me was your name in the article - the.. hawk expert?, from the Raptor Conservatory is also a Knowles!

  4. what also jumped out at me is that there's an Isis and a Harpocrates and a western Zodiac on the ceiling of the library of congress.

  5. Interesting how you were just writing about the Knights Templars in your previous post. Did they have anything to do with the founding of this country?
    I have a feeling it's gonna be an interesting President's Day this February.

  6. I think that 'tis an auspicious portent indeed that this Cooper hawk has chosen your yard as its domain. Here's more on the hawk as a totem animal. I wonder if Capitol Hill is going to resort to augury (divination by birds) as did the ancient Romans?

  7. SS amazing stuff I myself recently captured a photo of a fellow hanging around my neighborhood:

  8. it's kinda sad but what jumped out at me was that Agent Dale COOPER was also a fan of ancient mysteries. ha.

  9. WAIT wait what...? a symbol of Ra is loose in Washington?

    Ra is the Sun and the Sun is rebirth. Egpytian rebirth. Washington.

    I get it now. Nice foreshadowing, Universe!

  10. John- And then there's the whole thing of hawks being associated with the gods since the gods come from the skies.

    Trevor- Plus, KK (11:11)

    Tommy- How about that, eh?

    GEO- Do they? Well, that's the big question. That same dome was seen in National Treasure, too.

    Anadae- Well, I guess this a good time to mention that when I was growing up the next street over was named Peregrine Rd.

    SB- Gorgeous pic. Thanks for sharing.

    804- Which itself is a sync since I've been on such a big Dune kick lately.

    O'P- Next thing you know the Sun over DC will turn green.

  11. Syncs non-stop here Chris.

    They can be kinda harsh sometimes, too.

    Evolution is a bitch :)

  12. Hey chris,

    Synchronicity stories are always cool to hear about, if you're the kind of person who's willing to listen open-mindedly, but language can't fully convey just how eerie synchronicities can be from the inside - for the experiencer.

    It can feel like all the myriad factors of creation align themselves into a lens that is focused directly on you (or through you).

    I've noticed that in the past I sometimes down-played a few of the synchs that happened to me when describing them to others, because when I told it like it actually happened people thought I was lying. Figures.

    My friends knew I had a vivid imagination, and some of them wrote off what I told them as 'over-the-top' or 'too hollywood' or 'bad writing' - essentially believing that I was on a power-trip to mess with their heads. And they might be right in a really weird, interconnected way. Synchronicity and psyche go hand in hand, I've found.

    I'm sure other people have diluted some of their own synchronicities when trying to communicate them. Afterwards I'd kick myself for trying to water down the truth into the realm of believability.

    I'm older and hopefully wiser now though, and I've stopped trying to convert people into acknowledging that there's profound magic underlying every aspect of our existence. BUT THERE IS THOUGH!


  13. How do we know that hawks were associated with the gods and not vice versa. It could be that animal worship provided the model for later god worship. In other words, gods are associated with the sky because the original object of worship was a hawk or similar bird of prey in the prehistoric antecedents of Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations.

  14. So what does all this mean? What's the message behind all this? If you live near some birds, of course you're bound to run into one sooner or later. Sometimes I think you have a tendency to buy into the gambler's fallacy. Some things are just coincidences. I don't see how you could be rushed with symbols, codes, and syncs ALL THE TIME. There are only so many things in the world. If you look for patterns, you will find them.
    With all do respect Mr. Knowles, there are probably reasons why you seem to be a sync-magnet. How many times have you thought of the hawk in question and never stumbled upon an article about hawks? Many more times than you have, most likely. If you were to direct your attentions somewhere else for a while, you might find syncs there too. Because you are looking for them and your mind has been primed to attend to them. I mean, I think what you do is great. There's no doubt there's something bigger going on all over the world. But the jury is still out as to whether we're just not plugged into the giant mega brain of the media. I mean, some of these "memes" must be getting themselves lodged in our brains from constant exposure to them. We see them and then we spit them right back out because there are only so many stories to tell, images to create, etc.

  15. Jimson- A bitch is a female dog, one of my favorite things in the world!

    Raj- Very well put. Words to the wise.

    148- In other words, What came first, the hawk or the egg?

    JarJar- You obviously didn't read the post very carefully and you obviously came here with an preset agenda. Even so, read Raj's thoughts just above there. He seemed to anticipate your objections quite well. A coincidence, surely.

  16. The hawk is nice but I marvel at "your backyard".

  17. You have a cooper's hawk in your yard, too? I've got one that lives around my house (named Mordecai after the Royal Tenenbaums). A few weeks ago I saw him/her closer than I ever had before, about a foot outside one of my living room windows. They're gorgeous (and giant!) close-up. My father passed away in early December and ever since then it's rare for a day to go by without me at least seeing one or two giant birds of prey while I'm out driving or traveling. Seeing the cooper up close (and for so long! several minutes!) definitely underscored those synchs for me.

    Tell your synch-hawk hello from mine!

  18. Eric- Yes, I think it's the last remaining woodlands in this area. It makes for a relaxing backdrop in the summer. That picture was taken from my dining room window.

    Sophie- I initially didn't know what kind of hawk it was because all of the hawks in the area are usually Red Tails. I had to look it up online. As I wrote on FB we called him/her Hawkie, another startlingly original name. We have a preserve for birds of prey the next town over- they're magnificent animals. Sorry to hear about your father.

  19. I didn't come here with a preset agenda. I just like your blog. But questions just struck me as I was reading your latest posts. It's like I was peering at you from the other side. I'm just getting to wonder why would all these syncs appear to you so often? I mean, if you step back, they don't seem that extraordinary. I guess my main problem with believing that EVERY coincidence-is-not-a-coincidence is that I don't understand the messages you believe you are receiving. You say symbols have power, but over what specifically. Maybe emotions? I'm not trying to be rude, but if you're involved in this line of work, you're bound to notice certain things more than others. Are you able to discern normal life events from these actual syncs? Please understand, not trying to be rude or obnoxious. Thanks for posting my comment, shows you are open and able to handle different views on things.

  20. ..and I get what this blog is all about. Around here, up is down, inside is out, etc. I'm just wondering..when are coincidences just that? And you have to admit there are ALOT of things/subjects/meanings swirling around on here. How do you choose which meaning is relevant? You take stock in some interpretations of things, but discard others. It's just alot. I have a lot of questions.

  21. No offense Jar Jar, but I don't need to explain myself to you. I haven't done a Sync Log in a while, and even this one has a lot of gaps of meaning that I didn't put in the post because they wouldn't mean anything to anyone but myself. And I didn't seek any of this out, it was all brought to my attention (except for the Knowles guy- I noticed that). So it's not like I went out looking for all of this- it was my wife who pointed out the bird (who we've heard for ages but never saw) in the first place. In fact, I think it's important not to go seeking this stuff out and to let it come to you. Otherwise you can contaminate its purpose.

    As to its meaning, I think most of the regular readers seem to get it. Maybe you do too, and it got under your skin in a particular way which is why you're making an issue of it. After all, the same thing applies to you- of all of the things you see on the internet all day this seems to have gotten you a bit perturbed.

    Why do think that is?

  22. I am a pretty regular reader actually. Now I just totally want to retract my posts because I feel like I've hurt your feelings. Not my intention. Im not perturbed by your syncs, but like I said before, I'm probably just agitated at the mysteries that may or may not be behind them. which meanings should we assign them? I haven't completely made up my mind on the validity of synchromysticism And when are things just coincidences. we live in a real world. I'm with you on the media syncs for the most part. but really my burning question is what power do these syncs and symbols have? the collective soul saying hello? what can a symbol on a paper really do And who are we signaling? maybe we are going after the same answers. no hard feelings?

  23. Chris - have you seen batman - under the red hood?

  24. Talk about coincidences, my best one today was when I asked my kids if the wanted some strawberry cake. As I was reaching into the cake tin I was trying to remember what it's really called and someone on the radio said Victoria sponge. It was just like they were in the room and had read my mind.

    Nice photo. I'm wondering what that wooden bowl is in the picture from the library of congress.

  25. "For the savage and for the child, dreams are episodes of the waking life; for poets and mystics, it is not impossible for all of the waking life to be a dream. This was said, in a dry and laconic fashion, by Calderón: 'Life is a dream.' It was said, with an image, by Shakespeare: 'We are such stuff as dreams are made on.'" - Jorge Luis Borges

    It should be noted that for Calderon it referred to the title of his beautiful play La Vida Es Sueno where prince Sigesmund is locked in a dark cell from childhood due to a fortune told to his father, the King, that his son would murder him. When the prince is released, the outside world is so strange to him that he can only think it is a dream. And believing this, he haphazardly commits a murder and attempts a rape knowing that none of his actions have consequences. In the end, finally convinced that this might not be a dream, he decides that it is better to behave as if his actions have significance though he still questions whether what he is experiencing is reality or phantasm.

    With Shakespeare, it was a line directly addressed to the audience, not about life or people, but about the characters of the play. Essentially, he was saying "listen, you can get worked up about this if you want, but remember none of these characters or anything that happens on stage are real."

    However, that leaves one with an odd impression. Though they are not real - the play is not the thing - why does it seem so real to us? Even more real than what happens every day in our "real" lives. As James Wood in his book How Fiction Works asks "What is the difference between character [in Fiction] and personality [in human lives]?" Is there a difference?

    Borges goes on his lecture:
    "It takes us certainly to solipsism, to the suspicion that there is only one dreamer and that dreamer is every one of us. That dreamer — let us imagine that I am he — is, at this very moment, dreaming you. He is dreaming this room and this lecture. There is only one dreamer, and that dreamer dreams all of the cosmic process, dreams all of the world’s history, dreams everything, including your childhood and your adolescence. All this could not have happened; at this moment it begins to exist. He begins to dream and is each one of us — not us , but each one. At this moment I am dreaming that I am giving a lecture on the Calle Charcas, that I am looking for things to say (and perhaps not finding them); I am dreaming you. But it is not true. Each one of you is dreaming me and the others."

  26. In another of his writings, Borges distinguishes between dream and waking life in an interesting way.

    In life, we see a viper and we will feel fear. In dreams, we feel fear and then we will see a viper ready to strike. The environment of our dreams is an expression of our changing emotional states. The dream will not show us what we really fear necessarily - vague looming things like unemployment or adultery - but it will create an object from our subconscious to focus that fear into a "thing."

    Do these synchs have significance? Quite possibly. I experience them as much as everyone else. The best way to describe it for me is with this dreaming metaphor. The "dreamer/creator" that Borges mentions - at the moment of the synchs, I experience the sensation that there is a convergence of the questionable reality I am experiencing and the underlying dream consciousness that may support it. Conversely, if there is a solid reality - as implied by its damnable continuity and consistency - it serves to remind me that my consciousness is not actually a part of it. The "I" that experiences is something essentially outside the experience.

    I am no more real than a dream, but reality is itself a concept that exists only in that dream.

  27. Re:
    "I'm probably just agitated at the mysteries that may or may not be behind them. which meanings should we assign them?"

    Jar Jar,here's one for you.
    I came by to read the comments here,while I was reading "The Tao of Willie:A Guide to the Happiness in Your Heart" by Willie Nelson
    (the Country singer)
    ,and I was thinking that's a pretty good question you're asking.
    What would be a good answer?...and I look down at the page I'm reading (page 131)and Willie says;

    "Mysteries do not need to be dissected and proven to have meaning to us.Meaning is where we find it,and what we make of it."

    Maybe that was just a coincidence,but it's what I would call a synchronicity...or meaningful coincidence.
    Now just in that "coincidence" alone,there are some possibilities.
    Maybe you should read "The Tao of Willie",maybe you should listen to some Willie Nelson lyrics...even though you may hate country music.
    Synchronicities steer you in directions that you wouldn't normally take in your everyday life,and they bounce off each other taking you further,a little bit at a time.

    Take some advice off Chris,and start your own diary of personal syncs that seem to be meaningful to you,and what experiences they lead you to,that you would not have had otherwise.And in a month or two look back and see if that guidance didn't make your life that little bit richer...I'll bet it will.
    It's more than some collective soul saying "hello".There wouldn't be much point to that.
    It's a bit like dreaming.
    Most times dreams just seem like junk mail for the brain,but sometimes...or probably most times,
    the subconscious is trying to tell us something the only way it knows how...through symbols and dream imagery.Then it's up to us to try and work out what it all means to us personally.

    Ultimately it's not what's meaningful to Chris,me,or anyone else reading this blog.

    It's what's meaningful to you and your own life.

    Cheers / Daz

  28. Daz and JHenning, you're saying that it is the subconscious that creates and seeks out syncs, piecing events together in ways that are meaningful to the individual? I think I said that in different words. This explanation makes sense to me. Meaningful coincidence is a good explanation for syncs. I realise that each sync is very personal to each individual. But I can't say I take full stock in non-coincidences 100% of the time. I think people should be able to ask questions, thanks everyone for not jumping down my throat.