Friday, January 28, 2011

Sync Log: Raptor's Trust

I mentioned the other day how Synchronicity has been a dominant force in my life lately. Here's a good example: A couple weeks ago I finally got a good picture of the hawk that lives in my backyard.

I hear him (or her) all of the time but never got a good shot. I was a bit surprised by it- we have red tails all over the place here but it turned out this one was a Cooper's Hawk.

Lo and behold a Cooper's Hawk shows up in the news (also unimaginatively named Cooper), having gatecrashed at the Library of Congress (well known to National Treasure analysts). Mike Clelland! posted this link on the Secret Sun FB page. And then yesterday another reader posted an update on the story, which you can check out here...

You can click on the image to enlarge. Anything interesting jump out at you there?

Here's a closeup of the photo. Note the juxtaposition of Cooper to Isis and Harpocrates there. Note that she seems to be flying through the Zodiac to Capricorn, the month of the birth of the Sun.