Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Exegesis: Childhood's End

Sometimes history converges in a way to kick our understanding of the world into a new plateau. Oftentimes it's not recognized until much later, but those with their ears low to the ground usually see it before others.

As we all sit agog with the Roland Emmerich-scaled destruction left in the wake of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, the NatGeo channel is running a documentary tonight that couldn't be more appropriately-timed:

NORTHAMPTON, Mass (Reuters) – A U.S.-led research team may have finally located the lost city of Atlantis, the legendary metropolis believed swamped by a tsunami thousands of years ago in mud flats in southern Spain.

"This is the power of tsunamis," head researcher Richard Freund told Reuters.

"It is just so hard to understand that it can wipe out 60 miles inland, and that's pretty much what we're talking about," said Freund, a University of Hartford, Connecticut, professor who lead an international team searching for the true site of Atlantis.

To solve the age-old mystery, the team used a satellite photo of a suspected submerged city to find the site just north of Cadiz, Spain. There, buried in the vast marshlands of the Dona Ana Park, they believe that they pinpointed the ancient, multi-ringed dominion known as Atlantis.

The team of archeologists and geologists in 2009 and 2010 used a combination of deep-ground radar, digital mapping, and underwater technology to survey the site.

Freund's discovery in central Spain of a strange series of "memorial cities," built in Atlantis' image by its refugees after the city's likely destruction by a tsunami, gave researchers added proof and confidence, he said.

Atlantis residents who did not perish in the tsunami fled inland and built new cities there, he added.

The team's findings will be unveiled on Sunday in "Finding Atlantis," a new National Geographic Channel special.

We've been conditioned for years to believe that Atlantis was a myth, much like our ancestors believed that Troy was a myth. If these finds turn out to be true, none of the Atlantis-mythicists will be even slightly inconvenienced for their unfounded beliefs. Only those who hold unpopular -- or unsanctioned-- beliefs can be held into account. But no historian worth his tenure should dismiss the possibility of Atlantis - certainly no geologist would. This is a incredibly dangerous planet, and this relatively placid period we are presently enjoying is only a whisper in the night of geological time. Even in our own history, there are earthquakes, volcanoes and countless other disasters that have brought entire civilizations to their knees.

The Japanese are a brave, clever and resourceful people -- in fact, their cultural influence is in the very lifeblood of this blog. There's no doubt in my mind that this disaster will bring them together and bring the best out of this powerful race, in fact it may be one of those moments of crisis in which a people rediscover themselves after a period of uncertainty. They have a lot of experience with this sort of thing -- orthodox (read: government) scientists try their best to wish it all away, but there's powerful evidence of an earlier super-civilization off the coast of Japan, well-documented by Graham Hancock, among others. Now that we are seeing the fury of our wicked stepmother Earth, all of a sudden we reach a point in which only the most willfully-ignorant refuse to believe that everything can be taken away from us literally overnight.

An uncommonly benign armistice in Stepmother Earth's war upon her children has conditioned many of us to become inhuman and inhumane. Surplus economies have created an overclass of bloated parasites, who differ from outright gangsters only in their shrewdness. In fact it's becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate so-called legitimate and illegitimate economic enterprises. But without warning the snake can bite them as well, as Poseidon can claim their opulent waterfront palaces for his own domain. There's no doubt in my mind that a lot of rich and powerful people who see themselves as gods believe they can escape the Sun's wrath, or the Ocean's, or that of the tectonic plates. The violence of nature -- like its companion, Death -- is a great equalizer.

Or maybe they think the gods themselves will return to save them. Maybe that's the enigmatic message of the Dubai Atlantis ritual, and several others. I wouldn't count on it. When you look at the parade of carnage of history and prehistory, it becomes abundantly clear that any race with say a 500-year technological head-start on us would steer clear of this violent planet, orbiting the Sun in a particularly violent cosmic neighborhood. This is what farsighted scientists have been telling us -- there have been five great extinctions on this planet already and no sign that this process is over. If someone else -- the Anunnaki or whomever -- was here and left, it's a good chance that one of Stepmother's temper tantrums (say, the Minoan eruption) scared them off.

For the time being, we have the capacity to cope with our fragile state. We can (and must) prepare but more importantly, we can care. Care about people who are suffering (and not look at the footage of other people's misery as some kind of sick pornography), because there's a very good chance that we're all waiting in line for the snake's bite. We need to ask ourselves if the 1950s suburbia model is still meaningful or desirable, or if the "socialism for the rich, social Darwinism for the rest of us" economic model will do anything to improve the human condition or ensure it's survival and success.

We could be at the very start of a long period of crisis and calamity -- a crisis that will act as our crucible. The survival of the human family may be at stake. Strangely enough, those of us who cut our teeth on sci-fi and comics and the rest saw all of this rehearsed a thousand times. The question is do we act like the heroes of those stories or head for the hills while everyone but a tiny handful of over-privileged sociopaths carry on with only the slightest inconvenience in their Rocky Mountain tunnel cities.

It's beginning to stir -- a spark that's fueled by every calamity will become a bonfire that will change the course of our evolution. The ability to experience the suffering that our brothers and sisters are going through and the constant stream of communication is only fanning the flames. Everything will be different, everything is about to change. Change is never pretty -- true change, that is -- it's always painful. But we've been dithering for far too long; rudderless, uninspired, self-absorbed. All that's going to change. Childhood is nearing its end and it's none too soon. Destiny is calling.


  1. Hey Chris,

    Stunning work as always, brother.
    This blog is very important to me.

    I hate to sound like a wannabe-prophet, doom-monger, or come across as someone trying to use the recent Japan horrors to promote a dark interpretation about humanity’s near-future. But in all honesty I see a very dark situation gathering pace all the time – and the recent Japan situation (with all its nuclear complexities) is just more proof of the unending brutality of this realm.

    When the heart speaks, I try to listen.

    Here’s a dark possibility that I think we should all seriously consider if not entirely endorse - Grandmother Terra doesn’t really like us, and we really don’t like her… to the point that we’ve figuratively allowed ourselves to become insidious X Files black-oil with a huge death-fetish.

    What if this self-destructive death-fetish isn’t entirely all our doing? Grandma has some awfully big teeth, as Japan, Chile, Haiti, Brazil, Australia and elsewhere all recently demonstrate. One could be forgiven for thinking that she might be a wolf in Grandma’s dress.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Earth is majestic and beautiful and awe-inspiring – but it’s also petty and ugly and horrific. And I’m referring to nature itself here (non HAARP-influenced, straight-up Mama Nature), not man’s defilement of nature.

    Now in 2011 we have Rebellions in the Middle East (whatever their actual origins are), global animal deaths (misinterpretations aside, though there will be many), Earth Changes (for want of a less New Age term), and the unacknowledged importance of the Sun in all these things.

    Throw in real-time information sharing, laptop warriors and junkies and trolls, associative compartmentalization of all things Fringe, and you’ve got a seriously potent Molatov Cocktail.

    From what I understand, the television show Fringe is riffing on a convergence theme; the impossible convergence/intersecting of two parallel worlds - and the crazy shit that happens due to this situation.

    I see that over on The Alien Project Andre Heath mentions this Fringe riff, applying it to current and recent events. While I disagree with various aspects of his reasoning, many of Heath’s posts are still interesting to me.

    There may indeed be important truths connected to a convergence theme, but when I look at all this data I see a fork in the road, a separation, not a convergence – in hard-edged literal terms. A birth, for want of a better term, where one entity is created within another but must separate from its host in order to birth itself.

    I only say this because we live in a system where violence and creation are closely intertwined…physics and geology and biology all attest to this. There is the possibility that humanity itself might have been birthed from some ancient cataclysm (spiritual or otherwise).


    If there is some validity to this separation idea, then it makes me consider the image of the Archon. What would be the main imperative of an Archon with regards to the human race? Separation?

    The Pythagoras Cage is one of my pet names for this Gnostic prison, as I feel that it implies a sinister mathematics to this realm; a hard-edged science of suffering. I see the predator/prey equation in much of our current understanding of physics and indeed in our daily experience.

    Perhaps predator/prey is too imprecise a term to use – maybe ‘the violence of cause and effect’.

    How many Leonard Shelby’s are wandering the Earth right now? How many resonances with Shelby am I carrying around in my own psyche (or any of us)? Is it simply the inhumanity of man against man and nature that constitutes the evolvement of this Gnostic Antichristos? Or is nature itself complicit?

    Christos means anointed, right? And anointed means ‘to smear’. So, Antichristos is something ‘opposed to the smear’ or even ‘opposed to those who are smeared’, or even ‘opposed to those who CAN smear’. Is this interesting in a quantum mechanics wave/particle duality sense?

    Is Christos (or Thomas Anderson, or John Murdoch) really the aspect of the psyche that is able to smear itself across space and time, thereby negating linear causality? Through the Looking-Glass, like Alice? Walter Bishop found a way to smear and connect two separate parallel earths, right? Neo did as well, and John Murdoch’s tuning ability in Dark City would be the holy grail of this ‘smear’ interpretation.

    It’s interesting that ‘smear tests’ attempt to detect cervical cancer. Is the host going to survive this theoretical birthing process, or will she (and we) die in childbirth (or Childhood's End)?

    Obviously, it’s US being born in all this violence and separation, but the question is, “Are we going to come to term as stillborns, or will our spiritual hearts keep beating?”

    Obviously, Chris, I’m talking very broadly here and with very little certainty of what is actually occurring. We could use the metaphor of adult maturation instead of childbirth and the same thing applies.

    In connection with my Anitchristos thoughts, it’s also interesting that ‘Anti’ was a ferryman entity who carried Isis to Set's dominion in some versions of Egyptian myth. Connections abound, and I’m not savvy enough to parse them all. But there they are.

    Perhaps, figuratively speaking there is a simultaneous convergence AND separation occurring on Earth at this time. Perhaps the separation has been gathering pace ever since the Industrial Revolution, but the convergence is somehow trans-temporal, unable to be prophesied or quantified.

    And yet the separation and the convergence are somehow spookily interconnected.

    Hope these speculations are of some use to you, Chris. Keep up the awesomeness, the world needs it now more than ever.


  3. I'm still curious what you mean specifically by "Stepmother Earth." The could mean or imply a bunch of different things, and I wonder where you stand on that.

    Another excellent, if disquiting article.

  4. P.S.

    Not that I have any certainty of knowledge about these things, but I feel like your Atlantis associations might have more import than we can currently comprehend.

    I only say this because in my last comment to your Memento-mirror-Matrix post I deleted a few references to Atlantis, connecting it to the sunken realm of the imagination and its resonances with our current pathology.

    I did this because I felt my comment was too long and unfocused, and I didn't want to come across as a doom-monger or a flakey 'historical revisionist'.

    Looking back it feels significant, like I missed an important beat, but I've been feeling quite down lately. But it's interesting that you noticed this Atlantis connection.

    Anyway, thought I'd share that with you - for what it's worth.

    Peace and Love to All

  5. Chris,

    I have been communicating with a LOT of people who claim direct contact with the UFO phenomenon (whether thru abduction or psychic communion) and they ALL say the same thing. When I say ALL, I mean 100% f them.

    They ALL say:

    "Something is about to happen, some great shift. I don't know exactly what it is, but I feel that it's impending - and soon."

    The sentence above is paraphrased from direct quotes, told to me, not read in books or on websites. It is a VERY real pattern. And, if there is any variation, it means replacing the word "SOON" with the phrase "ITS STARTING RIGHT NOW."

    DOn't know what to make of it, but the implications are really distressing.

    Mike C

  6. P.P.S.

    The nuclear radiation events occuring in Japan right now, due to the tsunami, are atomic in nature, right? Our manipulation of the atom, or the microcosmic sun.

    From Wikipedia:

    "Atum's name is thought to be derived from the word 'tem' which means to complete or finish. Thus he has been interpreted as being the 'complete one' and also the finisher of the world, which he returns to watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle. As creator he was seen as the underlying substance of the world, the deities and all things being made of his flesh or alternatively being his ka."

    Perhaps such resonances add to the meaningfulness of this post. I do not mean to take away from the breathtaking human tragedy of recent events - I only hope to offer compassionate insight or debate.

  7. Just to be clear, I am not suggesting a full-on nuclear meltdown riff with the above Atum quote, only that all things are semiotically and associatively connected - and therefore spiritually connected. Times they are a-changing. It's frightening and disturbing, but hopefully maturing and sobering too.


  8. Great blog post Chris. Your words are thought-provoking and illuminating, and while I may not exactly view Mother Earth as a stepmother having temper tantrums (I prefer to think of her in different terms) I certainly feel the validity in all the things you mentioned here.
    @ Mike Clelland- I cannot possibly tell you how what you said resonates with me. I can FEEL it, something big is happening and I honestly don't know what to do about it. It's affecting me in ways that I find psychically disturbing. I have to force myself to find some peace. I have an urgency to learn, learn, learn and act that I have never had before. All I can hope is that I learn what I need to know to evolve.
    @ Raj- All i can say is i totally feel you. Atlantis represents, to me, a re-emergence of some unconscious knowledge that we need to acknowledge and maybe learn from. Perhaps Tem or Atum is our symbolic call to finish this madness and get on with....with... what, I don't know.
    I am happy to be able to come here and find some like minded people. It helps. Peace.

  9. Hey again, Chris.

    I think it's interesting how our enhanced neural-net can operate due to the real-time sharing quality of the internet.

    Like you've mentioned before, the internet theoretically gives us a highly sophisticated relationship with information, events, perspectives and interpretations - that no other generation prior to the late twentieth century has had.

    It means something - as this quake and all its permutations clearly 'means' something to us.

    To me, as an intuitive, life has to still be lived in the face revelations, insights, dreams and pre-cognition - the world still hurts, it's still unfair, and the innocent suffer unimaginable tragedies.

    The truth of this doesn't square easily with a metaphysical 'university earth' interpretation, IMHO. Cities and bodies crumble, the mind can forget profound psychic or experiential truths.

    Linear time is utterly merciless, and imagination must give back compassion through art and story, trying to heal the wounds left in time's wake. Tempus Fugit; we'll be understanding this more keenly in the years ahead, I feel. Kronos eats his children, after all.

    But we are all stronger than time or the brutality of 3D experience. The human heart is the figurative Vortex of Ages - the place where we can imagine a new physics, a new prception, that is inclusive rather than exclusive.

    It's the only way we'll really figure out what the hell is going on with regards to humanity's past, present and future.


  10. P.S.

    Those SOHO images of Sol and its myserious companions speak volumes. I'm not sure yet what those volumes are describing, but its mind-numbingly intense. I know that.

    If those objects are not 'compression glitches', then they are not simply unknown companions of a star - the fact that they can even get so close to the star without burning up means that they have access to a physics and a knowledge that is beyond our understanding.

    For all intents and purposes they are Observers of the Secret Sun - a level of thermodynamic and cosmological knowledge that we can only imagine.

  11. let the family find each other again. time to remember. beautiful.

  12. The events of the past week certainly does make one reflect. Over the years I have found myself less and less interested in Apocalyptic movies, that is just to explore the spectacle aspect of such films, and would rather seek out tales that explore our mortality, and how to make the most of our time here, of course, I guess that's the essence of spirituality. It's hard to deny we seem to be building towards a shift, and one can only hope most people make it through that shift.

    We've become too saturated with information that has left many of us jaded, or information that we have no time to process, things keep speeding up, and I liken it to a spring wound film camera, as the camera winds down, the image speeds up. We need some time to stop and process where we are before we can move forward.

    Anyway, especially this week, an interesting piece.

  13. Chris,

    This is somewhat off topic, with respect to any particular post, but very much on topic to the things you seem to basically think and care about - that is, if I don't miss my guess - the greater benefit of mankind.

    I encourage you to look up and read about 'William Siddis' on Wikipedia. Then, if the spirit moves you, you may want to read his one of his works, available on-line, entitled 'The Tribes and the States'. Very educational.

  14. I truly feel awed by the information Chris has posted on this subject, and the comment replies shared here. I do feel that before the month of March is over we will experience another drastic disaster. And also that something is ‘coming’ for the Month of June. I don’t know how to explain this and I cannot back it up with any ‘facts.’ However, I do often experience some kind of strange vibes before a disaster occurs. I felt it on the 5th of September 2001 so strongly that I ran out of my college and shouted to my college mates and professor that something horrible was going to occur in the USA in the next few days. Needless to say when I went back to college a few days later, the word had spread and everyone wanted to know how I knew before it happened. I couldn’t explain. I had the earthquake in new Zealand vibes 3 days before it occurred. I actually put this info on my site which was hacked only yesterday 13th March when I did a post on Charlie Sheen, and months of information and predictions were lost…and only by the way on the page where I placed my musings. All the other pages were in tact!! (Not the first time that has happened). I also predicted the Japanese quake on the 1st of March 2011. Wow, the feeling it caused me the day before was extremely unsettling. I wish I could make these feeling…vibes go away as there is nothing I can do to help those that are going to be affected by the disasters, but I seem at the mercy of them.
    Its been a pleasure visiting here. @Raj, your contribution post was awesome, deep, and real food for thought.

  15. Hey Chris, you're right, it can all change in an instant. That change can be arbitrary, and a great equalizer, if there is a rhyme or reason for it, it won't be a cartoon/pop culture/black-white gimmick. There need be no reason for dramatic and fatal change, other than location and luck, but one thing has become clear from first hand experience.
    Humans retain a sleeping compassion, a sense of fairness, quite beyond that of any single creed or religion, or secular belief.
    I am working along side christians, muslims and atheists, pouring equal determined effort into relieving suffering, going beyond personal safety and their needs to assist others.
    Holywood has got it wrong (no surprises there), the annual disaster trope of panicked throngs, clawing each others eyes out for a bottle of water is complete, fabricated, shite.

    Big names like Emmerich and Co produce junk closer to a set of subliminal instructions than a morality play on the constants of the Human condition, give it a year and Joan Chen will pop up in 'Tsunami' - starring Bruce Willis as a plucky recovering alcoholic who drives Chen ahead of the Tsunami in an unlikey remake of the French connection car chase meets 2012.

    I live in a City, heavily damaged by Earthquakes, I've seen the very best of Humanity emerge out of the thin air, go the extra mile, and ask for nothing in return.
    Transfer that to Japan, a significantly larger country than my own, with better than a thousand years of uninterrupted culture, they may well evolve a social cohesion a quantum leap beyond the pale pretense of western, ambivalent culture.
    One could ask, what would one do, to actual evolve, knowing it would involve some pain, some loss, some misery? Not having the choice, but an uninvited opportunity, you find you just have to ride out the tumult, while trying to shore up ones own humanity.
    These moments are often abused by the Elites, who do not suffer, but know how to mimic compassion, while calculating how to take advantage of the herd, and its desire for certainty. I'm seeing that here already.
    A global Eutastrophe seems to be underway, on numerous eve's of numerous tragedies, people are reclaiming their humanity, and with it overturing an eon or two of conditioned indifference. How far that spreads, who can say.
    Cheers Chris.

  16. Beautifully stated Chris. Sometimes you have such a way of stating exactly what I'm feeling. But with such eloquence. This was a joy to read and to contemplate. I only hope that we can rise to a level of meaningful empathy for our brothers and sisters....and a real sense of responsibility that allows us to prepare ourselves. As you stated, at some point soon, we too will have our turn.

  17. Please refrain from calling people of other nationalities "races" There is only one race of humans, thanks...

    Also calling Earth" Stepmother" places us somewhere where we shouldn t be, outside of the whole system
    A stepmother is a mother too. "Mothership" ain t just the giving of the birth, it s also the upbringing of the child. So a stepmother is a mother, heck, even a widower can be a mother despite him being male...

    Fear of Earths changes is unneccessary.
    Enjoy the ride, even if you may die in the process...

    A great life to all of you.

  18. Chris, Raj, Mike, Scott, Califa,

    I am tingling with the profound and beautiful way in which you have expressed the recent events and the events to come. Crucible of crisis indeed.

    What we see in the media is heartcracking and yet I live my life in the knowledge that many others live out their lives in the garbage dumps of our world society, already post apocalyptic. I do what I can in a small way locally, and feel the inadequacy of it.

    In my heart I have been aware of the wrath of the stepmother or something more for a long time, my whole life. I do what I can, poorly and with many fails to keep love, forgiveness, and compassion in me. Poorly and with many fails.

    You are all held in my heart- honestly,that feels like an important action. To fit the value of the experience of happiness and life in my heart in spite of the experience of life on this Earth.

    Thank you all for your precise expressions of what I feel.

    Much love to the Japanese people and all life that suffers as much from our ways as our planet.

    I am of the era that sent us under our desks with a straight face in order to escape nuclear blasts. Some eggs were cracked and many were shattered beyond rationality and were then able to accept anything in my opinion.

    Forgive my rambles and I hope you can feel my solidarity with your own shared words.

    Best wishes, Delorus

  19. Chris, I've been following your blog since hearing your interview with Gnostic Media, and have enjoyed it very much. I find your point of view refreshing and enlightening, and you've turned me on to some great films and books. This post impressed me I'm glad that you were able to find some deeper significance to this terrible tragedy. I spent a few years living in Osaka teaching English and agree that the Japanese have a very deep, strong identity and culture–more than most outsiders could probably even comprehend. I hope that we can all observe and learn from the civility they will undoubtedly continue to show throughout this most traumatic crisis.

    And good on you for giving props here to Graham Hancock, a very important author.

  20. Chris,

    It's sad to say this, but I think there will be multitudes of people who will be determined to ignore the significance of the Japan tragedy, or any of the other recent tragedies.

    Once the news stops covering the events and returns to its sacristy of celebrity news and pornographic trivia - these multitudes will follow. The subtleties of all this and our place within it will be lost on them.

    However, like 9/11 there will be a selection of people for whom these events will act as an accelerator pad for their conscious evolution - something in them will shift and suddenly they'll be more awake than they were previously.

    These events and those that will follow have such far-reaching human implications. I mean, there are people still displaced and desperate due to the Hurricane Katrina disaster (and the disgusting 'ineffectuality' of the US governmental response).

    The same pattern can be found in the Indonesian tsunami event of 2004, in which apparently nearly a quarter of a million people perished. The psychic dimension to that event still throbs with import and real-world effects six years later.

    There are survivors all over the globe with tales to tell us that would stagger our imaginations, but generally speaking we don't seem to really give a shit.

    Now, I understand the difficulty of proccessing such distressing events. At a certain point the mind desires to look away, and occupy itself again with sex and drugs and rock & roll.

    But the sex is just porn, the drugs are no good anymore, and the rock & roll has largely been replaced by a bloated imposter.

    As Bobby Dylan once said, "You're gonna have to serve somebody. It might be the Devil, or it might be the Lord, but you're gonna have to serve somebody."

    Not really being the god-fearing type, or the devil-loving type either, I think we need to work on serving each other. We're all inmates together, in this Pythagoras Cage. We need each other, because none of us are getting out of here alive. That fact connects every one of the 6 billion souls who reside here.


  21. "We need to ask ourselves if the 1950s suburbia model is still meaningful or desirable, or if the "socialism for the rich, social Darwinism for the rest of us" economic model will do anything to improve the human condition or ensure it's survival and success."

    Absolutely. It's a clear choice we (each of us individually and WE collectively) are making right NOW...wide path or narrow path? Choose wisely.

    @Kalifia...I'm with you on the Earth Stepmother thing. I don't see the planet that way either. I think Earth is a conscious, loving entity but that it has a process of self-equalization that it must activate during periods of extreme imbalance.

    While this process may seem horrific to us, from the Earth's perspective there is no net loss (because Earth operates on Univeral principals there is no such thing as death, only transferance from one energy state to another to achieve balance).

    I think both Klaatu (The Day the Earth Stood Still) and Dr. Manhattan (Watchman) expressed this same sentiment.

  22. Hey, maybe the earth acts like a 'wicked stepmother' because humans and the civilisations they've created behave like parasites on this planet, burning, destroying and slaughtering all other species of life in their wake. And for what? So that the majority of humankind can live lives of utter misery while a tiny percentage wallow in decadence.

    If one of the microscopic forms of life that exist inside or on the surface of YOUR body, behaved like the human species are doing right now on the the earth's surface, you would call them a DISEASE and be forced to take action to neutralise and possibly kill it off altogether. Yet you expect the planet to suffer any and all abuse with utter passivity.

    I'm sorry Chris, but as much as I admire your work, I believe the gnostic viewpoint you subscribe to is very much part of the problem here. It treats the planet as the enemy and aspires to escape it's embrace completely, yet whines when the only complete escape possible, which is death, occurs from her actions.

    You can't have it both ways, if human life strapped to earth, clothed in your meat carcass body is such a prison as gnostics believe, surely to them death is to be celebrated not feared.

  23. I live in Santa Cruz and we actually got hit with a smaller, residual tsunami that did $17M in damage to our harbor. I live literally 2 blocks from the ocean. It could've been me and my girlfriend and our apartment just power-washed off the face of the Earth. Maybe it soon will be.

    One just doesn't feel safe or protected or any of that new agey-stuff. Even if it's true and benevolent devas have their hands on the world, it sure doesn't seem that way. Will it be like this forever? Will we all just stop existing when the orchestra of our physical bodies packs up and goes home?

  24. Friends,

    I think like all manifest phenomena, Grandmother Terra has (at least) two faces.

    One of her faces is the benevolent, nurturing grain-mother with nothing but love and hope for humanity - as Califia suggests in the comment above.

    But Terra's other face is the dark, destructive goddess with an ambivalent attitude to her stepchildren. This side to Terra is just as important to seriously consider (as recent events demonstrate).

    One face does not cancel out the other.

    In all this speculation we get into theories concerning humanity's possible influence of the magnetic/energetic field of the planet, through our emotional/spiritual states.

    An idea suggesting that Terra's destructive aspect might in some way be tied to our own fractured psyches.

    Again, all these descriptive terms and metaphors are just our collection of shorthands - figurative symbols through which each of us is trying to account for the things we experience and the insights we feel.

    I suspect this is because our realm of existence is largely figurative in and of itself - in a truly infinite universe it could be no other way.

    We are a race of stories dressed as men, and sometimes we mistake our clothes for our selves - any true shaman will tell you this, if pressed deeply enough.


  25. i wonder if an ancient civilization created something like the internet. what would happen to our avatars and online personas in the event of a global disaster? could many of the archetypes we see be remnants of a technology similar to the internet in which the users physical lives ended but they survived somehow through a technology we don't understand?

    if us and all of our internet connections died wouldn't our online selves continue to exist somewhere waiting for someone to re discover the internet...? dropa stones?

    hope this makes sense. great post chris.


  26. Chris,

    I don't know how American media is covering/spinning this Japan Radiation Leak story, but here in the UK I'm seeing that it's business as usual.

    There's a combination of contradictory reports, down-playing of facts, intelligent discussion consistently evaded by prefacing every other statement with ever-changing official statements, etc.

    The spin is already laying its foundations to manage our perceptions of any future problems with this situation. For example, down-playing the fact that radiation levels in Tokyo are "10 times higher" than normal levels - by suggesting that normal is such a tiny amount that 10 times normal is a mere statistical quible.

    Also, they are citing Chernobyl as a bench-mark of 'bad' situation, and thus consistently distancing the Japan leak from this event.

    The power of words, Chris.

    What surprises me though is that many of the UK newscasters and reporters seem genuinely on edge, angry, and deeply shocked - sometimes coming out with intelligent jibes at 'nuclear and political experts'.

    It would be nice if this was evidence of a nascent perceptual maturity and not just a flash-in-the-pan, huh?


  27. Watching the film Waking Life last night, the angry self-immolator said something interesting, to paraphrase:

    "The media doesn't exist to protect us from the evils of the world, but to desensitize us so we believe all these horrible things are common and ordinary."

    The same character also makes a good case that we crave these disasters and crises. That we thrive amidst chaos.

    It may be true that this is the worst catastrophe to befall Japan since World War 2, but at the same time, it in no way compares to the destruction that Japan suffered in World War 2. Those Hiroshima and Nagasaki get all the press, the firebombing that came before incinerated cities and caused many more casualties. Neither of the atomic bombs actually matched the damage caused in one night during the firebombing of Tokyo. These were cities made of wood and paper.

    However, at the same time, that utter destruction is what cleared the way for the reconstruction of Japan into a financial and technological superpower. It also refocused Japan's social energy from a devastated and defeated nation back into a proud and very strong society.

    Our present global civilization while probably being the most advanced in history is not sustainable. It is on a dead end - will it take a worldwide catastrophe to put the world on a new path?

  28. Much to agree with here in the comments.

    I was trying to cobble together a suitable modern parable for this, Chris could probably clear this up, we must have parallels within fiction that models the following...

    The notion i'm pondering is how do we transition from 'conditioned frightened animals', to mature and resilient beings?
    Our faux civilization uses proxies and distractions to keep us as superficially fixated and trembling cowards, however the amount of Soma and desensitization required to keep this farce going has reached crisis point.
    There is no more way to keep all of the people stoopid some of the time, reading here tells me one and all defy it, and rightly so.
    We are in the crucible of change, burning in the fires of time, we can't ignore whats happening, we can't look away, and we can't seek refuge in madness or idylls.
    So what does a willing-to-evolve-entity do, in grasping the hot iron of being a firsthand witness to so much change. In choosing to remain stoically aware, when so much of our character has been shaped to line up in front of the gas chambers of indifference, new courage is needed - or the old courage resurrected.
    The point may be, that we will suffer or hurt, but in a way that supersedes and overturns the Death Cult imperative that we despair - and so deny them their daily bread.
    Perhaps instead we accept, while participating in helping or recovery and rescue work, that each act of care, is a one to one relationship between ourselves and another Human being. Repeated daily, globally, by each and every one of us who retain the spark of compassion.
    This then may be the time we demolish the Borg State, when we universally rebel within, as individuals on a one to one basis - a symphony of individuals acting in concert without the dominance of "the collective", or ideology/dogma.

  29. I've had an anxious feeling prior to the quakes we've been having. It's so heartbreaking and humbling.
    So is the unrest in the middle east and in some countries in europe. It's as though a pressure cooker has just exploded. We are going through spiritual, political and planetary evolution.

    In some ways the internet reminds me of a puzzle box. It's defiantly help to bring people together.

    Magic carpets apparently did exist, Atlantis has got to be fascinating.

  30. Chris,

    Fukushima is the "blessed island", etymologically speaking, or "the island of good fortune".

    While that might be a dark irony considering current events in Japan, I feel that it is somewhat resonant with the Atlantis observations made in your post.

    Also it's resonant with my previous quote about Atum returning the earth to "watery chaos" at the end of the creative cycle.

    It's very hard to speak insightfully on these events without appearing to sensationalise them, or scaring people. But these events ARE sensational, in that they assualt the senses with powerful, uncomfortable data.

    The term 'apocalyptic' is being used more frequently in the media to describe the scope of the disaster - whilst on the surface attempting to down-play the rammifications of these events.

    Look at the discursive space that has opened up; it's parameters, taboos and speculations - not just in mainstream media but in alternative media also.

    I find myself wondering how much to discuss with regards to these events; my intuitions and suspicions. I feel that other intuitives and creatives must be experiencing a similar thing right now.

    Much of the world is watching the events that unfold in the "blessed island" nuclear plant right now.

    There is a creative potency in the psychic air now, though edged with fear and uncertainty - but those are often the most fertile circumstances for creating art. And our conscious perception is definitely a form of art.

    Will this art slowly darken and lose its truth-telling quality as the world gets ever more frightening, or will it expand and liberate us somehow? Where will this art of perception take us in the coming weeks, months and years?

    Peace and Love to All

  31. We are all living in curious times indeed. And it's nice to know that I'm not alone in feeling that the other shoe has yet to drop, and that monumental change is at hand. The date posted is also quite amusing:

    3/13/11 7:17:00

  32. From Atlantis To Time Travel-

  33. If we really wanted to get bent right over with all the symbols then I will make the claim for the jetstream being the fiery dragon/serpent. Pack a lunch. We're going for a ride.

  34. Chris,the Nipponese are a industrious lot, to much reliance on atomic power, so many automons to churn out the base metals. Factory life is the way of life in Japan, soul crushing, mind numbing autobots of an extreme non-nature.This large wave destroyed many factories and machines. I am sick of hearing how well the people of Japan are so ok with it all. Just step in line son. Eat your soylent green and smile. We will replace the machines from hell and you can go back and exist in a military industrial complex. No nukes. Dennis from bugtussel who was without power for 3 days because of a divine wind.No Nukes!

  35. Wow, wow, wow. What a posting tonight/today everyone, on PADDY's NIGHT!

    It is the 17th you know, and we all have some kind of idea what a number that is, non?

    All I wished to say was that in amongst all the disaster is The Moonth of Pisces: the fishes swimming in opposite directions, Neptune, The Waves, governing the time after death and before life. Nebulously between times.Oceans,islands and water.....Pisces stands on the wheel between life and death, a point of transformation.before the kid Aries.

    Everyone certainly sounds Poetic and elegant during this time of great feeling. Beautiful thoughts and concerns waft through this blog.

    There is a major opposition between Saturn(in Libra) and Jupiter(in Aries)throughout the whole month. Apologies that this may sound trite in amongst all this trauma, but it has a bearing on the present.

    Humanity has a beautiful side that may only be given reign in times of crisis.

    Blessings on us all.


  36. Hey Chris,

    I've been following this whole situation since it first broke, as I'm sure many, many others have been doing. A lot of folks are very scared over this Quake/Tsunami/Fukushima event, and I would suggest that unfortunately their fear is not entirely unwarranted.

    For those with eyes to see, this event is shaping up to be one of the worst disasters in modern history. The myriad factors involved means that it's very difficult to really process the severity of the situation.

    Countles scores of people are dead and dying, made homeless, psychologically and socially shattered. They are quickly losing faith in their governments to give them accurate data - and the 'relief' operations, while much needed, could be considered purely cosmetic.

    Food and water shortages, the threat of contamination and disease not just from radiation but also from sewage and chemical taints, and the prospect of decay from the thousands of bodies yet to be recovered - all of this converging at once, and its scope and ramifications, is surely unprecedented.

    This is a humanitarian crisis, but I'm sure the sci-fi resonances are not lost on anybody here, least of all you.

    Do I agree with certain voices out there who suggest that a cover-up is already underway? Absolutely. The nuclear industry is a vast business, and like most billion-dollar industries, mercy is often hard to come by.

    All that matters are bottom lines - EVERYTHING else is perception management, spin and plausible deniability.

    To assume that your governments and transnational corporations are lying to you is the most prudent, intelligent stance to take in these matters. I would suggest that the line between paranoia and critical-thinking is a subjective one. NONE of us are as well-informed as we think we are.

    Instead of smugly amusing ourselves with the shrill tones of all the 'alarmists' and 'kooks' out there who suggest the sky is falling, we should look at a fact that is often hard to stomach, especially in times of such tragedy. The fact that human life matters VERY little to the oligarchs and sociopaths that run our worlds and allocate our resources.

    For ANY official body to make absolutist pronouncements about issues of safety and harmfulness concerning explosions, partial core meltdowns, fires and radiation leaks - ONE WEEK INTO THE SITUATION - says more about perception-management than it does about reality and facts.

    I would suggest that people take another discerning look at the data-sets presented to them through official channels. The facts and reality in them are hard to come by.

    Let me spell it out for people. The data in regards to all this is supposed to be QUANTITATIVE, not qualitative. But instead we have emotive rhetoric, half-truths, and incredible logistical double-speak from official sources.

    This constitutes a body of data that is qualitative and spun all to hell.

    This event should throw into relief our own critical-thinking processes, and the blind-spots and inaccuracies therein.

    Truth be told, we know very little except that this event will continue to have profound import in the times ahead.


  37. Hey again, Chris

    I'm not trying to push a particular interpretation to this situation, but I wanted to offer a quote from my Voices From the Fiction blog.

    It concerns 2012 mythology, or supposed revealing/awakening type events in our near future. I felt it might be applicable here, at Childhood's End:

    "Do you think there are individuals who may be affected by 2012 'awakening'-type events even if the majority are not? I mean, is there a middle-ground to this?"


    Indeed, you are right to suspect that individuals will have mini-awakenings in their lives if they are open to them. Perhaps, if the people involved are sufficiently magnetic, they will allow others to catch glimpses of this different order of reality. This already happens all the time, on a global scale.

    But here we run into the concept of the collective. And on a consciousness level the collective in your society is determined largely by mass-media. I use the term for all that is modern, sleek and commercial in your technological world.

    So, if there is already a process of transformation occurring, it has not yet reached the conscious collective because of the power of this mass-media. But it is reaching them subconsciously and super-consciously all the time.

    Perhaps then '2012' will be a process where the mass-media no longer transmits a trustworthy reflection of the world at large."

    So, are we there yet? It's unfortunately quite possible that things could get much darker now, very quickly. Are we going to address the disconnect between what we see, feel and intuit, and what we are being fed by the oracles of mass-media?

    How toxic and fundamentally corrupt does a system have to be before enough people cannot abide it any longer?

    Here's the thing about Archons (in all their guises) - if they have to they would rather kill you in your sleep, all things considered. And if you continue to lumber around in your deceased state for a while, so be it.

    Kill the spirit and the body will follow.

    Or, as Cancer Man once said, "The Child is Father to the Man."

    It’s time to inject some realism into our thinking processes, because, as the Strangers of Dark City are well aware - the clock is always ticking.



    -Jon Spring

  39. I'm in Japan and the last nine days have been unreal. We're still getting some aftershocks, very small ones now. Trying to figure out just how bad the Fukushima situation really is... it's definitely being downplayed here.
    Most Japanese people seem very calm about the radiation leaks, which is admirable in one way and a little weird in another way. Some magical thinking is going on -just act like there is no problem, and it will go away. Well, maybe that's a lot better than grief and hysteria... but even after living here for many years, most westerners are puzzled by the extent of the disconnect.
    One factor, I think, is that it's considered disrespectful of all the dead from last week for we the living to whine about anything.

  40. Hey Chris,

    I’ve been trying to mull over the feeling of interconnectedness with regards to recent events and I’ve come up with the following thoughts. I doubt these connections are original but I thought I’d share them with you anyway.

    I get the feeling that many ‘non-sensitive’ or ‘non-intuitive’ people are starting to wonder if we are indeed reaching a cusp point in human history – and the Japan disaster seems to be acting as a primer for these speculations in the mainstream folk.

    I can see it and feel it in their eyes, like they are thinking,
    “Damn, this shit is starting to get deep. I wonder where it’ll take us? Maybe there IS some kind of change about to happen?”

    They dare not voice these thoughts too loudly, lest their handlers turn up and beat them back into intellectual submission.

    But it’s like I’m noticing more people, even in my daily life, who are starting to toy with a powerful idea – that if they admit to themselves that some ‘change’ is coming, this doesn’t mean they have to subscribe to any particular theory about what that change might mean.

    Maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see, but when I talk to regular folk I often hear something along the lines of “Who knows, anything’s possible; who the hell knows what’s gonna happen?”

    Now, this coming from people who would’ve previously switched off as soon as I broached any fringe subject – is kind of interesting. It might not mean that
    ‘everything’s gonna be ok after all’, but I find it curious – as though peoples thresholds of possibility are changing.

    They might find it disturbing, or annoying, but they seem to be willing to accept the possibility of a lot more – even if they are still unwilling to look directly at it.

    For some reason it makes me think of the phenomenon of the eclipse. Few are willing to stare directly into the heart of the sun, but when the moon perfectly covers our star everyone wants to stare at the sun’s corona. It’s a magical time of conjunction and union - that strange netherworld twilight that’s so hard to pin down but we all recognise.

    Now, the Japanese names for Japan are ‘Nippon’ and ‘Nihon’, meaning ‘the sun’s origin’. It is usually translated as ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, right? We could interpret that phrase quite legitimately as ‘Land of the New Dawn’. Japan was also once called the ‘Empire of the Sun’. So we’ve got Empires, New Dawns and Rising Suns.

    Ok, so stay with me on this schizophrenic association game: The Land of the New Dawn is hit by a super-quake and then a Tsunami (or super-wave). The Fukushima power plant is seriously crippled. Thus we can say that the ‘blessed island’ (fuku-shima) and its power source is crippled, as is the Empire itself (shades of Cayce’s Atlantis).

    This is only a week before the arrival of the Supermoon. So, in a week we have Superquakes, Superwaves and Supermoons. Super. And heralding the arrival of the Supermoon is the Odyssey Dawn bombing of Libya.

    WTF? Is this meant to be funny? I'm not laughing.

    The Land of the New Dawn suffers its worst ever super-disaster and a week later Operation Odyssey Dawn bombs the shit out of a little country somewhere – on the Supermoon. Why does a super-disaster and humanitarian crisis in the Land of the Rising Sun herald the Odyssey of the Rising Sun?

    Again, Chris, perhaps I’m just seeing what I want to see. However I find it interesting that The Odyssey is about Odysseus’ return home after the Fall of Troy, and that his chief enemy is Poseidon, god of the sea. I can’t find any through-line in all this, but it sure is weird.

    These are dark times, but transformative times hopefully. It makes me think of the motto I’ve got on my Amid Night Suns blog: “Vi la verdad. Vi el sol de medianoche.” I saw the truth. I saw the sun at midnight.


  41. Hey again, Chris,

    I don’t want to get too ‘Jan Rodricks’ on you and disappear up my own ass, so feel free to delete this comment if it’s too tangential.

    I was just associatively riffing my way through Wikipedia, as I often do, when I came across this page about a Japanese sci-fi manga series called ‘Toward the Terra’.

    It seemed to synch up with a few Gnostic ideas I’ve explored in recent comments about Grandmother Terra; surprisingly prescient – especially the Archon/demiurge resonances in the following Wiki quote:

    “The story takes place in the future where humanity has nearly destroyed Earth (Terra). The Government of Earth decided to abandon the planet and search for a new home among the stars. They left behind only a handful of people and a supercomputer in charge of the restoration effort. To prevent this kind of catastrophe on the new planets, humans have decided to build a series of supercomputers to rule over them
    A race of advanced humans with psionic abilities called Mu has evolved, and the supercomputers that control humanity want to destroy them. Staying hidden and attempting to rescue as many Mu children as possible before they are discovered and eliminated, the Mu have only one longing - to return to what they see as their promised land, Terra.

    Grandmother: The all powerful computer that governs mankind. It disapproves of the Mu. It was programmed with the prime directive of suppressing the Mu population to prevent it from spreading.

    Computer Terra: A computer deep within Earth that appears after the destruction of Grandmother.”

    Imagine that this fiction isn’t referencing the future, but our collective past? In the same way you suggested with regards to ‘Return of the Jedi’, but with a temporal disclaimer instead of a spatial one. It throws up some interesting thoughts, no?

    Now, in my own personal metaphysical experiences I have interacted with energies that really do feel as though they are synthetic, artificial and lacking in any recognisable ‘realness’ - especially in my experiences with Ouija boards. There has been a disturbing bloodless, soulless quality to some of these interactions.

    This doesn’t mean that I endorse the idea that the supposed Gnostic demiurge is literally an artificial intelligence, or that my own personal experiences were literally ‘real’ either. I just find it fascinating the kind of repeated imagery and resonances that occur in Gnostic-themed fictions.

    The Mu of ‘Towards the Terra’ are the Neos, John Murdochs, X Men and the Gibson Praises of other fictions (or the psi-children in Clarke’s novel). The Grandmother supercomputer is the Matrix-Agent-Strangers of previously-discussed movies.

    For argument’s sake I’ll pose this hypothetical question:

    Is the figurative A.I.-Demiurge of our imaginations furiously attempting to hasten the Great Separation, whilst simultaneously attempting to quantify and qualify the nature of the Great Convergence? Is the A.I. attempting to divine the source-code or structural elements that constitute the interrelationship between the two?

    In plain English what I’m suggesting here is that the Demiurge and its Archons cannot truly comprehend our connection to the trans-temporal realm without readdressing their own ontological status and thereby negating their primary function.

    To use Dark City’s imagery, it’s the Strangers deeply sick agenda that results in them actually finding what they were searching for – the power of the human soul - and that power kicks their collective ass and throws them out of their own party.

    Here’s hoping.

    As always, Chris, this is just ONE filter through which to view the Living Imagination that we call consciousness. There are many filters – and I’m sure that various aspects/truths about life can be recognised by utilising such filters.


  42. We are seeing some big changes taking place and a lot lives have been and are being lost. I don't think anyone will ever forget the loss in Japan, that goes beyond words. It really shows how cruel life can be.

    I'm seriously wondering now if we are going through the most crucial (final) stages of a magnetic reversal (pole shift). All the signs seem to be there but don't seem to be being acknowledged by professionals.

    Airports are having to adjust the lines on their runways which is a fairly big indicator in itself. Bird deaths have been linked to poisonous gases which could be attributed to radiation entering Earth's atmosphere as a result of a magnetic pole shift. The increase of earthquakes and volcanic activity again would be attributed. It would also explain global warming or should I say climate change.

    The last time a magnetic pole shift happened (estimated at 750 thousand years ago by some, others say 640 thousand) Atlantis is likely to have been lost. There seem to be records that show this.

    I feel it's important that we keep an open mind and look after each other, I'm not trying to scare anyone. In fact I thought long and hard about adding this comment, surely the best we can do if we are worried is educate ourselves on the possibilities. Bearing in mind that staying positive is good for health.

  43. Stepmother earth, seems obvious, as a stepmother is not the original mother, indicating that we humans weren't born here-although we now have many genes in our biology tying us to here. I've had this fascinating, yet troubling thought: if I recall my Atlantean material correctly, they were supposed to have been a proud, vain race, who started mucking in things they shouldn't have. And then I thought of HAARP, nuclear weaponry, and realized that in some barely understood manner, we're acting out an apocalyptic morality play, that mirrors Lemuria, Mu, Atlantis. Which, of course, those of an allegedly 'rational' mindset, think are mere myths. Depends on whether one thinks Atlantis got hit with natural disaster, or super science gone wrong.

  44. To add one other thing-yeah, it's hard to shake that feeling that something is about to happen. Because as far as I can see, something is happening right now. There's a conciousness shift ongoing-witness the increasingly global protests, against the elites. Noam Chomsky says he has never seen anything like it. What's truly astounding, is that the announcement of the nuclear bomb, and it's buildup, removed all hope-the elites have a monster, currently chained, that we simply cannot fight. We cannot win, ever. A monster of such terror as to cause a global surrender "Okay, we're done. We get it. You want to have your parties, and play chess with countries, fine. At least give us an illusion of free will." But that, it seems, has changed. A giant is awakening, people, a giant called us, and it has decided that even the threat of utter annihilation, of total control, or of misery, won't stop us. We are awakening, and are beginning to function as a unified conciousness, and the elites are in morbid panic, because the slaves are standing, unarmed, in front of guns, and saying 'no more.'
    It will be, is, an awful time. Elites will continue to play, and get it, too late, and it's no longer a matter of life and death-it's a matter of the evolution of conciousness, of spirit.

  45. Hey Chris,

    I assume that researchers in the synchro-sphere must have already made similar connections, but thought I’d offer mine anyway. It’s weird to me that the Hollywood alien invasion flick ‘Battle: LA’ had its release date on the 11th of March 2011 – the same date as the quake/tsunami event in Japan.

    What’s even creepier is that the ominous UK tagline on some of the posters was “11/03/11 is just the beginning”. This movie’s title is a contraction of the phrase ‘Battle: The Angels’. So, could we therefore interpret this phrase as ‘War in Heaven’?

    Now, I’m not suggesting that this synchronicity is evidence of some HAARP-manipulated grand scheme. After all, Nature seems to have a weird sense of humour. But it is undoubtedly a little creepy, especially considering that a number of alternative figures out there seem to think this whole Libya conflict might be a harbinger of World War 3, or at the very least is more evidence of a sinister strategy of destabilisation and takeover of the Middle East by Globalist forces.

    We have a war movie that informs us that March 11th is just the beginning of an apocalyptic conflict on the same day that an ‘apocalyptic’ disaster occurs in the Land of the Rising Sun and then a week later we have war with Libya.

    What also disturbs me is that the UK tabloids have headlines like ‘Inhuman!’, when referring to Gaddafi. So Gaddafi is a monster/demon/alien now is he? Unlike the British and American mercenaries sent to lay the groundwork for Odyssey Dawn – who are obviously really sweet, moral dudes and not monstrous ‘Others’ at all.

    It’s also interesting that the monster/demon/aliens in Battle: LA come up out of the water and begin decimating the beaches, like the hordes of Cthulu from a Lovecraft tale. Also, the aliens are interested in Earth because of its huge water resources.

    Water is a pretty potent symbol, right? Soul, spirit, birth, rebirth, etc. But we’ve also recently seen a display of the awesome destructive power of water.

    Seeing as the title of the movie references Los Angeles, a Spanish name for the city – it made me want to check out the significance of any other Spanish names in the movie. Michelle Rodriguez plays Air Force Intelligence Technical Sergeant, Elena Santos. Elena means ‘shining light’ or ‘sun ray’, and Santos means ‘saint’. She’s an important character in the movie and is therefore the ‘Saint of the Shining Light’.

    In this very broad sense she could also be considered the patron Saint of an ‘Odyssey Dawn’, hypothetically speaking.

    However, I’m not so sure how useful these connections are for anyone except as a set of synchronistic/interpretive anomalies. And they don’t really hold a candle to the human face of all the new madness (much like the old madness), that seems to be taking a tighter hold on our planet and making so many decent people suffer.


  46. Side note to the Atlantis story - A new Crystal Skull has been found which was owned by none other than Nazi S.S. chief Heinrich Himmler. More covergence of History??

  47. If water is that powerful, i as a human, am 70 % power

  48. Dear Chris,
    You can delete this as it is off topic but I hope you are well and having a fun and relaxing vacation and not suffering with health issues, etc.

    Best wishes to you and your family, hugs if you need them!

    Thanks again for the best blog and responses on the web, Delorus

  49. Delorus et al, I've been EXTREMELY busy with work and such, but I've been updating the Facebook page regularly. Please come join in the conversation. I am also working on a new post which will be up soon.

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