Sunday, January 16, 2011


After a too-long absence, Savage Steve Willner unleashes this phantasmagoria of psychedelic madness on the interwebs. If all of this digital gadgetry was invented for anything it was to take us into the deepest inner reaches of the collective unconscious that Steve is able to reach. Note such initiatory mindmemes as the morphing pattern fields, which I once thought were a little quirk of my own damaged brains.

There's a brand spanking new interview up with yours truly on UFOMystic. The theme is the sadly shrinking common ground between sci-fi fandom and the Weirdness communities, and a review of some of the most powerful collisions between the two (PKD, Quatermass, etc.). Read all about it here.

It was quite a busy week or so. Aside from the UFOMystic confab, there's a string of new SHRnR interviews up for your listening pleasure:
There's a big piece on the Voice of America website that you can read (and hear) here. Some distinctly non-Secret Sun type comments going on there. Is it my imagination or are huge swathes of the Internet beginning to resemble Dante's Inferno? By huge swathes I mean the comments sections on all of the major websites. Click here to listen.

Then I did a very indepth interview with Cosmic Gnostic that covered some of the rock 'n' roll stuff in the first half. In the second half we really dig into the foundations of The Secret Sun and the whole concept of pop culture scrying. Click here to listen.

Then there's New Realities, which digs into the spiritual dimensions of music, rock 'n' roll specifically but not exclusively. We talk a lot about culture formation and the shamanistic undertones that inform it and drive it all along. Click here to listen.