Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ockham, the Occult and the Ultraterrestrials

Ockham's Razor is one of those famous dictums that people use in arguments and often do so incorrectly. The whole story of it is pretty tangled and is better explained elsewhere, but for our purposes let's stick to the common distillation of it, being that the simplest answer to a problem is usually the correct one.

"Skeptics" love Ockham's Razor, even if they don't always understand it. This is because "Skeptics" love-- no, that's not quite right-- they worship received authority and hate anything that challenges said authority. If the Razor was good enough for their professors, it's good enough for them, even if they often misquote it.

I've heard Ockham's Razor thrown around in UFO debates, with "Skeptics" gleefully oblivious to the fact that non-manmade aircraft is a much simpler solution to the problem than swamp gas, weather ballons, Venus, meteors, satellites, chinese lanterns, dirty lenses, low-lying clouds reflecting streetlights, and on and on and on and on and on ad infinitum. There are always the hoaxes, but since nearly all of them are perpetrated by the "Skeptics" themselves, they don't really count.

So let me repeat that: the simplest solution to the UFO problem is that they're some kind of non-terrestrial vehicles. Ockham, thou art revenged.

Of course, "Skeptics" have a much stronger argument in their corner, and that's the mind-twisting distances between star systems. Given the immense amount of energy that would be required to travel to another star system, thrown in the not-inconsiderable frequency with which unidentified objects are spotted (every day, now) and the numerous contact/abduction narratives and it all seems to beggar belief in "extraterrestrials," as commonly understood.

But if you delve into some of these contact narratives (which we touched on here) a different picture begins to emerge. One thing I've noticed is how vivid and downright numinous some of the reports seem. It's as if these experiences are engineered to trip a switch deep in the collective unconscious, in much the same way certain songs trigger a "dreamy" feeling (something we discussed back in the day here). I have no idea if it speaks to the authenticity of the stories themselves, but I've read a number of stories that seem realer than real to me.

But at the same time, there's that Trickster element to so much of this phenomena. This is something that becomes harder to avoid the more you read the literature. And as many others have pointed out this aspect of the story drags us into murkier waters-- the paranormal, magic and the supernatural. And as many others have also pointed out there are endless strands of continuity between modern UFO reports and ancient folklore of the supernatural world-- fairies, elves, djinn and of course, Leprechauns. Little people all. And like so many of the modern-day abduction narratives, sleep or some other variety of unconsciousness plays a central role in many of those olde tales.

Thornier still is the world of the Occult. If ETH adherents are wary of the paranormal, they're downright terrified of the Occult. But if you accept narratives from the Bible and other ancient mythologies as evidence of ancient contact-- like Enoch, for example-- what are we to make of Dee and Kelly and their Enochian Keys? How different is the Enochian alphabet from the various alien alphabets so many abductees have reported?

If Horus was an alien godking on Earth, what of poor Mrs. Crowley and her in-spired bit of channeled stenography? Then there's always Lovecraft and Lam, and the whole drift towards alien overlords in 20th Century occultism. Not the least of which are The Nine, who have a naggingly strange relationship to the current occupant of the Oval Office. All of those Secret Chiefs and Great White Brotherhoods didn't have to be from Sirius, certainly. Not directly, at least. It seems trenchant that occultism became especially potent once the Companions themselves entered the mix, whether in fact or by reputation. And let's not get started on JPL and NASA and all of that for now.

Of course none of this bolsters the ETH. But even as many of us come to grips with the whole UFO issue -- and many of not-us as well, such as the Vatican, the Royal Society and now National Geographic, of all people-- many of us also begin to wonder if these aren't aliens as you might understand them. In fact, they might actually be our companions. Elusive companions, maybe, but thousands of years of sightings and contact stories seem to show us they're elusive but never walk far.

The question then becomes not are we alone in the Universe but are we alone on this planet? Have we ever been alone? Then the question becomes if we're not alone, why do these companions of ours seem to take such pleasure in being such teases, giving us little glimpses and hints before they skulk back to the shadows? Certainly, anyone who's kept an eye on this little rock of ours knows what blood-thirsty savages we are at heart, so you can't quite blame any outsider for keeping a low profile. But at the same time it seems that the kind of phenomena we puzzle over here pops up now and then at particularly opportune moments.

The Elusive Companion Hypothesis explains the long history of sightings and contact narratives. Being aware of our technological and scientific powess explains why these companions have chosen to present themselves in a procession of guises- gods, fairies, spacemen- over the years. Even controversies like Roswell and the nuke installation flyovers make a lot more sense in the ECH-- our little jumps in technology happen in secret, catch them by surprise, and take a bit of time to adjust to.

Over-the-horizon radar might have been a bit of a shock to their navigational systems and then combined with a good electrical storm all of a sudden the savages have gotten a hold of one of your (non-spaceworthy) little hovercrafts which they promptly reverse-engineer, at least in part.

Now, the other reason why the ECH or Ultraterrestrial hypothesis works is that it satisfies Ockham in relation to AAT or Intervention Theory. It's no accident that now that the bilge-waters left by the Fundamentalist tsunami of the 70s and 80s have finally receded that AAT is suddenly all over the place lately (most recently in the late, unlamented NBC potboiler The Event).

The Designers might have been called away for whatever reason but would they go to all this trouble and not leave a sitter behind to keep an eye on the kids? Which makes even more sense that the sitters would make themselves known once the kids started playing with the atomic matches. If Ockham is to be satisfied than these ancient and modern skywalkers must in some way be connected.

It makes you wonder if there isn't some realization about all of this afoot among the ruling elites, given that we're seeing a parade of evil alien movies hit the screens (both big and small) whether we want them or not (mostly not, it seems). If some change in the status quo were in the cards, it makes sense that those with the most to lose from said change would want to salt the fields. Of course, there is that whole 2012 thing coming at us fast and furious. I've long wondered what all those defense billions are being spent on and it wouldn't surprise me at all if they were being spent to keep things the way they are as best they can.

Well, like anyone else I can't answer any of these questions. All I know is that the more I read about this ongoing mystery the less it feels "alien" in any real sense of the word. It seems all too familiar, like it's all part of some unactivated bit of shareware that came with our birthday CPUs.

There's a quote from a famous abductee from the 60s that I can't quite get out of my mind. Former Police Chief Herbert Schirmer believed he was abducted, reported the events, took a major beating in his life for doing so even though he passed all of the polygraphs and all of the rest of it. When asked about the motives of his skywalking friends. Schirmer responded "to a certain degree they want to puzzle people. They know they are being seen too frequently and they are trying to confuse the public's mind."

Tricksters, in other words. Quite insightfully, Schirmer added, "everyone should believe in them some, but not too much."

Just like Hermes, go-between for the gods. The ancients knew Hermes was around when Synchronicity began to pop up and so it often is with our Companions. As the blog archives will show I didn't think much about UFOs for years. That is until my first trip out to Esalen, where I gave a talk on Jack Kirby and Synchromysticism. As I also documented here, a strange electrical storm kicked off a spate of wildfires not long after, roaring all the way down the coast. The flames licked at Esalen's gates but spared the compound its wrath. How about that?

And of course Esalen itself is no stranger to the Companions, having been controlled by a channeler for The Nine (late of Sirius) for several years back in the waning days of the Cold War. Not a few people thought they were tricksters as well.

Jack Kirby was no stranger to the Companions, either. They starred in his epic series The Eternals (another touchstone of my life and this blog). In The Eternals, the Companions were composed of two races- the Deviants, who skulked in the underseas ruins of Lemuria (under the Bermuda Triangle, of course) and liked to pose as demons and the Eternals, who kept to themselves on the roofs of the world and were mistaken for the gods throughout history.

Think the Greys and the Nordics of UFO lore, more or less.

The Eternals were content to pursue meditation and other spiritual practices and the Deviants kept themselves busy with their infernal machines while humankind were ruling the roost. The two races only made themselves known to the world when the gods- or Anunaki, if you prefer-- returned to take stock of the Project. Kirby didn't seem to be familiar with 2012 prophecies but would certainly have incorporated it if he had. The story all kicked off in a Kirbyesque Inca tomb, which could easily be Kirbyesque Mayan if need be.

And this all brings us back to the shamanic and psychedelic realm, yet again. Kirby not only knew things he shouldn't have known, but he didn't even know he knew them. As far back as the Mithraic Mysteries and all of the way up to the modern Ayahuasca ones, strange flying disks show up when a certain state of mind is reached. It's almost as if there's a signal out there, one that's usually filtered out.

Shamans, occultists, sick children and other thought-criminals seem to pick up on the signal when the stars are all aligned. It's a fleeting state, but it's driven forward our evolution in ways we don't quite understand. Real evolution is never pretty, never fun and always painful. But maybe on the other side of it we'll get to know our Companions more intimately. And we can teach each other.

SYNC LOG: Speaking of sick children I was mulling the idea of losing the Ockham's Razor part of this piece until I happened over to Wikipedia and happened to scroll down and spotted an old friend...
Pretty necessary in this context, don't you think?


  1. Thoughtful exposition Chris. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck it's probably a duck. I can get my mind around that.

  2. Well, like anyone else I can't answer any of these questions.

    Well no, but you have brought new terminology to the field - Elusive Companion Hypothesis (ECH).

    The vista of possibilities that open up from this potential new understanding are considerable.

  3. Excellent new blogticle on your blog, this. Thank you, Light-bearer. Yeah, man, that pesky Occam's Razor model of logic, used, as you stated, by our detractors for decades, and with, as you positted, ever-failing pertinence. Weh heh-heh El, innit kinda blowin' up in their faces nowadays, what with all the mounting evidence against their flimsy arguments? A case in point, five years ago, when the forbidden archaeology writer, Graham Hancock & his world class, world-traveling photographer wife, Santha Faiia, were on the book tour for their then new collaborative effort, Supernatural: Meetings w/t Ancient Teachers of Mankind, I found that I just had to take the time to catch them on the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors leg of the engagements itinerary. As you must Gno, that was psychedelic visionary painter's Alex Grey & his wife Allyson's NYC exhibiting & happening space, then in the far West Village, now on a sprawling Victorian estate in Wappingers Falls. Mr & Mrs Hancock were among the most down-to-Earth people I've ever met & spoke with. As do you & many of your reading audience surmise, they believe that there occurred an immense, planetwide explosion of consciousness brought forth by a Promethean force. Whether this changeover was engineered by Ultraterrestrials, Companions, Watchers, Visitors, or what my Tradition refers to simply as the Invisible Allies, the paradigm shift from primitive societies to the arts, Gnoledge, even civilisation itself, was abrupt, profound, & long-lasting.

    Funnily enough, both AAT adherents & transcendentalists alike claim similar bolster for their claims in the vastness of relics left behind by pre-existing & now vanished peoples. The artwork of an Ayahuasca shaman-turned-painter, the late Pablo Amaringo, a piece of his which you yourself used here & whose œuvre was largely culled from in the Hancock title, captures magnificently the similarities in both the visionary & the contactee experience. Although what might be at first conjectured to be craft sailing here from a far off galaxy, might just as easily be construed as portals to another dimension, or even creatures we don't Gno enough about, or have forgotten … End of Part 1 …

  4. Part 2 … I still think, personally, that these beings are & always have been here among us, part of the Earth's many mysteries & far-spanning range of indigenous life forms, & aren't from another offworld civilisation. Even Jack Kirby in his The Eternals hase the Deviants & the Eternals co-existing alongside humankind. Those two comic book races bring to mind another two from the fandom of decades earlier, those being none other than the Deros & the Teros from the 1940's Shaver Mystery, that so intrigued the readership of the sci-fi pulp magazine, Amazing Stories. Although Richard S Shaver claimed that he had actually lived amongst these two opposing forces in the vastness of a Cavernworld below our feet, his retellings were fictionalised by Amazing Stories' then editor, Ray Palmer, who I suspect generated much of the mythos himself, although still using Shaver's name.

    Fittingly, by the '70s Shaver had claimed a new mystery. This was that he had discovered photographic images that an antediluvian, space-faring people had projected into rock, a means of documenting their eXistenZ for a future world. Certain paintings that he had done based on magnified slices of these alleged images, alas, been relegated to the Outer Sider art market, but they curiously echo striking similarities of the visionary experience. perhaps he was a Seer with the 2nd Sight & his Companions are here amongst us still. Excellent piece, this. Keep spreading your insights, Professor Knowles.

    Learning & teaching from apple Mountain,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro ~ (•8-D

  5. It's funny that you should mention Ockham's Razor,as I was reading a book called "The Aquarians" by Eric Rankin,where he talks about Lilly and his flotation tank.So I got curious about floating and stated Google-ing about Lilly and his tank,and came across this article at Occam's Taser .-)

    But I haven't read through it yet.I was mainly after a picture of Lilly's tank,which reminded me of Mike Clelland's drawing of the spaceship in his brother's garage,out of his dream.

  6. It's as inappropriate to teach the occult as it is to bring up masturbation, except they tell you the latter is normal.

    So look (in the mirror), light a fire (different colours), they come (different kinds), the fire isn't sacred, you are.

  7. By normal is meant "expected".
    Like we can all expect to die.
    Are you a God? No? Then...die!
    And so we become One with God.
    Now is the occult in practice.

  8. Hi Chris

    By coincidence, I have recently written a post about the MK in MK Ultra, the Enochian Alphabet and the Egyptian gods Merovee . I hope the link works . If not, google Merovee and the post is on the front page .

    But I dont think we're meant to ponder on these matters . Just go to work, earn your money and go to sleep , ready to go to work the next day .



  9. Well, given the difficulty of traversing such distances it seems obvious that if you took the trouble to make the journey you'd stay a while. Maybe a long, long while.

    Or maybe for good, since you could never really return to the time and place that you left anyway.


    thought i'd drop this link here since i'm not signed in on facebook, although i'm sure you've seen it already. 17 lost pyramids, eh?

  11. Mr. Knowles wrote:

    "...It's almost as if there's a signal out there, one that's usually filtered out.

    Shamans, occultists, sick children and other thought-criminals seem to pick up on the signal when the stars are all aligned. It's a fleeting state, but it's driven forward our evolution in ways we don't quite understand."

    I would add to that "other thought-criminals"list:

    Artists, Stanley Kubrick, Jack Kirby, psychics, John the Baptist, trauma survivors, Carl Jung, Near Death Experiencers and Alien Abductees!

    Let’s toss in people who recognize synchronicities, or more correctly - people who GIVE THEMSELVES OVER to synchronicities. Synchronistic is a better term, whatever it might mean.

    And sometimes, even humble “Joe Normal” gets zapped on his very own road to Damascus.

  12. My comment to this post got too big and I ended up writing a new post:

    Thanks you Chris!

  13. Spock: Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

  14. Or Einstein who said that an explanation should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. In other words, it has to address all the elements, not just the easiest to understand.

  15. "It seems all too familiar, like it's all part of some unactivated bit of shareware that came with our birthday CPUs."

    Amen brother. My argument against the skeptics is based on their own emotional involvement in the 'received authority' - they 'need' to force their small world view as the only truth with the vehemence of someone who is terrified of being left behind, of being the only one not invited to the party.

    I think of my cat and the laser pointer she loves to chase as a perfect metaphor. The cat's brain can never quite grasp that the red light can't be 'caught' in a conventional cat sense. It's her UFO, her white rabbit, her mystery.

  16. The comments to this blog are stellar. The unknown 9 are responsible for many thought investigations concerning the occulted design of our alien sponsorship. Perhaps the minds eye of this blog can consider the public disclosure of contact. The ancient ones have quantim recources and memes to encircle the forces of inquiry that Chris Knowles enjoys. This blog is key to our understanding of contact and who sponsors such inteligence. Thanks much for your effort Chris. Dennis(shineforth brave souls.)


    companions indeed and some wanna be our friend

  18. Christopher: as a skeptical scientist I probably have no business reading this blog, but I am interested in many of these topics so I can’t help myself. You say that skeptics worship received authority, but I think you have this backwards. The whole idea of skepticism and the scientific method is that they reject received authority if it’s not based on evidence and rationality! This is what makes science so revolutionary – it overthrows all orthodoxies and religious beliefs that aren’t supported by evidence. Of course scientists aren’t perfect and science can be abused, but it’s still the best method I know of for separating fact from fiction, wishful thinking from reality, etc.

    On the issue of UFOs, you really need to ask whether “pro-bono proctologists from other star systems” (to quote McKenna) are the simplest explanation for any of the existing evidence for ET’s. As someone who grew up reading Kirby’s Eternals, etc. I would love to believe that as much as you, but I just don’t see any compelling reason to do so. The realms of weirdness you’re talking about always seem to be murky and impossible to nail down, and maybe there’s a good reason for that: they’re the creations of imaginative minds!

    I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here, but I just want to get the message across to your readers that the universe revealed by science is anything but dull, limiting and mundane. On the contrary, what science has discovered about the vastness and weirdness of the cosmos is surprising beyond anything imagined by occultists of old, so I don’t understand why people don’t celebrate that more. My theory is that what science reveals is simply too unsettling for most people, because it shows us how puny and insignificant we really are in the cosmic scheme of things. I’m afraid Lovecraft may have been right when he said that humanity would rather “flee into the peace and safety of a new dark age” than face the vast, uncaring, and perhaps empty universe.

  19. On the issue of UFOs, you really need to ask whether “pro-bono proctologists from other star systems” (to quote McKenna) are the simplest explanation for any of the existing evidence for ET’s.- Cosmist 5/25/11

    "Sharing the planet with an elusive yet not quite invisible Watcher class also goes a long way in answering the diehard skeptic bromide about aliens from Alpha Centauri traveling light years just to probe Bubba's buttocks, a hilarious joke that just gets more hilarious with every snorting, eyeglass-adjusted re-telling." Secret Sun 5/3/11

  20. The thing about Occam's razor —the one those knowledgeable skeptics always seem to forget— is that it looks for the easiest explanation, once all the elements of a phenomenon are taken into account. That means one can't simply underplay, water down, or right out dismiss those annoying edges of the square peg just because otherwise it won't fit into our brilliantly proposed round hole.

  21. The ECH makes me think of Fringe, Knowing and The Box. I feel like there are probably others, but those three immediately came to mind.

  22. Hey Chris,

    An awesome, truly inspirational essay.

    I don't want to sound like I'm stuck in Copenhagen, but what often passes for mainstream science is often lacking in some fundamental recognitions, in my humble opinion.

    Maybe too much ganja has burnt out my rational-thinking centres, or certain synapses just aren’t firing properly, but how on earth can you separate the observer from the observed? I'd like to see a scientific equation that can highlight how such a thing is possible; I think I'd find it distinctly Heisenbergian.

    And yet, I don’t think you or any of the commentators of this blog are down on science, per se (as in pure, open-minded research). I love me some science, you know – it’s given me laptops and recordable music (recordable music rules) - it’s given me movies, dagnammit! And a life expectancy beyond my thirties, as a little sweetener. Science is frickin’ awesome.

    But when we’re talking about intellectual passivity, various forms of agenda-making and corruption, and a bizarre hard-on for the status quo and received ‘authority’… we’re really not talking about science anymore, are we? Seems to me like we’re talking about suppression, full-spectrum domination, wilful closed-mindedness and corporate and personal axes to grind. As you’re well aware.

    As far as I’m concerned science is holy, just like art. Art generally concerns itself with the visible, invisible and subtle resonances to manifest phenomena - and science with the visible, invisible and subtle mechanics of manifest phenomena. Why is it that so few ‘scientific’ establishments seem to acknowledge the fundamental kinship between mechanics and resonance?

    There is something to be gleaned here.

    Any skilled machinist or engineer who understands their craft will tell you that all machines resonate in one way or another – both literally and figuratively. Also, any artist worth his salt will admit that every work of art is composed of mechanics.

    Mechanics MUST resonate because they have to be created, and resonance must have mechanics involved because resonance is all about context. And wherever context occurs (i.e. everywhere in the known and unknown universes) you will find both resonance and mechanics.

  23. (...Continued)

    Ok, an application of Ockham’s shiny little knife – if life is undeniably literal and physical and real, and yet 90% of our experience is internal, imaginative and fictional (i.e. language, communication, mythology, spirituality, love and culture) then isn’t the simplest explanation going to be that these two positions are inexorably and fundamentally linked, as in a phenomenological, two-way connection?

    I mean to say, if we Imagine simply because we Exist – wouldn’t a more erudite application of Ockham’s razor suggest that the reverse is also true? That we exist BECAUSE we imagine? Take away the resonance and you’ve got an impossible clockwork universe that doesn’t really fit all the available data – an entity for which there is no context. By this same token if you deny the literal and the mechanical then you’ve got an impossible formless inscrutability that doesn’t fit all the available data either – completely without pattern or structure.

    So, my point is that Science teaches us ‘How’ (thanks, Scully), and Art teaches us Why. If one of these components is missing from any ontology then we are dealing with a negation of data, not data itself. In my opinion this is something that all good cryptographers understand.

    If a Sceptic makes an adolescent jibe at an unpopular, unapproved theory – the jibe in question has to contain both mechanics and resonance or it could not be articulated. So, the sceptics cannot escape the numinous or unseen because it is hardwired into their processes of self-awareness, self-articulation and perception – regardless of how neutral and un-influencing of phenomena they imagine themselves to be.

  24. (...Continued)

    And in a roundabout way, I feel what I’ve just outlined is at the heart of the ultraterrestrial hypothesis. I much prefer your term of ‘Elusive Companion Hypothesis’.

    I mean, the fact that they (or something very much like them) seem to have been sharing time and space and experience with us throughout recorded human history ticks all of the boxes for me. They’re elusive. They’ve apparently been with us for as long as we’ve been around, living at the edges of our perception and yet profoundly influencing our mythologies, our psychologies, our cultures and perhaps even our science. Can we really call something that has been with us and continually influencing us for thousands of years an 'alien'?

    Now, in my opinion, reality is malleable and full of trans-temporal and acausal connections (or resonance, which in human terms boils down to the phenomenon of ‘association’, of which synchronicity could be considered an epiphenomenon). I mean this in the most literal sense. What we imagine as the space-time continuum is something full of mechanics, structure and pattern, but it is also a field of dreams.

    Since every single phenomenon in existence is composed of this wave/particle duality (or resonance/mechanics inexorability), Ockham’s razor dictates that what we define as the entirety of space-time would be no different. Forms within the dream and dreams within the form, as it were.

    Association is what ALLOWS structure, as all engineers understand, but also association HAS structure. The serpent eats its own tail no matter how much we protest otherwise. This is the nature of phenomenological existence and any of the pursuits therein, be they ‘scientific’ or ‘artistic’.

    Apologies, Chris, I didn’t mean to get so heavy with my metaphysical ramblings – but I hope I’ve been coherent enough to covey this as rational, critical-thinking and not as a mere semiotic indulgence.

    There’s a lot more I’d like to speculate on in regards to your excellent post, but I’ll leave it here(ish) for now.

    I’d just like to add though; I’ve long suspected that if we truly want to understand this whole AAT/alien/Watcher/Elusive Companion situation, I think we need to look more closely at the phenomena of Language and Communication.

    In my opinion language itself is like a living memorial tribute to all the themes you’ve discussed in this post – all the secrets we ponder here at the Sun are locked, coded, hidden and teasing us from within language itself. We want proof that THEY were here, have always been here, and are STILL here? We needn’t look any further than the myriad of human languages. Proof of everything you’re discussing is etched into our tongues. Not because they gave us language, necessarily, but because language is the shapeshifting stone onto which these powerful experiences and events were etched. It continues to be this way. I know that sounds like a bold claim, but man, I wouldn’t bet against it.


  25. Hmmm. My time in the middle east and studying Islam made me perk up a bit here. You may be on to something.

    One strain of the Jinn story - and not the genie-in-a-bottle version, but one that well-studied muslims told me - is that they are a seperate race on this world with us, sharing it. Because they are made of fire and we of mud, we cannot perceive them unless they want to and can change their appearance just as fire shifts and dances. The people who held this belief felt very certain that the Quran supported their interpretation of these beings. Although I've not seen the connection suggested by anyone else the similarity to western tales of faeries and sidhe were surprising. Maybe less surprising if you consider that they were likely talking about the same thing, which is what I've thought myself for quite a while now.

  26. As usual, definition (synchronisation?) of terms is an essential pre requisite for a meaningful exchange.Open minded skepticism is the tool par excellence for application of Ockham's Razor. "Skeptics"-as personified by 'the amazing randi' et al,and their brand of skepticism, is a form of narrow minded fundamentalism, not worth the energy expenditure of engagement.Science is fine in its narrowly defined field of interest; its 'way' of looking at the world.But to think that is the only valid method, or that is the be all and end all as far as whats real, true or interesting is limiting in the extreme.
    For a refreshingly,'out there' take,by a scientist,on consciousness; reality - physical and non physical, and how they are intimately linked; i recommend the work of physicist Tom Campbell. Brooke linked to a video of his at the facebook page recently; and i recommend his trilogy 'My Big Toe'

  27. I read this a while ago which I really liked:

    In the summer of 1990, when interest in Crop Circles in Britain reached fever-pitch levels, a woman named Vanessa Martin spent a week roaming around the English county of Wiltshire while trying valiantly to get to the bottom of the mystery. But, rather than solve the riddle of the Crop Circles, her experiences arguably only add to the mystery and wonder. And, having met and interviewed Martin, I have to agree.

    For the first couple of days of her adventure, Martin made the historic village of Avebury, Wiltshire her base of operations. While strolling around the ancient standing-stones of Avebury on the second morning of her trip, Martin says, “out of nowhere” a man approached her, and began to engage her in conversation about the Crop Circle riddle. Significantly, Martin adds that the man was “dressed in bright white overalls and had really long yellow hair” – very Space-Brother-like, in other words.

    The man introduced himself as “either Heyoki or Hoyaki, one of the two; I forget which,” explains Martin. Given the fact that she was specifically in Wiltshire to try and gain a deep understanding of the true nature of the Crop Circles, Martin was more than happy to chat with someone who seemed just as interested in the subject as she was. But the long-haired Heyoki or Hoyaki was not just interested: he claimed to have the answers to the riddle.

    As Martin listened intently, the man told her that Crop Circles were, indeed, as many believe them to be, the work of benign extraterrestrials – from the planet Neptune, no less. Those same extraterrestrials, Martin recalls being told, “…were trying to make us think about the world and the environment by making patterns containing messages, but without landing in front of us. They were trying to help, he said. I asked him how he knew this, and he laughed really loud – almost mad. Then he told me I should think about this and let myself understand it and take it all in, and everything would be okay. And, I swear, right after that he just vanished. I looked away for only a second and he was gone, nowhere at all. There were a few other people in the stones [sic], and I asked if they had seen him or spoken to him, but no-one had.”

    The mystery-man was not destined to stay missing for long, however. The following day, Martin says, she took a trip to one of Britain’s most recognizable and historic monuments, Stonehenge.

    Martin adds: “I was on one side of the road, where the fence is today, and he was on the other. He didn’t speak to me, but just gave me a big smile, pointed at the sky, and actually curtsied – like in an old film, or something. So, he obviously recognized me from the day before. He had on the same outfit, and I laughed back and waved. It was strange: right at the time, and still now, I can’t remember how he went away – if it was in a car or by walking. It was like at Avebury. He was there once and then he was gone.”

    Martin’s odd experience is one that falls very comfortably into the Contactee arena: there is the presence of an unusual-looking character, dressed in a one-piece outfit and sporting a head of long, blond hair. There is the visitor’s absurd assertion that a planet in our own Solar-System – in this case, Neptune – is inhabited by advanced beings. There is the claim that the aliens are here with a specific, positive task in-mind. And, there is the near-certainty (given the fact that the man seemed to have the ability to appear and vanish at will, and without anyone else in the vicinity having any apparent awareness of his presence) that Martin’s experience occurred in some form of altered state of mind.

  28. Hey Raj,

    I'm totally with you on what you said regarding language being the secret to all this, or one of the secrets. Words and information have the power to condition our minds, thoughts and feelings, and these end up creating and interfering with reality out there. But also it seems a miracle that we're all still alive and humanity still stands. 7 billion people out there, some out of control thinking and believing this and that, fighting, hating and so on. I'd expect that the world would be a much more chaotic place. Is it here where these Aliens come in and stop us from destroying ourselves? Their powerful psychic presence st oping us from psychically creating more havoc? Remember the movie "The Adjustment Bureau". I think that what the power structure is doing is they're trying to "tame the bull" of human power of creation of the "sleepers" (humans connected to the Matrix, old paradigm). Of course I don't agree with most of their methods, but given the current situation it's the best we've got.

    I think that they are trying to tell us just that. Remember an episode of the Event series where there was a missile that was shot to space and everybody was afraid that it was going to blow up some country but then turned out it was a satellite, and the CIA guy says "it's the sleepers". The sleepers in the series were the Aliens in a prison created by the state government. So given that I think that we humans are the real Aliens (the alien inside), they were referring to the Aliens/humans that in our society are still asleep and dependent/connected to the Matrix/civilization mind set, and their minds somewhat out of control (anger, resentment and so on), creating all this things out there. Maybe even terrorist bombings happening out of nowhere are a manifestation of this. Maybe 9-11 was some kind of thought manifestation. It really seems that reality is not a dream but certainly behaves like if it was a dream. On the other hand maybe I've just gone completely bonkers over all this in which case you can forget what I just wrote.


  29. Do you think our Companions ever ventured out into space (moon, mars, sirius, nibiru)? or do you think they have their own indigenous Companions?

  30. Lest We forget not "The Luminiferous Aether".

  31. The Cosmist says: "Christopher: as a skeptical scientist I probably have no business reading this blog, but I am interested in many of these topics so I can’t help myself."

    Why do you have no business reading this blog? Everyone is free to think anything.

    There was a time when scientists seemed freer to think about wild possibilities, challenge the limits of our understanding, and speculate a little. That was before whatever descended in the 70s descended and the mind of humanity was closed.

    Please, let's go back there. So yeah, please stick around.

  32. There is indeed much about our universe that is being withheld from us. I offer the following image evidence, direct from NASA, for your review and consideration. As a key purveyor of critical, Sun-related esoteric thought, I am surprised I have not seen reference to this potent material on your website.

    Prepare to make use of Ockham’s Razor:

    The above link is to the official website of the (almost) real-time NASA satellite Sun imaging program named STEREO. Every ten minutes, 24/7, two satellites in synchronous orbit with the Earth around the Sun, each take multiple images of the Sun and its corona at various wavelengths using numerous imaging devices. The satellite images of interest above are from the "BEHIND" satellite, from the extreme ultraviolet (non-visible) range, at 195 nanometers.

    Beginning in January 2010, reports began surfacing regarding unexplained objects appearing near or within the Sun’s corona in the STEREO images. NASA’s official explanation (quietly changed multiple times) is the image anomalies are the result to “.jpg compression artifacts”.

    If however, as Ockham’s Razor suggests, these objects might be just what they appear to be, our UFO “companions” are hiding in plain sight in our solar neighborhood and have achieved unspeakable levels of technology, including mechanical engineering on a planetary scale.

    To find today’s current images, simply replace year, month and day portions of the NASA URL above. Use your browser’s magnifying function to examine the images more closely.

    Surprisingly, even though the images are a key deliverable of the (public) STEREO project and are critical to many in the (largely government funded) scientific and solar research communities, there appears to have been precious little open discussion about these startling images. It's also possible these discussions have been quietly quashed and/or "discouraged" as the PTB have seen fit.

    Importantly, note that NASA 1) routinely (and at odd intervals) interrupts the flow of these images for hours at a time (unexplained) and 2) the agency replaces every initial “beacon” image with a final “high resolution” image within 48 hours, all anomalies absent, of course.

    Regardless, one need only examine a handful of the newer images to quickly find some of these planet-sized, highly "structured" anomalies. More determined searches will yield a continuing trove of peculiar objects – some possibly the size of Jupiter, and not so easily explained away as mere software glitches.

    NASA is either the premier “trickster” of the planet or official Disclosure may be much closer than we realize. I dare suggest these visitors to our Sun may be quietly forcing the issue -- and it’s about time.

  33. So Jose Alexandre, are you thinking since the Universe is linked via the Luminiferous Aether it is all part of the same realm, realm being the multiverse and therefore any travel is contiguous,

    that works, I think

  34. yes Cosmist, stick around and let us know how science proves the ET hypothesis, i'm still on the fence and do agree with AdamI that they could of come ages and ages ago and stuck around or i suppose we could say everything originated in the galactic center so it becomes a moot point

  35. I am reminded of the poster "I want to believe".

    On this blog, so many of us (myself included) try to find connections, conspiracies, deeper meanings. And there are no shortage of cultural memes and historical events for us to base these explorations upon.

    But what if there is nothing there. What if Roddenberry channeling the Nine was no more authentic than my local pastor channeling Jesus? What if the Illuminati exist, but the god(s) they worship don't? What if abductions really are a variation on schizophrenia?

    Perhaps our synchromysticism is all sound and fury. The actual world being no more than molecules. Depressingly pedestrian and dull.

  36. Hi Chris,

    You've been looking at Kubrick and 2001 themes recently. I remember reading the novel years ago and there's one bit which is either very synchronistic or disturbing, am not sure which.

    In the novel starting in the late 80s the DOD carries out 'Project Barsoom', a psychology experiment designed to see how humans react to first contact with aliens (chapter 31 of the book).

    The psychologists used drugs, hypnosis and visual trickery to convince people they'd met aliens. As such they found a deep-seated level of fear & xenophobia in their test subjects and it was one reason for keeping the Monolith's existence secret.

    The Barsoom project was carried out at Harvard's school of Psychology.

    Now, in the real world in the late 80s-early 90s we had John Mack and his abduction research at Harvard which featured hypnosis and (later on) drugs.

    When I read the novel I honestly thought Clarke had revised it and put the Barsoom thing in as a joke mocking abduction researchers, but apparently not.

    Thoughts, anyone?

  37. In a way I can understand why mainstream archaeology wants to steer clear of AAT or advanced ancient civilisation theories - the topic was pretty much killed stone dead by the nazis and no young researcher wants to wreck their career by associations with Nazi-style 'Superior race' ideologies.

    However, this means that the mainstream does tend to ignore or explain away the many astonishing engineering anomalies that popped up all over the world at roughly the same time (for example around 2600-2500 BC the Pyramids were being built, Stonehenge constructed, Caral set up in Peru etc.)

    Archaeologists use their own version of occam's razor - 'we know these were built with simple tools, we've found simple tools and as we haven't found any buried high technology therefore they must have been built with simple tools'

    But this seems a bit idiotic. Any advanced technology would have been monopolised by a small class of technical specialists (in 2011 everybody has a cellphone - how many people outside of the tech field could build one or even describe mathematically how they work?). It could easily have fell into disrepair, got lost or stolen or may be lying somewhere we haven't excavated yet. The Egyptians may not have written anything about high-tech in their records, but they didn't write any technical information about pyramid engineering, either. We have some illustrations of workers moving things but not a word about the mathematics, surveying or materials knowledge they must have had. It doesn't even have to be 'that' advanced either - perhaps they used steam engines or multi-level canal/lock systems to move heavy objects around.

    Similarly explaining megalithic architecture in a mainstream manner stretches credulity. 'Stones are tough and you can build with them' seems to be the current explanation. But why did people build huge stone buildings all over the planet? Why not use wood or some other material? It seems awfully like the ancients put those edifices together precisely because they knew stone would last for many thousands of years. In areas of the world prone to tectonic activity they used that fantastic jigsaw-like method of construction that would make them almost quakeproof. Someone must have sat down and thought 'we need structures to last for millennia' and then actively worked out how to build them. The only structures we have today with similar lifespans are underground nuclear repositories hewn out of caverns (stone again!)

    I really have no idea whether we had help from other entities or if ancient man was simply more advanced than we think, but its pretty clear that there's a massive hole in our understanding of the past. I'd rather that hole was filled by scientists than cultists but until the scientists take a fresh approach the population will remain in the dark.

  38. Nancy,

    What about abductions, paranormal manifestations, unexplained phenomenons that do leave physical traces in the human body, in the fields and so on? If you look at the actual data regarding abductions, UFO activity, and other similar events, you'll notice that maybe it can't all be attributed to deluded or schizophrenic minds. There are probably lots of trained and credible people that mention this things: pilots, police officers, army people, even scientists, but they might just be ignored or ordered to keep silent. Most of them won't even talk about their experiences for fear of being ridiculed. The problem with the human mind might be that the information out there that enters the brain is filtered: if it supports our current and accepted/constructed view on reality we'll accept it, if it doesn't fit our belief/knowledge systems, we'll reject it, point the finger at witnesses, believers and researchers and call them spooks, weirdos etc. It's very difficult for a human mind not to be biased.

    Maybe we're all asking the wrong questions. It's not a matter of asking if these things, UFOs, Gods, ghosts etc are real or not, but to what extent does the Human Mind, feelings, thoughts and language influence our perceptions, and actual events in the Universe.
    What if the Universe and the Human Mind are intertwined in such a way that our experience of reality becomes a lot more stranger, fantastic and chaotic than any of us can imagine and understand?

    If this is so, we'll realize that we really cannot grasp this rationally. We won't be able to construct a definitive map or theory of what this is and how it works. We won't find the secret of the Mind nor the secret of the Universe, nor will we find out the source of reality, or the search for the "Theory of everything" and so on. Instead we will be asking ourselves: "How can we navigate this experience in such a way that it becomes less chaotic, less frightening and most importantly less painful for us?".

    Maybe events such as these might be helpful:

    Maybe we all just need to stop, take a deep breath, and start looking at things differently.


  39. Friends,

    If Chris is right and the Dreaming Mind really is the Doorway to Eternity, and if Coincidence really is the Hidden Architecture of Reality, then our Elusive Companions - their status as literal or figurative becomes rather blurry, doesn't it?

    I mean, witness the power of god/companion mythology - it has given us EVERYTHING, from agriculture to tool-making to rational discourse. One cannot truly deny the past, because it is implicit in everything we see and experience today. In a phenomenological universe causes have effects, and causes ARE effects - this is partially what I meant by the resonance/mechanics inexorability in my earlier comment.

    The ontological status of our companions is tangential to the breadth of experience and cause-effect reactions left in their wake. Our modern science and indeed our entire human culture owes a debt to the religious, sociological and psychological modalities that stem from our earliest interactions with, or conceptions of, the gods. Whether these gods are literal or figurative is not a yes/no continuum with a ‘right’ answer, in my humble opinion.

    As an analogy, “Is human culture, soul and experience essentially a biochemical illusion?” If, as the materialist maintain, the answer is simply ‘yes’ then how important is it that we are also entities of meat and bone and sinew? What I’m saying here is that from a materialist perspective the largest and most ‘meaningful’ part of the human individual and collective is figurative and fictional – even as we demonstrably all exist within this figurative aspect. Our doubts, intuitions and culture all fall within the remit of this dreaming-figurative aspect of our existence. We are apparently born and we apparently die – and in between we dream ourselves, our languages, modes of communication and our entire culture.

    So, literally speaking we are momentary cosmic quirks of carbon and stardust, amidst an unconscious and indifferent eternity. But figuratively speaking we are the human race, human individuals – with an unimaginable breadth of history and mythology and experience as our contextual environment.

    How real is real?

    If we can cultivate a subtler comprehension of how real AND unreal we are, and the interrelationship between the two, both ‘internally’ and ‘externally’ – then perhaps we can also come to a greater understanding concerning the ontology of our Elusive Companions.


    P.S. Being a biochemical quirk of an indifferent cosmic eternity is frickin’ AWESOME, as well as being indescribably brutal, horrific and terrifying – so either way, real or unreal, we gain something just by being here.

  40. P.P.S.

    I find it amusing that the word 'real' is often seen as being connected to the word 'royal'.

    This being the case, when we ask "How real is real?" we are also kind of asking, "How royal is royal?"

    What are mankind's earliest conceptions and experiences of royalty?

    What does it mean to be associated with, anointed or touched by, the gods? Because that's what we're talking about, aren't we? That which appears to exist?

    But all that we deem figurative also appears to exist, on its own terms and within its own context.

    So, literality is the state or quality of appearing to 'actually' exist, whereas the Figurative is the state or quality of appearing to 'imaginatively' exist.

    These are thresholds determined by ourselves, by our subject/object comprehension. We need both mechanics and resonance to determine such thresholds - or no articulation of such things would be possible.

    Thus, reality and royalty are closely intertwined and, I would argue, are semiotic indicators of a state of being 'touched by the gods' - contiguous with the infinite mystery that we find ourselves ensconced within and permeated by.


  41. I've been thinking a lot about the term "Logos", and how this fits into all of this.  I have lived with this word for many years now, and I'm starting to feel a connection to it's reality, much like an awakening of the word "Christ" or "Buddha".  

    When the Spanish came over to North America and confronted the native people, how was it possible to truly communicate the linguistic idea of Teonactactl as "flesh of the gods"?  This is a heavyweight transaction of idea, especially with it's correspondence to the Eucharist.  How did two completely seperates, ALIENATED people share and understand each other despite these cryptic LANGUAGE barriers?  Enter "Logis".  "Logos", as I understand, is the only language, the Essence to the many Accidents of global expression.  

    To refocus, simple comunication between alien cultures is understandable, like basic math.  1 plus 1 equals two is attainable quite quickly.  But what form of algebra, or calculus must be employed for Spaniards and Indians to connect Mushrooms and Eucharist and really grok the true meaning?  It seems to me that all we need to do is take out the damn Razor, and accept that someone ATE the mushroom.  AHA said the Logos, THIS is THAT, but THIS actually works!   This AHA must have quickly turned to fear and loathing, and onwards marched the bloodbath.

    What an abduction that must have been for that Catholic Spaniard.  Today's abductions, immersions in Logos of pure understanding are, in my estimation, a 4 dimensional reexperience of physical birth, manifested as a two ply reality Philip K Dick style.  Anamnesis via informational supersize me engorgement.  A spiritual aneurysm that goes POP, leaving us stroked out and woozy.  But this anamnesis pierces the linguistic hymen, allowing "Logos" to trickle in and begin a dialog between Essence and Accidents, sorting out the eternal from the ego.  This intermixing of local and alien language IS Schizoid and harsh.  But attention and discipline, coupled with faith and guidance should result in eventual balance.

  42. Hey all! I googled "Hypatia" couple of day ago and chanced upon this blog - yey!

    I have been fascinated by the Crop Circles, and read that "some" are people-made with laser technology.

    'goatchild', I like your line of questiong @9:03PM, where you ask "What if the Universe and the Mind are intertwind in such a way that our experience of reality becomes a lot more stranger, fantastic and chaotic than any of us can imagine and understand? (..) We won't find the secret of th Mind or the secret of the Universe, nor will we find out the source of reality.."

    Well, something exremely strange-uncanny happened to me in '1990 in bright of day during one of my 'heartbreaking' episodes when shouting to husband, (who just wanted me to shut up and be happy) demanding to know "what is REAL truth and beauty??!" - which to this day I'm 'unpacking' (thanks to my awakend Soul).

    Briefly what happend - at some point during our shouting match, my best friend and my best husband in the world walked over to the far end of the room and sat on the far end of the sofa, and with quick glances in my direction and a shooing-away hand-gesture kept pleading: "don't do that I can't see you".

    Once the dust settled he told me that for several minutes "I couldn't see you because your head lit up like the Sun".

    By the way I'm not a drinker or drug-user, not even Asprin.

    Helen (Theofilia)

  43. Eventually we'll circle back around to the realization that the ET/UT/NHE/Gods/Angels/Djinn/Nephelim/Demons actually are us.

  44. "...gleefully oblivious to the fact that non-manmade aircraft is a much simpler solution to the problem than swamp gas, weather ballons, Venus, meteors, satellites, chinese lanterns, dirty lenses, low-lying clouds reflecting streetlights, and on and on and on and on and on ad infinitum."

    Thank you! Thank you! Oh, the convoluted stories and incredible twists of fact and science which the pooh-poohers have to concoct and believe! I've longed to see your point made, which all too often is overlooked, ignored or even unknown. I find it to be so very true, but I admit it's surprising that I finally came to see it myself.

    Up until 5-6 years ago, I was one of those lifetime "received wisdom" skeptics who rejected anything not expressly approved and preached by the First Church of Conventional Wisdom, Scientism Branch. I even felt a sense of intellectual superiority, maybe even some moral superiority, over those who were so credulous and weak-minded as to believe in something as utterly ridiculous as "UFOs". But.

    Then I began actually reading the details of events. I actually thought seriously, even deeply about them; testing and weighing evidence and proof in my mind as I have for over 30 years as a trial attorney. And I compared the available evidence to the government's subsequent "explanations", and their "corrections" and "new evidence". I have to admit I was shocked when I finally had to admit how weak and unpersuasive the case of the deniers, debunkers and skeptics was. I was actually ashamed that I had been one of the mockers who laughed and derided "believers" without actually knowing what I was laughing about.

    And at the age of about 50, a time of life when I should have become even more conservative and set in my beliefs, I found that I was totally changing my attitude about UFOs,of all things. I was intellectually unable to accept the weak and embarrassingly transparent and unconvincing denials of my government. I was ashamed at how arrogant and contemptuous the denials had been. And how wrong. Not just in factual error, but morally wrong as well IMO.

    I'm still not sure what it is we're seeing up there, whether ET, or extra-dimensional event, or even some temporal shift. I only know there are far, far too many convincing and well-supported sightings of something in our skies and space (many sightings by multiple simultaneous witnesses, who have absolutely nothing to gain by coming forward) which have not been convincingly refuted by any source, for the existence of UFOs to be doubted any longer by fair-minded, rational persons of good will.

    We're way past "Are they there?"; and for decades we should have been dealing with "What are they?" and "Where are they from?".

  45. About crop-circles, see the videos and judge this guy only after having watched some.

  46. the '666' is a clue, AND the face on him is another! These hoaxers first name for themselves was 'team satan'. Now, I am NOT a christian, but I can dig that there IS that worldview.
    They deceive.
    There's a great CC video I have seen recently--best one I have ever seen up to now where the maker of it - a great investigator - and reveals the hoaxers possible connections with MI5.Crop Circles: The Hidden Truth - Part 1

  47. @Erich kuersten

    "The cat's brain can never quite grasp that the red light can't be 'caught' in a conventional cat sense. It's her UFO, her white rabbit, her mystery"...

    beautiful quote... we can learn something from your cat... even if it can t be caught, the cat still tries to... until it can contemplate the nature of this light, so must we continue chasing the (super)natural even as if it appears to be evasive all the time

  48. I don't know6:33 AM, May 30, 2011

    Cram this: Syzygy

  49. Not all of this agrees with my basic ideas so no I don't just sit there and read..I do however find it intriguing to look at it from another angle which is what the blog provides me. Some I agree with, some I don't. However, it is written in ancient texts that the ancient astronauts left and promised to return to earth one day. Had it not been for these insane ufo sightings as well as the disclosure project I may have not been so interested in this field to begin with. Now I love it.

    Patent and Trademark Attorneys

  50. I believe these ultraterrestrials, or whatever you want to call them, are able to link directly in to human consciousness and create psychoid manifestations (e.g., flying saucers, aliens, ghosts).

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