Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What the Hell is Going on Up There... or Down Here?


At the same time (late January 2010) that the anomalous objects were photographed in orbit around the Sun we saw bizarre aerial phenomena over Australia, specifically bizarre formations in non-random geometrical arrangements. The first of these appeared two days before the objects were photographed around the Sun.

What's most remarkable about these enormous formations is that all of them resembled the Sun or simplified representations of the Sun. Almost as if a message were being sent- look at the Sun.

But that's crazy talk, right? Yes or no, reports about UFOs being spotted around the Sun are not new. From a 2006 story in Pravda:

Rumors about UFO’s being photographed by SOHO have been circulating for a long while. NASA would not comment on those rumors or blame irregularities during the transmission of digital images to Earth.

Scott Stevens maintains he has analyzed all photographs available in the SOHO archives. He claims to have found several perfectly identical objects on the photographs taken during a number of years.

“I am confident that UFOs are flying in the vicinity of our star,” says Stevens. “I am talking about a fleet of UFOs operating near the Sun. I believe that both NASA and the U.S. government are aware of the existence of a certain civilization whose spacecraft are capable of resisting extremely high temperatures. The powers that be are simply afraid to admit the fact. They haven’t yet decided on the tactics,” says Stevens.

And here's where it gets really interesting. Remember, this was written four years before the recent SOHO controversy we looked at yesterday (and bear in mind the January photos in question were taken down from the SOHO website):
Another Stevens’s theory has to do with extraterrestrial activity involving UFOs near the Sun. According to the theory, UFOs are usually photographed by SOHO prior to large solar flares caused by some experiments conducted by aliens.
Which, of course, we are witnessing now after a prolonged period of severely-reduced solar activity. Now, bearing in mind that there were high atmospheric anomalies recorded over Australia in January, there was also another "spiral event" just recently....


Though we saw some strange debunker stories about UFOs (usually conspiracy types chalk this kind of phenomena up to HAARP, not aliens) in relation to the spiral, it seems to most observers that this was the second stage of the Space X rocket test:
Falcon 9 lifted off at 2:45 p.m. (EDT) / 18:45 (UTC) from Launch Complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, approximately 5.5 km (3.5 mi) southeast of NASA’s space shuttle launch site. The Falcon 9 launch vehicle is powered by a cluster of nine SpaceX-designed and developed Merlin engines.

Now, was this all a coincidence? Did this rocket stage veer off course and produce the magnificent spiral effect over Australia purely by accident? Maybe not. There was another spaceship flying over Australia recently:

ADELAIDE, Australia — A fiery burst of light over the Australian Outback late Sunday marked the return of a Japanese space probe that scientists hope carried samples from an asteroid that could offer insights into the creation and makeup of the solar system.

After traveling 4-billion miles (6 billion kilometers) in seven years, the Hayabusa explorer incinerated on re-entry after jettisoning a capsule expected to contain the first asteroid dust ever collected, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said.

Hayabusa...what does that mean in English?

The Hayabusa (はや ぢさ?, literally peregrine falcon) probe was an unmanned space mission led by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency to return a sample of material from a small near-Earth asteroid named 25143 Itokawa (dimensions 540 meters by 270 meters by 210 meters) to Earth for further analysis.

The Hayabusa spacecraft, formerly known as MUSES-C for Mu Space Engineering Spacecraft C, was launched on 9 May 2003 and rendezvoused with Itokawa in mid-September 2005.

The spacecraft also carried a detachable minilander, MINERVA, but this failed to reach the surface.

The Muses and Minerva, eh? Nice touch. But the Peregrine Falcon? Why does that sound so familiar?

Oh, right.

Then there's also Ra, god of the Green Sun, flying in his own Solar Boat towards a doorway to the stars, which is another way of saying "Stargate." Boy, those space agencies sure love their symbolic rituals don't they?


What color did we happen to see the Sun depicted as in those controversial SOHO-UFO photos?

Mulder and Doggett flee an exploding oil rig 

Another interesting falcon footnote here. BP (whose own logo is the green sun) is in the news for the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Here's an interesting detail about that rig you may not have heard:
Designed originally for R&B Falcon, Deepwater Horizon was built by Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, South Korea. Construction started in December 1998 and the rig was delivered in February 2001 after the acquisition of R&B Falcon by Transocean, and was insured for $560 million.
Over and over, we see the same symbols repeating in connection to "anomalous phenomena." It almost feels as if some bizarre conversation were taking place - and sometimes being written in the sky itself. I guess all we can do at this point is keep our eyes and our minds open and see if we can decode what's being said. 

Like maybe the Sun is so important to these ancient space gods like Ra and Osiris because those objects have been up there a very, very, very long time.

POSTSCRIPT: Oh, by the way- what else happened that week in January 2010? That was also the week the Royal Society stunned the world by hold an open symposium on extraterrestrial life.

POSTSCRIPT REDUX: Obama appoints Roy Mabus to clean up the Gulf? Mabus? Subtle.

POSTSCRIPT SEQUEL: A petition begging aliens to plug the Deepwater Horizon blowout?