Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sync Log: Gods and Mermaids (UPDATE)

Here's the 20/20 spot on Superheroes- that voiceover at the end is mine.

And here are a few snippets from the article on the piece, written by the unbelievably cool Jon Meyersohn. And being mentioned in the same breath as Elaine Pagels? I am not worthy, but I'll take it anyway:
Knowles said mythic figures have always been an important part of society, dating back centuries. "Superman is really the modern incarnation of Hercules."

In the ancient world, said Knowles, "gladiators would dress up as their favorite god or hero. You would have generals that would pray to a certain god, before they went into battle. So this is something that's very deep within ourselves. It's an impulse, this need to transcend human weakness and immortalize ourselves."

Every culture -- and every religion -- has its mythic heroes. Princeton University professor of religion Elaine Pagels, a leading expert on the history of Christianity author of several books, said even Jesus appeared to be imbued with certain "superpowers."

"He heals people with a touch," said Pagels. "He can raise the dead. ... When people feel vulnerable, they look at Jesus with the superpowers who's going to come in the clouds ... and right all the wrongs. What could be better than a God who could come and do all of that? "

..(a)nd they don't have to wear spandex to fulfill the role.

"A really interesting example ... is Twilight," said Knowles, who contrasted the familiar image of a frightening Dracula with the new image of vampires as sexy and young. "They glow in the daylight. ... They're beautiful, they're intelligent ... they give young girls what they want in life ... eternal youth, eternal beauty, everlasting love. These are not vampires anymore, these are superheroes."
SYNC LOG UPDATE: OK- seriously. Seriously. Siriusly. Hannah (read:"Inanna") Fraser? Fraser? (see also the previous post for visual comparison).

So I take that screenie from the ABC site and come back to my blog and whose face is peering out at me on the LinkWithin?

The Siren, Elizabeth ("Eloah-Isis-Beth") Fraser. You see, this is why I have no power in this world. I'm more jazzed about Synchronicity than I am about being (ever-so-briefly) on network TV.

But I will tell you this- Synchronicity is not only a major part of my work here, it's also at the center of my life. It is a very real power that transcends mere coincidence. It's an extremely powerful tool. So maybe I was wrong about having no power...


  1. "Real Super Heroes"
    Tuesday, June 1, 10/9c

    Everyday men and women with unusual abilities, including a man who ran 50 marathons in 50 days, people who can swim underwater without oxygen tanks and rarely come up for air, and a man who can scale tall buildings without a rope.

  2. Ha! When you said The Secret Sun would be rising, I figured you were referring to the subject matter only. I totally didn't expect to see you pop up in the show. Although right before your appearance I thought to myself how appropriate that would be.

    Congats on the prime time TV appearance man! I just wish they would've given you more airtime. I'm sure you had a lot more things to say.


  3. Great job on the show! I'm sure you had a lot of great things to say that they cut out, but what was conveyed through your words was a very strong statement of human potential. glad I tuned in.

  4. Thanks guys- that's always how it goes with these things- you do hours of interviews (not this time, but..) and they cull their favorite soundbites. That being said it was nice for a five minute segment and they did give me the last word, so that gave me the warm and fuzzies. They might be putting more footage on the site, so I'll be sure to link to it. I must say I was really impressed with Elizabeth Vargas- she really knew her stuff.

  5. congrats, i missed this but caught it soon as i got home.

    i wondered where you would fit in.
    so im guessing you where only in the end for round up commentary? (all i watched, correct me if wrong)

    it can be viewed here already so you can get the embedded codes.

  6. christopher, what do you think of the guatemalan sinkhole?

    Agartha is a mythical city with secret gates leading into the Earth's core. Tropical Storm Agatha.

    miles davis - "agharta" album art

    pretty interesting. love your blog btw.


  7. Way to go. I'm genuinely happy for you!

    WV: inish

  8. Congrats Chris. Great job on the show and nice post. Here is some information on Inanna. Enjoy!

    Hawaii, the 50th state of the USA, is filled with mythological gods & goddesses to challenge any culture of any illusory time period.

    The number 50 corresponds to the number 5 = SACRIFICE & the number 10 = INTENSITY with 10=5+5, & added together with the 5 of Sacrifice = 5+5+5.

    These numbers, 5+5+5=15, the number of the Deity.

    One of Hawaii’s most famous mythological goddesses is PELE. Pele is the name of the goddess when she’s worshipped as the FIRE GODDESS, the goddess of the VOLCANO, & PELE is the name used when she’s present in her FIRE BODY.

    Pele is also worshipped as a Woman On The Earth. Her name as a woman on the earth is Hina-ai-ka-malama. This name, in turn, has been adapted to represent the Goddess of the MOON, and shortened to simply HINA. This is exactly the same name as applied to... INANNA, or ANANNA, or DIANA, etc., of other cultures throughout history.

    The story of Pele, as the Moon Goddess, has her being born in a land to the southwest, referred to as “close to the CLOUDS”. The suggestion here relates to the land of New Zealand, the land of the great white cloud, which in turn, through subliminal interpretation, & which refers to the southwest quarter of the Pacific Ocean, also suggests the SOUTH WESTERN United States.

    The southwest quarter of the Pacific Ocean links directly to the southwest USA in that the southwest states correspond to the southwest quarter of the North American continent, & the North American Craton Rock. This would include the states of California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado & New Mexico. Pele has a daughter LAKA, which is suggesting LA-KA, or Los Angeles Death. The name Laka also suggests the sacred LAKE, & WATER.

  9. Congrats!

    Superman wears a serpent (S) over his chest (heart). The "heart girt with a serpent" is an emblem of the Reborn Initiate. (The Heru-Hero.) Says Mark Stavish:

    Certain schools of yoga as well as kabbalah and Sufi practices view the heart as the center of the individual universe, and the most important of all psychic centers. By opening the heart, we gain access to our Interior Master, or Holy Guardian Angel (messenger),characterized by a strong manifestation of intuition. This is the final resting place for the Serpents Tongue after its ascent over the skull, and as Boehme and Hermetic imagery have shown, the “Heart girt with a serpent” is the ideal to which mystics aspire.

    Off-topic, but I also owe you an apology: the two Eyes of Horus represent Spirit and Matter. Mea culpa.

  10. Terry- Yep, just the end.

    Alan - It looked more to me like someone was testing something nasty. Plus- Fringe.

    Daria- =)

    D*- Thanks for the info- interesting connection.

    Eleleth- Plus it's a diamon shape. And the also the crucified serpent motif.

  11. OT, but up your alley...

    Because the Denver airport just isn't weird enough already.

  12. "BP still insists though "Atlantis ... absolutely is safe..."

  13. "A congressional committee will hold hearings on this matter June 17th..."

  14. Re: the Anubis at Denver International Airport, I love the last line of that article cited above:

    "The exhibit runs June 29 through Jan. 9, 2011, and Anubis will be standing guard during that time."

    On the news, they said it was erected on the south side of the airport facing the airport so that when you look outside the airport, there's the god of death staring back at you. Creepy. Many of the passengers interviewed thought it beyond "strange."

    Chris, you seriously need to do a blog post on DIA in Denver. It is SOOOO weird inside with the Nazi "artwork" and statues of Gargoyles, etc. It's a symbolic sync fest if you know what to look for. I had a layover there for two hours once and spent most of it cruising around the first floor and finding the Masonic dedication, the crazy murals and more.

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  17. Manly P. Hall even depicts the Philosopher's Stone as being a diamond. Presumably the perfectly-cut ashlar of Masonry has the same meaning. And Nietzsche repeatedly employs the imagery of the eagle (the phoenix-heart?) and serpent in embrace in Also sprach Zarathustra. And the frequent relationship between Herakles and serpents (of wisdom) can also be mentioned.

    But nothing is really hidden here. Superman is the solar √úbermensch and only-begotten Son of the Elohim. What is left to explain?

    To tie it into the Baptist post: See the gender-bending subtext of John being the “disciple whom Jesus loved” (the Bride of Christ) in the NT and compare it to Superman’s bizarre relationship with Jimmy Olsen. Ego and Superego.