Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Exegesis: The Age of Entropy

We all know the origin of the term "Dog Days," but I often remember seeing it used in the papers to describe the midsummer doldrums, when everyone was on vacation and nothing was really getting done. But these Dog Days are something else- a kind of entropic paralysis has taken over and no one knows how the hell to get out of it. It's a worldwide phenomenon, a hangover from a multi-decade binge in which strange and arcane beliefs arose, namely that consumer culture was supposed to give life meaning and corporate globalism was supposed to make all of our problems disappear forever.

We have the perfect President for the Dog Day Doldrums- a dithering difference-splitter who has alienated nearly everyone who voted for him by embracing every single policy his predecessor enacted and is methodically boring to death the Tea Party types who rose up in opposition to him. Or more accurately, rose up in opposition to the ridiculous cartoon that the right wing media created of this Wall St. water-carrier.

But I sense a deep, despairing exhaustion welling up even among the conservative mandarins who are having a more and more difficult time dealing with this President's magical ennui powers. I've no doubt that Obama is doing all he can to give the Congress back to the GOP so he can have something to campaign against. It helps that the current Republican leadership is even more craven and brain-dead than the Democrats, and are certainly nowhere near as shrewd as the Gingrich gang in 1994. And even that bunch got their asses handed to them by Clinton after the government shutdown fiasco in 1995.

Neither party will do anything to punish BP for their astonishing negligence in the Gulf. Remember BP is the same company ultimately responsible for the current cabal of madmen running Iran, just as Emperor Justinian was responsible for sending North Africa into the arms of Islam. BP is so insanely rich and powerful, they will probably pull some Rockefeller-type of split-up, put the American drilling arm into receivership and quietly buy it back a few years hence and carry on exactly as they always have.

We're hearing talk that the EU may fail due to the massive debt of countries like Greece, but also to a reawakening of nationalism among some of its member states. When the money was flowing the EU apparatchiks might have gotten some grumbles from the far right with their social policies. But with jobs scarce, no one's much in the mood for the joyful diversity that mass immigration brings, especially that of the illegal variety. Even in America, workers are starting to discover that "outsourcing" is just a fancy word for massive unemployment with decent jobs being shipped en masse to Asia.

But even that's beginning to backfire on the global gurus, as newly-empowered countries like Brazil and India no longer let Washington think tanks dictate their domestic and foreign policies. A lot of countries are hellbent on joining the nuclear club, realizing that that particular secret handshake will keep the Blackwater boys cooling their heels, far from their borders.

In short, the new President is not Harry Potter and doesn't have a magic wand he can wave over the world and make everything OK again. There's an unsettling sense of winding-down afoot out there, and a lot of it is the direct result of several brainwashing programs- religious, corporate, globalist, academic, multicultural. The programming has been much more subtle and smiley than in the Inquisition days, but no less effective. Everyone's been duly brow-beaten and no one is rocking the boat anymore. Even the ostensible boat-rockers are marching to a tune composed in a boardroom somewhere. But never mind peak oil, we're looking at peak-soil in some places, peak-water, peak-whatever resource we need to maintain this current standard of living.

I'm not encouraged over humanity's ability to adjust to the onrushing new realities. We're not a species known for soft landings. Death and destruction is usually how we work out our differences. I've been thinking for a while we're in some kind of cold world war- I shudder to think about the next hot one. As comforting as it is to believe this is all part of some devious master plan, the usual master-planners seem to be knee-deep in their own hoopla. Or altogether missing from the picture.

What I see is a world that all wants to live like suburbanites from the Eisenhower era, not even questioning whether that was all that enriching the first time around. America lost something vital in the 50s, which is one of the reasons the 60s were the way they were. The Chinese and Indians might claw their way to that peak and discover there's nothing there but stress and misery followed by a long ride back down.

At some point, the weirdos and the misfits need to get together and do what they've always done throughout history and figure out the way out of this mess. I think the post-apocalyptic scenario will have to be factored into their calculations, but not the dopey, easy Constantine version. More like the messy, miserable version where the entire world is trying to figure out how to feed itself and get the power grid back up.

Hopefully those figures will be surplus to requirements. But one thing is for sure, it's time to switch on whatever parts of our brains we don't use - fast.


  1. Thank you for this post. I will read it several times....


    During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama had, for his campaign slogan, these words:

    CHANGE We Can Believe In.

    Socialism is underway, not coming because it's already here! Don't you folks see this?

    Being the first black President to be elected, with the enormous symbolism connectiong Barack Obama to President Lincoln, and the SLAVERY issue, this slogan actual means, from a subliminal perspective:

    CHAINS We Can Believe In! (Socialism)

    Obama is ONLY pretending to care and to help. HE's a mear puppet! The BANSTERS (a handful of men) run the world, they are the Puppet Masters (Royals/BlueBlood/Choicen People/Zionists, as in ROTHSCHILD & Rockefeller), with a little help from the Queen of Engalnd & the Master of Hypnosis, The Pope. I have said this many time before. It doesn't matter who is president, they don't have control...they only are lead to believe thay do. That's how they are viewed, as powerful people. We are brainwashed in to thinking a President actually has POWER. They do but limited & not the way you think. As long as The President plays by the Banker's Rules (World Central Bank), then they keep their job...that's about it. The world is run on one premise, GREED!


  3. You know Chris, I've been visiting this website for a long time now and I've always appreciated your insights.

    Still, I've always been hesitant to comment and engage in the conversation with a non-Anonymous persona. But this post I must engage in most sincerely and behind no wall of anonymity. Damn Them, if They are indeed reading.

    You have summed up the current state of affairs in so many eloquent words.

    "... consumer culture was supposed to give life meaning and corporate globalism was supposed to make all of our problems disappear forever."

    We are indeed experiencing an entropic period, a drawn out period in which, as you said, even the Tea Party types are being bored to death with the state of affairs.

    Nobody is surprised by the constant stream of information about BP, Transocean, Goldman, etc ritualistically making billions in a nod to the Green Sun on High.

    I guess the question is whether, given this ongoing realization as to what is taking place, will the masses at large embrace the "new reality" and creatively respond to it, or will the response be a stagnation and another 4-6 years of Dog Days?

    I think you are correct in looking towards "weirdos and the misfits" for the solutions. Naturally the weirdos and misfits will vary with geography. A product of their time and place.

    In short they are the "others" in our communities, those who usually carry secretly with them the Old Knowledge as practiced through less blood-thirsty means.

    I usually think of women, mainly women of the third world. Hear me out before you dismiss what I am throwing out as merely academic post-structuralism.

    What I mean to say is that some people in this world come from a tradition that sees human beings as within nature. This is in stark contrast to the false dichotomy of choices that are presented to us vis-a-vis conservative and liberal politics in America, which presents human beings on the one hand as above or outside of nature (or this planet as you suggest), and on the other as incompatible or even toxic to it (as in the earth is better off without us.)

    Conservatives would have us reduce, commoditize, and sell nature piece meal in hopes of consumer culture for all, as if it would somehow as you've said, make our problems disappear forever.

    Liberals, on the other hand, would give as much back as possible to nature in the hope that Mother Earth would let a few of us toxic beings keep on keeping on in the comfortable existence we've grown to love, at least those that could pay (equally before the law of course!)

    I have a strong suspicion that weirdos and misfits would say the key will be in maintaining our freedom within the limits of nature, the limits of our reality. Not in pursing freedom from or outside of it.

    In spite of what anyone thinks the way out of this mess is, as the Dog Days continue, an impending doom will keep boom, boom, booming its way into the collective consciousness. A rhythm that there is no turning back from.

    Oddly enough, as I navigated to the Secret Sun and read this post The Point of No Return by Immortal Technique came up on my Rhythmbox queue. This song vocalizes the somewhat militant urgency that the weirdos and misfits, the others throughout the world, have experienced for some time now, the urgency that everyone is slowly waking up to.

    Whatever the case, as you've stated, we are not known for our soft landings.

  4. @Chris,

    Bravo man!

    Your thought-provoking work absolutely deserves recognition!!

    I would say it should be printed in every NEWSpaper in the Nation, if not the world, were it not for the fact that print media is in such a horrible state of decline these days!!

    I wonder what goverments can truly do anymore as they find themselves cash strapped and facing forced insolvency?

    The economies of our global corporations outrank our national goverments in many cases!

    We've been through all the "ocracies" - and are now in a corporatocracy. Democracy appears it is now a relic of our forefathers.

    But even that corporatocracy is being held hostage by another vampire known as finance and banking which itself is simply an incarnation of an aristocracy of "money changers". Our own inherent greed, or lust for personal (or corporate entity) wealth is and surely will be our own undoing. Our biblical "666" if you will.

    As a world, there's no easy fix - and surely no quick-fix without *a lot* of pain!

    There really are only a few basics that we need and *must have* to move forward as a species:

    We need to have excellent healthcare, that actually seeks to CURE illness not simply treat it for profit, and is freely available to all.
    We need to have clean energy, that is freely available to all.
    We need to have a set level of basic sustenance, food and water, that is freely available to all.
    We need to have an education system, that seeks to achieve the highest possible standard of education, freely available to all.
    We need to have environment friendly and renewable industries and products.
    and beyond those basic freebies we need some sort of "motivational reward system" to add value and meaning to an individual's everyday life.

    Now how do we achieve those basic things under any system currently in place on this world??

    There, I'm at a total loss!

    Mass destruction doesn't do it. It is simply a "reset button" on humanity allowing the whole self-terminating cycle to begin again. It's tantamount to destroying everything in the hopes that some future iteration of humanity might actually choose a better path and not fall victim to the pitfalls that have trapped this one. Definitely too much to ask I say!

    Having spent all too many hours and committed way too many brain cells to the analysis of this problem, I still find myself stuck for a workable answer!

    But the answer alone is not all we need!
    How do we then navigate from this point to that point in the most humane way possible?!

    Perhaps it is just that we're simply so far off the path of our capabilities and capacities. Some say that perhaps the lifestyle of the indigenous people of North and South America is where we need to be to lead fulfilling, enjoyable lives. But one could verily easily argue and present fact that such a path itself, as populations inevitably increase eventually leads to destruction. It is simply a slower path to it.

    So how do we maintain our "humanity", of the kind that now exists, without serious DNA manipulation to remove the essentials that make us what we are and move forward from this point together as a species?

    Or do we simple put hands in the air, give up and leave the whole thing in the arms of the Titans of industry to rape, murder and kill at will until it is only them and some mutant form of offspring that is left?!


  5. Great piece, and sadly very on the money. I think people are currently caught between two achetypes - Superheros and Zombies - and zombiedom seems to be winning. I kept thinking of a quote I read by L. Srague de Camp about civilisations that vanished in the past: "We have seen that, when a people in peril can save themselves only at the cost of a quick and drastic change in their habits and beliefs, they usually perfer to perish."

  6. Interesting you should use Morrissey's late-Thatcher era dirge to describe the shuffling, corpulent US march into Bolshevism. Everyone anticipates a "recovery" but the jobs will not come back and we will forever be welfare-recipients. "Win yourself a cheap tray" is right! Now if we could only have a real crisis not to put to waste ... something that challenges our beliefs rather than our pocketbooks.

  7. Good post Chris,

    I was driving towards Marin over the Richmond Bridge the other day and I saw a huge Chevron tanker on the shore. As I thought about the gulf and what you have been saying about water and outer space, I read the name of the tanker--Orion Voyager. Wow.



    "young married couple in debt...ever felt had?"

  9. Excellent feedback, my friends. Today's another very tough day for me but I am reading and re-reading your thoughts and digesting and will dig in when things get on an even keel. Thank you all.

  10. Well, there's always Morrissey.

  11. @Chris,
    sorry to digress (but still pertinent to the topic!)

    sure enough, as I suspected would be the case... today the collection "cap" was removed from the pipe at the bottom of the Gulf and the oil and methane gas (and more) is now allowed to flow freely and unimpeded into the Gulf waters!

    The 'official story' being that an RV bumped the cap and damaged it.


  12. Come Armaggedon...

  13. Just came to see if you were perhaps the same Chris that always signs off in the comments section at Benjamin Singleton's blog. I'm astounded at this sentence: "Emperor Justinian was responsible for sending North Africa into the arms of Islam" as if that's a bad thing!

    I didn't realize you were Islamophobic Chris. Oh well.

    - Nami

  14. That's a big 0 for 2, "Nami." I'm not that Chris and you've totally missed the context of that statement of historical fact. But to answer your question, Justinian's actions were certainly very bad for his predecessors, as well as for North African Christians, especially these days.

  15. Yep, hits it. I liked the video as well. You might like this one:

    It's one of my favorites, LOL.

  16. OK, let's do this....

    Song!- Thank you- that's very gratifying.

    Bonadea- Cheers!

    DarkStar- Well, as I say it's socialism for the rich, social Darwinism for the middle classes. Which is why the number of millionaires soared in 2009. The goal seems to be a return to the Dark Ages, with two classes- a tiny elite and the overwhelming majority in abject poverty. Like much of the rest of the world outside.

    Bufton- Very interesting points, thank you. I think the way we've been trained to live is very anti-nature, anti-place, anticommunity. Which is why things are always being knocked down- it's meant to destroy what Alan Moore called our psychogeography. Which might be fine for certain people who don't connect with their surroundings, but it's caused a terrible disconnect with a lot of others. A lot of this is also due to the real estate boom replacing constructive industry in many western countries, so things are always being torn up for ugly crap houses. But nothing is permanent, and we may be returning to a kind of equilibrium. Maybe these dog days are necessary to give everyone- and the environment- as rest.

    StrangeEye- All very good points. Not much I can add except that all that's left to do is gather with like-minded people in your community and do what you can. I think that's the answer- small, concentrated efforts to fix your situation. It will amaze how quickly the rest of the world will follow suit.

    A lot of the problems we're facing are the result of a religion- and that's the religion of Globalism. It's a neoliberal faith every bit as dogmatic and universalistic as Catholicism. It suited the needs of the moneyed classes, but I do believe we're seeing its collapse. That being said, it won't go quietly into that good night.

    Tristan- It's funny I've always see the zombie craze as a parody of postmodern consumer culture. But maybe irony loses its zip and becomes un-ironic. De Camp is wrong though, they usually prefer to kill.

    LivingStone- Well, the problem is that all of the factories and offices were packed up whole and shipped to India and China. So what do you do then? We need to reinvigorate national industry and stop being brainwashed by stupid scare stories about protectionism. If we had protectionism, we'd still make things in this country.

    DDJ- You should have taken a picture!

    VJ- Ah, Ennui- a proud tradition!

    CDH- Wow, guitarists are using chorus pedals again!

  17. Chris, maybe there is a "master plan" but it's been cut into a kind of jig saw puzzle, the pieces handed out to the different "traditions". Just an idea for you to play with.

  18. Possible companion piece for your essay, from a somewhat unlikely (?) source:

    Prince Charles blames world's ills on 'soulless consumerism'

  19. I like to read even your tidbits of conscious sync's. This one led me to post about a story I heard (David Icke)the moon is a projector or has one that beams energy signals dumbing us down- could the mechanics be closer than that?
    I considered the global destruction and used to think it was "greed" but I am sensing this WAR against our Earth; a living being.
    Our intellectual lethargy as you so aptly put it is global and it seems all we can do is talk about things and protest on Sundays- the least effective time even when our number should be strongest. Or is it just the Fluoride, the HDTV, or the chemtrail cocktails that are holding us back; maybe a combination or are there recessive DNA imprints set off by certain numbers ( 42, 17, 3, etc...) that signal a retreat just as we convince ourselves we have found the nexus of the plot?!?
    I often repeat the saying "things happen, as they are supposed to" meaning our inaction is appropriate as I sense my level of anguish over all the insidiousness visible everywhere- even my own intolerance at times.
    I wanted to post a scenario that may be too far fetched for even the most strident truthers: This is a Prison Planet and what we do not know is our leaders have sold us down the river (Styx) for a promise of godhood in devolving alternative dimensions. This is the Fall.
    I will just keep touting Barter and make up your own paradigm. This is an excellent time to start a business. The world needs honest salespeople and appears willing to pay for almost anything even in these "dire straits" (as celebrated by the new Ipoop people Q'd up for days...) Even my favorite websites are charging and I, barely able to pay debts have memberships with automatic renewal-something I refused with my rent and car bills.
    I guess it all adds up to what we are willing to do not just do for the sake of action.
    I am going to start an organic fast food chain and pursue radio with an MC researcher who has extensive information on child molestation and satanic rituals. It seems the more we know the better we can act.
    We continue reporting with our instincts-goose bump moments appears to be the best way to dialogue after a decade or two of being conditioned to fear your neighbors. I wanted to add I love it when the power goes out and streetlights go down how drivers politely take turns on busy intersections. How strangers hold the door at the local convenience store and smile “Have a great day.” How seekers find the forums where they can share concerns and question motives vulnerably accepting different views ;)
    And I prefer Spiritual War to religious as we should all learn how the religions of this world are convoluted and disceptive. Set yourself free!