Thursday, April 10, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Their Sun is Different

Why the Sun, constantly? Why is the Sun such a crucial part of the symbolism we see everywhere? I can't escape the feeling that there's something going on with these symbols that I can't put my finger on. For the past several years that I've been looking into all of this material dealing with the Mysteries and secret societies, I keep coming to the conclusion that the Sun means something different to these people than it means to you or I.

The cultures of Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia and Egypt all raise the sun gods to positions of utmost importance and many of them credit these gods with bringing the arts of civilization to them. Why the Sun? I can't imagine that these peoples would be overly fond of the Sun, which is at its fiercest intensity in these areas. In contrast, the sun gods of the Greco-Roman and Nordic pantheons are certainly important figures but subordinate to the father gods like Jupiter or Wotan. Sol wouldn't rule Rome until the Severan families took control of the Empire and installed their Syrian sun god as supreme diety.
And yet it's the same people who raised the Sun god to the top of their pantheons who seem to be the ones most responsible for the architectural and scientific knowledge whose origin still baffles people who don't susbcribe to Ancient Astronaut theory. We need look no further than the Shemsu Hor, the Solar priests of Heliopolis who wanted to follow Osiris back to the constellation of Orion and return to the time when the gods walked the Earth.

I realize it sounds kind of loopy, but could the Sun the secret societies are actually referring to be a different sun? Could that fact account for this nearly universal symbolism we see today that seems entirely divorced from any real definition of nature worship or animism, rather which seems to fetishize technology and the domination of nature to the point of actually escaping this biosphere and ultimately, this Solar System?

Again, are we looking at occultists, or Illuminists or Freemasons or any other such hobbyists? I don't think so. I think the real secret societies- the ones pulling the strings of those front groups- have an entirely different understanding of the world and an entirely different body of knowledge at their disposal. It's the only way I can explain how this symbolism is so prevalent and so international. I really don't think these guys are sitting around reading each other's Tarot cards or doing Enochian magic. The more I dig into this field of inquiry the more I begin to speculate that there's a much more compelling understanding of reality at work.

The Sun shines on everyone- the entire world- without discrimination. Now ask yourself- why would an self-selecting elite want to worship that? If, as many people have theorized, there's a belief among some of the secret societies that mankind's origins can be traced to another solar system, wouldn't it actually be that sun that is the real object of their adoration? If there is a belief among these people that the extraterrestrial genetic engineers are returning in 2012 to review the results of their experiment, wouldn't that account for all the rising sun imagery we see everywhere?

Whatever the case, this certainly makes the understanding of the symbolism we are bombarded with on a daily basis all the more compelling. It also raises extremely troubling questions about the use of this symbolism in today's Christian churches, a topic I will return to in the near future.

POST SCRIPT: I just found this book cover online, apparently published by the Jehovah's Witnesses sometime in the 1920s. I found its design just a little bit too similar to this...


  1. So what you seem to be saying, as far as I can tell, is that these "Followers of Horus," the secret priests of the secret society of Shemsu Hor which, according to Egyptian records, existed before time was recorded, are the real string-pullers even today. They have constructed all the competing hermetic and kabbalistic occult doctrines and have been the real "Unknown Superiors" alluded by the Elus Cohen, the Strict Observance, the Golden and Rosy Cross, and Theosophy. And further, that it is these Shemsu Hor who are behind the pervasiveness of sun symbolism?

    It's this last point - if indeed that is your position - that is the most problematic for me. You yourself come from an artistic background so you know (as I do myself) that these logo designers aren't high adept initiates in the occult. Most of them are just normal people, like anyone else. Certain symbols repeat themselves so often (the sun, triangles, and other geometric shapes) simply because they like the look of it - and it makes sense, technically, to use tried and true symbols, or perfect shapes, etc. The symbol of the sun also causes all sorts of primal reactions in the consumer which the designers and their bosses wish to capitalize on; most prominent is the feeling of contentment, security and warmth. I guess what I'm saying is, I can't believe that anyone higher up is directing these appearances of sun symbols in logos for a solely esoteric occult reason (and communicating to whom, one can only guess). It is much more likely that the designers are just using what they know works.

  2. Regarding the 2012 phenomenon, I don't think it's that THEY believe that some genuine, cosmically significant event will indeed occur at this date; rather, I think that they will do everything and everything in their power - and have indeed done so - to see to it that we continue to believe accordingly. They'll make something spectacular happen, simply because their legitimacy is dependent upon it.

  3. The problem is though, Terry, is that the designers don't make the decisions what is used, especially for brand identity. That's like saying the media is liberal because a bunch of underpaid newsroom grunts vote Democratic. The designers simply submit a whole host of ideas and a committee of executives decide what will be used. I saw this again and again and again when I did advertising. My head spun on its axis several times when I saw the arbitrary interference on trivial matters of design.

    But the corporate logos are simply the latest manifestation of this and just a symbolic tip of the iceberg to a complex and interlocking web of political and economic inter-relationships that make no sense if we believe the consensus reality taught to us by the media. I put the ancient symbolism into this post to put the modern stuff into context. You can accept it or not. The Sun showing up everywhere at once in corporate and church logos could very well be a gigantic, widespread coincidence for all I know. But I believe whatever is going on now is what has always been going on, we just didn't have the tools to recognize the patterns.

    But to me the adventure of all this is the uncertainty. Everyone puts their two cents in and we come to a consensus and we still don't know what's going on. Which leads me to those Unknown Superiors. The more I think about how all of this works, the more I think A. most conspiracy theory stuff out there is deliberately planted misinformation and B. what's really going is beyond all of our wildest dreams and yet is hiding in plain sight.

  4. Great find Chris! Weather or not the Sun worshipers do it because it provides us with infinite energy, because they are from another galaxy, or the sun is an event horizon transmitting life-giving energies and information to those in tune, really is puzzling, but what's worse is the symbolisms used as talismans for purposes not of enlightenment. Great catch and I particularly enjoy your comic book works! Thanks for the blogspot!

  5. Right on, Michael. Thanks for dropping in!

  6. Great post. Concerning graphic designers and symbols, the designer comes up with the style, but the symbols are generally decided upon at a higher level. Graphic designers are exceptionally fad and style conscious, so if a design element is considered cool, you'll quickly see it copied endlessly - note the hidden or eclipsed sun motif popping up everywhere. I get promo material from various font foundries and photo licensers such as Veer, and I can usually find examples of these companies "guiding" the symbolism of designers by their examples.

  7. I think it's a Creation thing - in Genesis there's first 'the word' (ie - sound) that creates, then light.

    The Sun (Lucifer, like God) is constantly ON; what we have here because there is darkness at night is this whole other way of being that doesn't come out in the light.

    I find that the non-corrupt (ie - nothing to do with evil) version of what a vampire is, is like a type of ghostly entity or shadowy being, or like when you're in a crypt or there's a stillness in the dark & you know there's a presence there that just doesn't show up in sunlight. Sunlight is like rock and roll or heavy metal up full burn; some types of beings can't hold their form if they are too near it, and that we have nights here means they can exist here, but near to a sun physically. Otherwise they're way out in the galactic night.

    Real duality to me, is that we're capable of being both those. As at home in the starred night as during the midday sun at the equator when there's no shadows.

    I think that's also why the equatorial civilisations tend to worship the Sun more - whereas the other cultures you mention migrated to (or landed..) where there's different sorts of seasons and light.
    Also - I wouldn't rule out all kinds of inner Earth and cave forms of life, evolving here over time and - well, you could imagine if they ventured out the Sun would be a different experience for them as to a lifeform that was born with our types of eyes and used to the heat on the skin in the sun.

    The Sun is also a being in it's own right, as planets (the gods) are; it has a lifecycle too. There's harmonics involved in the solar system, a load of very interesting things like Bode's Law that have been's like a singing. There's a constant music they all emanate, and the planets = the gods of old, in that they affect things here.

    Agree that most of the magic systems people mess about with, however seriously they take it, are not really anything to do with what ultimately governs anything. That reminds me of an article in The Illuminatus Papers actually, where games like chess are described as having been put here to develop thinking in a certain manner.

    I recall when I first encountered these kinds of things and it always seemed like a version of the fable about blind men trying to describe an elephant, and because they all only examined one area of the elephant they all reached a different conclusion as to what it was they were looking at. No system is complete, you need to look at loads of them to get a picture of what they are trying to say.

  8. Maybe the sun is whatever God is and that's why it is worshipped. My background is in fundamentalist Christianity, so when I read your post I immediately thought of Revelation 21:23, which describes the "new heaven and the new earth," "The city has no need for the sun, neither of the moon, to shine, for the very glory of God illuminated it, and its lamp is the Lamb."

  9. I remember on CoasttoCoastAM - Major Ed Dames (remote viewer) claims he sees major "sun" changes, as in the sun is going to change.

    Saturday November 8th, 2003
    Parallel Universes & Solar Kill Shots
    Saturday's first hour guest, remote viewer Major Ed Dames (website) said that the current solar activity was "the shot across the bow," that he has foreseen. These flares are a precursor to more severe upheavals on the sun, which would eventually lead... more >>
    Host: Art Bell


    Now in Alchemical "lore" - the sun represents creating desired effects in practice, etc.

    *I know this isn't a real clear or informative post - just some things i noticed. I love reading your blog and got hooked on it by 'waking the midnight sun'.

    Thanks for your work and contributions, you've given me an 'education' in different areas i haven't had before.


  10. Only heard this from some 'new age' sources, but I found it to be true; it was something I noticed before I heard it mentioned by anyone, & I attributed it to the ozone layer depletion (before climate change was the buzzword, the news reports were always going on about the ozone layer)....the sun is much hotter now than it was 20 years ago.

    I mean that as in how it feels to be in the sunshine, on this Earth, at the same locations. It's very much hotter.

  11. I have W.W.Skeats Etymological Dictionary and for the word SOLAR claims the root from the Greek word indicating SIRIUS.
    I have looked around and haven't found an etymology to back this up, though Skeats wrote the 1st English etymology in 1862 [ or near to that date]
    The Egyptians seem to have taken great note of The Sun , Moon and Sirian cycles.
    Perhaps Egyptologists have mistaken Sirian worship for Sun worship. The pharoahs as the Sirian , not the Sun?

  12. I have lots of thoughts on this subject and im not going to take up your entire comments section with them, suffice to say that I feel you are on the right track.

    Great read cheers

  13. Gavin, you and everyone else can comment all you like. I enjoy reading everyone's ideas and several posts such as Friday's have arisen from reader's comments. We're all trying to figure out the essential nature of reality itself, something that every generation needs to do, IMO.

    So thank you everyone for your two cents. It all adds up, as they say.

  14. Great blog and post.
    I think one of the reasons for the ever increasing sun symbolism is due to this current cycle of solar storms and the galactic alignment of the sun under way for the winter solstice.But i can't say they aren't referring to another sun, completely plausible considering the size of the universe, maybe they missed their sun and decided to venerate it.

  15. the way you post so regularly keep up the awesome work. its my opinion that jordan maxwell had it right when he mentions "logic" as the ancients guide torward selecting a symbolrepresenting a father for the human race born of our mother earth. duality is the natural progression in thought after a contimplation of "the source" or ultimate oneness.i happen to believe singularity occurred in ancient human history and its fruit has been suppressed and manipulated as a tool of domestication for the masses. maybe not a hollow earth but surely a vast underground potential exists.i think sitchin ignores the possibilty of a manipulated record by beings that merely splashed down from another continent

  16. Thanks, Synkie! I'm starting to see a narrative emerging from the symbols and that's what the blog as a whole is working towards. Whether or not that narrative is true will remain to be seen.

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  18. I have also noticed the effect of the sun being much stronger now than in my youth. I may have the answer for this. The earth's polarity may be due to shift very soon. The whole 2012, precession of the equinoxes thing may be the cause of regular polarity shifts, during which the magnetic shield that protects the earth will be "down", thus exposing us to much more radiation. According to a source that I saw years ago, the strength of the mag. field has been waning for quite some time.

  19. Have you seen the cover for the new Camille Paglia (self-described Eygpt-nut) book?

    And the highly significant subtitle: "A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars."