Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Matinee: In Search of Ancient Astronauts

Another Ancient Astronaut documentary, another Secret Sun saint. This legendary 1973 documentary draws heavily on Van Daniken and features the irreplaceable narration of Saint Rodney of Serling. A fascinating artifact from a time when people were expected to question authority and received wisdom. Chris Carter mentioned his impressions of Watergate when he was growing up, and it's stunning to think back on how many films there were that took conspiracies and cover-ups for granted. This was all before the Religious Right and the Reagan Revolution, which in many ways are still with us.


  1. Fantastic doc, thanks Chris.

  2. What happened to the spirit of the 70s indeed; to think that Carter almost got marijuana entirely legalised for example. What a different better world this would have been.

    wasn't the 'Reagan' era really the beginning of the Bush era though, by way of that guy doing his Taxi Driver emulating stunt ('I did it for Jodie'), thus leaving George Snr in actual charge of the Presidential things.

  3. I'm of the age when the primetime movie (in the UK) drew on the movie period '68 - '75. Forteana was very much embedded in the mainstream - more than even when the X-Files was atg its peak. Got a theory of being exposed to the world this way led to my generation being so easily fucked-up on drugs and oh-so-cynical. With 'The Parallax View' et al for our Christmas movie (even 'Jaws' has a sweaty 'Nixon' figure), I think a lot of us ended up taking a disorientated, paranoid view of 'reality' for granted.

    Talk to anyone under 30 (don't truss 'em!) and you see how that Watergate mindset was indeed washed away by Reagan (all those vigilante movies and Wall St. rom coms). The worldwide swing to the right continues on the backs of unquestioning young things.