Monday, April 21, 2008

Ritual Androgyny: Carrot Top

Do you remember the old AT&T ads with the painfully thin comedian with the shock of curly crimson hair? Weren't very funny, were they? Well, that comedian has discovered the joys of anabolic steroids, cosmetic surgery and plain old cosmetic cosmetics and has turned into something out of Ted Haggard's worst meth-induced hallucinations. Unfortunately, his trademark squeaky voice has dropped a couple octaves, but that's the least of his agent's worries. Suffice it to say that AT&T won't be calling this character for any ad work in the near future.

Luckily, old CT's got a regular gig in Vegas, and where else could he possibly be playing?

Why at Luxor, of course! I'm not sure what relationship this joint has to any Masonic or quasi-Masonic society, but we've certainly seen the conjunction of androgyny and initiatory symbolism before. We'll be looking at it again in the near future since I've been doing a bit of research of the role of ritual androgyny in ancient religions, particularly Solar religions.

Some of you may have remembered Christopher Lee done up as a Laurie Partridge lookalike in The Wicker Man. It turns out this ancient practice is more extensively documented than I had previously imagined. I'm beginning to develop a suitably outlandish working theory of what this symbolism may really mean, and it very much ties into strands we've been looking at in the past few weeks.

Which casts this advertising campaign in a whole new light. I was a bit gobsmacked by this particular spot, which featured the heads of a bunch of burger-loving bubbbas pasted over a bunch shrieking schoolgirls, obviously meant to evoke Beatlemania. I wonder if this was inspired by old Carrot Top, or if Wendy's founder Dave Thomas' extensive Masonic involvement might have had something to do with it.

Before I forget- did you know that many of the Egyptian nobility were red-haired?


  1. Please God, let Carrot Top be straight. I've also noted CT's transformation from incredibly annoying girlish geek to incredibly annoying girlish geek on roids.

    Red haired trannies were/are the Semsu Hor? Lucille Ball (sphere) was a Masonic agent? Michael Jackson is desensitizing the general public to accept our androgynous alien overlords? Or maybe I'm over reacting. :-)

  2. Just got your comment about Pope and Adolf came here and what do I see - The classic school insult for redheads - it was one of the worst due to its 'childishness' - aaaargh, but still , great synch
    Red-haired as a kid can be pain , the girls are often considered 'ugly' but in adulthood men get the fiery warrior treatment while girls the flame-haired maiden + sexual appetite. Mythoreality crossover
    Copperknob was another classic , or Duracell Battery, Match, Matchstick , if painfully thin [ 2 in 1 , bastards!] and of course GINGA [ with 2 hard 'g's]
    Set was red , Salome , Esau and I guess Adam, Elizabeth I and William 'Rufus' are the only British monarchs, Sarah Ferguson didn't stay long.

    Scientists say that its a genetic 'lack' and many cultures have redheads , so 'they' can be seen as 'group' within all groups


  3. funny you would bring up wendy's as well, as the only thing i can remember about carrot top's stand-up is him putting his hair in pigtails and making a joke about him being wendy.

  4. Michael, my gut tells me your prayers won't be answered on this one.

    Ferris- Eloah-Isis-Beth is all the redhead you need. And keep an eye on young Harry Hewitt there.

    Kevin- Carrot Top is up there with Dane Cook- I just don't get it. It can make me weep for America.

  5. Notice the curiously "loaded" question from that interview with Carrot Top.


    A: That's a loaded question.
    I would have had a diaper on, probably drive into Texas to kill my boyfriend or something, like "that 33fin a44hole"...

    ...yeah, my Dad was a smart guy, trained astronauts to, to, in all the simulators,

    In fact, when you hear, "Houston, we have a problem," after that you heard, "Larry!" (and that's my Dad) because he probably didn't plug in something.

    But um, yes, my brother's an Air Force pilot, and um, my Mom's a stripper. No! She's not a stripper.

    Q: (LULZ)