Saturday, April 19, 2008

Full House

Holy Standing Room Only, Batman! It was a packed house at the Our Gods Wear Spandex panel! I was so taken aback by the turnout I was actually tongue-tied for my intro. Luckily, I had Mrs. Sun and the mighty Kean there for moral support (check Kean's report here). The panel went off very well indeed, with the estimable A. David Lewis doing an all-pro job moderating. We had the very brilliant Douglas Rushkoff, the legendary Denny O'Neil, writer G. Willow Wilson, and Virgin Comics writer Saurav Mohapatra.

Sadly, due to time constraints and panel format I was unable to give people a taste of what's been cooking in the synchromystic kitchen, but all in good time. I'll be at the con tomorrow, doing some shopping and some signing if anyone would like to come over to Artist's Alley and say hello. The con has been absolutely amazing and if you're east of the Mississippi I'd recommend you check it out next year. In three short years it's become the rival of San Diego.

I'll be getting some video up of this shindig soon.

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