Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Newsstand Oracle

When I was a kid my life revolved around Valles' News (pronounced Valis' News). It was one of those old-school variety stores that even had a lunch counter in my early days. It's where I got my periodical scriptures- comic books, MAD magazines and Creem- as well as the sugar and caffeine overdoses needed to best process it all. I still have this transmission from Valles'- a stunningly graphic reposte to the touchy-feely optimism of Close Encounters of the Third Kind or the mystical ruminations of The Eternals. The two-part feature depicted aliens as comics traditionally do- as blood-thirsty killers. It had a very post-Watergate paranoid feel to it, as evidenced by the Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Trigger excerpt sandwiched by the main story. There was also an amusing feature dealing with celebrity close encounters, featuring John "The Baptist" Lennon.

Worth having both as a cultural artifact and an entertaining read.

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