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Astronaut Theology: Following the Followers

Terry Melanson of raised this very important issue in the comments to yesterday's posting.

So what you seem to be saying, as far as I can tell, is that these "Followers of Horus," the secret priests of the secret society of Shemsu Hor which, according to Egyptian records, existed before time was recorded, are the real string-pullers even today. They have constructed all the competing hermetic and kabbalistic occult doctrines and have been the real "Unknown Superiors" alluded by the Elus Cohen, the Strict Observance, the Golden and Rosy Cross, and Theosophy. And further, that it is these Shemsu Hor who are behind the pervasiveness of sun symbolism?

My answer is yes, I believe it's certainly a thesis that bears investigating. I had the pleasure to meet Graham Hancock a couple years back and we talked about the Shemsu Hor briefly. Graham is a man who's done more research into the Shemsu Hor and the history of secret societies and historical mysteries than anyone, and he emphatically and unambiguously told me that he believes the Shemsu Hor still exist. I have no way to confirm whether that is true, I can only look at their symbols and their beliefs and see how they are manifesting themselves in the culture today (which they are doing everywhere). As to all of the competing doctrines, it's possible, but I don't think that's necessary. There's always imitation and corruption and schism to explain that.

But let me just draw on this passage from the original manuscript of Our Gods Wear Spandex to show how one group can be behind the formation of other movements. In this passage I talk about how Freemasonry seemed to be the figure behind the curtain with a number of alternative religious movements (and several other civic and fraternal groups that we'll be looking at in the future). Terry himself delves into the role of Freemasons in the creation of Theosophy.

Here on the blog I feel free to speculate, but when I publish I feel obliged to stick to established fact. That being said, it's my opinion that the Freemasons were very, very busy in the 19th Century creating any number of movements for purposes I can only speculate on.

The 19th Century also saw the rise of major alternative religious movements, particularly in America. New England seemed to be a particular hotspot for these movements. Three of the most important movements of that time - Christian Science, Transcendentalism and Mormonism - trace their roots there. And all three had important links to Freemasonry.


Here's the domed Mother Church. Notice extremely phallic looking skyscraper in back of it.

The Christian Science Church was based on the doctrines presented in Mary Baker Eddy's 1875 opus, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Eddy (1821-1919) taught the virtues of healing through faith, preaching that illness was an illusion. To many adherents, this has led to the disavowal of medical science. Christian Science was essentially mystical, and unlike many denominations allowed their adherents to become Freemasons. In 1921, the Masons paid tribute to Eddy by erecting a 11-foot high pyramid at her New Hampshire birthsite, but the Church's embarrassed directors had it destroyed. (See Mary Baker Eddy Letter no. 7, pg. 11)

Christian Science became a popular religion with the educated and with people involved in the arts. The Church built an enormous ‘Mother Church’ in Boston, and founded the influential newspaper The Christian Science Monitor, as well as several other long-running periodicals. Like Scientology in more recent times, Christian Science was popular in Hollywood, counting Frank Capra, Howard Hawks, Henry Fonda, Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, and Doris Day in its ranks. Monkee Michael Nesmith and former Batman Val Kilmer are both active and practicing Christian Scientists.


The Church of Latter-Day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormons, have their origins in hidden scriptures known as 'The Golden Plates,' allegedly revealed by angel named 'Moroni' to Mormon founder Joseph Smith. The Golden Plates claimed that Jewish tribes emigrated to America following the fall of Jerusalem and that Jesus reappeared to them. Though The Book of Mormon is formatted like the Bible, it's contents bear a strange similarity to the 'boy’s adventure' stories of the time. Mormonism is considered to be a pseudo-Christian cult by most Christian denominations, and preaches a cosmology more akin to Gnosticism. Mormon doctrine teaches that God was once a mortal and that men have the potential to become God's themselves. It was also infamous in its time for encouraging polygamy for its male adherents. The Mormons were extremely unpopular in their early days and traveled west to flee persecution. They settled on the great Salt Lake in Utah and began to spread their faith. Mormons are generally conservative and active in Republican party politics. They tend to abstain from vice and have large families. Every young adult Mormon is required to serve two years as a missionary.

Joseph Smith was initiated as a Master Mason in 1842, and many claim that Mormon rituals are based in Freemasonry. It is also believed that Smith had an Occult teacher named Dr. Luman Walter who tutored him in the rites of ceremonial magic and alchemy. Interestingly, Egyptian themed symbols are common in Salt Lake City, including a statue of the Great Sphinx bearing Joseph Smith's likeness. The Golden Plates were recently adapted into comic form by Mormon comic artist Mike Allred (Madman, X-Factor).


Transcendentalism was essentially blend of Christianity and Eastern thought, which had a strong influence on Theosophy and is generally regarded as the foundation of today's New Age Movement. The Transcendental movement began in September 1836 when Ralph Waldo Emerson founded the Transcendental Club. In January 1842, the Club announced itself to the world with a lecture read by Emerson at the Masonic Temple in Boston. Emerson read texts like The Bhagavad Gita and Buddhist scripture, as well as the writers of Christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, and from them developed a philosophy that taught the unity of Creation, and the virtues of mysticism over rationality and logic. Emerson's circle included novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne and philosopher Henry David Thoreau. There was even a Transcendental commune, but it was short-lived (as communes filled with intellectuals usually are).
If that's not enough, I just found evidence of a link between Masonry and Rastafarianism.

It has been suggested that the Rastafarian word for God, Jah, comes from the term Jahbulon. William David Spencer, in his book Dread Jesus (ISBN 0-281-05101-1), proposes that Archibald Dunkley and Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert were among the preachers that inspired the Rastafari movement, and that both were members of the "Ancient Mystic Order of Ethiopia", a fraternal order derived from Prince Hall Freemasonry. Spencer believes that several features of the Rastafari movement derive from this lodge, including the name "Jah", from the word Jah-Bul-On.
But back to Terry's question, could an impossibly ancient society be behind any number of other groups? If so, what power do they have to control so many other powerful individuals and groups? That's really the crux of the matter, isn't it?

The question of compelling force is why so many other conspiracy "master theories" fall apart for me. If 9/11 really was meant as a pretext to institute an American Imperium, why is the dollar dying, why is the Army falling apart and why are huge swathes of the American economy being snapped up at fire sale prices by the Europeans and the Russians and the Chinese? What power do small groups like the Jews or the Jesuits or the British have over a billion plus Chinese, or oil-rich Russia, or the rising powers in the Persian Gulf or industrial giants like Japan? For that matter, what possible power would Freemasonry have? What could be compelling all of these countries to join in this emerging "global community?" (don't you love how the media picked up on that phrase when "New World Order" didn't do well with the focus groups?)

There's something else at work here. Abstractions like nature worship or occultism or fancy aprons cannot possibly be the driving force behind all of this, they just can't. And for me, that's where the work of researchers like Richard Hoagland and Peter Levenda comes in...


  1. Let me just say, out of all the so-called "synchromystic" bloggers, your research is the most convincing. That one post about the 40-year-old virgin movie (where you wrap up the series) really convinced me that there's something real here; the posts about the Oscars too were substantial.

    I'm not adverse to the suggestion that some group fitting the description of Shemsu Hor really do exist. The fact that there's an Authentic Tradition which runs through nearly all esoteric paths (its gnostic-universalist core being identical in all systems) is something that can't be denied. Perhaps only a few 33rd degree masons would be privy to their existence, definitely some members of the Grand Orient of France, a few high-initiates of the Martinists and the rites of Memphis-Mizraim and the OTO, Rosicrucians, etc.; a few Kabbalistic Rabbis (most likely those adhering to Sabbatean apostasy) as well, or even members of the Mormon Melchizedek priesthood.

    I totally agree that Freemasonry (or rather, individuals who've been Masons) has been the vehicle for the founding and dissemination of nearly every occult movement since 18th century. The chances of this being coincidence is too preposterous to even contemplate. My current research, since seriously delving into the 18th century for my forthcoming book on the Bavarian Illuminati, has strengthened this view. Curiously though, it's only when Freemasonry was introduced on the European continent in the 1730s that it started to be tampered with, taken over and directed toward an advanced occult purpose. Clearly if remnants of Shemsu Hor still exist, their machinations in Europe must be quite considerable; perhaps they were even the originators of Fama Fraternitatis.

    Getting back to the Shemsu Hor, I re-read the parts about the sect in Graham Hancock's The Message of the Sphinx. Great stuff. I had forgotten about how good his reasoning is, since I had read his stuff on the Sphinx and Orion constellation over a decade ago. I have read much of the same stuff you have. I used to be an ancient astronaut junky, as well.

  2. Excellent, excellent points, Terry. I've come to the conclusion that something truly profound is at the heart of this, what exactly that is I can only speculate.

    But you know what's the real kicker as far as Freemasonry being a front for something much more powerful? It's how we see symbols and icons and story themes and logos traditionally associated with Freemasonry everywhere in the media, more so now than at any time in my memory. And yet Freemasonry itself is in a deep, perhaps terminal decline. How do we explain this?

    When you go back in history you see these other, often powerful sects and fraternities that seem to pop up, make some noise and then vanish again. Yet there are all these common identifiers among these groups. It was seeing this pattern emerge that convinced me that there was something else at work.

    And thanks for the kind words!

  3. Freemasonry (and related variants) was in Europe before 1730 - the entire Gothic cathedral building movement, likely advanced in by what the Templars brought back from the Mid East, is of the original masons - ie, architects and builders and craftsmen.

    A number of researchers into site-alignments, such as Henry Lincoln, have found all kinds of correlations with ancient buildings that fall into (beyond random probability) place with what's termed the sacred pattern (an intermesh between the six and five pointed stars; which is a Grail symbol, male and female combined (the Rosy Cross)).

    Also, a number of Elizabethans were clearly what could be termed Freemasons; the entire move to the USA (New World) was being concieved and planned of then.

    Aside from the Islamic and older traditions that have links today to Freemasonry, there's other areas too like the Romany connections. It likely at the least goes back to the 12 tribes, and was distributed with their wanderings and settling elsewhere. Fits in with building pyramids and the like too.

  4. Unrelated item -
    Looked up Goliath on Wiki. All accounted for in 1 SAMUEL Chapter 17 [ nice pic with his head on a platter] carried by the diminutive David
    17 and severed head scenario + a slingshot, D and G like Dorothy and Gale.

  5. Freemasonry (and related variants) was in Europe before 1730 ...

    I'm talking about Freemasonry proper - not variants, medieval Templars, or operative guilds. The official organization starts in London with the institution of the first Grand Lodge of England in 1717. From there, aristocrats and merchants brought the (speculative) craft with them across the channel. With warrants from the Grand Lodge of England, the first Masonic Lodges on the European continent were established in 1720 at Mons, in 1725 at Paris, and 1731 in The Hague. From the 1730s on, the two systems grew increasingly independent, so that in Europe, by the 1750s-70s, occult rites such as the Strict Observance and the Golden and Rosy Cross, Martinism and the Elus Cohen had completely gained control of French and German Freemasonry. The doctrines taught in these high occult Lodges represent the fount from which the Golden Dawn and the OTO descend. These guys were practicing Theurgical Magick (fully formed) 200 years before the hippy generation were venerating Crowley.

  6. Great post again!

    Transcendentalism, oh man, Ralph Waldo Emerson, nooooooo :p Though it's not always necessarily negative to be associated with masonry is it?

    And I can't believe I never thought of Jah - Jahbulon.

    What if the Shemsu Hor or whoever think they are stewards of reality, and now that the iron age of esoteric ignorance for the masses is nearing its close and that the occult and esoteric were to be brought back slowly by (m)any means?
    Or perhaps to find much more suitable people for the developping international age of trade and so on.
    Just some thoughts.

  7. Let´s believe there is some shadow group behind all those societies we know,even then we must point out the real personages behind the veil and the so called new world order,which are getting profit over the kaos,war and misery in this world!

  8. Mormons are not Creedal Christians. However, they do believe in the Jesus Christ of the New Testament:

    The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) is often accused by Evangelical pastors of not believing in Christ and, therefore, not being a Christian religion. This article helps to clarify such misconceptions by examining early Christianity's comprehension of baptism, the Godhead, the deity of Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

    The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) adheres more closely to First Century Christianity and the New Testament than any other denomination. For example, Harper’s Bible Dictionary entry on the Trinity says “the formal doctrine of the Trinity as it was defined by the great church councils of the fourth and fifth centuries is not to be found in the New Testament.”

    One Baptist blogger stated “99 percent of the members of his Baptist church believe in the Mormon (and Early Christian) view of the Trinity. It is the preachers who insist on the Nicene Creed definition.” It seems to me the reason the pastors denigrate the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) is to protect their flock (and their livelihood).

    Further reading;

    Furthermore, Mormon temple rituals find commonality with prayer rituals from Dag Hamadi (unearthed in the 1950's), ancestor baptism from Eastern Orthodox, and anointing rituals from Clement of Jerusalem in 350 A.D. How did Joseph Smith know of these in 1840?

  9. Terry.... If you are researching for a book you must know that 1717 was an 'official' start date but that Freemasonry -proper- had been around for the previous 300 years .... Grand Lodge does not and did not have complete control of the movement although they very much would like to have done.

    Nice post chris .... I won your 'gods wear spandex' book off the red-ice interview a few weeks back so after i get and read it i will have a fuller understanding of your biases and interests but i still feel a strong connection to your perspective as i currently (feel) it.

    I think something else that is overlooked is that not only are the rituals of masonry numerous but that at every degree you attain you must learn (by-heart!!!) a lengthy sequence of replies and code words.

    These are ancient and (here is the dynamite) YOU HAVE NO IDEA what they mean or what the words or ritual as a whole is intended for... from what i understand very few people ask ....WHY ??

    This is something Allen T.Greenfield has spoken about on the OOP podcast .... The secret cipher of the ufonauts that was transcribed from crowley's infamous book of the law can be utilised to de-cipher various magicakal passwords and divine names etc...

    The obvious point that Greenfield and the other practioners all come to (masonic or otherwise)is that this is an ancient technology... a science used to create certain states of mind in a certain geometric fashion and then utilise that mind-state to 'etch' an idea into an initiates mind...
    but that is just ONE level. On another they are stargates or doors to neverwhere ,every ritual or ceremony can be equated to a journey..... I wonder where the freemasons go??


    Take a look at the first degree tracing board and i'm pretty sure you will find out!!


  10. Thanks to everyone for your very interesting and informative comments!
    I'll be looking at the street date of Freemasonry in the future, but I'd refer everyone again to Paine, quoting Masonic historian George Smith...

    "The Egyptians," continues Smith, "in the earliest ages constituted a great number of Lodges, but with assiduous care kept their secrets of Masonry from all strangers. These secrets have been imperfectly handed down to us by oral tradition only, and ought to be kept undiscovered to the laborers, craftsmen, and apprentices, till by good behavior and long study they become better acquainted in geometry and the liberal arts, and thereby qualified for Masters and Wardens, which is seldom or never the case with English Masons."

  11. Terry, how is that 'Freemasonry proper'? - it's entirely based upon what I'd listed there and more besides than a comment has space for.
    It wasn't invented there and then in 1730.
    Their symbols are all Egyptian, the eye is Ra or Horus' eye.
    You can see Egyptian characters wearing the same aprons in loads of wall paintings and carvings.

    Why did you mention Crowley and hippies; where did I even go that way in what I listed. I mentioned things that were around before 1730; Crowley was around after that and had passed on a long while before the press invented a hippie sterotype in the late 1960s.
    Even at that, look into OTO and Golden dawn systems - you get ancient Jewish Kabbalah (Egypt again), Babylonian astronomy, and Enochian. A bit of Yogic traditions, and the Northen areas of shamanism (folk medicine, Druidic (old Celtic), Ogham, Runic, that kind of thing).

    Even New Orleans & Haitian voodoo symbols have the square and compass / the interlocking right angles, and their elogated OTO-like versions. They're of African origin, as is Egypt more or less African.

  12. @zupakomputer

    You started by nit-picking my statement that Freemasonry, after it spread to the continent in the 1730s (fact), had increasingly accrued occult baggage (fact). You took issue with my very contention - how dare I! - that Freemasonry had been "introduced" as late as 1730s. (How bout this then? "Freemasonry," the organization that says it had began in 1717, in England. Does that satisfy you?) I merely attempted to clarify - that's all I was concerned with.

    As far as Egyptian influence on Masonry - and indeed the entire culture of the Enlightenment - there are some clearly identified sources for this. You must have heard of the Egyptian craze during this era, well there's two books in particular that are most responsible for it: Séthos (1731), and Crata Repoa (1770). The former, by Abbé Jean Terrasson (1670-1750), was akin to the Egyptian bible for Freemasons, archaeologists, and basically anyone who was interested in the Ancient world - despite the fact that it was fiction. The latter was more a manual for rituals purported to have been practiced by the Egyptian priesthood. The authors were Carl Friedrich Köppen (1734-1797), the founder of the Masonic society, Afrikanische Bauherren [African Architects] (1765), and Johann Wilhelm Bernhard von Hymmen (1725-1787), a member of the Berlin Rosicrucian secret society, the Golden and Rosy Cross.

    I highly recommend to you all a book of exceptional quality: James Stevens Curl, The Art & Architecture of Freemasonry. There isn't really any book like it, and the illustrations and photography are exceptional.

  13. Terry writes:
    "As far as Egyptian influence on Masonry - and indeed the entire culture of the Enlightenment - there are some clearly identified sources for this. You must have heard of the Egyptian craze during this era, well there's two books in particular that are most responsible for it: Séthos (1731), and Crata Repoa (1770)."

    Even by the orthodox dating, I'd say this shows more of a Masonic influence on the Egyptian Craze, rather than the other way around.=)

  14. I'd like to see an agreed upon, non-contradictory chronology that all hidden history buffs would adhere to. At least then everyone would know from which page we're all supposed to be reading. Without an "orthodox" chronology of events, history is futile and a guessing game at best.

  15. Terry writes:

    "I'd like to see an agreed upon, non-contradictory chronology that all hidden history buffs would adhere to. At least then everyone would know from which page we're all supposed to be reading. Without an "orthodox" chronology of events, history is futile and a guessing game at best."

    Agreed. The problem is we're fed scraps off the table of those really in the know and have to wander around in the dark.

    Here's what we do know- the Grand Lodge of England was established in 1717. People like Knight and Lomas and Baigent and Leigh have established that there was some form of Freemasonry in the early 17th Century.

    But here's one thing that I always try to point out- this is Free-Masonry we're talking about, the version that ordinary people were allowed to join. It seems unlikely that such an organization could pop up in the early 18th Century and by the end of it completely reorder the political system in America and France. We have no reason to question Paine's source claiming that the Masonic system was instituted in Egypt, in fact we have a whole host of similar groups- the Comacine Builders, the Dionysian Artificers going back in history, and of course farther back the Shemsu Hor.

  16. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. On all points. That's what you do here. And you're good at it. But, I'm a stickler for accuracy. So ... when I said that masonic lodges, allowed by the Mother Lodge of England, first made their appearance in Europe in 1730s - I was correct. I didn't just make that up; and neither did "orthodox" history. Further, when I said that occult baggage had accrued from that point on - I was correct. I didn't make it up; and neither did "orthodox" history.

    People can put their own spin on what this means (or the consequences thereof), but the fact is that it's true. That antecedents of Masonry most assuredly did exist much further back in time than the 18th century, really is beside the point I was making at that particular time.

  17. Terry,

    I'm not disputing your timeline as far as Freemasonry's entrance in Europe at all. I think that was another poster. My only point was that the Masonic system is older than Freemasonry. We also have a whole host of earlier groups within the same time period- the most notable being the Rosicrucians.

    Laurence Gardner said something interesting- he said the problem with history is that it's a document of what people believe to be true at the time. I would amend that to say it's a history of what some people want others to believe was true, whether or not it is.

    Here's my problem with the orthodox history of Freemasonry- you have a system identified with the English and aligned with the British crown and yet it's adopted all over the world, to the point that you have permannent revolutions in Mexico and Italy and France that are instigated by Freemasons. Why? It doesn't make sense to me at all that a bunch of chaps sitting around doing weird rituals would achieve what this group is credited with. There has to be something else at work, someone else behind the curtain.

  18. Sorry, yes I knew it was the other poster.

    The whole thing is fishy - incredibly so. There has probably been more volumes on Freemasonry than anything else, and they still bicker amongst themselves about their origins. Even as early as the 1720s they were clueless as to where they had come from - or so they say.

    Anyway, re: " have permannent revolutions in Mexico and Italy and France that are instigated by Freemasons. Why?" Ah, that'd be them there Grand Orient of France chaps - all. The same guys who were in the background on the creation of the Revolutionaire Internationale, the Communist Party, the Revolutions of 1830 and 1848, and even up to the Bolshevik Revolution. They are key players in the unification of Europe as well. These guys brag about their escapades and honor their past revolutionary brothers in official magazines such as the Grand Orient's organ, Humanisme.

  19. If there is a benevolence to the entire occult agenda perhaps it is in the cause of species merging and combining to grow the universe through birthing stars.

    The egyptian trinity of Isis, Osiris, Horus could corespond to Sirius, Orion, Venus as in the following explanation:

    Whenever I hear the syllable "Shem-su" I am reminded of the Apache Hopi native Robert Morningsky and his Terra Papers. To watch his video presentation is a real treat. He describes the NWO, Ra-Ka-Pharoahs ( rockefellers ) and Ra-Ka,
    ( Ka also means shield ) so these were the Ra-shields or rothschilds.
    We come to grips with todays controlled world with the Orion Empire as the controllers. "Su" is "US" backwards.Shem was the manna the white powder ormes that is the "spice" used for Orion Empire guild navigators. An explanation of the crisis which whitepowder gold consumption leads to, is explained at the link above.

    Dr. William Tiller offers some intersting information in his audio interviews here:

  20. Terry - you're doing that thing again.
    I didn't nitpick you at all, and in no way behaved how you've tried to very immaturely paint it as.
    People add comments to these blog entries, usually - as I did here & have been so doing here - in the spirit of 'there's also this' or 'have you considered'.

    Your response mentioned Crowley and hippies, as if that had anything to do with what I had posted, and it hadn't. At all. It looked more like you believe you know me, and you think I'm someone whose opinion can be ignored because you think I get all my info about this from being a Crowley-worshipping hippie.

    The word choice in your next response seems to be continuing in that vein.

    Besides which - your second response doesn't even address the previous exchanges. I started by replying 'how is that 'Freemasonry proper'?'.

    What is 'freemasonry' but all of those past systems combined.
    Why is it even named 'freemasonry'? A mason is a craftsman, and a freeman is one who has progressed through the ranks and earned freedom from the apprenticeships.
    You can't design the temple until you've learned how to build it.

    I'm very sorry if you happen to be in a lodge yourself and you feel that uninitiates are out there gabbing away about your topics, and worse - they're all Crowley-worshipping hippies! - but I don't do weird background unspoken occult battles, so don't try to make it seem like you know owt about me, or that you have some lodge-based superiority over what I'm allowed to type about.

    I'm not under the jurisdiction of any group (or individual) or what they have instructed their members to go write about, and what is allowed to be revealed when.

    And I certainly don't worship anyone at all; there is no path to God/Truth but through your own self. Not through another. I'm lucky enough to always have known that, and haven't learned it through mistakenly joining some cult or following some guru for example. If you somehow heard different then do let me know who told you such, it'd be my pleasure to set them straight.

    And my own opinion as to the idea that "I'd like to see an agreed upon, non-contradictory chronology that all hidden history buffs would adhere to. " - you'll never get that.

    If it's hidden, then some of it is never going to come to light. People are always setting up clubs and sub-clubs, and others infiltrate them, and so on.
    There's no single thread and there's always more than one official group saying they're the real heirs of whatever, the rest are all frauds.
    The current existing occult groups don't even have that for their own histories.
    Thesedays there's at least two OTOs, about three Rosicrucians, and a few different Templars and Masons, and so on.

    I know people that say as soon as it's a group endeavor it means the same 'satan' runs it as runs all the rest of them; ie, they all answer to one demi-urge anyway.
    And some others that put it all down to some blokes trying to get away from their domineering wives and matriarchies. So they just invent a bunch of levels and hand out coloured belts and badges and big fancy names to one another.

    "It's just about two men bickering."

    Anyway, I'm sure your book is very useful for what it covers & I don't doubt that you'll have researched it all properly. I hadn't meant to imply you were wrong, I was only mentioning some of the roots of the tradition that I know of.

    And I do believe there's an original Way, and that it's about how the universe is made and what out of and why; I don't believe that any groups exist anymore that are actually entirely of that real tradition though. The fact they'd need to keep secrets about such things proves something is very wrong.

  21. Man, o man, this is getting tired. The only thing I'll respond to is your question of why I had mentioned Crowley. I had mentioned Crowley, merely to indicate that he got his licks from the occult rites from the 18th century - i.e., they were the original practitioners of his brand of theurgic magic. I shouldn't even have to clarify this; the post speaks for itself. I don't follow the rest of the stuff that you seem to think that I'm implying, so I'll stop here.

    I'm sure everyone's real interested to see who'll get the last word.

  22. Oh come on now. There you go again acting like I don't know any better.

    It always piques my interest when anyone takes an offense-defense stance against what were just non-personal comments that were added.

    "getting tired" -? a couple of replies? Well forgive me for being the very one after the clarification here; and need anyone of the imaginary audience you think cares about these kinds of exchanges be at all surprised as to why you felt the need to use that word twice now.

    Why would you even think you'd get anywhere using it the once. Am I meant to be worried. Should I tremble at the most feared of all Illuminated and Ancient Seers. I know what tricks those are and what games, and it's that that is tired; it was tired the first time it got played. Pointless too; have you checked where it gets you.

    You know, nobody knew anything about the Bavarian Illuminati until Bob Wilson and Shea made up a bunch of stuff about them for a fictional book. Fnord.

  23. We're all in the same boat here and are all after the same truths. We're all going to see things differently but that's the beauty of it. We're looking at a hundred-thousand headed hydra, we're all going to see a different face.

    cheers, CK

  24. Looks like you got the last word ... er, was it me.

  25. I think it's up to who writes the blogs what the last words on any entry are.

    Something to keep in mind about secret societies is that - they're supposed to be secret. So if you hear of one and you're not a member, it means one of three things has happened:

    a member has broken an oath or agreement

    it's been disbanded and is no longer any use to who was in it

    it's being revealed according to its founders and / or members (ie - according to its original purpose)

  26. Are you familiar with the Emerald Tablets? I had been...given a gift of them in book form (in actual green binding and paper). Until i read your post about the Shemsu Hor, it didn't click.

    "In later times, the descendants of these guards became the pyramid priests, by which Thoth was deified as the God of Wisdom, The Recorder, by those in the age of darkness which followed his passing. In legend, the Halls of Amenti became the underworld, the Halls of the gods, where the soul passed after death for judgment."

    Just something interesting i stumbled upon.


  27. geophilosophe inconnu4:13 PM, June 12, 2008

    Intriguing blog. I've been working backwards thru the 11s--so openly heralded in 9-11 (Coptic New Year)--and the 77/93 etc. numerology of current events (discarding silly correspondences). One strong possibility is 11--heralding the advent of the Aeon of Horus, or at least 11 years before the 'end' (11:11 on 12/21/2012--check it out)--is the 'secret number' of 'Them', but I have been trying to bring it back before the dictation of the Book of the Law. I have read Picknett and Prince's working exhaustively, e.g. Sion Revelation, & they make a convincing case for Synarchism (a la Papus, from the Martinist/Martinezist tradition) as the movement that has worked to establish the European Union and usher in some sort of NWO theocracy. I've always felt 9-11 was born in Europe and serves Europe, not the US, but in any case, the synarchist movement/s, as well as Martinism, and drawing from or infiltrating high-grade Masonry and related secret societies, fits the bill for the so-called Illumaniti, arising at least directly, with unbroken pedigree, from the last decades of the Ancien Regime in France, and in Germany.

    The key is in the 11s, and particularly in 11/11, saint's day for Saint-Martin of Tours AND beginning of carnival (farewell to the flesh) in Cologne and many other places--dominated by the Elferrat, the Councils of Eleven (11 as the fool's number). There are close--and yet unmapped--historical/geographical associations between Amboise, Metz, Cologne, the Martinists, and the number 11, plus some intriguing writings by both Martinez Pasqually and Saint-Martin on 11. There were several rites of theurgic masonry in late 1700s with 11 grades, including the African one of the author of the Crata Repoa, and in Sweden, and, it is believed, in the Martinist-from-StMartinof Tours rites (Rectified Scottish?). Why wouldn't there be, with St. Martin and his geese so closely aligned to the number 11 (&, why not end WWI on the elevens, 11th hour & the start of the carnival season?)

    I have relatively strong evidence that the rather unexpected emergence of the number 11 in the Book of the Law is something that was set up by the synarchists, e.g. Papus and his lot, using Crowley as a mouthpiece (gullible enough to believe that Aiwaz was something other than a flesh-and-blood human being); the problem is that 11 is not a very important and interesting number until the 20th century. Agrippa, for example, had little interest in it, and neither did Dee, Kelley, and their 'angelic' host.

    Today, of course, we have the 11:11 movement (with the likes of our ex-Mossad spoon-bending friend) in addition to the 11s of Al Qaeda, and the highly strange 11:11 as winter solstic in 2012.

    Another good 11 connection is the 'give us our 11 days' movement in 18th-century England associated with the (belated) change to the Gregorian calendar, which has close relationships to several members of the good ol' Hellfire Club or Monks of Medmenham (with Horus as their mascot...)

    Amboise (Touraine): where Leonardo da Vinci died; Louis Claude de St. Martin born and lived much of life; Rabelais (origin of Thelema) born; St. Martin of Tours himself...

    Cologne--Agrippa, of course, from there; where the carnival was restored in 1823, elferrat set up, date set at 11/11, and all that; relics of the 3 Magi; St. Ursula and the 11 (or 11,000) virgins...

    I think, on one hand, that it is within the Church itself, and its many orders, that theurgy and thaumaturgy subsisted--you will find, for example, that the only true friend Agrippa had in his life, the one who urged him to publish the 3 books of occult philosophy that have since formed the basis of the rites of the Western mystery tradition (though he says himself that they hid some message within them only for the elect), was the Archbishop of Cologne. Trithemius was an abbott, extremely important in the mystery tradition. And so forth.

    At a certain level, though, I feel that the instructions received by the mystics and the 'elect' are from the same source, and that source is the human hive-mind or collective unconscious that ever strives for (re)unity, which of course it had for millions of years in proto and early humanity. It seems that every person who sets out to conquer the world has mystic visions or is closely guided by mystics and priests, and they are all presumably tapping into the same 'astral' region. I can't make a case for flesh-and-blood people initiating each other for thousand of years everywhere in the world, BUT that doesn't mean it hasn't been happening since the mid-1700s; plus of course the New Atlantis project of the Dee lineage via Winthrop up through Paine and Franklin and beyond. There is hoaxing and trickery in both the earthly realm and the carnival realm, which throws a wrench in things (Picknett and Prince has shown this at work in the Turin shroud, in the Priory of Sion, in the New Egyptianism, but in reality frauds are central to the human experience--certainly central to all organized religion).

    There are several much more exotic possibilities, needless to say.

  28. Fricking WONDERFUL JOB! I am digging on your blog already, and I only know the start of it. Way to put the pieces together, sir. And way to make them transparent to so many others. You ought to 'hunt for the Easter Egg' on my ( webpage, to see where I stand with you in this whole global politico-religious hegemonic takeover schema. I will even be writing my thesis, as a Cultural Anthropology student, on the... origins of the inch and calendar systems, let's say... and it will "break the bank" when it really gets rolling in academic and public circles. I plan on it, in fact.


    Light and Truth,
    (perhaps opposing cosmic factors),
    Brendan Bombaci

  29. Ah, by the by... thought I'd throw THIS in there for good measure, if the "11 foot obelisk" was not enough 'as it stands.' Did you know that 11 feet is composed of 132 inches? Or that, perhaps, if you take multiple "octaves" (think the FREEMASONIC ROSSLYN CHAPEL) of it, you'd arrive at 33 (degrees of masonry) or even 528 (the Rosslyn-acclaimed 'MI' note of the Solfeggio scale)? Yep.

    That's what I do. I'll decrypt more of those codes, if you wish. Just let me know. Otherwise, I just may do it because your page ROCKS.


    Light and Truth,
    (perhaps opposing cosmic factors),
    Brendan Bombaci

  30. ...pardon for the triple response clutter, everyone...

    but let me also simplify the real importance of "11."

    In terms of solar dieties - it is the number of years between solar (sunspot) cycles, or, perhaps more relative to "pontifex"-type prophesying or scrying, yet another piece of the weather/tide/climate/agriculture/migration-prediction pie... which is knowledge that the Church has always been interested in squandering away. Think about Ophiuchus, the 13th Zodiac, for example. Garsh, though! 13 is an unlucky number! (even though it's found in every pyramid-scheming politico-religious philosophy from thousands of years backwards). 13 moons, anyone? Yeah, so what if menstrual phases, tree ring growth, and animal activity are totally foreseeable activities when one takes that into account...'s a "bad number." Um?

    OH! Like 6x6x6... (=216)... the fabled Hebrew Gematria "ineffable, unspeakable, 'Triple Tetragrammaton ' Name of G-D". Or was that 600x6x6 (129,600 - which is 5 times the Precession of Equinoxes - easily the "Dragon" - Ouroboros - Phoenix - Old Serpent - in Revelations and elsewhere).

    Bad number?

    Funny thing how those Milankovitch Cycles alter our "angle of obliquity" every.... 600x6x6 years or so...


    What would happen if the ultimate astrological/astronomical knowhow were taken away from our thoughts as being at ALL coherent and patterned in esoteric beauty? I suppose I just won't let that pass.

    Peace to the bad guys!

    Light and Truth,
    (their own sign-off line),
    Brendan Bombaci

  31. Thanks for your thoughts, Brendan, and welcome to the Secret Sun!

  32. I think you are onto something here . There is a link & it has been explained in this Book Deceptions of the Ages by Matthew D. Heines.