Saturday, April 05, 2008

John Cusack, Superstar: Leatherman

Todd Campbell of Through The Looking Glass alerted me to this story earlier in the week.

Woman arrested on suspicion of stalking Cusack

MALIBU, California (AP) -- A woman who was ordered to stay away from John Cusack has been arrested on suspicion of stalking the actor and violating a restraining order.

• Emily Leatherman taken into custody in John Cusack's neighborhood
• Leatherman has a restraining order against her, must stay away from Cusack
• 33-year-old woman "considered a transient in Santa Monica area"

Sometimes I'm just stymied. 33-year old Emily Leatherman is busted when she takes a cab (or Checker chariot) to John Cusack's house and can't pay the fare (shades of Charon, ferry and fare have the same root).

I can't remember the last time John Cusack was in the news and he's being stalked by a 33 year-old bag lady named Emily Leather-man? Are they trying to make me crazy?


  1. Am I the only one who thinks John Cusack looked like Bill Hicks quite a lot, in Being John Malkovich?

    Am I the only one who sometimes feels like they're watching Dick Cheney onstage when they see a Bill Hicks recorded show....

  2. I have noticed a lot of incidences where a Christ resonator is also playing an assassin. Cusack plays the cold hearted killer a few times and so does matt damon...both of them resonate with the Fool tarot card...

    maybe that has something to do with it...